Molly Makes Pasta al Limone | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz - 4 месяца назад
“You heard it here first people—these noods are even more bangin’ than Cacio e Pepe. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!
Peter R. de Vries
Peter R. de Vries - 15 часов назад
you need some pancetta in this b1tch i always make it its delicious
Colleen Reiter
Colleen Reiter - 25 дней назад
Molly Baz I made this recipe tonight for my family. They loved it and we’re proud of me. I really enjoyed the lightness the lemon gave to the cream sauce. Thank you for teaching me how to cook!
Alessandro Pini
Alessandro Pini - Месяц назад
josh grant
josh grant - Месяц назад
The only way to post¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is to copy paste it (I think at least)!!!
josh grant
josh grant - Месяц назад
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez - 11 часов назад
*this comment was blocked because you haven't tried the dish*
coscorrodrift - 12 часов назад
ok this looks delicious but it has 3 quarters cup of heavy cream, 6 tbsp of butter and a fuckload of cheese lmao
LanceDee - 15 часов назад
I am Italian and I am literally in love with Molly.
Roberto Ibarra
Roberto Ibarra - 17 часов назад
Makenzie Hamilton
Makenzie Hamilton - День назад
I made this, so now I can finally comment. It was FANTASTIC. Easy and flavorful, everything I dreamt and more. Srsly everybody make this.
Alison Johannes
Alison Johannes - 22 часа назад
I just made it today too! It was heavenly!
kkim5000 - День назад
1:23 i would expect the people at BA to know that two tablespoons of liquid is one fluid ounce...
Lisbeth Morsell
Lisbeth Morsell - 16 часов назад
Yesssss! Glad I'm not the only one who caught that
Rotciv - 3 дня назад
definitely gonna try this. And I will overpronounce italian words as I do it, and perhaps yell at my family a bit. Because if you are gonna eat italian, be italian.
Lorrie - 4 дня назад
I love that she played QVC!
Agnosticarab - 5 дней назад
❤️❤️❤️ I’m in love!!! Best pasta ever!
HotCrazyCatLady Me
HotCrazyCatLady Me - 5 дней назад
The problem is that the noodle will stick even if the pasta isn't finished, so that method won't work effectively.
Lukas Brodérus
Lukas Brodérus - 6 дней назад
the guy in blavk is gay.
Joseph Schmoe
Joseph Schmoe - 6 дней назад
My father once threw a noodle onto the ceiling to see if it would stick. It did.
My mother threatened to divorce him is he ever did it again.
My father took one look in my mother's eyes and knew... she was dead serious.
Never did it again.
lawtonpasekavo - 9 дней назад
My cousin and I
Bad Batch
Bad Batch - 10 дней назад
This chic is so chill! I love her!
Jack Stender
Jack Stender - 11 дней назад
I just made it and I am in love... I may have messed up a lil cause my sauce disappeared as I folded in my cheese but I think it had to do with the heat. Needless to say, I live for this dish now
zeeqco ziq
zeeqco ziq - 14 дней назад
OMG I need this!!
CJ Lowing
CJ Lowing - 15 дней назад
There is 0.5 ounce per tablespoon, so for two tablespoons its would be 1 ounce of lemon juice.
sean donnelly
sean donnelly - 16 дней назад
I added shrimp to this dish it brought the flavor to a whole new level so good made this dish about four times already 😍
sean donnelly
sean donnelly - 4 дня назад
+Geoffrey Alan it was the lemon paired perfectly with it
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan - 4 дня назад
sean donnelly that sounds incredible!
SPErickson - 20 дней назад
"these noods are even more bangin’ than Cacio e Pepe." Ten roman chefs just died.
Roz Sa
Roz Sa - 20 дней назад
If this is pasta al limone, then I'm an Italian guy called Gordon Ramsay and I have a Scottish accent. Sti cazzi.
Nicole - 21 день назад
I did this recipe at home and it's so good plus nice dish on a budget. Love you guys at bon appetit!
AfloatHickory - 24 дня назад
I’ve got some leftover heavy cream from some mashed potatoes I made last weekend. Definitely trying this so I can use up the rest
Meggan Fallon
Meggan Fallon - 27 дней назад
I seriously make this at least 2x a month... It is my new go to pasta dish :)
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan - 23 дня назад
Meggan Fallon Same! I tested this for my channel and have been hooked ever since.
Mycah Lim
Mycah Lim - 27 дней назад
im sorry i clicked on the video to check if there were any Post Malone puns HAHAHA
D H - 28 дней назад
I can't wait to make these; they look absolutely scrumptious. also: Tommy.
Juan Serrati
Juan Serrati - 29 дней назад
chris souds like sheldon
Kim Lip's No. 1 Hype Man
Kim Lip's No. 1 Hype Man - 29 дней назад
This recipe was so good! I made it and I highly recommend it
Dee Soso
Dee Soso - Месяц назад
I could watch Molly make pasta all day!
