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Bothrops Asper
Bothrops Asper - 3 days ago
Que pelicula tan basura que bueno que no la ví, no hagan parecer como que los animales son tan tontos, no lo son.
1234 abcd
1234 abcd - 5 days ago
When Britishers and Europeans where doing this WE the PEOPLE OF INDIA where able to do agriculture and creared vegetarian civilisations thousands of years before this .
So respect every INDIAN you see
Slimjim Phantom
Slimjim Phantom - 5 days ago
Awesome !
Umesh Yadav
Umesh Yadav - 6 days ago
ERFGT DSFSDF - 6 days ago
this scene was a bullshit
Bhanu Tez
Bhanu Tez - 6 days ago
for a budget of 1000$ it is looking good
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu - 4 days ago
Bhanu Tez wow really? 1000$?
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George tom
George tom - 8 days ago
those where the good ole days
Marlboroliteman - 8 days ago stupid.
TheCookingNerd - 9 days ago
The bison didn’t die in real life right? 😢
thomas robinette
thomas robinette - 9 days ago
So they low crawl til they are 400 feet away...then they start screaming which makes the bison charge at them....full grown men.... then when the bison see a row of sticks in the ground the whole herd turns around and jumps off of a cliff. That makes no sense at all
edwin Davis
edwin Davis - 9 days ago
0:38 lol
swampThaang - 9 days ago
Zig-zag!! Whether you are Charlize Theron in Prometheus or being chased by a crocodile. Never run straight.
a A rRB b uzU Z
a A rRB b uzU Z - 10 days ago
Vincent Trivigno
Vincent Trivigno - 11 days ago
Bisons r known to run toward startling noises . finally someone gets it right
jumanji Great
jumanji Great - 11 days ago
I thought bison is only in america and indian hunt them not white person.
StormLaker1975 - 11 days ago
There are a few places here in the states that were noted "buffalo jumps"....pits that the first nation people would regularly use just like this.
Miskogwan Red Feather
Miskogwan Red Feather - 11 days ago
Very bad cgi
Manthan Mishra
Manthan Mishra - 12 days ago
Plz listen my voice,I am a boy and I can sing in girls voice,not joking,need support to my talent
Fah Q
Fah Q - 11 days ago
Lol 👏👏👏
Trey Spiva
Trey Spiva - 12 days ago
SirGecko - 12 days ago
R bere
R bere - 12 days ago
CGI Buffalo
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith - 12 days ago
i'm so glad the person died!
Thicc Bear
Thicc Bear - 13 days ago
Expected a lot more from this movie
thelastjohnwayne - 13 days ago
Ground bison
Mario Soto
Mario Soto - 13 days ago
I see military signs were present back then,the leader closed his fist for them to stop moving forward.
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur - 13 days ago
Movie director did in a modern-day style I guess
Muhammad Abdullah Mughal
Muhammad Abdullah Mughal - 13 days ago
RedRock3t82 - 14 days ago
I love Chechnya
I love Chechnya - 15 days ago
যেমন কর্ম তেমন ফল ।
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hamiorg - 15 days ago
At least he went out in style doing a backflip lol
michael hammond
michael hammond - 15 days ago
Terrible cgi, tailored costumes that look fitted by a seamstress. It seemed the actors had coiffed beards and styled hair...... regretted this movie.
Crow - 17 days ago
herds of animals don't charge people when they run screaming, what is this nonsense
POIZON_AK1L3 YT - 17 days ago
I watched the movie and cried like hell
Raj kumar
Raj kumar - 15 days ago
Movie name
Nai Nonrev
Nai Nonrev - 18 days ago
No bison were hurt in the production of this movie 🎥
dritzzjoney - 19 days ago
This was a decent movie but the outfits looks surprisingly modern. Which I found funny
shravan singh rathore
shravan singh rathore - 21 day ago
WTF how monstrous are those alphas
Mouhamad Elayoubi
Mouhamad Elayoubi - 22 days ago
Fortnite when u get knocked
Random Gorkhali
Random Gorkhali - 24 days ago
1:13 were those bull or human above the camera
Wilson Echeverry
Wilson Echeverry - 25 days ago
Alpha es mi pelicula favorita😍😎😘
Aliaa lolo
Aliaa lolo - 27 days ago
هذا الفلم اكتر من رائع
Dadooz osama اياد اسامة
اكو عرب 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Ezra Von Hindenburg
Ezra Von Hindenburg - 28 days ago
Now you know how it feels....
