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Paominzai Lienthang
Paominzai Lienthang - 2 days ago
Am i the only one who feel pity for the animal when they fall
Ghost FlashYY GangNl
Ghost FlashYY GangNl - 10 days ago
I have seen this movie in the cinema
frisco - 15 days ago
Personally I'm having a hard time believing Bisons changing their course just because a few spears landed before them.
iCommandYew - 12 days ago
Jack Crassus
Jack Crassus - 16 days ago
Dhina 1988
Dhina 1988 - 20 days ago
Sema scene
MINAL WAGHULE - 23 days ago
What a movie.👌😊
Sree Sreekanth
Sree Sreekanth - 24 days ago
Super movie
Mehboob MB
Mehboob MB - 27 days ago
(🐜😋 ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cheetah Army
Cheetah Army - 29 days ago
What kidna ants he just eat
peer mohi-u-din
peer mohi-u-din - 29 days ago
Killer God
Killer God - Month ago
p-p-p-p-poor bisones ;-;
ayhan zzr
ayhan zzr - Month ago
foking bulls.hit.
Jdjdj Hshdjd
Jdjdj Hshdjd - Month ago
Memes Maker
Memes Maker - Month ago
Anyone watching in 2050
jimmy fallon
jimmy fallon - Month ago
No way in hell they r eating all that bison before it goes to waste. Unless they know how to preserve it.
Kronos - Month ago
Lol, how many people killed themselves in the theater to end their suffering?
How To Vegan
How To Vegan - Month ago
What is this movie about
swukelz - Month ago
Damn, what a genocide
Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain - Month ago
Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain - Month ago
Bandit - Month ago
You people are so fragile. Imagine if you stopped getting food put on to your plate everyday like the pigs you are and you actually had to hunt to feed your family, would you be crying after you killed a Bison? You'd either be happy, or dead from starvation. There's a difference between unecessary cruelty and torture of an animal, and hunting so you can live.
balastog barok
balastog barok - Month ago
So that's how to extinct an animal
Hovo Harutunyan
Hovo Harutunyan - Month ago
HOVO 777
Hovo Harutunyan
Hovo Harutunyan - Month ago
HOVO 777
the nerf dude
the nerf dude - Month ago
I cried so hard wene the BISON fell off the cliff
Fool Slayer
Fool Slayer - Month ago
It brought meat to the table. You think wolves mourn over the elk and bison they kill?
Bothrops Asper
Bothrops Asper - 2 months ago
Que pelicula tan basura que bueno que no la ví, no hagan parecer como que los animales son tan tontos, no lo son.
1234 abcd
1234 abcd - 2 months ago
When Britishers and Europeans where doing this WE the PEOPLE OF INDIA where able to do agriculture and creared vegetarian civilisations thousands of years before this .
So respect every INDIAN you see
Slimjim Phantom
Slimjim Phantom - 2 months ago
Awesome !
Umesh Yadav
Umesh Yadav - 2 months ago
ERFGT DSFSDF - 2 months ago
this scene was a bullshit
Bhanu Tez
Bhanu Tez - 2 months ago
for a budget of 1000$ it is looking good
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu - 2 months ago
Bhanu Tez wow really? 1000$?
Vasik Plays
Vasik Plays - 2 months ago
0:39 Appetizers !!!!
Vlad Rustic
Vlad Rustic - 2 months ago
those where the good ole days
Marlboroliteman - 2 months ago stupid.
TheCookingNerd - 2 months ago
The bison didn’t die in real life right? 😢
thomas robinette
thomas robinette - 2 months ago
So they low crawl til they are 400 feet away...then they start screaming which makes the bison charge at them....full grown men.... then when the bison see a row of sticks in the ground the whole herd turns around and jumps off of a cliff. That makes no sense at all
edwin Davis
edwin Davis - 2 months ago
0:38 lol
swampThaang - 2 months ago
Zig-zag!! Whether you are Charlize Theron in Prometheus or being chased by a crocodile. Never run straight.
a A rRB b uzU Z
a A rRB b uzU Z - 2 months ago
Vincent Trivigno
Vincent Trivigno - 2 months ago
Bisons r known to run toward startling noises . finally someone gets it right
jumanji Great
jumanji Great - 2 months ago
I thought bison is only in america and indian hunt them not white person.
TheAmphicyon - Month ago
Bison Priscus all over northern Asia and Europe and North America.
StormLaker1975 - 2 months ago
There are a few places here in the states that were noted "buffalo jumps"....pits that the first nation people would regularly use just like this.
Miskogwan Red Feather
Miskogwan Red Feather - 2 months ago
Very bad cgi
Manthan Mishra
Manthan Mishra - 2 months ago
Plz listen my voice,I am a boy and I can sing in girls voice,not joking,need support to my talent
Fah Q
Fah Q - 2 months ago
Lol 👏👏👏
Trey Spiva
Trey Spiva - 2 months ago
SirGecko - 2 months ago
R bere
R bere - 2 months ago
CGI Buffalo
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith - 2 months ago
i'm so glad the person died!