Hannah - Месяц назад
Ahhh who else gets crazy over „parm“ and „delish“?!?
FullMetalFan98 - Месяц назад
Still dont understand why americans measure in cups, it just doesnt make sense to me
Ann Anderson
Ann Anderson - Месяц назад
You inspired me. I have stragler ingredients. Thank you for showing me a way to incorperate them into my life. I appreciate you.
D.J.L Hayes
D.J.L Hayes - Месяц назад
Molly, queen of salt and butter
Azalea Katzenberger
Azalea Katzenberger - Месяц назад
I’m definitely going to try this dish for dinner tomorrow. I love how simplistic and delicious they look
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan - 24 дня назад
Azalea Katzenberger It’s so good! I tested it out using bucatini pasta for my channel.
Nadia Elyse
Nadia Elyse - Месяц назад
I legit only watch the videos with molly in them. She’s chill and the best part is she’s concise.
Volrad - Месяц назад
Am I the only one weirded out by the juicer?
Dennis Bromley
Dennis Bromley - Месяц назад
Just a fun fact 2 tablespoons is an ounce
Cat - Месяц назад
I made this for my boyfriend several months ago and we find ourselves making it often! It’s so good and so easy!!
janelane - Месяц назад
I tried this at home but added a bit of chopped onion and a clove of garlic, sauteed them in a tiny bit of olive oil before adding the cream with lemon zest. Oh maaan, that was sooo good. I had two servings for myself and fell asleep shortly after. 😅
edraith - Месяц назад
Perfection, she even nailed the pasta-nest (I don't know why the boys are grinning, that's the way restaurants try to serve spaghetti in Italy :P)
Vansh Aggarwal
Vansh Aggarwal - Месяц назад
"That's nasty"
Yesim730 - Месяц назад
“My cousin and I” and my cousin 🙄
suzie Q.
suzie Q. - Месяц назад
Molly is a Star.
Harlan Dawson
Harlan Dawson - Месяц назад
Ooooooh shots fired!
Dissention of the pastas!
Looks amazing.
If it needed salt how would capers do as that salt addition?
Marcela Orellana
Marcela Orellana - Месяц назад
I did this recipe a few weeks ago and I said I would not do this again because I ate too much all by my self. But here I am.
Hazel Cohen
Hazel Cohen - Месяц назад
“Pasta water saltier than the ocean”
Professional86er - Месяц назад
Tommy Werner is so cute!
R. McBride
R. McBride - Месяц назад
I don't even have to try it first... It looks AMAZING! I WANT IT! I have the ingredients. Making it TONITE!
Medic 135
Medic 135 - Месяц назад
I keep watching for molly
Kat Marie
Kat Marie - Месяц назад
I made this last night and it is amazing! I did add fresh chopped tomato, garlic, and spinach and it was freaking delicious and so easy!
Lana faith
Lana faith - Месяц назад
love you molly
Fabio Consonni
Fabio Consonni - Месяц назад
2:12 she touches her hair with her right hand, then, with the same hand... 3:48 she touches spaghetti, 5:28 she puts parmesan cheese into the pot, 6:35 put the lemon zest, al last 6:45 she "cleans the hand".
Buon appetito Chris!
Suneil Anand
Suneil Anand - Месяц назад
Andy is seasoning the meat at the back.. 😊
Katia LaManna
Katia LaManna - Месяц назад
I don’t think the Italian version uses heavy cream? Recently I was in Positano and the chef at the farm we visited said never use heavy cream.... their pasta al limone was to die for.
Ray C
Ray C - Месяц назад
Just made this recipe and its so good! I didnt feel like running to the store for heavy cream so i used 2% milk instead but it was so good even with the looser sauce that I'll definitely make it again with the cream
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan - 24 дня назад
Ray C It’s delicious with heavy cream! I tested the recipe for my channel and was very satisfied!
ReignyRen _Rose
ReignyRen _Rose - Месяц назад
Pasta ala molly 😍🤤
Dennis Frank
Dennis Frank - Месяц назад
Just made this dish...easy as advertised and sooo good! The lemon juice brightens up the flavor and heaviness of the cream and butter.
Thank you, Molly.
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan - 24 дня назад
Dennis Frank I agree! The citrus was so bright and fresh that it really cut through the heaviness and richness! I tested it for my channel and was surprised how easy it was - BA always makes it look easy, but this one really was!
Γιώργος Πολυκράτης
Γιώργος Πολυκράτης - Месяц назад
Says : "This pasta is unique because instead of being heavy with fat and cheese ....." while she used a ton of butter in the sauce
PrblyUrFather - Месяц назад
Would adding fresh parsley be to much?
SuperJezzara - Месяц назад
2 tablespoons is equal to 1 fluid ounce! You don't need to remeasure. 😊
raquelle Blue
raquelle Blue - Месяц назад
A noodle on the wall is nasty? Really?
