Recreating The Most Expensive Meals In The World

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HollyPollyDoodle - Year ago
"It just tastes like someone farted on a lemon" 😂😂😂 Josh is #relatable
Punky Plays
Punky Plays - 22 days ago
boss boss
boss boss - Month ago
How do you know what that tast like???😂😂😂
Bob Kaplan
Bob Kaplan - Month ago
This got pinned?!
Gauge Cassidy
Gauge Cassidy - 2 months ago
HollyPollyDoodle I got this to 5k likes
Jax - 2 months ago
@Dogfishdog o yeah? Well I was like # 5k...beat that buddy 😂😂
Nooch W411
Nooch W411 - 15 hours ago
Mac and cheese grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese ever
Fun Gamer Moments
Fun Gamer Moments - Day ago
gsmskrr0 - 23 hours ago
good job, you watched the video
Koochmen Sub
Koochmen Sub - 3 days ago
Aoli is not the same as mayo
Sawa Weldon
Sawa Weldon - 5 days ago
And this is the episode I discovered I have a crush on josh.
【Silver Bytez】
【Silver Bytez】 - 5 days ago
*_Thanos Donut._*
Oliver Beane
Oliver Beane - 6 days ago
Hey guys! Today is Rhett’s b-day!!
Lauren B Sparkles
Lauren B Sparkles - 6 days ago
Seattle! Never heard of that place though.
Lauren B Sparkles
Lauren B Sparkles - 6 days ago
Happy Birthday Rhetttttt!!
Yeetshihtzu - 6 days ago
Today is oct 11 2019 .... time flies so fast
Viktor - 19 hours ago
Time Flies are really fast. They must be if they want to travel through time - those speedy flies
I Exist
I Exist - 3 days ago
I felt like it's been 3 years this year alone
Roy Beddington
Roy Beddington - 6 days ago
bruh 1 year ago
ze ching chong army was here
woooooow, i just came from the what happened to the things left in margarita and it was rhetts birthday. this was his birthday last year... totally unintentional wooooooooow
Amber Januschewski
Amber Januschewski - 6 days ago
How did I accidentally just watch this on Rhett’s birthday a year later
Abby - 5 days ago
SAME! I was shook!
Vein PlusRazor
Vein PlusRazor - 6 days ago
Lefu da guy
Lefu da guy - 6 days ago
Bro it’s your birthday today it’s been a year
XxmollythefluffyxX - 7 days ago
It's Rhett's birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday for tmr!
Paolo Grimaldi
Paolo Grimaldi - 7 days ago
As an italian, I have one consideration and one suggestion to the three girls at the end of the vdeo.
1) You don't cheer with water, ever.
2) Careful with those glasses, they probably charged you 20€ for the water alone. LUL.
Drewe Salahor
Drewe Salahor - 8 days ago
"My bubby would be PISSED!"
Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier - 8 days ago
I also got 3 points!
Tim Van Velzen
Tim Van Velzen - 8 days ago
12:29 aioli is mayonnaise with alot of garlic not a fancy word for mayonnaise
Michael Laber
Michael Laber - 8 days ago
this food looks nasty.
Randomosity! - 8 days ago
This video was the beginning of Josh getting a personality.
Dandelion - 9 days ago
Maybe I should learn how to cook
Mercury Fennec
Mercury Fennec - 9 days ago
“If I hit chase with that you owe me 50 bucks” *but did he get the 50 bucks*
sesroH oN
sesroH oN - 9 days ago
"You put the poo-poo mushrooms on anything to make it fancy" HAHAHAHAHAHA
haidar ali ID
haidar ali ID - 10 days ago
thats good to see you have funny expression
Stephen Dareau
Stephen Dareau - 10 days ago
dark_blade89 - 10 days ago
Cacio cavalo... Si che non è la loro pronuncia ma siamo seri?
Mi sento offeso...
Zach C
Zach C - 11 days ago
Hhhhaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppyyyyyy bbbiiirrrttthhh-ddddaaaayyyyy
Gage Schroeder
Gage Schroeder - 11 days ago
I wish you knew how much I love josh.
Alyssa Lytton
Alyssa Lytton - 11 days ago
I do not believe that they are 41. Neither of them look like it at all.
Esoteric Emissary
Esoteric Emissary - 11 days ago
At the end, I guess they don't have rich kid viewers who would spin the wheel of Mythicality from their deep within their Mansions.
Tyler Wreaks
Tyler Wreaks - 11 days ago
Oh it’s my part
Surfercaleb - 12 days ago
you suck
you suck - 13 days ago
I legit don’t understand why people want gold flakes in their food. Legit no point
Santiago Teran
Santiago Teran - 14 days ago
How is this guy so buff now
Mickiel Groves
Mickiel Groves - 15 days ago
Not surprised there is a fine line in profit in restaurants
Budget Monkey 22
Budget Monkey 22 - 15 days ago
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman - 19 days ago
Man Josh has got jacked since this video!!! My guy
LupinBun - 20 days ago
I would not pay a penny for ANYTHING with foie gras in it, just based on how it's made :'(
Stefan Lopuszanski
Stefan Lopuszanski - 21 day ago
Anyone else look up all the Worth It episodes just to compare them?
Akshat Verma
Akshat Verma - 22 days ago
They hated everything!
Maxwell Adams
Maxwell Adams - 23 days ago
Got some real Scaramouche vibes at 14:20
Kristin Copeland
Kristin Copeland - 23 days ago
That knuckle crack in the beginning Link damn😂😂😂
Kaden Tanemori
Kaden Tanemori - 24 days ago
Its almost retts birthday again 🥳🥳🥳
Dr.HarleenQuinnzel - 24 days ago
Can i just have all the food you dont eat. They all look bomb.
equitine _
equitine _ - 24 days ago
They didn't mention that the grilled cheese all ingredients are specially flown in.
ffhgu 07
ffhgu 07 - 25 days ago
I just feel like you shouldn't eat gold
Zak Wright
Zak Wright - 25 days ago
Happy birthday
Jacob Sabine
Jacob Sabine - 26 days ago
They do realize the price also reflects how good the cook is and how he cooks it......
Derp Wolf
Derp Wolf - 27 days ago
Rhett: “Not as good as mah mahmahs grilled cheeyse” that’s bc it’s made with love XDDDDDDD
Blair Stonham
Blair Stonham - 28 days ago
Can Rhett stop saying whaaaaaaaaaaat every time like Saids Tokyo
Solli Polli
Solli Polli - 28 days ago
The intro was amazing 😍😂😍
Domas - Month ago
Why does this food just look sad...
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo - Month ago
Rhett looks good for 41, i thought he was in his 20's, i swear
New Game
New Game - Month ago
This is why Warren buffet eats McDonald's
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - Month ago
If a pizza costs 2k, it's not a pizza anymore.
Stolen Memes
Stolen Memes - Month ago
Rachael Ruder
Rachael Ruder - Month ago
buuuuut 3.8 mil view sooooo worth it
Fee Nok
Fee Nok - Month ago
Link is growing a beard !!!
Broken Wave
Broken Wave - Month ago
He just didn't shave for a few days... Big deal.
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