Will It Sausage? Taste Test

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Nimzy ._.
Nimzy ._. - Day ago
6:05 that "Hi" was priceless and ADORABLE xD
rmp5s - Day ago
In this episode, we learn: Rhett loves Papa Smurf.
Who knew Dr Manhattan was from Hawaii.
Pyro Animus
Pyro Animus - 2 days ago
Y'all know you can get vegetarian sausage casing that ISNT made of intestines right 😂 I think that would have made the Birthday sausage a yes lol
Derrick Wren
Derrick Wren - 3 days ago
"The temperature. The Texture. The taste. The idea. The purpose..." I'm dying
drakoger - 3 days ago
HOLD UP, The R.O.U.S. otherwise known as Nutria are not native to Oregon. Though they do currently plague our lush beautiful landscapes, they are originally native to South America. They were brought to North America as part of the fur trade and now they are an invasive species. P.S. thank you for helping our environment by eating that bucktoothed monstrosity! :D
Melissa Ducote
Melissa Ducote - 3 days ago
I can’t we live in Sullivan Missouri we are to far it would take a day or 3 to get there btw I have not bought the book
Sage Boi
Sage Boi - 4 days ago
Cult moo. That's all I'll say.
Sohail Ahmad
Sohail Ahmad - 4 days ago
Do USA eat rat
Professor Dukenberry
Professor Dukenberry - 4 days ago
the amount of crazy stuff that josh makes will make him one of the most prestigious chefs later on in his career
AwesomeMark - 4 days ago
6:03 when you first see Dr. Manhattan
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 6 days ago
I’ve loved ever intro from the Chicken breathing “good mythical morning” to this one
Joku Deku
Joku Deku - 6 days ago
Today i learned that sausage was actually made with an intestine.. I actually could have lived my whole life without knowing so.
Rachel Elizabeth Pallatin
Some weird aunt, but definitely not Aunt Vicki.
Saddest Muffin
Saddest Muffin - 7 days ago
I just watched two grown men joke about sausages for like 15 minutes. Oof
Agxin - 7 days ago
Rhett was just trying to talk about the sausage while Link is just gagging his life away😂
Toby Creates
Toby Creates - 7 days ago
This intro is always 🔥
Little t
Little t - 8 days ago
I like how Rhet and Link has to eat from opposite sides of something, yet they will eat something that had toe clippings on it... wtf 😝
Stephenie Andrade
Stephenie Andrade - 8 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about Rhett's morning wood joke? He is such a dad 😅
HistoryUpload7410 - 8 days ago
I want some RAT RANCH! 8:50
igenklemm but gayer
igenklemm but gayer - 8 days ago
Soham Sengupta
Soham Sengupta - 8 days ago
I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden
*At the Gates starts playing*
African Safaris with a Chocolate Lab Named Aspen
The nutria isn’t native to Oregon........

It’s an invasive species.
deprofundis - 8 days ago
Just ME Onlyme
Just ME Onlyme - 9 days ago
5:11 lol
PepsiPlayzYt - 9 days ago
“It says good morning, I gotta pee!” I-
Aye Marie
Aye Marie - 9 days ago
U ate Master Splinter lmfao
Avery Faltin
Avery Faltin - 9 days ago
dont say moist 3:26
Seth Kauffman
Seth Kauffman - 9 days ago
If anything Link I believe it was the 2nd half of the guy that sounded more southernish... But even then still no lol.
LowKeyGamer - 9 days ago
Rat ranch 🤣🤣
Ur Boi
Ur Boi - 9 days ago
Josh's " I...." at 6:07 killz me
Andrew Armoogam
Andrew Armoogam - 10 days ago
You disgust me! 😡
Thomas - 11 days ago
What kind of nincompoop eats ranch with their pizza?
Black Swan
Black Swan - 11 days ago
Just an excuse by 2 gourmands to have a whale of a time hogging and grab some publicity?
noisyjulian - 11 days ago
lmfao from 6:26 - 7:11, just close your eyes and just enjoy
aidAbabeZ2010 - 11 days ago
Has a Bundt cake bun been done 😂
Devastation - 11 days ago
Why you gotta do nyc like that😂
Vigga Andersson
Vigga Andersson - 12 days ago
Will it tea or coffee!
Brayden S
Brayden S - 12 days ago
RAPIDO - 12 days ago
Hey Rhet and Link, can you do a will it SODA episode?!
Ganat Suliman
Ganat Suliman - 12 days ago
The Hawaii thing is just an ABOMINATION for heaven's sake!!! 😨
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