a very epic game of fortnite

16 240
McCreamy - Month ago
Chloe O shea
Chloe O shea - 4 days ago
Crying ssvhinhzn Newark NJ tswwfih you d
Durr Burger
Durr Burger - 12 days ago
Epic Thiccc
Nathanzz Lit
Nathanzz Lit - 17 days ago
saltyy fruit yep
Nathanzz Lit
Nathanzz Lit - 17 days ago
McCreamy great video bro.
xGTA Rp officialx
xGTA Rp officialx - 19 days ago
s a l t y f r u i t done
Arrian Gonzalez
Arrian Gonzalez - Day ago
You know smelly finger I think was streaming it’s was another yt I think
Rooster - Day ago
Dark Raven
Dark Raven - Day ago
Can I join the xd clan
Riley Godden
Riley Godden - Day ago
Season 9 enyone and also rip pump
Roland Williams
Roland Williams - 2 days ago
Not lying
Roland Williams
Roland Williams - 2 days ago
U are the bestest player in the world
Haddon Joslin
Haddon Joslin - 2 days ago
Creamy what’s your setup
Chooe Chuppa
Chooe Chuppa - 2 days ago
You missed the green at 3:09
Matty Edmunds
Matty Edmunds - 2 days ago
How are you soooooooo good?!?
Trying Tosing
Trying Tosing - 4 days ago
Mau and mccreamy are a good team but don’t find eachother entertaining, because they convos are so dead and they don’t laugh at each others jokes..
YoingValkz YT
YoingValkz YT - 6 days ago
O¨ :J
Legend-brawl stars
Legend-brawl stars - 6 days ago
Your first clip I did the same on mobile with a hunting rifle
FLaRE GHOUL 3928 - 6 days ago
No one cares kys🖕🏻
Golden turtle!
Golden turtle! - 7 days ago
who else misses the pump ;(((((
1 like = 1 chance of the pump coming back
K. A
K. A - 7 days ago
Rip tilted
xd lilkid
xd lilkid - 8 days ago
Epic name: couzcj09
Xbox name: xd lilkid
xd lilkid
xd lilkid - 8 days ago
McCreamy 1 v 1 me
MaGmA_46 _ToP
MaGmA_46 _ToP - 10 days ago
Today it’s neo towers
epicarno - 12 days ago
Rip pump😐
Franco Valenzuela
Franco Valenzuela - 13 days ago
You should upload more stuff like this ♥
Berke Paksoy
Berke Paksoy - 15 days ago
RIP Tilted.
Season 9 Edit: Oops nevermind.
Mariana Sandoval
Mariana Sandoval - 15 days ago
Judy Heremaia
Judy Heremaia - 15 days ago
Can you do more duos with Zuckles please
LightNING StickBoys
LightNING StickBoys - 16 days ago
Who else thinks Mccreamy is the God at Sniping?
Felixツ - Day ago
It’s fearless but ok
Miraculous Max
Miraculous Max - 15 days ago
LightNING StickBoys diss nuts ha got him
DR duckling
DR duckling - 16 days ago
you have black hair
Majestic_ fire
Majestic_ fire - 16 days ago
My teammate pissed me off because I was at 10 hp he had full health and like 75 shield and drinked a chug jug then I didn't revive him in the game I had 15 kills and the last person was a bit and I said this is what you get and I jumped of the building he was so mad to the last person was walking with 0 kills lol
Michael Castro
Michael Castro - 17 days ago
F for tilted
Mohamed Alhagar
Mohamed Alhagar - 17 days ago
2 at?
Ali Amiri
Ali Amiri - 18 days ago
Ar123row YT
Ar123row YT - 18 days ago
hi your my fav youtuber
XaXnFrosty - 18 days ago
Been watching since season 1
Filippo Buselli
Filippo Buselli - 19 days ago
Sylar senthil
Sylar senthil - 20 days ago
I’m the real mcreamy
DaN YT - 20 days ago
ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainsley ainslex ainsley ainsley ainsley
Elisa Erickson
Elisa Erickson - 20 days ago
I love your vids
Vlogget 1
Vlogget 1 - 21 day ago
You ar Epic
PinkPanda 12365
PinkPanda 12365 - 21 day ago
Omg mcreamy played a match of fortnut
Trent Edison
Trent Edison - 22 days ago
Try hard
Lilly Ann Gaskell
Lilly Ann Gaskell - 22 days ago
9:38 he got the kill before he shot
Jaden _33
Jaden _33 - 22 days ago
Xd for life
RubrikCube - 22 days ago
please do more
like fortnite full games
Dr Yeek
Dr Yeek - 23 days ago
Jake Ko
Jake Ko - 23 days ago
who's better sniper, FE4RR or McCreamy? Me McCreamy!
the grumlins
the grumlins - 24 days ago
Where is xd
Dayum Son
Dayum Son - 24 days ago
Can anyone please tell me what that epidemic sound at the beginning of the video was plz
ComradeDoggo.mp4 - 24 days ago
Thank you for uploading nore
rT Reqiall
rT Reqiall - 25 days ago
I’m an underrated console player 🔥🔥. Check Me out. Like and Comment if u are to
Tobias Haugstad
Tobias Haugstad - 25 days ago
Face reveal
Blue Animul
Blue Animul - 25 days ago
That slo mo? I think you missed no offense
Vlnt - 25 days ago
Sorry but 7:20 you missed just watch it
ICE_C.H 64
ICE_C.H 64 - 26 days ago
Don’t worry boss it’s okay now see ya later
ICE_C.H 64
ICE_C.H 64 - 26 days ago
Hey I joined Xd ages ago u might remember me it’s liquids well Sharky said he is known for the overtakes and he promised he will be default until it came back and he has broke that promise therefore he has betrayed ur trust
Spukys - 26 days ago
Whats your sensitivity?
Jada Haywood
Jada Haywood - 27 days ago
You . Are . So . Good . And . Great . Such . An . Fucking . God .
Harry’s fortnite channel 123
Nice Video My mate/My Dude
Madddster - 27 days ago
McCreamys skin she looks like Micheal Jackson. 🤣
The Grape
The Grape - 27 days ago
I reckon you are epic enough to buy a face cam
zephy red
zephy red - 27 days ago
At 1:14 he hits the floor and does 80 damage. Watch it in slow mode. That's a load of bullshit
C P - 27 days ago
Yo do u ever crank 90s then just fuck ur dad?
G Fouce Shade Co leader
G Fouce Shade Co leader - 27 days ago
Nobelium Uranium
Nobelium Uranium - 27 days ago
You are now immune to all james charles comments

