Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!

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Megan P
Megan P - 2 days ago
Khen Alanano
Khen Alanano - 2 days ago
Eating while its raining outside

FlamingoFever - 3 days ago
Do more Disneyland videos!!
K.O! - 6 days ago
i got food poisoning from the corndogs and lost 6 pounds...
Addie Hand
Addie Hand - 6 days ago
I feel bad for who ever sat next to Joey
Rubul Rose
Rubul Rose - 6 days ago
....CASHire cat?
Chesire.. CHESS-ire qnq
hawk of battle
hawk of battle - 6 days ago
Stranger:"This is going to be on YouTube!"
Me: don't you see the cameras? Sometimes Iquestion people's judgment.
MmeganN Space Unicorns!
Am i the only one who has not gone to Disney Land? I feel a bit left out... lol XD 😂
Squirtle Squad
Squirtle Squad - 8 days ago
how does this video 1.6k dislikes like this is the best video ever
HYXE Fusion
HYXE Fusion - 10 days ago
16:05 Darth Daver
Galaxy Cross
Galaxy Cross - 10 days ago
I remember the times that i went to Disneyland

Have you gone to Disneyland?
Anyone notice that the thumbnail was the fortnite map from season 8
Valentina Silva
Valentina Silva - 12 days ago
There should be a part two to this, I've watched this video so many times. It would be cool to see another :)
Austin Cortes
Austin Cortes - 14 days ago
I want them to do another one of these so bad
Meredith H
Meredith H - 16 days ago
Do a part two this is the other one in the picture The bigger one was the one who made the other comment
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 16 days ago
12:32 that guy is a legend
Blaine Maywald
Blaine Maywald - 16 days ago
Like for TX
Gianna - 18 days ago
Did anyone else start crying laughing when Bobby met darth Vader
Peanutbutter63 - 20 days ago
Little boy: Do you know who this is?!
Bigger boy: *No*
Cherry - 21 day ago
Is there a reason why it says Darth Daver at 16:04?
Meredith H
Meredith H - 21 day ago
BRUH I had no idea team edge existed when I was at Disneyland when they were filming!😡😂
Yami Lekë
Yami Lekë - 22 days ago
If Bryan and Bobby combined their scores they would barely beat Joey
By like 7 points
Josh Daily
Josh Daily - 22 days ago
I want to see the list of every thing on their papers, I feel like it would be fun to do with your friends and such
Bowlingjtkid88 Nothing Else
Why does it say: Darth "Vader"
Abigail Steen
Abigail Steen - 20 days ago
becase its dum
HaveAnother 2588
HaveAnother 2588 - 24 days ago
This was great, you guys should definitely do something like this again
Musarat 667
Musarat 667 - 24 days ago
Ryan is loser
Old Spices
Old Spices - 25 days ago
You guys should do a scavenger hunt in Universal
Digital Phoenix
Digital Phoenix - 25 days ago
Just got back from my trip there.
Max Arebalo
Max Arebalo - 25 days ago
But the real question is

Did they go to Best Buy?
kalani Ono
kalani Ono - 25 days ago
Losers can't snipe
kalani Ono
kalani Ono - 25 days ago
Did you recognize me?
I always recognize you
kalani Ono
kalani Ono - 25 days ago
My God. I feel like an expert. I knew half of those b/c I have year passes
Mr. Master
Mr. Master - 26 days ago
Darth Daver at 16:05
Vibhav Nimmagadda
Vibhav Nimmagadda - 26 days ago
7:43 who else saw that Woman with a hydro flask to the left?
Jake Chen
Jake Chen - 27 days ago
Woof woof
Fg15bot Hi
Fg15bot Hi - 27 days ago
Watching kids floss in 2019😂😂🤣😂
Gavin Russell
Gavin Russell - 29 days ago
How did bobby get 252.there was no challenge for 2 points
Oscar Veraza
Oscar Veraza - 29 days ago
Bryan: it’s raining right now
Stays under a tree
NirdBird 390
NirdBird 390 - Month ago
Always wanted to go to Disneyland. Never ever ever ever ever got to and never ever ever ever will
MmeganN Space Unicorns!
DARTH DAVOR!?!?!?!?! WHAT???? Its at 16:05, by the way.
sandra guntorius
sandra guntorius - Month ago
Pheonix - Month ago
Nice job Bobby
Alex Pinto
Alex Pinto - Month ago
Alex Pinto
Alex Pinto - Month ago
I think if Bryan’s wife told him to go to Disney land he would only go there for the food
Sem Tieland
Sem Tieland - Month ago
Do a noter one
ghost - Month ago
It's Disney world not Disneyland
said hi i watch you every day
IronSoldier 1177
IronSoldier 1177 - Month ago
Joey said chashiere cat but it’s Cheshire Cat from wonderland
Your Brad Kid
Your Brad Kid - Month ago
This is how many times Bobby said check that off the list
Brie Cummins
Brie Cummins - 11 days ago
Your Brad Kid lol
Gamer Shark
Gamer Shark - Month ago
You took a photo with me
Logan Wingrave
Logan Wingrave - Month ago
Next is sea world
eyn 730
eyn 730 - Month ago
I love this video! Please make more at Disney!!!
Liam (William) Altork
Liam (William) Altork - Month ago
Keith Collins
Keith Collins - Month ago
This is my favorite Team Edge video ever!
Delagator Sol
Delagator Sol - Month ago
"Texas for life"?? Lol 😂 Bryan isn't from Texas to be saying it like that 🤔
Ivi Lim
Ivi Lim - Month ago
What are the odds that Bobby points at a random person to ask them if they recognize him...and they said “yes!!!”
Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons - Month ago
Y’all need to go to Disneyland again because this video is awesome if y’all do happen to do it again here’s a tip check the weather
Elian Sanchez
Elian Sanchez - Month ago
My family in 14.15 is on Brian left shoulder
Mookmanee Lee
Mookmanee Lee - Month ago
Did anyone else see it said Darth Daver instead of Darth Vader
Like if you saw
Nina Treat
Nina Treat - Month ago
disneyland is the best!!!
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