Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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Roger Cavalli
Roger Cavalli - Day ago
Mew is legally obtainable in 1st Generation Pokémon games.
Roger Cavalli
Roger Cavalli - 9 hours ago
You trick the game but you don't hack it. *Big Difference*
PlaguedPig - 10 hours ago
No... he is only accessible to hacks..
zachary chaber
zachary chaber - Day ago
Big problem in your theory, its said that new can transform into any Pokemon because every pokemon was decended from it, if ditto was a failed mew clone then it wouldn't be able to turn into a person
Manuel The goat
Manuel The goat - 2 days ago
So that means ditto is mew 3 NANI!!!!!!
Dr Phil uwu
Dr Phil uwu - 3 days ago
Also shiny mew and shiny ditto are both blue
Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens - 4 days ago
basically, what i have gathered from this video is that Howard Clifford was trying to make mewthree, by doing what Dr. Fuji and others did with Mew. That's why that ditto is better than other ditto's. because it's not a failed clone of mew, it's a failed clone of Mewtwo.
Dragon of Eden
Dragon of Eden - 4 days ago
:0 that old mew two movie was my favorite when I was little!
CreeperFace63 - 5 days ago
this is very confusing
Gimmerstrike - 5 days ago
Is that a galar region building on the rooftop screenshot on the left building?
nathaniel bass
nathaniel bass - 5 days ago
Duplica's ditto can transform into objects that are not present, but perhaps we can also infer some form of decent intelligence as well given you would have to know the functions and structure of gunpowder to form a cannon like the ditto did in the series
Percy Mc
Percy Mc - 6 days ago
But mewtwo’s stats don’t have a connection to mew or ditto can you explain that?
the underrated waffle
the underrated waffle - 7 days ago
Ditto can transform into humans and pokemon but the eyes are always wrong
Alpha Night-Fang
Alpha Night-Fang - 8 days ago
Did he call it Con-toe?
Cheese Muffin071
Cheese Muffin071 - 8 days ago
Really wish I could’ve seen it

Saddest anime moments 2019
Jude Jack
Jude Jack - 8 days ago
Kenzie Rivera
Kenzie Rivera - 9 days ago
Download this game to play old 90's game including Pokèmon Yellow and others!
BTW its free
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The games name is Retro Land
Quinten de Vries
Quinten de Vries - 9 days ago
Pokémon ultra sun the ditto that was a kahuna, the kahuna was not near.
Explain that
Sehoon Kim
Sehoon Kim - 9 days ago
In the pokedex it saya ditto was a failed experiment of cloning mew, and also in many pokemon games like spinoffs if you clone mew you get ditto
RajJ Gaming
RajJ Gaming - 9 days ago
The facts counter this theory as Giovanni, the leader of team rocket funded the experiment, even if ditto was a failure, giovanni would've wanted it as who wouldn't want a pokemon which could morph or he would sell it.
David Games
David Games - 9 days ago
The opening joke was terrible
HyperController1 - 10 days ago
Another theory bites the dust
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K - 10 days ago
Hardest Pokémon to find in PokPokémon Go.
Maddie The nightgard
Maddie The nightgard - 10 days ago
The Goober man
The Goober man - 12 days ago
About ditto getting details wrong, if you look at it’s eyes in the movie they replicate the dittos eyes and not the original Pokemon’s eyes
Star Light
Star Light - 12 days ago
I have a Psyduck plushy, and I protect it with dear life.
DankBoi Productions
DankBoi Productions - 13 days ago
The sonic movie was good in my opinion 😤
Amy Adams
Amy Adams - 14 days ago
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Camron Mahler
Camron Mahler - 14 days ago
151, how dare you.
JakeUp53 - 15 days ago
Does he not know that this was confirmed in a Pokedex entry?
Nemutai Bao
Nemutai Bao - 15 days ago
But ditto is the BEST POKEMON
Nancy Valdes
Nancy Valdes - 15 days ago
What about mewone
Historycanon - 15 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about the theory where ash's dad is a ditto? The movie also brings evidence to that theory where ditto transforms into Humans.
iloveowls90 - 16 days ago
Loved the twist at the end of the movie!
Jayashley - 16 days ago
Glad we got the bill cipher voice for the pokedex.
TTrollkoo 1157
TTrollkoo 1157 - 16 days ago
this reminds me of pixelmon
Scuffed Gamer
Scuffed Gamer - 16 days ago
In the Pokémon manga Dido transforms into a mew purely by memory it cannot use mews attacks though
Eleanor Martin
Eleanor Martin - 17 days ago
Me when ever I see a theory by mat pat: This is true
When I see the end of a video: It is still true even though it is not true🤔
Gaming-WITH-Jay - 17 days ago
Btw: ik that it means they cloned it
super mario aiden
super mario aiden - 17 days ago
Am I the only one that realizes ditto can only be found by Mewtwo in Pokemon x and y
Kai Vidz
Kai Vidz - 17 days ago
Click on a Pokémon vid get a Pokémon ad coincidence?
꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂
Ngl live-action ditto-person was really fuckin disconcerting
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