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KABOB kabob
KABOB kabob - Day ago
Anyone know what movies Bob has given a 10/10? Struggling to remember any
night wing
night wing - 4 days ago
zach crenshaw
zach crenshaw - 5 days ago
I found the last one third of the movie profoundly disappointing. What was the movie actually about?
It takes a big set of huevos call all of the marvel movies something other than cinema, while guardians of the galaxy two was centered around abusive versus absentee fatherhood, and Thor Ragnarok centered itself around the idea of colonialism being irredeemable and that the colonial society should be destroyed.
What grand revelation did the Irishman say?
Old folks get old.
Jesse H.
Jesse H. - 5 days ago
Great review. Although I must say I did find some of the CG anti-aging technology to be quite distracting. Particularly on Deniro. They made his eyes almost glow with this strange pale blue light ... like he was a White Walker or something.
Other than that tho, I enjoyed the film overall.
Madalin Grama
Madalin Grama - 5 days ago
In the same year that Todd Phillips, director of the "amazing" trilogy The Hangover, made what is essentially a knock-off Scorsese movie that sucked ass majoris, but made a shit ton of money by being technicaly a comic book movie and thus tricking the masses of brainwashed fanboys into thinking it's a legitimate art-house movie in this genre (spoiler alert: it's NOT), Scorsese comes to show him how it's done with an actually brilliant art-house movie the likes of which it seems today only he can make. AWESOME!!!! Suck it, Todd!!!
RamblingSailors - 5 days ago
"This might well be the best movie your great-uncle watches in 20- minute increments before bed over the course of two months this year!" Favorite line. :D
75 aces
75 aces - 6 days ago
Good film, but it had a few scenes that just ran long. Bob's review is spot on about the un-Scorseselike lack of soundtrack to drive the cinematography. With the stark tone and unromantic look at mob life, it feels like Scorsese drew more from Donnie Brasco or Kill the Irishman than his own previous forays in the genre.
Recht_voor_zijn_raap - 9 days ago
Watched this masterpiece a few days ago.
Its a return to the golden days of gangsterclassics like: Goodfellas, Casino and the Godfather.
If you liked these movies even a little The Irishman is an absolute must watch.
It shows exactly why Martin Scorsese is one of the best directors of all time.
Easily one of the best movies in a very long time.
Guto Vahrron
Guto Vahrron - 13 days ago
F#$K You, I'm gonna binge watch Dick Tracy. While viewing The Gun For Hire and Double Indemnity.
Carlos - 14 days ago
this movie was so cool. who would have thought painting houses was such a depressing business.
The Populous Pimp - PPT
The Populous Pimp - PPT - 15 days ago
I’ve seen it. Twice. It’s a 9.5/10
Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty
Prashun 'PC' Chakraborty - 17 days ago
You clearly like the movie Bob but seem to insult it every chance you get.
Chad Parenteau
Chad Parenteau - 23 days ago
Not that I want to add fuel to the fire, but that "Cinema" Shark Tales shot should be a gif.
Heavy Critic
Heavy Critic - 23 days ago
Nice poke at Scorsese there at the end.
Sykes! XD
TrueYellowDart - 23 days ago
Wow - greatest visual gag you’ve ever pulled off, Bob!
Ron L
Ron L - 24 days ago
Sorry Bob, you lost me at Marty bringin up Marvel. He made the statement on how superhero films seem like amusement park rides (or something to that effect) one time and gave his opinion and now it’s the media, including yourself going on about it. He’s only brought it back up because he keeps getting asked about it... You mentioning it here in your video is what gives that comment life. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Which I think it’s been taken out of context anyhow, but at this point what does it matter. Fanboys are up in arms because God forbid anyone has an opinion that’s not aligned with theirs.
Dukjin Im
Dukjin Im - 25 days ago
“Hard to imagine anything else as a best picture front runner right now...”
Clearly haven’t watched Parasite yet.
Tony Heard
Tony Heard - 17 days ago
@Jellyfish60 Roma was nominated for best picture and foreign picture last year so parasite has a chance
Jellyfish60 - 23 days ago
foreign movies don't run for best picture, they have their own category
ForNoGoodReason - 25 days ago
1:50 I'm speechless.
Anti-Mattering - 25 days ago
Hey, that's Todd Breaking Bad.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
So this is what Harvey Weinstein is up to now? reviewing movies?? WTF
Yono khanman
Yono khanman - 26 days ago
1:22 Brilliant! XD
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
is this guy harvey weinstein?? from hollywood?