you thought i’m gonna do that shit?
Cambri L.
Cambri L. - 27 days ago
good game but yes kind of boring
king Tater
king Tater - 27 days ago
ToMaCz_1 ,
ToMaCz_1 , - 27 days ago
"Only Controller players can like this''

I am trying to hit 50 subs ... Can you Help me by subscribing??
annmarie beedham
annmarie beedham - 27 days ago
I Challenge you to a face reveal if you hit 4M Subs
BRETT REYES - 28 days ago
Galaxy - 28 days ago
Raaaa raaaa rAaaa rArararararArraraRr raaaaaa
supersonic fan
supersonic fan - 28 days ago
Who can hit punishing snipes but can't get on a zip line Answer:Xd mcCreamy
Tracey Bunce
Tracey Bunce - 28 days ago
Who else thinks MC Creamy is better than lachlan
Zacco07 - 28 days ago
smoothest game ever
trickster mitch
trickster mitch - 28 days ago
Is he not in xd anymore
Bennyboy 23
Bennyboy 23 - 28 days ago
You and zuckles need to do another duo vid
TFS_DougYT - 28 days ago
Can I join Xd
Sarcastichippo 69
Sarcastichippo 69 - 28 days ago
Roses are red
Apples are too
I got my first like
Why is it blue?
It’sth amer
It’sth amer - 6 days ago
I like it because I got my first like why it is blue he liked his own get it now
Legend-brawl stars
Legend-brawl stars - 6 days ago
Sarcastichippo 69 what?
Alana Pa
Alana Pa - 11 days ago
It’s not blue :/
Scuffed Sushi
Scuffed Sushi - 11 days ago
vegetables are green apples can be too im pretty sure I dont like u
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson - 28 days ago
By watching your videos and have you as a Creator you make me better
Mr Rissol
Mr Rissol - 28 days ago
In 6:10 why ur cross air goes directly to the knocked down guy like DIRECTLY
Gage Wagner
Gage Wagner - 28 days ago
McCreamy:17 kills no reaction
Me:1 kill. Ooooooooooooooo LETS GOOOOOO
Thunderbirdr9 Gameing
Thunderbirdr9 Gameing - 29 days ago
Now I know y streamers never go pee they sweat it off 😂
THE Boss of you
THE Boss of you - 29 days ago
Whenever you say hes white that sounds rasciest
aaryanyaboi - 29 days ago
"he's white"
- "he's albino"
JJ JULES - 29 days ago
3:50 racism
Celeste boiii
Celeste boiii - 29 days ago
What a fuckin god bro
нυѕ Omegalul
нυѕ Omegalul - 29 days ago
play on controller
Sokiats Gaming
Sokiats Gaming - 29 days ago
Why were you keeping two assault rifles
thatcher himself
thatcher himself - 28 days ago
He used one as smg
Jarne Andries
Jarne Andries - 29 days ago
Perfect duo!
EPIC Fortnite
EPIC Fortnite - 29 days ago
I want fresh and mc creamy to be duo partners in arena, they would destroy
jc tuners and supercars
jc tuners and supercars - 29 days ago
COLONY Olly - 29 days ago
8:15 i sneezed in real life and i thought i made a mess on my screen....
phatolive - 29 days ago
Why two ar’s
Daily Fortnite Gold
Daily Fortnite Gold - 29 days ago
awesome video!!
Giulio De Rensis
Giulio De Rensis - 29 days ago
Rated the full game instead of just clips
Caleb Linnell
Caleb Linnell - 29 days ago
I use code creamy and bought the item shop yesterday
TrxshBryan - 29 days ago
your mom
edit thnaks 1 like
Qoorsep - 29 days ago
this is not edited, ur own like dumbass
deb hen
deb hen - 29 days ago
Not even joking, I subbed to you and it recommended me the worst clickbaiters like Fortnite Funny and GhostNinja 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Cameron Bauman
Cameron Bauman - 29 days ago
Two ar’s ?
șοƞҲȍƒҲǡҲĝúը O'Hare
It always good content when y find a blue pump sight off the bat
Fortnite - 29 days ago
Tabix - 29 days ago
5:03 top 10 saddest anime deaths
Zuvt - 29 days ago
I just made a video
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