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Nirmalya Roy
Nirmalya Roy - 3 hours ago
Cardi the Real Hustlers
confusion - 10 hours ago
what age is this
Musicfull - 10 hours ago
rise of the NABS
Craig Catto
Craig Catto - 14 hours ago
They making a film about cardi Cosby
SoloArtCrafter Productions
It's so obvious that Cardi B recent repetition will over shadowed this movie and judging from the trailer she wasn't barley In (clips don't count) More then willing to bet that She going actually "Appear" maybe give her an important role, After a year the only thing people will remember is that.... Well... It's Cardi B's glorified fictional Biopic... Damn Everyone calling out Tarantino for his "Fetish" Movie But Even that is going Better than this
Lesley Hall
Lesley Hall - 22 hours ago
No offense but Rihanna should have been in the movie instead of cardi b
Ce An Ly
Ce An Ly - 22 hours ago
Every one here talking about cardi in this shi while I'm freaking out over lizzo and j lo
Rauldoesgaming - 23 hours ago
So if this was a true story, did they ever got caught or arrested????
bongothaplant - Day ago
Let's make a movie about a rapist instead of arresting her
Killmonger - Day ago
*_Wat a dumb movie_*
Ndagire Sandra
Ndagire Sandra - Day ago
Where z cardi b in the scenes
Miraculous_ Licorne 一角獣
I heard about this story from Stephanie Soo😂
John Wadsworth
John Wadsworth - Day ago
Ban this filth
Shams Alzubaidy
Shams Alzubaidy - Day ago
Can't wait for dis omg
leon jocelyn
leon jocelyn - Day ago
Are you guys going to make a movie about Bill Cosby next?
xlilyvervoortx x
xlilyvervoortx x - Day ago
WilliamBernard BROWN
To be fair Cardi B does have the experience to be in the movie. To her she would not have to act. Maybe the Godfather got her the role by killing a horse
Peachylexi - Day ago
riverdale season 4 but it’s abt betty dropping out of high school to become a stripper
Devin Peirce
Devin Peirce - Day ago
Movie for single mother skanks ! You all know who you are !
erica thomass
erica thomass - Day ago
sexi papi
Ana'ya Sanchez
Ana'ya Sanchez - Day ago
OMG yayy!!!🤗😆My queens are together!(Lili Reinheart, Cardi B,JLo)💞💙😭Oh god can't believe it thx
Eliza Kiperman
Eliza Kiperman - Day ago
looks like betty's mad world dance was an audition for this movie...
Sara G
Sara G - Day ago
damn they really had some balls casting cardi b in a movie like this.
hiddenhandmusic - Day ago
I don’t know why but I could see Tiffany Haddish in this lol
Luna - Day ago
Hope this film don't glamourise strippin etc too much, trust me it ain't it. People be callin it liberatin it the opposite. Trust. Glad these girls be fleecin the dirty dogs
Neneisfreefree :D
Neneisfreefree :D - 2 days ago
Did I just see Lizzo at the beginning

Yep it’s lizzo and my gurl cardi and Jennie
Bff’s fashoin world
Bff’s fashoin world - 2 days ago
One of the best movies that will ever come out. I can’t belive it Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and Lili Reinhart in a movie❤️❤️
Megan Thackery
Megan Thackery - 2 days ago
My sympathy for a man robbed by strippers is zero.
You walk into an establishment to buy the sexuality and body of another human and then you want me to feel bad for you? Yeah, no.
erica thomass
erica thomass - Day ago
What about a woman robbed by strippers?
Florencia Rodriguez
Florencia Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Literally came here bc of Lizzo
Queen Rose
Queen Rose - 2 days ago
How keen cardi b will be in this
Naisbitt TESSIE
Naisbitt TESSIE - 2 days ago
Saldra en mexico?
Lostin TheRace
Lostin TheRace - 2 days ago
Cause this is what America needs rn .... why hollywood. Why ....
Shady Boy
Shady Boy - 2 days ago
Don’t touch My butter
Cardi gonna Ruin it
jm apple
jm apple - 2 days ago
Lol society glorifies women taking advantage of men..... Why not be consistent when men take advantage of women
jm apple
jm apple - 2 days ago
Female Bill Cosby movie
Jack Gervasi
Jack Gervasi - 2 days ago
This is extremely negative for society.
