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Elizabeth Kharigus
Elizabeth Kharigus - 15 hours ago
Cardi ues to strip now she's married 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Kharigus
Elizabeth Kharigus - 15 hours ago
Love it
Channah Vholt
Channah Vholt - Day ago
Cardi only played like 5min in the movie tho...just sayin
Jessica Wardlaw
Jessica Wardlaw - Day ago
Lizzo and constance wu 💗💗
Thanos The Farmer
Thanos The Farmer - Day ago
The only thing i learned from this movie is that women only care about money, and they even will to rob others, and sell their body to strangers.
tem changkiri
tem changkiri - Day ago
Lili is too innocent looking for this lmao but i have to say i would've also never imagined Constance wu but here she is so yea 👏 👏 👏
kanga1234567 - Day ago
That movie was garbage
MrSalvage1969 - 2 days ago
This was an excellent movie. Good to see it’s also killing it at the box office.
badboy wrecker
badboy wrecker - 2 days ago
lili reinhart 😍😍
MéD - 2 days ago
im so disappointed of you lilly :(
GINA L - 2 days ago
I'm not mad at JLo for making her money, but.....this movie was borderline boring...Cardi B has a very small part at the beginning and then disappears....and I could not watch this twice. They had the audacity to put a photo clip of Kim K in the movie (WTF) don't nobody want to pay to look at that braud.
Pain Nagato
Pain Nagato - 2 days ago
Faustina Ama Agyemang
Faustina Ama Agyemang - 4 days ago
Can someone give me the link to watch this movie
Zxphy - 4 days ago
i love Lili Reinhart
Lala The Mage
Lala The Mage - 4 days ago
so feature length semi pornographic film that targets toxic masculinity? How empowering to young women....
Her name is Alice
Her name is Alice - 4 days ago
this piece of trash wouldn't inspire delinquent behavior amongst women but Joker surely is gonna kickstart something awful and create an army of maniacs....

what is the world coming to?

aight imma head out....
fluffy cat
fluffy cat - 5 days ago
This trailer inspired me to start pole dancing (for sport)
fitaf anatomy
fitaf anatomy - 5 days ago
Where are the feminists now??
Roberto - 6 days ago
This must of been the easiest movie to
make, but to be really honest it’s total garbage 🗑
kanga1234567 - Day ago
I fell asleep it was that boring
The Unknown
The Unknown - 6 days ago
'What if somebody calls the cops?'
"And says what? I spent $5000 at a strip club send help?!
k the angle
k the angle - 6 days ago
I got so excited when I saw cardi b , jennifer lopez , lizzo, lilly and keke palmer 😍 i can't wait till this comes out
Timofej Zivoderoff
Timofej Zivoderoff - 6 days ago
расфуфыренный фильм о плядях, в котором все орут и слушают музыку
nice guy Uchiha
nice guy Uchiha - 6 days ago
"based on a true story"...oh when cardi robed that guy lol
StefyStef 17
StefyStef 17 - 6 days ago
Lol I love the fact that there are exactly 69k likes on this trailer

