BBQ Pork Belly on the Grill

George Teasley
George Teasley - 5 hours ago
I just made this using the bbq pork rub recipe also available by the bbq pit boys. I am an amateur cook, and this was only the second time in my life using the grill. And i am here to tell you their recipe is the real thing. Extremely flavorful, tender (i used beer), it was a major hit. If you're looking for a good bbq pork belly recipe, this is all you need
annette norris
annette norris - 4 days ago
Thank you😊😊
Алексей Постников
What the? Hello, they just
show thumbs up and ...
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys - 8 days ago
Confused, eh kid? lol
Arjun Prabhu
Arjun Prabhu - 16 days ago
Wow.... this is amazing
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell - Month ago
I subscribed 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Karan Puthran
Karan Puthran - Month ago
Watched this with the volume turned up , neighbours thought i was legit watching porn .
OCEANBLUE - Month ago
I use a box cutter or blades to score my pork skin......I am the only male in a houshold of 6 women..........saves sharpening knives every few days.
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys - Month ago
Only one? Bless ya...!
Mike Aguilar
Mike Aguilar - Month ago
That would clogg up my stents! Lol
paul Smith
paul Smith - Month ago
You guys are the best
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong - Month ago
Where might I find bbq shoes?
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
@BBQ Pit Boys starving here.......looks too good......why r u torturing ppl with delicious food????
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys - Month ago
Asking why? Clearly you don't belong here.!
William Sleight
William Sleight - Month ago
I like meat
Azazel Thorne
Azazel Thorne - Month ago
Porn is just pointless anymore... I just watch this
Boze De Wolf
Boze De Wolf - Month ago
I have made me a smoked ham ... can you smell it. It's guuuut !
Susano Randy
Susano Randy - Month ago
looking for vegan comments
Ricardo Candela
Ricardo Candela - 2 months ago
10:44 the most glorious moment of the whole video.
julius shalom
julius shalom - 2 months ago
Are u getting hungry or what
aporo 11
aporo 11 - 2 months ago
Watching from the land down under! You boys defs know how to have a good shrimp on the barbie! 👊🏽👌🏽
Dan Banks
Dan Banks - 2 months ago
You could moonlight as a massage therapist... 🤣😂
Crunch Munch
Crunch Munch - 2 months ago
Do you guys leave the nipples on or cut them off? I usually leave them on.
Xenomorph - 2 months ago
Oh Lord have mercy.
Michael P
Michael P - 2 months ago
Question for you guys, do you think grinding these up and making sausage would work?
RDX B - 2 months ago
U dnt have to apologize that looks sooooo delicious!👏👏👏👏👏
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone - 2 months ago
Can you do this on an offset smoker?
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone - 2 months ago
@BetaCuck Beerus Thanks!
BetaCuck Beerus
BetaCuck Beerus - 2 months ago
Yeah my friend has done this on his offset smoker and it came out great. Just a different Smokey taste. Make sure it stays nice and hot for hours and your good
Misticmyst73 - 2 months ago
I see Nipples..
Narko Man
Narko Man - 2 months ago
What'd you do with the veggies?
Crash X
Crash X - 2 months ago
to much spices
ImLee - 2 months ago
7:00 how do you lower the temperature after 20 minutes? i mean there is no switch "hi/lo temperature)
ImLee - 2 months ago
BBQ Pit Boys ohhh, thanks for the answer!
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ Pit Boys - 2 months ago
Top vent...
Hearing Visions
Hearing Visions - 2 months ago
You know its game on at 11:00 when that rock n roll kicks in 🤘🏼🍻🍽
View By Ray
View By Ray - 3 months ago
Of all the cuts of meat in the world, pork belly my favorite. Ive made few time and turns out the star of my BBQ.
Fireworks - The Art of BBQ
So delicious 👍👍❤️❤️❤️
turinreza - 3 months ago
Is this chasu,?
Cahya Surya
Cahya Surya - 3 months ago
subscribe back my channel... please...:3
Throatwobbler Mangrove
Throatwobbler Mangrove - 3 months ago
Dubbed-on sounds. Hmm
CJ Kliesch
CJ Kliesch - 3 months ago
You should lay that on something round so it opens the cracks to get that guud ol SPG in there!
Mike Isley
Mike Isley - 3 months ago
Garlic powder or salt going to fix one for father's day thanks 👌
PHOENIX CHILLI - 3 months ago
Laying here starving.
rD santos
rD santos - 3 months ago
I don't think I heard this but what internal temp are you aiming for?
rD santos
rD santos - 3 months ago
I started off with your method. 20 mins at 425F. Then I went to 250F until internal temp was 195F. Turned out pretty good. My first attempt at a pork belly. My guests asked for seconds and loved it
Josh 99
Josh 99 - 3 months ago
They sure r living the american dream
Sheila Fort
Sheila Fort - 3 months ago
I just started watching you all now i can't get enough.
Sheila Fort
Sheila Fort - 3 months ago
You brothers really get down. I love it.💖💖💖
Mark Harley Corleone
Mark Harley Corleone - 3 months ago
Oh jeez!! This is making me really hungry. 😎
Purnendu Raut
Purnendu Raut - 3 months ago
Wow. Really awesome
Martin Lerch
Martin Lerch - 3 months ago
So, I must have had my grill too hot. But... it was awesome! Mine took about 2.5 hrs total and it was great
morales monster
morales monster - 4 months ago
I ❤️ BBQ Pit Boys!!!!
Shaun Bennett
Shaun Bennett - 4 months ago
Pork belly..the most underated cut of meat ever.
Absolutely my favourite
Tastes guuuudddd 👍🐖
kevin garcia
kevin garcia - 4 months ago know I love you, right? A Trinity is green peppers, onions, and celery. Celery, onion and carrots is a mire poix. Hate to sound so uppity!
Gary Whitehouse
Gary Whitehouse - 4 months ago
What SPG plz
Brian Winkle
Brian Winkle - 4 months ago
Great as always
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me - 4 months ago
It smells GUUUD!
dan y
dan y - 5 months ago
I love pork belly smoked it for 3 hours then put it in a pan with bbq sauce. For another hour I have to try it bbq boys way
신현범 - 5 months ago
I love to hear this BBQ master saying "it't smell GOOD!"
sharon rynes
sharon rynes - 5 months ago
Green egg then a weber grill. Wtf dudes . i can out bbq ANY of you guys
sharon rynes
sharon rynes - 5 months ago
Where do i get bbq shoes ?
veistelija - 5 months ago
Food porn alert!! Looks GOOD OH YAH XD
Tommy WordSmith
Tommy WordSmith - 5 months ago
oh yeah
Saint Pepsi
Saint Pepsi - 6 months ago
That's not crispy
Eugene Motes
Eugene Motes - 6 months ago
The BBQ Pit Boys throwin down as usual.
Nothing But Good Eatin.😋
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva - 6 months ago
No ablo ingles pero gracias que buenas recetas .ese cerdo se ve delicioso.y sencillo de hacer 👍👍
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