Brian Solonge
Brian Solonge - 2 days ago
Glorifying whoredom...this is where society at in the year 2019.
Yubi K.
Yubi K. - 2 days ago
What’s the point of this.
Stupid Little Psycho's
Stupid Little Psycho's - 2 days ago
Of course cardi b is in here
DAP ure
DAP ure - 2 days ago
Jlo still fine boy
Lanzer The Bot
Lanzer The Bot - 2 days ago
Of course cardi b had to be in this 😂
Stealth Plays
Stealth Plays - 2 days ago
So magic mike. Except this time for males
Sugoi Boi
Sugoi Boi - 2 days ago
why not make it about Bill Cosby lame asf
b4beast - 3 days ago
Is this cardi b documentary?? 😂😂😂
Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf - 3 days ago
Another movie trying to empower women... I bet this is a flop at the box office.
My Life
My Life - 3 days ago
who gave her her phone again 😂
Onika - 3 days ago
Joey.da.potato - 3 days ago
This movie is basically a recap of cardi B's life
Experiment - 3 days ago
Hot Garbage
Geison Fernandez
Geison Fernandez - 3 days ago
Nicky Minaj le acaba de dar DisLike a esto hahahahahaahha
*peachy skies*
*peachy skies* - 3 days ago
This is actually related with Cardi's past she used to strip and drug men for money because her mom threw her out when she was young adult
Jayla - 3 days ago
*peachy skies* but then that doesn’t give her the right to drug people. Im just mad that shes even on this movie knowing she did those stuff in real life doesnt sit well w my soul lol.
*peachy skies*
*peachy skies* - 3 days ago
@Jayla well then oop- young adult
Jayla - 3 days ago
*peachy skies* she actually said her mom kicked her out when she was 18 on a video.
Jason Workman
Jason Workman - 3 days ago
ohlson Landon
ohlson Landon - 3 days ago
But when a guy does this it’s known as surviving r Kelly
Venom Defenses
Venom Defenses - 3 days ago
ohlson Landon does what... piss on women? 😂😂
Zorroh - 3 days ago
I find it ironic that Cardi B is in a movie about drugging and robbing men, a crime that she actually committed in real life and is somehow yet to be charged for...
Ethan M
Ethan M - 3 days ago
@Movieclips Trailers I love your channel keep up the great work.

Yay, a movie about how Cardi B knocked out rich people with drugs and stole from them. You know a massive crime in real life that no one seems to be bothered by because she's a woman doing what she has to do to survive. Yeah, she survived made it famous and gets to talk about her crimes in jest. Wow, such a nice concept. @Cardi B, you suck. I lived in the outskirts of Detroit, yeah I know I'm a man so I guess I have to be tuff and badass right? I ain't never have to resort to slinging drugs or robbing people. I stole once in my life when I was eight years old, and that was some Pokemon cards, even then I went back and paid for them. Don't give me that bullshit you did what you had to survive. You do the crime you do the time that how it's supposed to be. Not that the ends justify the means. That's not how AMERICA works (in theory).

TL;DR Cardi B is a criminal and shouldn't be praised for a crime that she committed and admitted to. May not be able to charge her with anything but we shouldn't praise her.
Xson _
Xson _ - 3 days ago
Everybody already knows that this movie will suck
Robertson Tirado
Robertson Tirado - 3 days ago
Hopefully this movie encourages people to workout.
Charles Chungus
Charles Chungus - 4 days ago
I'm just here to see more Lili Reinhart somewhat naked, call me a pervert all you want, I've been waiting too long for this opportunity
Shonok Rohan
Shonok Rohan - 4 days ago
you have to be super gross and have horrible taste to like people such as cardi b or nickyminaj
Jayla - 3 days ago
Shonok Rohan aint nothing wrong w nicki.
Dejah Turner
Dejah Turner - 4 days ago
CONSTANCE. 😍😍 I'm going to see
Reggie Richmond
Reggie Richmond - 4 days ago
Men we should boycott this movie.
