Trump’s Press Conference with the President of Poland

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Robert Okabe - Antosik
Robert Okabe - Antosik - 2 months ago
President Trump will come to Poland on 1 september 2019 for memoryse o War World two
Dep Ers
Dep Ers - 3 months ago
If for u its funny ok np but for 70% people its not funny Maybe 10 years old said it and now like a child you are repeating it?
Dep Ers
Dep Ers - 3 months ago
Its not funny But ok
Iwo Andrzej
Iwo Andrzej - 3 months ago
Snowflakes melting under pressure. The race is already won.
And the only leftist has to bring to the table is fucking comedians, while the real heroes are cleaning up the mess the red army has ledt behind. How many documents must be leaked for accepting that the leftist are weak, cheating, propogandist, and have never (and never will) change anything. Because in the end, as history teach us. An idea can be pushed forward, but in the end - humanity will always connect with the logical, and rational part of themselves. Patriots from all over, I salute you!
When the trumpets blow, we will be beyond superior
⚔️🇵🇱🇺🇸 ⚔️
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski - 3 months ago
This is considered funny?
oldrrocr - 4 months ago
Lindsay Graham: be careful contradicting the bozo in chief. they might get dirt on YOU, and replace you with a better butt kisser.
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour - 4 months ago
Wish he would just die. Problem solved.
Shona Lovely
Shona Lovely - 4 months ago
Always Florida!
ZanddyH - 4 months ago
Child free!🎆🎇🎊🎉🎆🎇🎊🎉 I feel exactly the same.
joel repp
joel repp - 4 months ago
Mothers were pumped? Boo bs!
WildwoodClaire1 - 4 months ago
Poland longs for the Halcyon days of Marshal Pilsudski and priests pimping the interests of the state in exchange for a free hand in imposing regressive nonsense on citizens.
albino shamrock
albino shamrock - 4 months ago
Seriously, Florida? What the hell?
Matthew Pollak
Matthew Pollak - 4 months ago
jonathan babcock
jonathan babcock - 4 months ago
Bernie's Vision 2020.
Eisdax - 4 months ago
To the people who mix the sound, a suggestion for future videos: maybe a bit more silent, I can still hear something while having my volume on max.
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt - 4 months ago
Meyers should have stayed with standup in those shithole night clubs. He's a total idiot.
Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith - 4 months ago
I am also childfree and I laughed so loudly at the gator joke I woke my cat. 😂😂😂
Whatever Happened To Fun?
Whatever Happened To Fun? - 4 months ago
I'm childfree but I am definitely catless... :-(
greg herman
greg herman - 4 months ago
Polish President is a puppet and a puppet does what what it`s told ..suck my dick said Kaczynski and now go and do some rimming for Trump
ST - 4 months ago
Trump is going to rebuild the Warsaw Treaty Organization???
An Nhơn hà
An Nhơn hà - 4 months ago
Giống hình thờ ở VN
Michal Blazej
Michal Blazej - 4 months ago
Dont do that please today I couldn't sleep well and can not work because I have higher blood presure, and feel a bit high. Hard to explain but seems like stars really mean a lot.
low key
low key - 4 months ago
In the very last bit, when Seth spoke of a person found dancing around naked at a McDonald's, who was then apprehended and transported to an appropriate many other folks expected the next picture to show the White House? ;)
Red 13
Red 13 - 4 months ago
A Florida man? Dancing around a McDonald's naked? Did I hear that right?😄
Andy Nystrom
Andy Nystrom - 4 months ago
Big Mac arrested the man, who was put in a holding cell with the Hamburglar, though Mayor McCheese is expected to pardon him.
Brian Tyson
Brian Tyson - 4 months ago
The president of North Poland is , right now, the best joke ever.
Carlos Online
Carlos Online - 4 months ago
While Mr Trump is in office, you’ll have material to work with. Probably even after he leaves office in 5 years you’ll still continue working with his name constantly in your mouth. 👍
Leslie Sheridan
Leslie Sheridan - 4 months ago
AGE-SHAMING! Competency is not necessarily defined by age, and if one chooses a younger
Veep, its set us up very nicely.
westyworld - 4 months ago
Unfortunately, "Fort Trump," is on almost every US military base.
MadriFilmArt - 4 months ago
Oh, Yay. Another not funny joke about Bernie being old. Yawn.