Nini Kim
Nini Kim - 7 days ago
I really liked it I’m seeing it again lol
jojo be
jojo be - 8 days ago
I got an advertisement for this movie before the trailer😂
ddundeez - 8 days ago
How long cardi B will appear on this movie?
Alessandro Hutapea
Alessandro Hutapea - 3 days ago
ddundeez she only appears for like 5 minutes total
Bilal Kafkan Mammeri
Bilal Kafkan Mammeri - 8 days ago
Charntae Tangimataiti
Charntae Tangimataiti - 8 days ago
Lilly reinhart r u jking🤣
Frankie Guns
Frankie Guns - 8 days ago
drew sale
drew sale - 8 days ago
This is how civilisations die. When it all goes bad, don't be surprised.
drew sale
drew sale - 8 days ago
By garbage, for garbage. Teaching the vulnerable to be degenerate. How low can you go haha?
Unknown Private
Unknown Private - 8 days ago
I watched the movie yesterday...
I do not recommend this movie
A big flop!
Rain Harty
Rain Harty - 8 days ago
0:48 “hard working people lost everything” said nicki about cardi
AMV_Schwepperr - 9 days ago
This movie is gon' be trash bcoz Cardi B in it...
senpaiwolfie One
senpaiwolfie One - 9 days ago
I really really really really want to watch Hustlers
Julius Tanuwijaya
Julius Tanuwijaya - 9 days ago
White, black, and yellow
Jazzy Cafe
Jazzy Cafe - 9 days ago
Jennifer is 50. I cannot even think about wearing a heel over 3 inches without my bones creaking and cracking, to see the behind the scenes footage on the physical training she had to undergo for this movie, my hat is off to her. I do a senior citizen workout for 30 minutes, and I need a recovery day like I just competed in the Olympics.
atm1995 - 9 days ago
Jennifer Lopez going back to her roots in this movie
Yasmin Ferchichi
Yasmin Ferchichi - 9 days ago
this was such a good movie
DancinJim - 9 days ago
Cardi B thriving in her natural environment.
zayhasjoined thechat
zayhasjoined thechat - 11 days ago
This has like almost all of my favorite celebrities
cory smith
cory smith - 11 days ago
Joker is better
AussieBlokeGordo - 11 days ago
So all this time Cardi B was just method acting......Talk about commitment 0_0
Chow Mein Rainbows
Chow Mein Rainbows - 11 days ago
They’re all such queensssssss
6sheldon - 11 days ago
worst movie I've ever seen. Cardi was in it for 5 mins
White tiger
White tiger - 9 days ago
6sheldon can u send me a link where i can see it
Ejiofor Dominion
Ejiofor Dominion - 9 days ago
6sheldon it's obvious she ain't staying in d movie. don't call it worst movie if you can't produce something better
LEB MC5 - 12 days ago
愛Vex - 12 days ago
This movie was hella good honestly
Camilas. moon
Camilas. moon - 12 days ago
Lili 😍😍🥀🖤
Shivan Anirudhra
Shivan Anirudhra - 12 days ago
and I work in finance, i dont appreciate uneducated idiots bagging on us all the time...if you clowns had studied finance you could have a nice flashy job too lolol
Martyn Franklin
Martyn Franklin - 12 days ago
Women ripping off men = empowered
Men ripping off women= helpless victims. The cast of this movie have a collective IQ of 73. Looks great😒
Layla Layla
Layla Layla - 13 days ago
I love it how they teach women that prostitution is a formula for success. Garbage.
Tandychristine Duda
Tandychristine Duda - 13 days ago
That fat chick was NASTY looking
Hetty Hetty
Hetty Hetty - 13 days ago
This is a true story inspired by the life of Samatha Barbash. Accdg to her from interview she is not happy with how they portrayed her and also this movie didnt pay her anything for portraying her life in the movie. she wanted Cardi B to act instead of J.lo becuz she thinks it’ll look more real.
TalkingToMyself - 13 days ago
Pretty average movie tbh. Not bad, not great, good for a chilled watch but honestly nothing special though Constance Wu is always awesome.
Subliminal messaging
Brit Boss
Brit Boss - 13 days ago
This decadent new age feminism is disgusting, and in my opinion a pure product of capitalism that is very degradent of women. Youung girs don't watch this... save you're souls.
K R - 8 days ago
Brit Boss *your
mluu510 - 13 days ago
Jlo so old, she's like a gilf now. Don't feel right
Leonardo Datore
Leonardo Datore - 13 days ago
Movies are pure trash these days. How emotionally stunted and stupid do you have to be to find this funny or interesting?
Ki Ke
Ki Ke - 13 days ago
I'm a simple man, I see Cardi B, I dislike
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