Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz - Year ago
I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!
jambo2685 - 24 days ago
Why didn't anyone tell me this was possible before this?
Deerector - Month ago
Your so hot. Marrry u in a second. Sexy, funny, chef. I’d be in HEAVEN with the freakn Angels
luis leal
luis leal - 2 months ago
Molly Baz molly your so cute, are you married ?
Quintus Aurelius Symmachus
"This is a knife and fork kind of sandwich, if you hadn't noticed." challenge accepted.
Kate Holdsworth
Kate Holdsworth - 4 months ago
+Amanda Novak please @molly
Efren Medina
Efren Medina - 10 hours ago
Eggs in a freame
TubeDeviant - Day ago
Eggceptional sandwich, Molly..!! Love bacon..
Backwoods Beauty Network
We call them toad in the hole.
Kailey Mo Becker
Kailey Mo Becker - 7 days ago
Classic Dad Dish™️
Eric Kleinwolterink
Eric Kleinwolterink - 10 days ago
Solid open with the "I don't think it would be bacon over there..."
I died
Lawrence Patrick
Lawrence Patrick - 14 days ago
But what do you do with round bread?? Must know.
M Al.T
M Al.T - 19 days ago
someone once said they'd make me french toast but really they made me an egg in a basket
Shawn Sisler
Shawn Sisler - 20 days ago
Toad in the Hole is awesome sauce already, then Molly comes along and makes it just plain amazing... :D
Ray Larkin
Ray Larkin - 21 day ago
I have loved these all my life. My kids loved them too! I should have added the cheese and bacon.😋
Ambria Borelis
Ambria Borelis - 21 day ago
for just a mome... MOLLY THIS IS TOO MUCH
Melissa Ms
Melissa Ms - 23 days ago
That alredy burns 😕😕
Bucket Of Noises
Bucket Of Noises - 27 days ago
Ron Swanson approved.
PizzaFan - 28 days ago
Molly abbreviates things so much that it’s endearing. “Just a mome...”
KetoAndMe - 28 days ago
I say in my cooking tutorials "I cut bacon in half to make it more manageable since 2014.
Glad to contribute something usefull to humanity!
Adam Younes
Adam Younes - 29 days ago
i love you molly
farshad beigi
farshad beigi - Month ago
تخم عزیزم تخم. نه تخت😍😂 Love you Andy😘 and Molly too of course .*-*
Abigail Barnes
Abigail Barnes - Month ago
One eyed eygiptian with bacon where I'm from
Give it up for GG
Give it up for GG - Month ago
Molly is a freakin cutiepie. Dayum
Diana Velasco
Diana Velasco - Month ago
das goud
planetusa1 - Month ago
Let's totally forget about health. Don't get me wrong looks good but is it worth having a heart attack over?
montanadoctor - Month ago
No one mentioned “egg in the nest.” Isn’t that where eggs have been laid for > a million years?
montanadoctor - Month ago
Molly is super attractive, inside & out. If she has a twin, I want to meet her!
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina - Month ago
Molly makes me want to go to ohio and find a country girl
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
No sandwich is a knife and fork kind of a sandwich...
Josué Barrientos
Josué Barrientos - Month ago
Eat today, heart attack tomorrow
Bob Payne
Bob Payne - Month ago
We call ot a birds nest when done with one bread & one egg.
james poll
james poll - Month ago
love molly
vedi0boy - 2 months ago
“It’s something your dad would make”...”it’s perfect hangover food”... 🤔 is my dad an alcoholic?
Christina Romanow
Christina Romanow - 2 months ago
molly's my faveee
Lame Reality
Lame Reality - 2 months ago
She looks Irish and sounds like she’s from Queens. The USA is so strange.
Stephen Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan - 2 months ago
chuck a pat of butter in the cast iron...cover with a round cookie pan. the steam off the butter...and the trapped heat, will cook the top of the egg.
Zoe Frie
Zoe Frie - 2 months ago
These were known as birdie in the nests when I was a kid
negar pt
negar pt - 2 months ago
Andy, darling... it's "tokhme morgh ba noon"... I think you only got the "noon" part right.😅😅
Jordan Rhorer
Jordan Rhorer - 2 months ago
Aye it’s a one eyed pirate. That’s i
killerpitdbo - 2 months ago
FeistyDutch - 2 months ago
molly is such a dork and I love it haha
raam noor
raam noor - 2 months ago
It’s tokhme-morgh not tokhte-morgh
Had to correct him. I’m a pronunciation nazi im sorry I’ll be on my way now!
Peter Mulhall
Peter Mulhall - 2 months ago
Molly is da bomb!!!!
paperbackwriter1111 - 2 months ago
Cholesterol sandwich.
suzie Q.
suzie Q. - 3 months ago
I never knew test kitchens could be this fun. I think I need to go to cooking school.
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan - 3 months ago
I just need to point out that getting rid of the bread from the hole is a sin.
poo head
poo head - 3 months ago
Hellllooooo molly 😁😏
Alice Deathbelle
Alice Deathbelle - 3 months ago
They look kinda burnt
joe 727
joe 727 - 3 months ago
My parents always called it Bullseye Bread
Elecktrolyte - 3 months ago
She is so pretty
Kaitlyn Hearn
Kaitlyn Hearn - 3 months ago
It's a bullseye👌
Mihir patel
Mihir patel - 3 months ago
That one youtube video with a pig named Chris P. Bacon
Dale Lester
Dale Lester - 3 months ago
I can't believe she said that's hangover food 🤣😂
josh grant
josh grant - 3 months ago
cook your bacon on a cookie sheet in the oven at 340. no preheating, You don't have to touch it at all and it stays flat and doesn't make a mess
Ingrid Dubbel
Ingrid Dubbel - 3 months ago
Molly needs to speak like an adult.