Ruby Chan
Ruby Chan - Month ago
moral of the story, you snatch something away from nature, nature snatches something away from you..
if you watch till episode 10, he helped the wolf and the wolf paid him back..
Seba Contreras
Seba Contreras - 6 days ago
yes, because humans and nature are two different things
BOSE - Month ago
You kill animal thats good but when animal kill you thats very bad.What a concept.
Caleb Stone
Caleb Stone - Month ago
A bison bull can beat Paso El Toro in battle!🐂🐃🐂🐃
The Strange Man
The Strange Man - Month ago
Anna Paraskeu
Anna Paraskeu - Month ago
Σκατα στο πόλεμο.
Mauricio Pariona
Mauricio Pariona - Month ago
Anbu K
Anbu K - Month ago
Do bison knows to do revenge in "exact"same way??
Sundarjee - Month ago
Revenge of bison
Juan Guaman
Juan Guaman - Month ago
Congratulations bisons and keda you played yourself.
Joon Yeol Hur
Joon Yeol Hur - Month ago
He white
Bapy Das
Bapy Das - Month ago
Joon Yeol Hur LM
Stefanie Schöndorfer
Stefanie Schöndorfer - Month ago
Uuuuuhhh 😠😠😠😱😱😱😱😱👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎das ist gemein was wer wen ihr das seid ???? Gemein 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠!!!!!!!!!!
jilmar adora
jilmar adora - Month ago
Bích phượng Dương thị
Có bt tế
نعمان محمد Noaman
Waka shimoti laka sikana hiomatara keda kasoki , i m kidding, i m just imitate their language
Rocky jet Daguyen
Rocky jet Daguyen - Month ago
*This is white man trying to say we own america first than the natives.*
The Malevolent One
The Malevolent One - 23 days ago
It takes place in EUROPE, you deluded brown man! Native Europeans were white; not red people!
Rose J
Rose J - Month ago
Makes me think if the bison was taking revenge by going back to get him and throwing him over the hill
Ra Ja
Ra Ja - Month ago
Super move
المكسيكي FM
المكسيكي FM - Month ago
كلهم كمبره
Mossad Agent
Mossad Agent - Month ago
With that hit from the bison, his spine would have broke into pieces... No wonder this was a flop...
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson - Month ago
Mossad Agent definitely some hard to believe moments. The mass suicide by Bison seemed a bit odd too but the movie wasn’t actually that bad. Kinda dope. You’re right about it not bein a surprise it flopped but I think it’s actually a pretty good movie. In the 10,000 BC sense. Not the apocalypto sense.
Ronaldo Amorim
Ronaldo Amorim - Month ago
PALI FARM - Month ago
elviade - Month ago
This doesn't make sense for so many reasons. You wouldn't crawl up to a bison herd with that many together. Bison would not charge yelling people like it was an 18th century battleline. You wouldn't throw away your spears to make a spear wall which the bison may just trample and ignore. You wouldn't drive all the bison over the cliff if you didn't need them all dead. Where is the resource management with that? How do you eat next week? Rotten meat? And come next year? Nothing.
Sterbin BW
Sterbin BW - Month ago
elviade to answer your last question. You would dry the meat to make gerky. But I sill agree with on the rest of your argument.
Cricket Basic Rules 27
sei movie
Franklin Walts
Franklin Walts - Month ago
Seems like the white version of 3000 BC
Walte te Choc
Walte te Choc - Month ago
Gokhan - Month ago
Fuckinh savages human we dont deserve live in this world.