MakiPcr - 26 days ago
I appreciate that you outright tell us this is old white men being old white men; tells me I don't have to waste 3.5 hrs I could use to rewatch Black Panther
MarkRavingMad - 26 days ago
Best. Opener. Ever.
MarkRavingMad - 25 days ago
@Sinjin Smyth I was going for a Simpsons comic book guy thing but okay.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
Is this guy Harvey Weinstein?
Christopher Sherwood
Christopher Sherwood - 26 days ago
Jesus Bob learn to mix audio
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
Is he Bob Weinstein? (Harvey's brother)
Matt Tucker
Matt Tucker - 26 days ago
😂 that Irish man captain America iron man thing was pretty funny gg bob!!
ChubbyChecker182 - 26 days ago
Seen it. It's an 8.5 at least
jpfife84 - 26 days ago
I haven't watched Duck Amuck in forever. Thank you for that opening.
Gabero Bustos
Gabero Bustos - 26 days ago
Sooo many flash frames....
Pavel Skrylnikov
Pavel Skrylnikov - 26 days ago
Scorcese is right and Marvel is shit.
ElvenRaptor - 23 days ago
Prove it.
Yont EvenKnow
Yont EvenKnow - 26 days ago
Interesting well thought out review
Generic music doesn't do it any favors.
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
Is this guy Bob Weinstein?
Joe Kontor
Joe Kontor - 26 days ago
I'm giving this video a "thumbs up" for the opening bit alone.
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres - 26 days ago
Did You Get That Thing I Sent You: The Motion Picture
Andrew McCann
Andrew McCann - 26 days ago
*Obligatory dig at Joker*
You're so edgy, Bob.
BTX61 - 26 days ago
Missing from that opening: the camera pulls back to reveal Bugs Bunny at the computer: “Ain’t I a Stinka?”
Eric Berg
Eric Berg - 26 days ago
Bob's gone full Looney Tunes. :)
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
Bob Weinstein
James Brophy
James Brophy - 26 days ago
The opening Irishman joke is fantastic. Lovely work.
Rich McGee
Rich McGee - 26 days ago
Irish Man, proud founding member of the League of National Stereotypes.
David V
David V - 26 days ago
"Well, i am irishman"
Johnny Josefsen
Johnny Josefsen - 27 days ago
I'm glad to see the return of epic movies that aren't big action blockbusters. It's been a while since we"ve had something like that from hollywood.
Johnny Josefsen
Johnny Josefsen - 25 days ago
@Johnathon Haney For some reason, I'm fine with this, but only because i have access to a venue. It's a much better experience these days, the audience has become annoying in the big cinemas, especially in horror movies. Last three horror movies i watched, people were talking between the scares, and not as a reaction to the horror, just everyday stuff to get through "the boring parts". But i do miss the day where a movie like the Usual Suspect could be the talk of the town. I don't see that happening as much anymore, atleast not as much as in the 90s.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney - 25 days ago
@Johnny Josefsen As a mass audience thing, it's done. From here on out, it'll be venues like what you just described and outfits like Alamo Roadhouse.
Johnny Josefsen
Johnny Josefsen - 26 days ago
@Johnathon Haney Where i live we have a smaller cinema where you buy coffee instead of popcorn that shows all these smaller movies. I don't think it's going away, just moving into different venues. Incidentally this is also the only place Irishman is showing. But the place is usually crowded with people. I can't remember the last time i actually went to the regular cinema.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney - 26 days ago
This isn't a return. It's a last gasp. Places like Netflix, Apple TV and others will be showing such smaller films in future and they'll likely be from overseas. Scorcese's kind of film is over.
Johnny Josefsen
Johnny Josefsen - 27 days ago
If it's worthy of its lenght that is. Looking forward to seeng it in two weeks.
Ashara Stark
Ashara Stark - 27 days ago
Your film teacher would have dropped you points for how long your sentences run on, Bob.
Ashara Stark
Ashara Stark - 25 days ago
@Sinjin Smyth I guess you're right, being an absolute fucking schmuck with a fragile ego and no hope of ever being loved is bang on in trend so well done being with the times 🙏🏽
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
@Ashara Stark You seem so defensive as if you want to kiss this guy on the lips!
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
@Ashara Stark whoa....slow down! So you are saying you are hip/happening/current/so in touch?? "So last season" is such an old/stale comeback. I would say that saying is more like the season before last!
Ashara Stark
Ashara Stark - 25 days ago
@Sinjin Smyth making judgements on a person's character based on their appearance is so last season..
Sinjin Smyth
Sinjin Smyth - 25 days ago
Ironic, This guy looks like Harvey Weinstein, who also has a brother called Bob
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