Blame Chris Paul, Mike D'Antoni for James Harden's unhappiness - Stephen A. | First Take

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Dj Ruthless
Dj Ruthless - 2 months ago
This is 💯 fake news ESPN can suck a dick he said he wanted to change how he played because he only did that cause of injuries never saw him say anything about being "unhappy" media is reaching with this one why they trying to fuck up chemistry on my team when we actually playing well rn
helterskelter416 - 2 months ago
how in the fuck is 34 year old chris paul making more than 29 year old JAMES FUCKING HARDEN?!?
Miles Davis
Miles Davis - 2 months ago
If I was harden I will b mad at him too...all that money he took he is guilty...arrogant self center prick..
Drew Lutz
Drew Lutz - 2 months ago
Cp3 stays injured 🤕
swag donj
swag donj - 2 months ago
Niggas is dumb talking that chris paul aint worth the money shit.if he wasnt fucking the warriors up in the second half of every wcf game they wouldnt be closed to beating the warriors
Angel King
Angel King - 2 months ago
Stephen A. Smith hairline vs Harden’s pull away 3 pointer...which one is further?!
Sublime Music Channel
Sublime Music Channel - 2 months ago
I never understood why the Rockets elected to go with twin-point guards. Maybe they were hankering for the days of the twin towers, Hakeem/Ralph Sampson. They spent an awful lot of money for an oft-injured player who was redundant to begin with, regardless of how great he is (which he is). They'd have been FAR better off keeping the guys they had who could defend, while trying to get or develop a star forward or center (no, not Dwight Howard). Now they're a one-man team most of the time and that has NO hopes come playoff time.
Josh Pickett
Josh Pickett - 2 months ago
I hate max
RandomPerson - 2 months ago
Synnachia McQueen
Synnachia McQueen - 2 months ago
Even though I want to agree, I still see James Harden doing things that he has been doing for years
Tarik Chandler
Tarik Chandler - 2 months ago
Sooo they acting like Austin Rivers havent been showing out lately I think they can make it without him if Rivers and Iman show up
Debo Steele
Debo Steele - 2 months ago
I never liked cp3 as a person, he just seems like a 2 face little snake, just look at his past encounters with players, apart from his banana boat crew (wade,bron,melo etc) most of the NBA players don't like him because of how dismissive and lack of respect he shows them.
Curtis 23
Curtis 23 - 2 months ago
James is doing it all. Cp3 is great but he's not reliable
J Smoove
J Smoove - 2 months ago
for once.... kellerman kind of spit facts
El sabio Ali
El sabio Ali - 2 months ago
Leonel Fernández presidente D R
G. Mereu
G. Mereu - 2 months ago
Stephen Smith is paid to talk no matter what it talks...
CookieGod666 - 2 months ago
They literally should have paid Chris Paul for 60 million less and recruited another player.. His health is a bad joke at this point in his career.. unreliable in reality..
OFFICAL PLK YOUTUBE - 2 months ago
Hardens a baller
Primo H
Primo H - 2 months ago
Cp3 is and always was a bum
Michael Laughlin
Michael Laughlin - 2 months ago
Stevie should just hang himself n give everyone a break with his dumshit ass !
Jamarius Mabry
Jamarius Mabry - 2 months ago
CP3 don’t wanna win
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - 2 months ago
Fuck black supremacist ball.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - 2 months ago
Zimbabwe was once the most wealthy and prosperous nation in Africa, but then evil black racists murdered all of the innocent white people, and now 99% of blacks in Zimbabwe live in extreme poverty and the government went bankrupt. I guess they have no appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN who died fighting in the Civil War to free black slaves, or the fact that whites donate more aid to Africa than all other races combined. Go ahead and keep murdering innocent white people; all you're doing is showing the whole world how evil you are and turning the U.S. into a third-world shit-hole. It's funny how black African men scream that white people don't belong in Africa, but then those same black hypocrites immigrate to Europe to get better jobs working for white owned businesses and try to marry white women. It's even more funny that there is still rampant BLACK-ON-BLACK SLAVERY today in African nations like MAURITANIA. BLACK HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!jxuxu
Clifford Weatherford
Clifford Weatherford - 2 months ago
I can’t watch espn anymore. All they do is talk shit all day and start drama. All the anchors talk out their ass most of the time. “I talked to him the other day..” No you didn’t
hotwings1024 - 2 months ago
I don't think it's boring at all watching James harden one of the most exciting players, drop 30 + a game
James S
James S - 2 months ago
Like any of you wouldn't fight for every penny in your career "Oh no boss, I don't need a raise." He took the 160 mill stop trying to act all noble like you'd be above the money.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#18 on trending
Kash Brooks
Kash Brooks - 2 months ago
CP3 was overpaid
Akeem Clutch
Akeem Clutch - 2 months ago
Somehow James Harden got fouled by this
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 2 months ago
chris paul's contract is an albatross that will eventually sink my rockets, and i'm mad! as hell about it!!!!!!!
