Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

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Ardi Atar
Ardi Atar - 2 days ago
Kardus doang mahal banget
Dallis B
Dallis B - 3 days ago
im planning on getting this but i just wanna know that if i get the variety kit am i able to build all of the things or only one?
ritche parenas
ritche parenas - 6 days ago
How much is this in philipine money
Bomb Liechtenstein
Bomb Liechtenstein - 8 days ago
That totally won’t break in one day
Elias Gabriel Divertido
Quem é br fala eu vou ter um Nintendo labo toy con
Ciaran Kearns
Ciaran Kearns - 12 days ago
Toy-Con 🏠
Juho naakka
Juho naakka - 14 days ago
I would like toy con 5 Splatoon kit where is guns and things for splatoon
Kordru - 15 days ago
Well, only problem is my table is covered with shards of cardboard, it's a piping paper cut day!
Dakota Mathews
Dakota Mathews - 17 days ago
Card board for 120$ that gotta be good cardboard
Olivlilly AJ!
Olivlilly AJ! - 20 days ago
HEYYY lets go play with friends
*catches shark*
Viggo Stanton
Viggo Stanton - 25 days ago
Labo is over priced cardboard and it is wasteful + it is trash
JC B - 26 days ago
$80 worth of cardboard happiness.
De Ad
De Ad - 27 days ago
This is out of stock every! Please help
Shila Galvan
Shila Galvan - 29 days ago
8 years
DinoingRuna - Month ago
3:11 This made me laugh
"Hey, the room's flooding!"
JVbadwolf - Month ago
These are times when ads are useful
Nguyen Nghia
Nguyen Nghia - Month ago
Nintedo đúng là sáng tạo 👏👍
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos - Month ago
3:06 little does he know what will happen next
SwagBret 27
SwagBret 27 - Month ago
So you got thousands of dollars for selling cardboard
John Wie
John Wie - Month ago
I know what people used the toycon scanner for :/
Moeo Con
Moeo Con - Month ago
Ok , now i thinking wii remote has an camera...
maicon bianchi
maicon bianchi - Month ago
Muito legal uma pena não ser muito durável !
Elias Gabriel Divertido
Se você for br, dê like no meu comentário
Elias Gabriel Divertido
Você é brasileiro?
Elias Gabriel Divertido
Você é brasileiro?
Sweeney Letourneau
Sweeney Letourneau - Month ago
every time i look at this I'm amazed at how a joy con can turn into a compeletly different controller
Brezyy13 - Month ago
I got this one😊
Mr. Tophat120
Mr. Tophat120 - Month ago
Thats one of the coolest thing ive ever seen made by nintendo thats what i call thinkin outside of the box
Daniel Hertzler
Daniel Hertzler - Month ago
I dunno, what happens when your kid leaves the cardboard on the couch and their buddy crushes it or some other such happening? Just seems like the cardboard won't last long
SGF51 - Month ago
3:13 did they stoled P0rtal idea?
Kamil sanchez de ovando
Lona time passed
Jim Dalka
Jim Dalka - Month ago
I wonder how much it is to bye one
Pepo :D
Pepo :D - Month ago
Me at first: Yeaaaah I’m not buying expensive cardboard
Now: ........... I needed up buying it and liking it :)
Elaine Crespo
Elaine Crespo - Month ago
When I was 4 years old I accidentally broke the super Mario bros U. Disk. 7 years old I’m gonna buy it again
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos - Month ago
Geez how long is that fishing rod?
Sean Allen
Sean Allen - Month ago
0:14 BAWX
Naminski - Month ago
I like Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Piano.
Cassandra Sarah
Cassandra Sarah - Month ago
Margie Deguzman
Margie Deguzman - Month ago
Osmom alngnwm ksonos k je j pknau aubus us pmdom
Jessica Ahumada
Jessica Ahumada - Month ago
I Like The RC car
Elias Gabriel Divertido
I to
Super Dragon
Super Dragon - Month ago
Do the games come with the labo or not?
lyndsey grimes
lyndsey grimes - Month ago
Not into it
Margie Deguzman
Margie Deguzman - 2 months ago
Margie Deguzman
Margie Deguzman - 2 months ago
Ok ay
Sira Diawara
Sira Diawara - 2 months ago
Pop Extra
Pop Extra - 2 months ago
i canh start with the viberation bug or watever the name is.