MaybeNextTime - Month ago
Go bang a tree
hookah lovers
hookah lovers - Month ago
La vi ayer y era increible
Mohammed aljezany
Mohammed aljezany - Month ago
I watched the movie and it was amazing
Mowafaq Alsulimani
Mowafaq Alsulimani - Month ago
فلم تاااااافه
mhmod abozaed
mhmod abozaed - Month ago
Fjejduu Dyhddjj
Fjejduu Dyhddjj - Month ago
يستهل لاانه جبان
Tati sem Ana
Tati sem Ana - Month ago
Vai trouxa
GechillterBra exe s
GechillterBra exe s - Month ago
Really good Film , i watched it a couple of Times
a aditya
a aditya - 13 days ago
@zagorith14 and it wasn't that great to the replier. That's all that matters.
zagorith14 - 17 days ago
@Luke Sanchez Correction: It was a "really good film" to him. That's the only point that matters really.
Luke Sanchez
Luke Sanchez - Month ago
not a very good film but the cinematography was amazing
MMA GANG - Month ago
Mum,know m,, ,
. J5
مهند الحمداني
موجود الفلم على برنامج سينما
Jeevan Gudla
Jeevan Gudla - Month ago
Primitive people never hunted more than what they needed.
They never allowed youngsters in dangerous hunting.
christopher snedeker
christopher snedeker - Month ago
They could be hunting to save up food for winter
SoulUnity - Month ago
Nice movie trailer
Alpaslan Karakaya
Alpaslan Karakaya - Month ago
Çok guzel bi film tavsiye ederim izlemek isteyenlere
Fling Gonza
Fling Gonza - Month ago
Who else thought they were wooly mammoths
Берик Тенилбаев
Как фильма завут
manohar Panta
manohar Panta - 2 months ago
If I was the director I would’ve got everything previous this as a really really wide thin aspect ratio. Then at that second the screen becomes full wide with the spectacle.
Ikhsam Noval
Ikhsam Noval - 2 months ago
Relly Morales
Relly Morales - 2 months ago
Go wolves and humans
Enifa Marcellin
Enifa Marcellin - 2 months ago
Wmmmm dotn you guys know
Waht bulls or whatever are i would
End my life if i had to fight that thing \(・`(ェ)・)/
Gage Cone
Gage Cone - 2 months ago
That bison was a savage tho
Peni Parker
Peni Parker - 2 months ago
I feel really bad for the bisons who were able to stop in time, but were then knocked over the edge by the other bisons running into them
Rajan Kumar Vishwakarma
Rajan Kumar Vishwakarma - 2 months ago
Peni Parker
Getnoykynsos Sjjskskskdf
Getnoykynsos Sjjskskskdf - 2 months ago
Das ist ALPHA
William Locklear
William Locklear - 2 months ago
This is the worst stone age type movie I have ever watched, One Million Years BC with Raquel Welch was a better movie than this one!!
7Moody 040
7Moody 040 - 2 months ago
i wanna see a similar movie, anyone know a similar movies?
احمد حامد
احمد حامد - 2 months ago
AGM 95
AGM 95 - 2 months ago
So predictable movie
Sabrina teixeira da silva santos
Alguém Brasileiro(a) por aqui?
Thrivikram babu
Thrivikram babu - 2 months ago
Same as farcry primal
SHOOT GUNZ - 2 months ago
This kinda has a 1000 bc vibe. Anyone else?
Fahim Abbas
Fahim Abbas - 15 days ago
I think it
Akayla Greene
Akayla Greene - 20 days ago
Yeah I noticed after I posted but my wifi stopped working so i just left it 😂
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed - 24 days ago
@Akayla Greene It's 10,000 BC, not 1,000 BC.
Akayla Greene
Akayla Greene - 25 days ago
1000 bc is a movie 🙄 and if you wanna call someone dumb, at least use proper grammar.
klajdi alb7
klajdi alb7 - 27 days ago
Omg 1000 years ago peoples were smarter than you,,. It is about 15.000 or 20.000 years ago,
Its Ok
Its Ok - 2 months ago
Man the bar for good writers in Hollywood is lowwwwww
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