Buddhist Monk shares his Secrets of Meditation

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lynKx :P
lynKx :P - 5 days ago
Shit. I thought this was gonna be a joke once it popped into my recs but it's actually quite informative
†JΔE †
†JΔE † - 5 days ago
His voice is enough to relax
purplex - 5 days ago
0:37 sounds like Den Den Mushi from One Piece :D
Ivar And Amy
Ivar And Amy - 10 days ago
Manual breathing
Joanne's Fishin' in the Red
Ahhhh thank you 😊
TheLegendaryLinx - 20 days ago
I meditate during sex so I can last longer, it seriously works!
rescuerofdreams - 17 days ago
Could you teach me?
shubham Thakur
shubham Thakur - 21 day ago
He is so cute😅
Elomino Pee
Elomino Pee - 21 day ago
🤔What if my nose is stuffed tho?
Idris Iljasov
Idris Iljasov - 23 days ago
Lovely Jandi
Lovely Jandi - 24 days ago
The Realist. No B.S., just truth.
I do this constantly. When I drive. When I work. Any time that I don't need to think, I don't. I simply exist in the moment and observe. I recieve everything as a blessing werher perceived good or bad. There is no bad nor is there good. There only "IS". The complete understanding of "Oneness". This has brought me to a place of peace and contentment as well as understanding . This I believe is our created purpose. As we learn to be present in the moment without preconceived opinions based on our past, the direct result is contentment and inner peace with everything all of the time.
Blessings of Love & Light.
Kenny - 27 days ago
Thanks Avatar Aang. I will make sure to use your methods to reach the avatar state myself.
Apj Alex
Apj Alex - 28 days ago
Can you tell me how to open the third eye after 19 please step by step
gida sameh
gida sameh - Month ago
thnks u very much
Ho Socks
Ho Socks - Month ago
this video is so pure i am in tears
Jake n' Ado
Jake n' Ado - Month ago
He made me calm just from his presence
Tiago Tostes
Tiago Tostes - Month ago
Excellent tip !!!! 🤔
Samara Gama
Samara Gama - Month ago
Nobody: ...
Me: ...ok time to medita-
Monkey mind: *YADA YADA*
Selwyn Fetalver
Selwyn Fetalver - Month ago
So, you just breathe manually?
Corrupted - Month ago
I tried this but now im not allowed around women anymore
Developer 9
Developer 9 - Month ago
Best invested 2 minutes on YouTube.
jonathan kiendrebeogo
jonathan kiendrebeogo - Month ago
Iced - Month ago
but why?
Varsha Kamble
Varsha Kamble - Month ago
Nicely explained sir 👌👌👌👌
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair - Month ago
Well monkey god says otherwise... Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Remember me monk?
Paramatma Saviour
Paramatma Saviour - Month ago
Thnks guruji
Arijit Ganguly
Arijit Ganguly - Month ago
What you explained in 2 minutes many cant explain so accurately even in an hour's lecture.. just love the video. What you said is the ultimate truth
Suman BBB
Suman BBB - Month ago
I will try
tq 4r giving advice.
vishnu mohan mohan
vishnu mohan mohan - Month ago
Extra ordinary video
Blanik L-13
Blanik L-13 - Month ago
I do just that on the shooting range. Even during practices that involve running and a lot of movement. It works for any man portable weapons system you can think of.
ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
Didn't know Buddhists met up with Darwin.
Handy Alley
Handy Alley - Month ago
Most people think they can learn meditation from this guy
Why didn’t he set himself on fire ? Is he a coward ?
LOVE LIGHT - 2 months ago
I haven't c**med 8 days
sandra lilia garcia valdez
Cal - 2 months ago
Samurai Jack: *that’s fortune cookie nonsense*
DarkLinkAD - 2 months ago
Sounds like a blonde joke..
Hasta Osaroth
Hasta Osaroth - 2 months ago
I don't like the way he speaks.
vazak11 - 2 months ago
I like it!
thisisbob1001 - 2 months ago
What do you think of the New Kadampa Buddhists?
Cincin - 2 months ago
Monk makes meditation simple and easy for everyone.
Some commenters think they know more and want to complicate it for everyone.
Judgement Ravi
Judgement Ravi - 2 months ago
Hey 😷
Captain Saitama
Captain Saitama - 2 months ago
It's fucking retarded how they Don't teach these kinds of things in school wen we were kids if I knew this I probably would have been more focused aware and actually did my home work...ehh just breath man just breath... -_-
W C - 2 months ago
Now I can control my Harmon!
God's Community
God's Community - 2 months ago
Health and prosperity.
squishyware - 2 months ago
Serious question: so why do people (monks?) meditate for hours and hours and hours? or what difference is there between devoting a life to meditation vs lay person meditating for ... 30 seconds a day, or 30 seconds a year? k thanks in advance
Roast Worscht
Roast Worscht - 2 months ago
Who is this man?
I need to know
Lee Stone
Lee Stone - 2 months ago
Love this guy!!
ohh gees
ohh gees - 2 months ago
Stop monkeying around!
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong - 2 months ago
its just manual breathing?
I still listen to mcr Sorry
Him: be aware of breath
Me, now breathing manually: shit
Devast8r34 - 2 months ago
Thank you for sharing this with me im sending love and good vibes!!!!
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney - 2 months ago
To be fair I often meditate in meetings
Okendo - 2 months ago
I came here for something else and I didn't get an answer, does anyone know how to convince a monkey to return my wallet?
Michael McCleskey
Michael McCleskey - 2 months ago
But....why meditate?
QuadBlaster _
QuadBlaster _ - 2 months ago
Saitama wishes to have a good word with you.
jamesypls - 2 months ago
holy smokes!! this works!
Stan A
Stan A - 2 months ago
I don't get this global obsession about meditation.
Not-thinking is not what made our civilization. The opposite did.
If human ancestors had succeeded in not thinking, we would have stayed animals.
Maybe my understanding is false, idk.
Unprincipled CHNOPS
Unprincipled CHNOPS - 2 months ago
Meditation isn't about "no thinking".
Todd Radunsky Photography
Todd Radunsky Photography - 2 months ago
I loved how short and concise he was in explaining meditation but i found myself not wanting him to stop talking.... Like ever.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan - 2 months ago
goddamn it this is so life changing.. thanks bald Buddhist dude. you're awesomer than awesome
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