Clash of Clans: Builder Hall 9 is Here! (June Update 2019)

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Brain Magnet
Brain Magnet - 7 days ago
I think supercell should include loot bonus in gold pass for builder hall too.
King Uzi
King Uzi - 8 days ago
You people should not bigger the game I think and we want clash of Rama 😓😔😞😟😢😢😢😟😔😭😭😭😭
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar - 10 days ago
I want a active clane
AHMAD AL HASAN - 10 days ago
-We are the most used Arabs-
*We are the most used Arabs*
_We are the most used Arabs_
Silvestre Vazquez
Silvestre Vazquez - 11 days ago
Hog gliderrrrrr
Mrinal Kanti Moitra
Mrinal Kanti Moitra - 11 days ago
Why do they make such short videos?
roblox_gamerHD 1234
roblox_gamerHD 1234 - 20 days ago
when town hall 9 is released , and my town hall is on level 7 . -cheers at the corner
roblox_gamerHD 1234
roblox_gamerHD 1234 - 20 days ago
add more defenses pls for the builder base
Travis Courter
Travis Courter - 20 days ago
Francisco erivane Andrade
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Imagine getting to builder hall 9 just to get an extra builder when you went through 8 builder halls with one builder
Mohamed alobedy
Mohamed alobedy - 20 days ago
Ohhh is very nice 😱
Preston McPherson
Preston McPherson - 20 days ago
Regiane Santana
Regiane Santana - 20 days ago
Bruno Santic
Bruno Santic - 21 day ago
Pros= Builder Ball level 9

Me = Still struggling with Builder Hall level 3
ich bins
ich bins - 21 day ago
Wo seid Ihr Deutsche😂😂
Gustavo Galvão
Gustavo Galvão - 21 day ago
Poderiam fazerem um vídeo do cv9 no Clash-a-Rama. Ficaria muito legal.
Dipta Cb
Dipta Cb - 21 day ago
spake troops plz coc bace
Romet Koemets
Romet Koemets - 22 days ago
Weird that new troop in builder island isnt ram rider since troops there are either the main islands opposite or same on steroids
Mgpd gaming
Mgpd gaming - 22 days ago
I saw this in the ads!
Жека - Brawl Stars
Жека - Brawl Stars - 23 days ago
Redesing x - bow lvl 6 please
Funny Cat
Funny Cat - 23 days ago
Join non rushed Town Hall 9 and above!
Clan= Heavy Metal
Level 17
International Clan
Anderson Araujo
Anderson Araujo - 23 days ago
NinjaDevil - 23 days ago
Wait hog is in builder base
Đức Lê
Đức Lê - 23 days ago
Ai là người Việt Nam lai đi
Gildrick Gonzaga PH
Gildrick Gonzaga PH - 24 days ago
Ben Whitaker
Ben Whitaker - 24 days ago
Just when I think BB can't get any dumber, my troops are standing in puddles of lava.
Рома Чахар
Рома Чахар - 24 days ago
Рэдэсигн икс-боу лэвэл шэсть
Ripper - 25 days ago
Who Remembers When Builder Left And The Troops Took Over?
Betray 62
Betray 62 - 22 days ago
Hung Quach
Hung Quach - 25 days ago
Clash chẳng hay
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez - 25 days ago
Can y’all bring back the monumental pack???
AK GODK - 25 days ago
GØ CHAPADO - 25 days ago
AN Vila level 5
Carmella Chaisson
Carmella Chaisson - 25 days ago
My coc account was deleted by my mom so I'm very disappointed
Dilixty - 25 days ago
Music name pls
Kidz Trick shot
Kidz Trick shot - 25 days ago
Players: I’m on level 8 builder hall and need another to work on!

SUPERCELL:we don’t care, well we can do it anyway
Cong Mai
Cong Mai - 25 days ago
Đụ mẹ mấy thằng tạo clasopclan.con mẹ bây cập nhật hoài tao ko chơi game này nữa tao để cho dòng họ may chơi luôn. Cái con mẹ tụi bây
Shobha Sahu
Shobha Sahu - 25 days ago
Cutest update everrrr!!!!
MD Rahi SHKH - 25 days ago
What is the maintenance you do now?
Preeti Garg
Preeti Garg - 25 days ago
Clash of clan please add.... A new thing in clash of clan- gold transfer- ex gold storage 1. 500000+ gold and gold storage 2 50000 + gold- gold storage 3- 30000 + gold - gold storage 4 - 60000+ gold with gold transfer gold storage 1 transfer gold 300000 gold to gold storage 2
Rauf and Faik
Rauf and Faik - 25 days ago
Спасибо за обновление мне пришла в голову мысль, а что если добавить подводный мир новый герой новые войска? Пожалуйста посторайтесь
Adeb Gamer
Adeb Gamer - 25 days ago
I love you clash of clans
Carl J.
Carl J. - 26 days ago
My coc wont load its just stuck in the loading page ,pls help its started since yesterday
Georgij Demidov
Georgij Demidov - 26 days ago
Redesign x-bow 6lvl !!!!! Please
Tommy Bird
Tommy Bird - 26 days ago
With the next update in the main village at the end ofevery upgrade you get given a decision of maybe 4 different traits and you only get to pick one but so it makes your troops different to other peoples like let’s say with giants the 4 you could have were like 10% less damage from cannons, 10% more damage to mortars 20% less likely to detonate a bomb and get 3 extra hit points like so clash can see
GoldenTime - 26 days ago
Are they dumb th 9 was released years ago, we are on th 13 now
nigth mare
nigth mare - 26 days ago
Shortic C
Shortic C - 26 days ago
THIS IS GONNA bring a lot of clash of Rama vids especially with o.t.t.o
MadBo V
MadBo V - 26 days ago
Time to rush to builder 9 with gold runes so I can get a 6 builder lol
quupertti - 26 days ago
Hey Supercell, i have another thing you need to balance/improve related to builder base. The attack system is dumb. You can get loot only for 3 attacks. Which is stupidly low amount. Lets say you are around 2400 trophies builder hall 7 so you can get about 300k loot which is really low amount. If you could raise the loot/attacks that would be great. Thanks, again
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