i was born and raised in prison

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XxknightsaiyanxX - Hour ago
What is this🤣
Kent Farnsworth
Kent Farnsworth - 3 hours ago
Whether wasn’t cold like Elsa to hide her powers
Kent Farnsworth
Kent Farnsworth - 3 hours ago
She can’t punch a kid who doesn’t even deserve to be in jail 🤜
Kent Farnsworth
Kent Farnsworth - 3 hours ago
That guard SHOULD go in jail
CHICKEN NUGGET - 4 hours ago
Why no shoot the burglar in the leg or arm
GoddesSilverRose - 4 hours ago
I think they mixed Megamind up...
Lil Mikey
Lil Mikey - 4 hours ago
This is the fakest episode of this I’ve seen she was born in prison, Why was she treated like a prisoner
Yasna Calderón
Yasna Calderón - 6 hours ago
Why did the police punch a six year old boy on the chass I thought police officers are kind comment if you agree ?
Winter Likes Cookies
Winter Likes Cookies - 14 hours ago
Me: *hears bera*
Wait that doesnt mean anything in Russian-
*puts video back when she said that*
Oooh she said Vera
Oscar games
Oscar games - 19 hours ago
I am so SAD😭😭😭😿🙍
Radical Rainbow
Radical Rainbow - 21 hour ago
Why wasn’t the baby taken off the mother and put into care?
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan - Day ago
Short FAT women RUDE!!!
Aykut Dogan
Aykut Dogan - Day ago
Teacher: where were you born?
Someone: united kindom
Someone: los angeles
Her: prison
Danchesskys - Day ago
Vera isnt Russia my dude
Turtatical - Day ago
Gloe 62
Gloe 62 - 2 days ago
Girl, if this is real you all are kidnapped!!! This is soooooo illegal!!
Like a boss squad
Like a boss squad - 2 days ago
What happened to Zara?!?! Oh and I feel bad for hope!
Lilliana Beam
Lilliana Beam - 2 days ago
Lilliana Beam
Lilliana Beam - 2 days ago
Gloomy Days
Gloomy Days - 2 days ago
Slasherexen - 2 days ago
This is how many time she said her baby even though the baby was her.
Maisy Vlogs
Maisy Vlogs - 2 days ago
A short FAT woman?
*me* thats mean
Vera Kronbäck
Vera Kronbäck - 2 days ago
Hey! My name is Vera!😂
That 1 Kid
That 1 Kid - 2 days ago
Books cool
Kavya Patel
Kavya Patel - 3 days ago
When she was holding the bars she could get out if u saw how big it was like if you saw it
jaycrispy 33
jaycrispy 33 - 3 days ago
Tried in this story because she was begging for vitamins and she was scared that her baby died like this is sad
Cactus Savage
Cactus Savage - 3 days ago
Lust go through the freaking bars!!!
yxnney - 3 days ago
Lion's in the wildlife
Lion's in the wildlife - 3 days ago
no you idiot by law the baby must be removed from jail in a 4-5 months
yolofolk2019 - 4 days ago
that stupid grantma of yours he can keep the money then go to jail.
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen - 4 days ago
These people (the guards) are devils. Not humans.
Gloe 62
Gloe 62 - 2 days ago
Gloe 62
Gloe 62 - 2 days ago
Amaal Leslie
Amaal Leslie - 4 days ago
Were did she live that's the law of self defense you can't go to jail for that atleast not in America and if you didn't have licence for the gun I assume you don't you wouldn't get that many years also if you left him in your house that's evidence so talk to your lawyer and you should be fine
TimingCaribou 18
TimingCaribou 18 - 5 days ago
She says prison so much
Marionette Reaper
Marionette Reaper - 5 days ago
Yeah, this story is good but the facts don't add up at all.
A. Haitian Artist
A. Haitian Artist - 5 days ago
The Sick, Evil World we live in!
DP VH - 6 days ago
If she was born in prison why is she there if she did not do anything bad
C.J.PLAYZMC - 7 days ago
What up with this prison
Take the baby to a flipping orphanage
MamaMia - 7 days ago
children aren't kept in prisons after they are born. they get fostered or go to family,regardless of what the mother wants.
Anime Destroyer
Anime Destroyer - 7 days ago
It was self defense she felt threatened she had the right to shoot
Emo.Randomnesss - 7 days ago
Guys calm down this story isn’t real
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