Casually Explained: Casual Explainer, but Serious Gamer

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Monocat - 3 hours ago
How have I never heard about this fedora guy before? Actually I’m more surprised about the lack of the obnoxious ”sUoMi MaInItTu” comments
GryptpypeThynne - 6 hours ago
Just saw this video, you might be interested:
Friskyboi _ 5002-03
Friskyboi _ 5002-03 - 9 hours ago
You know, if you didn't have to go to school you could've probably gone pro
Collisia Small
Collisia Small - 17 hours ago
“So I left the game and said to myself... ‘damn.. u just beat huk.. and bomber 2-1.. u must be the best man! And then I quit the game”
Couldn’t stop laughing😂💀
Sleepy Vamp
Sleepy Vamp - 18 hours ago
time to play some sc2 for the first time in forever
From Deep
From Deep - Day ago
Back in my hay day I would’ve destroyed you kid
http.morgan - Day ago
is it sad that i clicked on this for blackpink
YugYeommie - 2 days ago
I actually love this guys voice and his humour
jake herr
jake herr - 2 days ago
Bro you should be proud. Thats so hard to get *# 8*
Vanessa hEe HEe
Vanessa hEe HEe - 3 days ago
what's BlackPink doing on the thumbnail- YG
Jonn Little
Jonn Little - 9 days ago
That Logitech trackball was my favorite! I had the green Bluetooth one as well.
Darth Infernite
Darth Infernite - 9 days ago
I reached Diamond in siege and got the pleasure of having my teeth kicked in by King George three games in a row. 10/10 would get bullied back into plat again
GraveUypo - 12 days ago
I was blind. I liked watching sc2 all this time when i should have been playing and watching aoe2 instead. Its so much better! Glad my cousin invited me to a random match out of the blue a couple years ago
jonathan outze
jonathan outze - 14 days ago
Just letting everybody know that age of empires 2 has just received a new definitive edition
vowelcore - 11 days ago
thanks based hot minion
Paul Brice
Paul Brice - 20 days ago
Starcraft 2 sucks ass age of empires 2 is the best.
Paul Brice
Paul Brice - 18 days ago
@Hungry Estonian You'd get your ass handed too, it's strategy not a speed clicker.
Hungry Estonian
Hungry Estonian - 18 days ago
AOE 2 is too slow paced and easy
ⵡⴰⴻⵍ l WAËL‡
ⵡⴰⴻⵍ l WAËL‡ - 24 days ago
4:17 I wonder who's the guy between all the K-POP stars
Андрей Оводов
Watching this after incontrol died, damn, that hurts
dar1e - 26 days ago
RIP incontrol
Jianji Zhu
Jianji Zhu - 27 days ago
I’m searching who this SERRAL is right now
BT A - 27 days ago
Can we talk about the thumbnail and what kinda ghostly shit is going on there on the far left
Ben Ellam
Ben Ellam - 28 days ago
why is everyone complaining about blizzard what have I missed
StrongSammy - 25 days ago
censoring and banning of people that are pro-Hongkong, because they are afraid of their games being banned in China
Fezaal - 28 days ago
Oh damn you’re 23,
Daniel Manguply
Daniel Manguply - Month ago
no fucking way you where 8th best at 13
Keith Callison
Keith Callison - Month ago
Sucks to be you now. I was gonna bitch, but I realized how old the vid was.
Spidem - Month ago
bruh that sponsorship
Diamandis80 - Month ago
0:55 I'm sure someone in the currently 3354 comments has mentioned it but PICK UP THE PHONE!
Chomusuke - Month ago
Rip incontrol
I hate google+
I hate google+ - Month ago
Who would've thought three months later blizzard censors a human rights protest
J G - Month ago
All i know about starcraft is that you need more pylons.
Halo - Month ago
Look here can you play grand Master in overwatch no because you aren't pro gamer
Kiseijuu - Month ago
2:26 is that an Snk reference?
bree - Month ago
4:15 casually explained number 1 sone
Avionic - Month ago
Lol the Blue Snowball right in front of the fan
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - Month ago
Lol XD I need to be as positive as you are in your videos I love if too much
Myron Zhao
Myron Zhao - Month ago
Do u guys not have phone?
Temple Rose
Temple Rose - Month ago
This was the best bedtime story ever. I loved it so much. What an amazing thing to happen to you. Something to remember.
Temple Rose
Temple Rose - Month ago
Did anyone else click on this video because they saw the thumbnail thinking “wait is that Lisa?” and didn’t even read the title?
Just Jordan
Just Jordan - Month ago
Ha Blizzard Supporting Serious Gamers :) That's new, remember Blizzard's Pro League? Lasted 1 year.
Nathaniel McNutt
Nathaniel McNutt - Month ago
6:42 no
Sparky - Month ago
Blizzard can suck it
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