Zion's shoe blowout and injury 'couldn't be worse' for Nike - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Rent To Own Rent To Own
Nike shoes are crap....a lot of people know that. Reebok and Adidas makes good shoes.
Cedric Holmes
Cedric Holmes - Month ago
Stop backing nike
exoticwinds - 2 months ago
Why was this a big deal?
Dan Bray
Dan Bray - 2 months ago
Nike is now forcing people to take a knee
TruthFLA - 2 months ago
all this talk over nothing. the stock has recovered just fine. Nike will be ok. Talking heads just needed something to talk about.
Miss Blue Dragon
Miss Blue Dragon - 2 months ago
Unacceptable. Nike and these corporations are slave drivers who uses child labor to make shoes in sweatshops.
Glad this is being brought to light again.
It’s disgusting. I’m glad I’m a minimalist and won’t support these corporations with my money.
tone po
tone po - 2 months ago
"Jordan made Nike hot" converse originators
Travis Rehder
Travis Rehder - 2 months ago
Whelp Nike is sued
Yoda - 2 months ago
Waylon Poteet
Waylon Poteet - 2 months ago
Damn hes big as shit!! U expect that damn shoe to hold up all the time?? Hell no it aint,its bad but this only one time its happened
SRH82 rasta
SRH82 rasta - 2 months ago
Should've glued it.....
Money Ball
Money Ball - 2 months ago
there is a reason why Zion got hurt. I made a video on it. conspiracy
LaMer6800 - 2 months ago
I agree with Max on everything, but he made one error, because he doesn't live in the Inner City. Those damn shoes cost 175 and higher. They don;'t sell these shoes cheap! THose youngsters should get paid from the beginning to end of their college career!
Joe Dynamo
Joe Dynamo - 2 months ago
StockyPhilB - 2 months ago
ROFL Life Insurance mock basketball commercial before This clip is epic! xD
xd Mariq
xd Mariq - 2 months ago
People have been running through the sides of Nike shoes for years. I've seen it happen with my friend doing simple down and backs on a high school gym floor and go through the side like it was nothing. Honestly why I stick with Adidas and probably will for a while.
Elle Bryant
Elle Bryant - 2 months ago
LLoyd Miller
LLoyd Miller - 2 months ago
That's no accident. They wanted to bring him down because hes to good.
gerald dorrian
gerald dorrian - 2 months ago
100 a pair? I wish my shoes are 200 and up
BILLY PHAM. - 2 months ago
Just Blew It. ☑️
Tomy Arif Utomo
Tomy Arif Utomo - 2 months ago
Just Blew It
THE JUICE TV - 2 months ago
Robert Waterman
Robert Waterman - 2 months ago
Nike's, why would you buy something that is made by child labors who are paid 11 cents a day to make shoes for over paid under educated athletes.
Merek29 - 2 months ago
Yall can't be surprised, isolated incident my ass. Anyone who buys nike knows this shit happens alot.
Millennials are gay faggots
Karma for that ridiculous ad campaign featuring Colin Suckadick
xhighrollerx123 - 2 months ago
Screw Nike and these sweat shop corporations.
Jason Moser
Jason Moser - 2 months ago
NIKE... Don't Do It!
Roberto Fpv
Roberto Fpv - 2 months ago
Gets adidas. Problem fixed.
Bob Clunt
Bob Clunt - 2 months ago
Molly shut the fucccck up ffs
Lorenzo Perez
Lorenzo Perez - 2 months ago
It's not nikes fault that the shoe riped
I couldn't think of a username
Sneakerheads where a mistake.
Dennis Javier
Dennis Javier - 2 months ago
Rip PG 2.5
leezyj20 - 2 months ago
Af1 you can never go wrong
BEEPERHAWK - 2 months ago
Been sayin it 4 years , Nike ain't shit. I don't buy that flashy shit, don't let my kids wear that crap either. Asics, NB and now adidas. ALL betta.
infowars dotcom
infowars dotcom - 2 months ago
Nike shoes quality have gone Down in the last 20 years...they literally fall apart all of the time. F nike
Edwin Seymour
Edwin Seymour - 2 months ago
He hulked out his shoe.....sfu!
Kevo A
Kevo A - 2 months ago
Nike is mass production crappy shoes
twayne reignmaker
twayne reignmaker - 2 months ago
Can I have the shoes? They gonna be worth millions when I'm older. The shoe that wrecked Zion's career.