Loathe her peurile abriviations.
Bradley Jones
Bradley Jones - 3 months ago
Just a mom...
J G - 3 months ago
Bread is toasted to charcoal. Turn down the heat and monitor your bread a lot closer. Not rocket science. :/
Alexis Hayashi
Alexis Hayashi - 3 months ago
Crispy mccrisperson
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 3 months ago
Hmmm...looks great. Needs mayo. Bread was burnt. Might wanna flip it over then start the egg. Will be trying this one . Thanks for sharing!
Thanos Panousis
Thanos Panousis - 3 months ago
Now kiss
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew - 3 months ago
That's a burnt toast..... Ooooooooh then I saw a jump edit and it's not burnt anymore
Mmmommy MM
Mmmommy MM - 4 months ago
Omg thank u..
Jojo - 4 months ago
Well... I would probably make the holes further to the side instead of the middle so I would have egg with almost every bite 😁
LaDonna Young
LaDonna Young - 4 months ago
You almost had me. But where's the tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, mayo, and spicy brown mustard?. 😏
Mi receta preferida una delicia muy semplice,que tradicion en carnavales ,Es pan bagano con leche y despues frito ,y despues unto completamente con azucar, ,para coner con fruta o helado o solo es muy rico ,el pan tiene que ser rustico o rebanadas grandes ,ok un gusto espero me lo haceis en vuestro programa tan actual y entretenido muakkkk 😇
I lile to much bon apetit,
Ashy Pharoah
Ashy Pharoah - 4 months ago
Or you can just fry some bacon and eggs and put them on some bread with cheese lmao I don't understand this recipe
Matthew Stewart-Shaver
Matthew Stewart-Shaver - 4 months ago
You call it an egg in a hole... I know it as a bullseye
shahram72 - 4 months ago
Hey shoutout to Iranian-Americans in the beginning. Thank you.
Daniel Uchanski
Daniel Uchanski - 4 months ago
Is this food for millennials?
tardis2005 - 4 months ago
My youngest son learned to make these when he was a boy scout. He's loved them ever since. I'll have to tell him about making it a sandwich.
Ronnie W
Ronnie W - 4 months ago
The machine brought me here
Old mate Gold
Old mate Gold - 4 months ago
Please go on something’s burning with Bert . Molly is the best
MantisToboggan - 4 months ago
Her face lighting up when she realizes the pun is just the cutest thing ever
Peter Tran
Peter Tran - 4 months ago
Low key burnt
Tiny Room Studio
Tiny Room Studio - 5 months ago
my dad called them "One Eyes" as in "I'm making One Eyes for breakfast. Do you want one?" me: no, i just want the toasted cut outs
they always turned out with the exterior of the egg too crispy (i'm not a fan of crisped fried eggs), but with the interior whites still disgusting and partially runny
First Last
First Last - 5 months ago
Less heat!
Kyle Rozek
Kyle Rozek - 5 months ago
No such thing as a "knife and fork" sandwich.
Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson - 5 months ago
I made this at home & it was pretty damn good
Donna Fields
Donna Fields - 5 months ago
Ohh that is one tasty looking sandwich!! will definitely try this!
huhhman - 5 months ago
You burned it
Lebannen Schwucker
Lebannen Schwucker - 5 months ago
iz burnt
Raymond Yip
Raymond Yip - 5 months ago
hole in bread with egg is called birds nest as binging with babish said.
Cameron - 5 months ago
So a nest egg sandwich..
Ivonne Garcia-Meitin
Ivonne Garcia-Meitin - 6 months ago
Great presentation, thanks
Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson - 6 months ago
the amazing Molly McMolly sunshine sammich
Ryan Oleary
Ryan Oleary - 6 months ago
i'd like to see her hole
Jane Poultney
Jane Poultney - 6 months ago
It's called egg in a nest. How come nobody knows that?
Ben -
Ben - - 6 months ago
Props for not endorsing store bought bread like every other youtube recipe.
pj - 6 months ago
Sand Dreams
Sand Dreams - 6 months ago
nice apron, but where did you get the beige one ?
Amruta Mahajan
Amruta Mahajan - 6 months ago
I. Love. Molly.
Cooking with Anadi
Cooking with Anadi - 7 months ago
Need to try it, seems yummy! Would make an awesome lunch!
Doogerauoy Sihtdaer
Doogerauoy Sihtdaer - 7 months ago
She’s a keeper. 😀
padlockbeats - 7 months ago
In Australia it's called toad in the hole.. don't ask me why
Chet Coyote
Chet Coyote - 7 months ago
Looks so delicious 😊 sandwich isn't that bad either 😛
Apa Login Nya
Apa Login Nya - 7 months ago
Muslim don't eat pork
ellebellx14 - 7 months ago
Growing up I always called an egg in the hole a “bunny puff” idk why or where is came from but that’s what I know it as forever and always
Sumanth Siddartha
Sumanth Siddartha - 7 months ago
The hole is better than some of it's parts
h8su1 - 7 months ago
id put and egg in her hole weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
parsia1363 - 7 months ago
Yeah buddy, "TOKHMEMORGH BA NOON" that was a cool persian surprise there! You should definitely do a Persian food episode !
Marienkarpfen - 7 months ago
perfect hangover food because you can't eat it otherwise
Andie Jakelin
Andie Jakelin - 7 months ago
this looks so good but i feel like id die if i ate it 😂
James Holliday Ormond
James Holliday Ormond - 7 months ago
My mom calls it “hole in one”
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