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Nehpets D. Cram
Nehpets D. Cram - 2 months ago
Lets just agree that cp3,d'antoni and morey is the problem lol
Life of Mike T
Life of Mike T - 2 months ago
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LIGHTING YOUR LIFE - 2 months ago
he was a very hardworking man..
Samuel Mahmud
Samuel Mahmud - 2 months ago
When has CP3 been healthy!? If you want to win the championship everyone is going to have to sacrifice so you can have the players around you surrounding you that you need to win it all
shaft johnson
shaft johnson - 2 months ago
Why does max even fcking talk !
wolf shotta
wolf shotta - 2 months ago
If Chris paul gets hurt again this playoff coming. The whole world will knows he planed it and its riged and he only will says hes hurt cause he thinks hes team will lose. Wake me up when he says hes injured again. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
person54345 - 2 months ago
But Houston got James Harden and his squad...of refs to win
Rocky Capone
Rocky Capone - 2 months ago
Please, James Harden is unhappy in a sorry no defense NBA league , please
tngodup10 - 2 months ago
You kidding right? It’s cp3’s fault because he got injured? That’s one of the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard! As if players have control over their injury!
millbill killbill
millbill killbill - 2 months ago
Damn I forgot CP3 was even on Rockets the way James Harden been leading
The Boss
The Boss - 2 months ago
Chris Paul is hurt garbage
Wake Build Sleep Repeat
Wake Build Sleep Repeat - 2 months ago
Who’s responsible for that hairline?
MuMu124 - 2 months ago
Why do they always have to state the other guy is wrong before they make their side of the argument?
invictus thraxx
invictus thraxx - 2 months ago
CP3 knows his body isnt going to hold for 4 seasons...why not get 160 million while sitting on the couch
andysvt8 - 2 months ago
1000000% cp3 is to blame for selfishly taking all that money
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man - 2 months ago
Oh yeah yeah, LeBron the GOAT
Anime Natak
Anime Natak - 2 months ago
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will Khamalahsni
will Khamalahsni - 2 months ago
Are you serious? They just got bored because lebrons team is in 9th so they pulled something from their ass lol
Not Forgranted
Not Forgranted - 2 months ago
Miami Dolfan
Miami Dolfan - 2 months ago
Stephen A smith. says that media doesn't break up locker rooms but then blames the head coach and Harden's teammate to create drama.
Tivo Kenevil
Tivo Kenevil - 2 months ago
5:50 Stephen "My Fart" Smith
Tivo Kenevil
Tivo Kenevil - 2 months ago
Harden / KD / Kyrie to Knicks?...
joe marin
joe marin - 2 months ago
Trash everyone always hating on harden and rockets 🚀 I hate politics James Harden previous interview with Rachel Nichols he simply admitted he had to start the scoring surge because he was lacking players because of injuries not once did he say he was unhappy in HOUSTON y’all stupid bitches always trying to start rumors fuck you Stephen a smith , and max Keller man btw rockets will win championship this year
Corduroyx - 2 months ago
Im tired of seeing this old nigga on the trending page. Go away bruh damn
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 2 months ago
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Slayz - 2 months ago
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Marthur Aorgan
Marthur Aorgan - 2 months ago
Aw, poor Traveling Guy is unhappy? ☹️ Come on, refs, just let the poor guy stop dribbling the ball altogether while he’s running down the court. That’s pretty much how you’re calling his games already anyway.
KillaCrossover318 - 2 months ago
Guys like Harden is the reason I can’t even watch basketball anymore. Let’s talk about that. Guy with that much talents taking 5 extra steps, pathetic. And there’s no such thing as playing defense anymore, big men can’t do their thing anymore. It’s just like watching a 3 point shootout every time.
Jordan Hauser
Jordan Hauser - 2 months ago
James Harden gets no break? .........what about on defense.
saji - 2 months ago
Did he say playing 37 min?? That's 1 quarter off. Quit your complaining when you getting paid millions
shao天照 - 2 months ago
Max Kellerman is literally a troll in disguise 😂
grockaroni - 2 months ago
Chris Paul pulled the biggest heist of the Century. That old, broken down war horse played the Rockets!!! Never pay top dollar for a defective part...That bad move also cost them one of their most efficient true killers, Trevor Ariza...Poor Beard guy.