Mr. Soxside89
Mr. Soxside89 - 2 months ago
Them Shaqs on the rise
むしむし - 2 months ago
Herman Copelin
Herman Copelin - 2 months ago
He needs a sturdy shoe like the lebrons or a light pair of shoes built for big guys. Like the new KDs. Word on the street though, the last gen KDs are falling apart on courts across the country. Honestly, those team shoes looked suspect anyway. If he will continue wearing that shoe they need to supply a new pair every three or four games.
Xupreem AthElites
Xupreem AthElites - 2 months ago
What an opportunity for greatness to collaborate and innovate. It's interesting that I spent the last 4 years designing a new alternative for Xupreem AthElites such as Zion Williamson to kreate and dominate in their field. This is a great opportunity for Zion to branch away from the norm and align with this innovative and new brand of athletic footwear, Xkeem Xupreem! We are in a stage of design and funding that fits such situation and narrative. What's up Mr. Williamson?
Laker Fan Since Birth
Laker Fan Since Birth - 2 months ago
People overreacting to be honest..
Samuel Strauser
Samuel Strauser - 2 months ago
he was wearing PG
Patrick McCarroll
Patrick McCarroll - 2 months ago
The shoe breaking could have saved his knee from completely blowing out. I look at this situation as lucky...
200mphz06 - 2 months ago
NIKE quality sucks. Soles glued together? Really?
ObamaisnextLincoln - 2 months ago
Title hopes over?? Hyperbole much, ESPN??
Dragoon swezey
Dragoon swezey - 2 months ago
Nike sucks
Terran Rush
Terran Rush - 2 months ago
there must be nothing else going on in the sports world to talk about.
Stevens Johnathan
Stevens Johnathan - 2 months ago
William could not have sed it better
Stevens Johnathan
Stevens Johnathan - 2 months ago
Don't blame Nike dumbass nigga here putting to much damn pressure dumbass ass people
Giants/Mets/Blazers - 2 months ago
Why is his big ass playing in those skimpy ass Paul George’s? He need to be in some Timberlands 😂
3 - Y’s
3 - Y’s - 2 months ago
The guy in the center/middle screen- how come Reebok didnt shatter under Shaq? if what you are saying Zion is big and mobile.
Mynawone Bidness
Mynawone Bidness - 2 months ago
Garbage shoes that are way too expensive blew out during a game? How's this even a story?
Lecia Bella
Lecia Bella - 2 months ago
Ronnie Brown
Ronnie Brown - 2 months ago
Thousands of games have been played and maybe a few hundred shoes went bad.....
You know who I am, gotdammit!
"You done switched from Nike to Reebok, Ha"--Juvenile
Gram: Ju_phipps3
Gram: Ju_phipps3 - 2 months ago
At the end day we gonna keep buying Nike’s‼️‼️‼️ period
Hali D
Hali D - 2 months ago
China is getting there revenge for Trumps tariffs.
I'm Smorgas
I'm Smorgas - 2 months ago
Shoulda gone with adidas. Boost Gang baby!
Savage Ood
Savage Ood - 2 months ago
Crocs are making a return
Israel out of Palestine
Israel out of Palestine - 2 months ago
Quick whip a few more child labour slaves together and make his shoes better.
turboboostintsi - 2 months ago
It was a setup.
Ryan Pettit
Ryan Pettit - 2 months ago
Pedro Faria
Pedro Faria - 2 months ago
The designers design the shoe on inventor or autocad software
Fake Gamer
Fake Gamer - 2 months ago
Man, Zion’s shoe getting blown out gets more than some nba players do
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson - 2 months ago
See if he wouldnt have went to Duke and went to Carolina.. those Jordans wouldnt have let him down..
Alex Aziaklo
Alex Aziaklo - 2 months ago
Y’all all know nike gonna release 10 new color ways for that shoe after they relabel it the PG Rips
Y3arZer0 - 2 months ago
Stupid 5 year old needs to work harder on these shoes lol.
MrNightpwner - 2 months ago
Cheap labor makes cheap products.