Come on, you guys can do better.
Kel Green
Kel Green - 4 months ago
North Poland. 😵😁. . .child-free. . .So wait! Dancing naked at McDs isnt a thing?😭
Smiling Dog
Smiling Dog - 4 months ago
I love Waffle House!!
Yo-yos Tenbucks
Yo-yos Tenbucks - 4 months ago
This septic weasel is a weakling faggit brainwashing operative for the devil's legion.
TWSTF 8 - 4 months ago
Ugh I can't wait until these no longer begin with, "Let's get to the Neeeews, President Trump..."
Scott Davis
Scott Davis - 4 months ago
He's not funny
Victoria Giro
Victoria Giro - 4 months ago
He had a hard time getting out of Trump voice at 0:14
mech5 fab
mech5 fab - 4 months ago
I enjoy the backstory on the jokes.
Like Bot
Like Bot - 4 months ago
New phone, who dis?
Valter Ek
Valter Ek - 4 months ago
USA - A  banana republic (made by Trump)
chas ames
chas ames - 4 months ago
Current Resident
Current Resident - 4 months ago
I'd like to talk to the Pres of N. Pole-Land too. 🎅❄
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark - 4 months ago
Waffle House joke was the best.
Cyn Mann
Cyn Mann - 3 months ago
Timothy Clark Agree, also because a naked guy dancing around in Waffle House could happen.
Insignificant360 - 4 months ago
1:08 AKA Candy Crushed.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider - 4 months ago
lol wtf? a woman should cover her nasty ass tits while breastfeeding, infant they shouldn't be breastfeeding in public at all, nasty ass pancake nipples
William Harding
William Harding - 4 months ago
Hey Seth, that's a crocodile, not an alligator!
JIM MORGAN - 4 months ago
What facts about Poland did he learn that he's going to tell us all about? "I was talking to the president of Poland, and a lot of people don't know, but in the second world war Poland suffered really bad. Not good, not good!"
Eddy Volt
Eddy Volt - 4 months ago
I just ❤️ that get to watch you on YouTube! Only way I could.
Jamee Choi
Jamee Choi - 4 months ago
We are getting rid of pink tax woohoo!
hans giger
hans giger - 4 months ago
I thought the president of Poland was Bibi Netanyahu! Sorry I got him mixed up with Bibi Mileikowsky the shoe salesman from Krakow.
Lagertha’s Pumpkin Apprentice
He doesn’t believe in Santa, he crushed a young child’s dreams on Christmas Eve, remember?
William H. Baird
William H. Baird - 4 months ago
we must "Dump" this idiot in 2020
Eileen Farrar
Eileen Farrar - 4 months ago
Wow---2 FLORIDA MAN stories!! It must be peak season down there!!
Twilight Gardens presentations
no eating at the pool
Eliza Grogan
Eliza Grogan - 4 months ago
I'm all for great humour but taking on breastfeeding mothers is shameful.
Steven Moomaw-Tupper
Steven Moomaw-Tupper - 4 months ago
samuel fitzpatrick
samuel fitzpatrick - 4 months ago
Patricia A
Patricia A - 4 months ago
Childfree peeps unite!
Agnieszka Rzemieniewska
Agnieszka Rzemieniewska - 4 months ago
Here in Poland many people also don't fancy the idea of "Fort Trump"... nor do we all fancy our present government or the outcome of that recent trip to U.S. :( To be honest, many Polish feel the same about the change of powers after our last parliamentary elections in 2015 as many of you feel about the change of powers from President Obama to President Trump. Believe it or not, nowadays there are some troubling similarities between our countries... (as to the lawlessness of some of our politicians or new judges that were appointed to be in our superior courts :( ).
Thomas Ridley
Thomas Ridley - 4 months ago
I don't think we build any military equipment that runs on the tears of childern.
Thomas Ridley
Thomas Ridley - 4 months ago
@Eileen Farrar running on rebubs would be better. That's real fossil fuel.
Eileen Farrar
Eileen Farrar - 4 months ago
Give it time!!
James Bates
James Bates - 4 months ago
Liberal morons Antifa and Infanticide is your Party's new strategy
drunkensailor112 - 4 months ago
A terminal brain rotting disease should be called Trump.
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