TRay T
TRay T - 2 months ago
Paul is kinda like D Rose.
The Joker
The Joker - 2 months ago
Y’all ain’t winning no championship without any sort of defense.
Calipitar - 2 months ago
ruben tinkel
ruben tinkel - 2 months ago
long live the beard !!!!
LOHX Jeff - 2 months ago
Dafuq cp3 talkin abt? He wanna share the ball but he is not sharing he is slackin while harden do everything
Dan K
Dan K - 2 months ago
is it my meds or is SAS hair green... tf??
LOHX Jeff - 2 months ago
Yep rockets somehow kinda disappeared after last yr except for harden lol
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gill - 2 months ago
Whatever. Bernie 2020!
SquirrelyBlake - 2 months ago
We'll see what happens.
Skins 101
Skins 101 - 2 months ago
I’m done with all sports media, making up bs rumors and bs that isn’t even true
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Quinton Alford
Quinton Alford - 2 months ago
Cp♿ has that Carmelo Anthony syndrome in not understanding what it takes to win a championship
Vinstinctify1 - 2 months ago
They wouldve been better off just keeping lou williams. Even before they got paul i thought he was getting more and more injury prone
Guadalupe Rodriguez
Guadalupe Rodriguez - 2 months ago
The person to blame for his unhappiness is himself.. he ballhogs and gets mad that they're not winning? Lol
Sports Couch
Sports Couch - 2 months ago
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Noah Hibbs
Noah Hibbs - 2 months ago
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pej f
pej f - 2 months ago
Cp3 is done. Old news
TRay T
TRay T - 2 months ago
We all know in Sports you should never give a player a $300 million 10 year contract like dude just got from SD. I Guarantee this will be regretted!! After a period of time the body and mind have to rest and heal, that's being a human! All sports leagues should have a 5 or 6 year max for contracts, PERIOD!
TRay T
TRay T - 2 months ago
He was breaking down b4 he got to Houston. Should have never gave him all that $$$$.
Ktrain0218 - 2 months ago
Kellerman blaming Morey? What?!
Punjabi Savage
Punjabi Savage - 2 months ago
Chris Paul is always injured in the playoffs 🙄
973 Flake
973 Flake - 2 months ago
so we mad at a man for looking out for himself now?
Matt 94095
Matt 94095 - 2 months ago
Chris Paul is worth every penny but if he took a little less the team would have a lot better. Guess he chose money over winning. Can't blame him.
Gil Toy
Gil Toy - 2 months ago
Idk about Hardin, but i get angry, frustrated, and mad whenever i hear this clown, Stephen A Smith talk. He is a blowhard fool. Never trust a journalist who thinks they are more important than the story he is reporting.
Gil Toy
Gil Toy - 2 months ago
Max Kellerman is a genius but he dont act like a big shot. He knows what his job is, and he doesnt try to mKe it about him. He makes it about the story
Gil Toy
Gil Toy - 2 months ago
Maybe its bc Hardin is a ball hog who has to run the Iso all game to get his 30ppg
scareface1197 - 2 months ago
Bro the second cp3 signed for max it was over with for Huston 😔
Corrie Thomas
Corrie Thomas - 2 months ago
Cp3 is worth $1,349 😂🤣👊🏽🤜🏽
J D - 2 months ago
I gotta give it to espn for managing to get someone more ludicrous then SAS with max
Rojon Alexander
Rojon Alexander - 2 months ago
Harden is gonna be broken down sooner than later it hurts that's my team the Houston rockets
Rhonda arrington
Rhonda arrington - 2 months ago
there was a......conversation btween......steph and the beard......he stated....that he was.....unhappy having.....2 play hero ball....the on u-tube.....
FRESHBREWS Media - 2 months ago
Cry me a river James Harden.
YMthl - 2 months ago
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Cool Products
Cool Products - 2 months ago
Bro they really out here thirsty for narratives. Harden is only unhappy insofar as he’s motivated to make the team better. Bunch of bs
NBA - 2 months ago
Chris Paul is donezo. Sorry but he has to be the 3 best on a championship team. Harden, any small forward star, cp3.
justin v.
justin v. - 2 months ago
Fuck fortnite play apex legends even tho this has nothing to do with fortnite
YOUTUBE PURGE - 2 months ago
Sports are gay
MrVeggieman - 2 months ago
how can they talk about how good his efficiency is.. He shooting in the low 40%s... Which means he's more likely to miss than make a shot
Imaelito AC
Imaelito AC - 2 months ago
CP3 got paid and doesn't care about anything else. 😂😂 An old-injure prone getting a Max deal. #whatajoke
itsFade - 2 months ago
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