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan - 2 months ago
Change your damn shoes. Can't wear the same pair multiple games in a row
Juan Pedroza
Juan Pedroza - 2 months ago
First I don’t buy Nike but what people need to understand is that a company like Nike put millions of dollars into RD then have to pay millions and millions to athletes. It would be hard for a company like Nike to make a profit if they wouldn’t make their shoes in third world countries. If you don’t like the product then don’t buy the products.
Demetri Janazian
Demetri Janazian - 2 months ago
Bro just stfu and get a new pair of shoes. Shit never happens. Youre almost 300 lbs wtf you expect wearing those light shoes.
virtual spaceman
virtual spaceman - 2 months ago
*Adidas has joined chat*
Mike G
Mike G - 2 months ago
Nike sneakers are not quality athletic shoes. Nike has taken a knee when it comes to improving their shoes.
Alex DeMoulin
Alex DeMoulin - 2 months ago
That's why my fat ass wheres Adidas.
freshguy601 - 2 months ago
Thats is why Adidas is the way to go. Honestly Nike stopped looking at quality and is selling logo from a long time ago...
Wesley Bastian
Wesley Bastian - 2 months ago
Only way Nike could win this is if they sign Zion and make a shoe specifically for him
Rican Cobain
Rican Cobain - 2 months ago
Something about the way this guy talks reminds me of CM Punk.
amstevens23 - 2 months ago
Its not a car, its a shoe..
Peter Tran
Peter Tran - 2 months ago
Nike going to have to sign him for $33.95M now smh
Calvin Rodriguez
Calvin Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Fuck nike.
infimion - 2 months ago
The shoe only had *glue*
Cynthia Wilcox
Cynthia Wilcox - 2 months ago
none ya
none ya - 2 months ago
Poor him
Slayerboss - 2 months ago
Employ American people and stop manufacturing shoes in China. This is classic China products, cheap
Kid82fy - 4 days ago
Slayerboss then them shoes gonna be like $300 a pair
Mora UTD
Mora UTD - 2 months ago
It’s just that the pgs are made cheaply
Dusty Davis
Dusty Davis - 2 months ago
I've never bought a pair of Nike shoes they have been a horrible company for 25 years
Dusty Davis
Dusty Davis - 2 months ago
Some children are getting no pay in some 3rd world country
Johmy Sins
Johmy Sins - 2 months ago
Damn he gon get huge sponsorship from addidas
Carlos Berrios
Carlos Berrios - 2 months ago
Use Adidas
Cole Turner
Cole Turner - 2 months ago
Nike lost me since using Kaperdick as their spokesman.
c k
c k - 2 months ago
Talking heads spouting nonsense.
Justin Howard
Justin Howard - 2 months ago
If i was in the nba i would make sure and buy my own shoes and make sure they dont leave my sight before the game starts
Justin Howard
Justin Howard - 2 months ago
Ive never seen shaq rip his shoes just for the record so im not buyin the whole “ shoe cant hold him” speech
Justin Howard
Justin Howard - 2 months ago
I feel like this was a setup how do you tear a brand new pair of shoes 33 seconds into a game. This suspect to the max 👀👀👀
Merv F.
Merv F. - 2 months ago
This was not a fluke. Nike has a quality issue. They are clearly finding ways to make their sneakers at a lower cost and as a result sacrificing quality. I just spent $200 on a pair of retro jordan's. I wore them less then 10 times usually for about an hour or two each time. I had a similar experience. The left sneaker split in half while I was playing basketball at a local church. I am 6 ft and 170 pounds so the size excuse of Zion Williamson is a joke. I took the sneakers back to Champs sports where I had purchased them and the manager couldn't believe what he was seeing. I still had the sales receipt and the shoes still looked brand new aside from the split. After stuttering to come up with an excuse he finally landed on "well did you wear them to play basketball?" I wasn't sure what he wanted to hear but after taking a moment to collect myself I responded "they are basketball shoes, aren't they?" He continued huffing and puffing but failing to come up with any additional excuses. He told me there was nothing he could do for me because the shoes were not being made anymore. He suggested I take them to a shoe repair shop. Don't waste your money on expensive nike's. It clearly does not mean better quality.
Sat Sonic
Sat Sonic - 2 months ago
Nike needs to build a special shoe for Zion
MrCdots - 2 months ago
Rubber was even torn lol. Like most products made today, low quality mtls because it's light weight or cheaper to purchase. Yet charged 300% markup at min to the consumer end of story.
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