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez - 4 days ago
I dont see anything exciting about this movie
UncleJesus - 4 days ago
What a disgusting brainwashed world we live in......
dalderp - 4 days ago
When is cardi b going to jail?
IM YOUR DAD - 4 days ago
I can’t wait for the bill Cosby sequel it’s gonna be a lot better.... oh wait
TheRichKid - Day ago
@Xian Franzinger Barrett to compare the power women are getting to how normal people are supposed to act.
Xian Franzinger Barrett
@TheRichKid Why would you want to imagine that?
TheRichKid - Day ago
imagine the outlash, would be higher than the hong kong protests right now, that's a pain to admit.
Wasn't there already a movie about women stealing from men called the hustle made this year? I think that movie was a remake from a movie from the 90s or 80s can't remember but it was about guys stealing money from women but they decided to remake the movie but replace the men with women cause well not
YourGurl Mya
YourGurl Mya - 4 days ago
Finally cardiii i KNEW it she was gonna be in a movie soon enough
Duce Duce Magoo
Duce Duce Magoo - 4 days ago
Could you imagine the outrage if a movie like this came out with the genders reversed?
Xian Franzinger Barrett
Why would you want to imagine that?
Kurly Kayla
Kurly Kayla - 2 days ago
We already know men are willing to drug women for their own selfish purposes. It’s interesting to see the other side of the coin for a change.
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx - 4 days ago
Who else think this whole thing is and gonna be trash
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx - 2 days ago
@Fred Gusta like most of her songs. No offense
Fred Gusta
Fred Gusta - 2 days ago
Cardi b is in it..its guaranteed trash
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx - 4 days ago
Who else think this whole thing is and gonna be trash
Nick B
Nick B - 4 days ago
Maybe this will make more women strippers and make them useful for once.
Wybie - 4 days ago
lol Cardi belong in this movie
Ray Khan
Ray Khan - 4 days ago
Show palace queens nyc
christopher corvino
christopher corvino - 4 days ago
People should be smart enough to know by now to take the so called true story aspect of such movies with a massive grain of salt. Or you gonna tell me that all the events that happened in the conjuring films were true😑
QueenJuicy - 4 days ago
Cardi had to be in this.
Sj Sj
Sj Sj - 4 days ago
So is this what Betty was doing during spring break? Did she drug Jughead and then kill him by accident or...
lil upsidedown tombstone
Is this female empowerment?
Sister Snapped
Sister Snapped - Day ago
@Luna yesss
Luna - Day ago
No but it's a true story and the women are still people so let it be told
jm apple
jm apple - 2 days ago
Sister Snapped
Sister Snapped - 2 days ago
@Damian Rodriguez yeah no
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez - 4 days ago
This is what femenist is all about
100,000 subscriber plaque with one video 4nz
It’s funny cuz cardi b really did this 😂
Carson Luppres
Carson Luppres - 2 days ago
A Sall
A Sall - 5 days ago
Inspired by a true story....Cardi B's true story.. And her ignorant fans that are like "leT hEr dO heR"
Carson Luppres
Carson Luppres - 20 hours ago
@* Pyrosnappy * Ok
* Pyrosnappy *
* Pyrosnappy * - 20 hours ago
@Carson Luppres if you are implying that by the time frame, we people should let it slide, then no, thats a huge criminal offence and shouldnt be looked over, if you are implying that in the short time for a crime to pass cannot be looked over, still, a crime shouldnt be just passed by no matter what amount of time passes
Carson Luppres
Carson Luppres - Day ago
@TheRichKid That has nothing to do with my comment. Just you saying that proves my point. Don't reply to me if you don't understand what I said❤
TheRichKid - Day ago
@Carson Luppres no cuz they literally just made a movie about it that's what ur commenting on are you stupid
TheRichKid - Day ago
@Venom Defenses nope we target a lot of rappers. 6ix9ine? arrested and lost fame and popularity. Cardi B? Drugged and robbed men with no back lash and garbage music. Like at least 6ix9ine makes good music
Kappa - 5 days ago
Should've named it "The Cardi B Movie"
thatstuff v2
thatstuff v2 - 20 hours ago
“The hot nasty garbage movie”
TheRichKid - Day ago
"The Cardi B-ackstory"
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