RareSox - 2 months ago
I didn't get the cable block.
Maliga Srey
Maliga Srey - 2 months ago
You are not putting together
Plexian - 2 months ago
Can you make a cardboard Nintendo switch?
Yvonne Temple
Yvonne Temple - 2 months ago
Can't wait to put mine together
Fernando Garay
Fernando Garay - 2 months ago
My teacher has that in the shcool we make the rc car and the fishingroge and the motobike and the house bit not the piano
The Random Hades
The Random Hades - 2 months ago
Awesome. Every game including VR Kit is cool.
RayIsNotOk - 2 months ago
I love this imagination. However some are kinda useless and boring, like the fishing thing and house. Edit: let’s not forget the piano.
Thicc_Nibba_Titan - 2 months ago
Cardboard is the future
Dabi Xd
Dabi Xd - 2 months ago
I just know card board is so expensive. and I have a lot of them lol
?what are you looking at
?what are you looking at - 2 months ago
1:03 Nintendo have been watching me all this time?!
screw mane
screw mane - 2 months ago
I am 24 years old. I grew up in maybe the biggest gaming era ever in the gaming industry from 2000 all the way throughout till 2009. This Nintendo video just now made me feel like that kid again growing up in that era. Xbox 360 for life! They never cease to amaze me. Genius!!!
Jonah Schilt
Jonah Schilt - 2 months ago
Epic Gamers: *doesn’t care at all.*
Nintendo: we have cardboard...
Epic Gamers: *jaw literally drops*
annoying letsplays
annoying letsplays - 2 months ago
1:57 look at all those fishes
joão victor Squitino
joão victor Squitino - 2 months ago
Eu amo mario!!!?
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele - 2 months ago
I've enjoyed watching this first video of different Labos anyone can make. My favourite one is the motorcycle one, which is decent as well as creative, like the other 4 creations of cardboard. Are adults too old for buying any of them and make one for ourselves?
_*STORMR TROOPER_* _*TM*_ - 2 months ago
Not water resistant
Raine - 2 months ago
people always complain that nintendo labo is just a "70 dollar sheet of cardboard" but that they dont seem to realise is that the kit also comes with the game cartridge itself and those things are usually around 70 dollars anyway so this should be considered a good price if anything
Uni M.
Uni M. - 2 months ago
Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 1 - Kit de variedad - Make a Toy-Con RC Car, Fishing Rod, Motorbike, House, and Piano using pre-cut cardboard sheets and simple, interactive instructions. Then, Play! Steer the RC Car, reel in fish from the ocean, drive your Motorbike, interact with a creature in the House, and play tunes on the Piano. Then, discover how it all works! Nintendo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit is availableMake a Toy-Con RC Car, Fishing Rod, Motorbike, House, and Piano using pre-cut cardboard sheets and simple, interactive instructions. Then, Play! Steer the RC Car, reel in fish from the ocean, drive your Motorbike, interact with a creature in the House, and play tunes on the Piano. Then, discover how it all works! Nintendo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit is available
lipe animações
lipe animações - 3 months ago
you can take the Nintendo switch or it stays in the toy forever
Lijah - 3 months ago
To bad I’m not a kid anymore,
Zeth Cader
Zeth Cader - 3 months ago
Why did it have to be CAR BOARD?
Vitor Cerqueira
Vitor Cerqueira - 3 months ago
Plis super mario 64 nitendo switch 2020
LuigiMakerForPres - 3 months ago
3:15 When exactly did nintendo begin a collab with the people who made portal?
LiamStudios - 3 months ago
and the secret is the hidden camera to stalk you while you sleep
Depydawg - 3 months ago
I can't help but to notice that hey we're conducting with the baton wrong. you don't just wave it back and fourth.
Pee Head
Pee Head - 3 months ago
*Card Board house builders has joined the chat*
Epsilon Prime
Epsilon Prime - 3 months ago
You guys are running out of Ideas...
Epsilon Prime
Epsilon Prime - 3 months ago
If that's the case can't you just find a random cardboard box and use your imagination instead rather than paying 80$ for a cardboard box that just says Nintendo on the side?