Thicc Bear
Thicc Bear - 2 months ago
Expected a lot more from this movie
thelastjohnwayne - 2 months ago
Ground bison
Mario Soto
Mario Soto - 2 months ago
I see military signs were present back then,the leader closed his fist for them to stop moving forward.
rgudduu - 2 months ago
@Danny Benhur + "hold the line". Extremely unlikely to have such language and military style coordination at that time. I can guess from this trailer what sort of movie they made :(
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur - 2 months ago
Movie director did in a modern-day style I guess
Muhammad Abdullah Mughal
Muhammad Abdullah Mughal - 2 months ago
RedRock3t82 - 2 months ago
I love Chechnya
I love Chechnya - 2 months ago
যেমন কর্ম তেমন ফল ।
RobloxIsCool 2018
RobloxIsCool 2018 - 2 months ago
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hamiorg - 2 months ago
At least he went out in style doing a backflip lol
Igge - 10 days ago
He didnt die
michael hammond
michael hammond - 2 months ago
Terrible cgi, tailored costumes that look fitted by a seamstress. It seemed the actors had coiffed beards and styled hair...... regretted this movie.
Crow - 2 months ago
herds of animals don't charge people when they run screaming, what is this nonsense
Barnacle Films
Barnacle Films - 9 days ago
Crow Dramatization for the sake of being an entertaining movie I guess.
POIZON_AK1L3 YT - 2 months ago
I watched the movie and cried like hell
osman Ali E not Full
father babalow iF iam pizza well come b
Raj kumar
Raj kumar - 2 months ago
Movie name
Nai Nonrev
Nai Nonrev - 2 months ago
No bison were hurt in the production of this movie 🎥
dritzzjoney - 2 months ago
This was a decent movie but the outfits looks surprisingly modern. Which I found funny
Barnacle Films
Barnacle Films - 9 days ago
dritzzjoney It’s probably more you underestimate the intelligence and abilities of our ancestors, these outfits are totally believable for the time.
shravan singh rathore
shravan singh rathore - 2 months ago
WTF how monstrous are those alphas
Mouhamad Elayoubi
Mouhamad Elayoubi - 2 months ago
Fortnite when u get knocked
Random Gorkhali
Random Gorkhali - 2 months ago
1:13 were those bull or human above the camera
Wilson Echeverry
Wilson Echeverry - 2 months ago
Alpha es mi pelicula favorita😍😎😘
Cartons cute
Cartons cute - 3 months ago
هذا الفلم اكتر من رائع
Dadooz osama اياد اسامة
اكو عرب 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
چتال صہۣاگ
چتال صہۣاگ - Month ago
اي اكو عبالك لاعب ببجي ونازل ويه اتراك
Ezra Von Hindenburg
Ezra Von Hindenburg - 3 months ago
Now you know how it feels....
Ruby Chan
Ruby Chan - 3 months ago
moral of the story, you snatch something away from nature, nature snatches something away from you..
if you watch till episode 10, he helped the wolf and the wolf paid him back..
Søren Dansker
Søren Dansker - 21 day ago
Ruby Chan wtf that’s not how the real world works I bet you live in a big city and have never seen real nature
Anol Hansds
Anol Hansds - Month ago
Ruby Chan
Seba Contreras
Seba Contreras - 2 months ago
yes, because humans and nature are two different things
BOSE - 3 months ago
You kill animal thats good but when animal kill you thats very bad.What a concept.
Caleb Stone
Caleb Stone - 3 months ago
A bison bull can beat Paso El Toro in battle!🐂🐃🐂🐃
Golden Steve
Golden Steve - 3 months ago
Anna Paraskeu
Anna Paraskeu - 3 months ago
Σκατα στο πόλεμο.
Mauricio Pariona
Mauricio Pariona - 3 months ago
Anbu K
Anbu K - 3 months ago
Do bison knows to do revenge in "exact"same way??
Fool Slayer
Fool Slayer - Month ago
They can be pretty smart
Sundarjee - 3 months ago
Revenge of bison
Juan Guaman
Juan Guaman - 3 months ago
Congratulations bisons and keda you played yourself.
Joon Yeol Hur
Joon Yeol Hur - 3 months ago
He white
Bapy Das
Bapy Das - 3 months ago
Joon Yeol Hur LM
Stefanie Schöndorfer
Stefanie Schöndorfer - 3 months ago
Uuuuuhhh 😠😠😠😱😱😱😱😱👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎das ist gemein was wer wen ihr das seid ???? Gemein 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠!!!!!!!!!!
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