Lauren Q
Lauren Q - Месяц назад
Why are the aprons so F-ing ugly??? Lol
Sun Salads Restaurant
Sun Salads Restaurant - Месяц назад
I love molly amazing cook
Toys Adventure
Toys Adventure - Месяц назад
Why do Americans pronounce Parmesan, Parma-Jan? I’ve never heard it pronounced this way outside of America.
reenie rae
reenie rae - Месяц назад
Molly rocks on this recipe!!
Nicole Lollipops
Nicole Lollipops - Месяц назад
I wonder if this would be good with pancetta
Lord - Месяц назад
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor - Месяц назад
brilliant! I am making this for the family ASAP
Kelly Palacios
Kelly Palacios - Месяц назад
Noods all up in that ceiling. Perfection!
whiskeyinateacup - Месяц назад
Saw this video come up an hour ago. Watched it a few times. Ended up running to the shop to get some cream because I already had everything else and now, I'm sitting in my dining room having it for lunch! It is devine!!! I feel like I'm at a restaurant eating this! 😍
Huwa Ayman
Huwa Ayman - Месяц назад
I thought Tommy was Bobby burns!!!!
Daniel Catallo
Daniel Catallo - Месяц назад
Wow Molly, I'm impressed! You've already proven you can cook like a Roman...and now like a Napolitana as well.
Michael Luther
Michael Luther - Месяц назад
I just made this for a house full of drunk people. They loved it.
homiefromfl - Месяц назад
I made this!! It's delicious!
Though I did go a _bit_ overboard with the salt in the pasta water. Your "heavily salted pasta water" should really be a measurement. >.
Mien Trant
Mien Trant - Месяц назад
The boiling water pot with nothing inside is bothering me so much. Waste of gas, water and create more heat...
Enrico de Trizio
Enrico de Trizio - Месяц назад
nicely done! though you’re missing the point of cacio e pepe which is no butter no cream!
Valentina Gariglio
Valentina Gariglio - Месяц назад
Wow look wonderfull!
Siobhan Sprouse
Siobhan Sprouse - 2 месяца назад
I love that we just watched Molly make Chris lunch lol
Julia Mary
Julia Mary - 2 месяца назад
Molly is my favorite person from BA. Easily the coolest
Natasha TASH MAhAL
Natasha TASH MAhAL - 2 месяца назад
WHERE'S Claire!!??... We miss YOU!!!😔😕😔😔😣😫😯😪😝🤤😝😝😔
kim ryan
kim ryan - 2 месяца назад
Soooo good and sooo easy!
Korinne Konner
Korinne Konner - 2 месяца назад
Made this today for the first time and it was so YUMMY AND EASY!
Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin - 2 месяца назад
why not make a liason?
Chuck Baldwin
Chuck Baldwin - 2 месяца назад
my bad, commented before making....parm reg is not in the budget. but shady cheese is...yup.
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina - 2 месяца назад
I'm gonna go to culinary school to do nothing but find the love of my life. If she's half of molly, it'll be worth the sacrifice
gingle kitty
gingle kitty - 2 месяца назад
Molly! Girl stop using so much salt..... You will die of clogged up arteries by 40!
ShojoBakunyu - 2 месяца назад
An egg yolk would be great and will prevent breaking on top of adding flavor.
ShojoBakunyu - 2 месяца назад
I forgot to salt the water once and I can't believe how bad the pasta turned out.
Nic B
Nic B - 2 месяца назад
Molly and her millennial abbreviated jargon is annoying.
rivu raja
rivu raja - 2 месяца назад
So, Tommy doesn't cook?? I've seen him multiple times in many videos but never behind the counter.
Schy Mark
Schy Mark - 2 месяца назад
She is adorable!!
Cine Fiend40
Cine Fiend40 - 2 месяца назад
I'm sorry but I'm distracted by Andy in the background and his fitted pants...ok I'm back and I'm lovin this much stimulation
TheCrystal0817 - 2 месяца назад
for real though... is that much salt really necessary....?
Alyssa Padovani
Alyssa Padovani - 18 дней назад
If you want your pasta seasoned the water should taste like the sea
Pete Baldwin
Pete Baldwin - 2 месяца назад
C'mon Molly. Two tablespoons is one ounce. And zest that 🍋 with it on the bottom and microplane on top so you can see what you're doing.
Ryan Perrin
Ryan Perrin - 2 месяца назад
I like her attitude, "don't overthink it."
Elizabeth Cauvel
Elizabeth Cauvel - 2 месяца назад
I Stan Molly Baz so hard
DocPopulus - 2 месяца назад
sub heavy cream for mascarpone any day!
Wim Mayes
Wim Mayes - 2 месяца назад
Is Brad the only man at BA who isn't a soy boy? - 2 месяца назад
I made this in legit 5 minutes when I decided I didn't want store bought pasta sauce with my late night pasta. Omg it's so easy!
J - 2 месяца назад
Lovely dish, lovely girl.
Paige Kirklin
Paige Kirklin - 2 месяца назад
Fun fact! 2 Tbs are equal to 1 fl ounce if it makes the juicer measurements any easier!
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