BinaryClash - 3 months ago
Okay, Thomas Edison
Epsilon Prime
Epsilon Prime - 3 months ago
Nintendo could sell most of you all a rock, and you'd probably buy it.
Kyle Osial
Kyle Osial - 3 months ago
And people thought cardboard can only make boxes
Epsilon Prime
Epsilon Prime - 3 months ago
The dumbest thing I have ever seen...are you guys even trying?
Mészáros Levi
Mészáros Levi - 3 months ago
If don't like it, don't buy it! Nintendo doesn't forces you to buy Labo!
error machine
error machine - 3 months ago
The mini bike is pointlessly frustrating! Made it.... Now what?
Where do I go, what setting do I do? It explains nothing! I go into create a course and wave the damn thing around, am I in the wrong setting? What on earth do I do to use the mini bike. The game explains nothing, and I can't find anywhere on the internet about what to do. I wave it around like in this ad but nothing happens. Maybe I'm in the wrong spot? I don't know, it has 0 information on what to do!!!!
Ally Horn
Ally Horn - 3 months ago
error machine d i d y o u p u t i n t h e j o y - c o n ?
Chris Turnbull
Chris Turnbull - 3 months ago
we all know what part of their body people are gonna scan to race on
Kokichi Oma, King of the Gays
Schools should use this. When you do those special workshop things.
Sandra Aguilera
Sandra Aguilera - 3 months ago
Nintendo Labo is the best
Somborn - 3 months ago
We've come a long way since Mario paint.
Grethe Øian
Grethe Øian - 3 months ago
tommy hil
tommy hil - 3 months ago
Shout out to Nintendo for using video games to help our kids think imagine and late to the party but definitely buying this for my son!
The Windows7 Gamer
The Windows7 Gamer - 3 months ago
Would the Toy-con Motorbike work on Mario Kart?
Andreas G.
Andreas G. - 3 months ago
1.6k People never grew up or have never been a child and just appeared like some sort of black magic as "adults"... Most of us here would love this as a parents' gift when we were 7 - 13 years old, no mater what is your opinion now as a person over 14 years old ;).

Thanks Nintendo for thinking of our lovely kids
Apz Zahl
Apz Zahl - 3 months ago
Ally Horn
Ally Horn - 3 months ago
Apz Zahl Y O U. G E T. A. G A M E.
Allimant Plays
Allimant Plays - 3 months ago
I wish the motorbike was able to connect to mariokart
Hanan Pasha
Hanan Pasha - 3 months ago
Hanan Pasha
Hanan Pasha - 3 months ago
Allimant Plays it can. Nintendo literally made a vid on this
hackerism1 - 4 months ago
the soy rises, boiis!
Naz Shamsh
Naz Shamsh - 4 months ago
What is the phone like thing there
Tubularm8 - 4 months ago
Pretty cool!
OMega - 4 months ago
I’m just watching this as a distraction
MiguelFochii10 GamingBro
MiguelFochii10 GamingBro - 4 months ago
Hi guys, im here. Nintendo labo is so good, enjoy from me
chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes
Some expensive boxes
dominator games
dominator games - 4 months ago
Isn't it funny how they released it on the best holiday of all time
DylanGalaxi :3
DylanGalaxi :3 - 4 months ago
dominator games
dominator games - 4 months ago
@DylanGalaxi :3 I mean the day people bought it they were definitely coughing there lungs out.
DylanGalaxi :3
DylanGalaxi :3 - 4 months ago
*cough intensifies*
DylanGalaxi :3
DylanGalaxi :3 - 4 months ago
sorry if I spelled wrong :p
Blue carnotaurus WR
Blue carnotaurus WR - 4 months ago
The games taste good
dominator games
dominator games - 4 months ago
I ate my joy cons
Vince - 4 months ago
Jack the Cool
Jack the Cool - 4 months ago
I just go this and and i love it!!!!!
David Johnson
David Johnson - 4 months ago
I hope if they ever did a Mario Maker 2, that the music you create on the Piano can be used as level music in your custom levels.
Hunter Schadow
Hunter Schadow - 4 months ago
Oh boy oh boy
HYPERGDD ͔ - 4 months ago
Who looking at this video without owning switch...
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