Buddhist Monk shares his Secrets of Meditation

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Sandro234 - 3 hours ago
this man is a legend
satta king ngp
satta king ngp - 4 hours ago
If you do this anywhere anytime you cannot sleep.
PietroBlayder - 22 hours ago
The 1000 dislikes come from people who are scared of their own thaughts.
Kuga 96
Kuga 96 - Day ago
Monkey mind like Pala Pala Pala Yabba Yabba 0:37
Brody N.
Brody N. - Day ago
Idk I don’t understand any of this, I do believe I’ve mastered meditation though cause I’ve even read a book on it and it talked about meditating while laying down, and now every time I try to lay down and fall asleep I end up basically meditating for atleast an hour in complete peace with my eyes closed but my brain fully active just focusing on my breathing and thoughts. It takes me awhile to fall asleep but I admit just relaxing and basically “meditating” in bed before I fall asleep is very relaxing
Berrabub - Day ago
Don't do this people. I am tired of people's loose buttholes that viciously pass gas upon relaxation
Majid Lee
Majid Lee - Day ago
The avatar spotted
JonhySimonZ MotivationZ
So simple, true and profound ! Life is simple, the monkey mind wants to make it complicated ! Stay aware ! Peace
cris leo
cris leo - 2 days ago
It's soooo difficult to concentrate on our breath,sound easy BUT very difficult to execute....
kiraPh1234k - Day ago
Like any reaction, it is one of practice. For some people shooting a free throw is easy, for some it is hard. The difference comes on practice.
Ali Nouri
Ali Nouri - 2 days ago
What is this man's name?
Oscar Gómez
Oscar Gómez - 2 days ago
Just beautiful.
John K
John K - 2 days ago
Breathe.Breathe in the air
Sera J
Sera J - 2 days ago
You are now breathing manually
nithin srinivasa
nithin srinivasa - 3 days ago
This what upandra sead
Vedran S.
Vedran S. - 3 days ago
And whats the point od meditating in the first place? It does nothing useful for our life.
kiraPh1234k - Day ago
It is practicing focus, and since focus provides direct benefits to almost every part of life it is easy to see how meditation helps. Here's the most basic idea: 1. You decide to write a paper 2. You start to write the paper 3. Now you're only thinking about your crush's ass, no more work being done on paper That 3rd item is where meditation can help. There, focus was lost. Meditating is literally training your focus, and if you do it enough it even becomes a reflex. When starting, you will start to notice more where your focus goes, then you get better at redirecting it, then it becomes so natural to refocus that you don't even notice you're doing it, you just stay on task until you're done.
Simarpreet Singh Sandhu
Hate to be that guy but anyone get a gay vibe from the monk
Culvea Solvere
Culvea Solvere - 3 days ago
The mystic hermitage way is all over this video! More people need to listen to this man. Meditation can happen everywhere all the time. Driving, drinking coffee, eating, walking.
mcg - 3 days ago
can’t believe I thought this was a drag race interview
Nifty Fingers
Nifty Fingers - 3 days ago
I never looked forward to the idea of sitting in a half lotus or full lotus pose and just sitting there as if it's going to make me more productive at work.
Deathparade - 3 days ago
This man literally just pulled the "you're now aware you're breathing" meme on us
It's Candy Time Boys and Girls
Can I meditate when I'm spankin' my monkey?
Ruinwalkers - 4 days ago
Can heal hearing loss through medication self healing body?
MAKIUSO - 4 days ago
what if you do not have a monkey mind but one that isnt occupied with 1 task?
Vinayak Rajput
Vinayak Rajput - 4 days ago
Very nice
Steve Reid
Steve Reid - 4 days ago
This guy does even grasp even the basic concepts of buddhism, yet as long as he wears a robe people seem to listen to his ignorant teachings. In a truly enlightened being like Jesus there is absolutely no ego or mind. Jesus has peace or no thought, oneness with the divine.
Darth Bane
Darth Bane - 4 days ago
My meditation is thanking Jesus Christ for suffering on my behalf, and just thinking how amazing it will be to be truly free, to have no bills to worry about, never feel pain, never have a reason to grieve again, to have a home that would make the richest people alive weep with envy and to not have to pay for it, to live forever and to always be learning and to be able to use that knowledge for good, to have everyone in Heaven part of my personal family to not have anymore conflicts....just really lifts the weight off.

Better than just trying to think about clouds or a flower growing.
Snorlax Kazama
Snorlax Kazama - 4 days ago
this shit if full of shit
Benjamin Harder
Benjamin Harder - 4 days ago
Theres an experience of this then there is the learning of it by ego. How do I get back into the flow if Ive lost it? Also mental disability (chemical imbalance type disorder) makes it more difficult.. Tips?
Curtis Fields
Curtis Fields - 5 days ago
my workouts improve when i meditate breathing in and out is key i have more stamina during sex too
Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol
What utter B.S. !! I read before that meditation is holding a thought in your mind for minutes. I'm not an expert but this guy is a fake charlatan !! Making meditation so simplistic 😡😡
Saul Korzenecki
Saul Korzenecki - 4 days ago
Wonder Man
Wonder Man - 5 days ago
I've been meditating for 24 years and i can confirm this is true🤗
Diamond Lewis
Diamond Lewis - 5 days ago
If half the videos on YouTube were this short sweet and simple we would have a whole different planet to live on.
im cheese
im cheese - 5 days ago
This man claims to have a monkey's brain but where is the evidence?
Marcelo Albanesi
Marcelo Albanesi - 5 days ago
Being aware of your breath without modifying isn't that easy but if some can do it, with some training we all could do it.
super999999 - 6 days ago
Expedient Means
Bhuwan Swami
Bhuwan Swami - 6 days ago
From what I've seen many people confuse with observing breath and controlling it. It's okay to control it and breath a little heavier if at first you can't detect it, but otherwise, just observe how it is in the natural state.
sygo - 5 days ago
thanks for the tip
Pooja Rawat
Pooja Rawat - 6 days ago
Watched tone of videos on this Bt got the final solution in this 2 min video
Raja Aldo
Raja Aldo - 6 days ago
Bala bala bala bala
Misses Witch
Misses Witch - 6 days ago
I do this all the time
No Name
No Name - 7 days ago
Anyone from Pewdiepie? Lol
venkata krishnan
venkata krishnan - 7 days ago
@1:06 I laughed so hard because i heard "your ass monkey mind" instead of ask monkey mind..... 😂😂... In fact thats true 😋
Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker - 7 days ago
So basically meditating is just breathing
Candelaria Racioppi
Candelaria Racioppi - 7 days ago
We need more people like him
Dennis Scally
Dennis Scally - 7 days ago
I always thought my ADHD made it impossible to meditate without a million random useless thoughts flooding my mind, but this idea is super inspiring to me. The idea that the background thoughts can be... Tamed?... Focused? No matter what, I feel like I can do this!
jerardhanz Fernandez
jerardhanz Fernandez - 8 days ago
There's a Big BIG humor hidden in this video is happening
Jae Kim
Jae Kim - 8 days ago
🐵 has a nice set of teeth
Paddy Ohara
Paddy Ohara - 9 days ago
Breathe 🔱
Lerosca01 - 10 days ago
wow! all these years 😂
blah blah
blah blah - 11 days ago
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