Get Ready With Me - Sunset Eyes & Bold lips

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Claudia Barbosa
Claudia Barbosa - 9 months ago
mua Obrien
mua Obrien - Year ago
You should have used mac sketch on the lid
Elisabeth Cuningham
Elisabeth Cuningham - Year ago
Love intense orange lips with a bronze look!!! 😍😍
elena_ruescher - Year ago
Its not talk thru but rush thru😂 😙
Το κανάλι σου
Ikwo Morris
Ikwo Morris - Year ago
Look how great you looked without fillers sigh
Marah Omar
Marah Omar - Year ago
I loveee you love love you
dreamcatcher75418 - Year ago
Best Natasha Denona tutorial ever!
Alaina Kohler
Alaina Kohler - Year ago
It’s so cool watching your older videos and you seriously saying 2 of your palette colors ☺️☺️☺️ LOVE YOU!!
Jessica Gromala
Jessica Gromala - Year ago
creamsicle !!! you referenced your palette (;
Mary Khadem
Mary Khadem - Year ago
Why cant my makeup look like this 😭😭😭
Natalie - Year ago
I loveeeee that shirt!!!
Yana Terman
Yana Terman - Year ago
What shade of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder do you use?
brianna coleman
brianna coleman - Year ago
Can you make a video on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Pallet that's coming out today!!!!!
Anna Danieli
Anna Danieli - Year ago
9:05 "creamsicle looking crease"
gabriella lynn
gabriella lynn - Year ago
What color brow definer?
Sara Beidler
Sara Beidler - Year ago
"I have a vision" 😂😂
Patricia Riccardi
Patricia Riccardi - Year ago
JACLYN'S 👏🏻SASS 👏🏻IN 👏🏻THIS 👏🏻VIDEO 👏🏻IS 👏🏻EV 👏🏻ERY 👏🏻THING #yassbitch
Emma Clardy
Emma Clardy - Year ago
Jaclyn you are amazing and you have changed my life for the greater good! You are my bestfriend! I don't have any girl friends but I know I will always have you! I've learned so much from you and I tell everyone how amazing you are!!! Its true!
Azahely Carrizales
Azahely Carrizales - Year ago
I LOVE prosecco pop. It's my favorite summer highlighter. Makes me feel like a golden bronze goddess ❤
Constance Lzq
Constance Lzq - 2 years ago
Actl i have no idea why people are focusing more on how "she is different than usual" or the "endorsing with certain brands too much" - why isn't there as much people complimenting how much efforts she took to explain every step of what she did in her makeup tutorials? She does it like 95% of her tutorials and people choose to overlook it most of the time...?
Keely LaBarge
Keely LaBarge - 2 years ago
FABOULOS A.REYES - 2 years ago
Thanks for the makeup tips!!
Sue Lukaszek
Sue Lukaszek - 2 years ago
Jaclyn, love that you specify what types of brushes you are using in addition to the brand. Love your vids
jenna leee
jenna leee - 2 years ago
8 months later its ur ride or die concealer lol
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen - 2 years ago
one of my all time favorite looks you've ever done. 😍
lj1989100 - 2 years ago
No! Talkovers are so much better!
Instinctively Chelsea
Instinctively Chelsea - 2 years ago
I don't know how to say that realgar shade from the abh palette either no worries hahahha however I'm a little worried you say the 'x' in a collaboration palette and don't know it's a cooler way to say 'and' . Or 'by' im not sure which but it's certainly not 'times' lol;)
Lindsay Williams
Lindsay Williams - 2 years ago
You help me slay at my makeup mornings, girl.
Alexis Robinette
Alexis Robinette - 2 years ago
7:21 still my favorite part 😂
Tenille Tollison
Tenille Tollison - 2 years ago
I know this is probably a dumb question, but PLEASE explain what "hooded" eye lids are.. please.. thank you!:)
dreamcatcher75418 - 2 years ago
So pretty!
Hypnotiqpoison - 2 years ago
Just have to pause the video cuz I realized I'm not following you on Snapchat. Like what😱
Brittany Wetzel
Brittany Wetzel - 2 years ago
I love your shirt!! whered you get it? been looking for one for so long, everything I have i try to find it in pinapple. thanks for your videos! they help alot
Dawn  Master
Dawn Master - 2 years ago
Like the rcma powder for the shadow line so u pick up fall out to keep the cat eye like genius!!
Dawn  Master
Dawn Master - 2 years ago
cant express how much I love this look!!! this is super dope an a great thought an creation.. like this right here is why I love u like this is so awesome!!! thank you~~~~!!!!!
Tiffany McKane
Tiffany McKane - 2 years ago
New sub here!! I'm loving all your videos, this look is absolutely gorgeous!!
mamswietnylogin - 2 years ago
You should try Inglot eyeshadow in purple from collection called "What a spice!". It's incredible! So pigmented and so good! :)
Leydis Lam
Leydis Lam - 2 years ago
Hey Jaclyn, when applying the Chanel bronzer with the sponge, was the sponge damped or dry? Ty in advance ... I have the same bronzer n that's a good idea of how to apply it
Southern Grace And Beauty
Pretty sure it was damp but don't take my word for it.
Ashtin Pearson
Ashtin Pearson - 2 years ago
I just did a inspired makeup look off your look
Ashtin Pearson
Ashtin Pearson - 2 years ago
OMG by far my favorite vedio so far I loveee it !!!!!!!!
Ozlem Z
Ozlem Z - 2 years ago
Eleonora Shehu
Eleonora Shehu - 2 years ago
This is one of my fave looks evaaah
Lucero Perez
Lucero Perez - 2 years ago
Girl, YOU HAVE THE EYES!!! Absolutely beautiful *-*
Sara Ibraheem
Sara Ibraheem - 2 years ago
This eye look was so easy to do that I couldn't believe it. I tried it the other day and I loveddd it.
mohammed El Ahmad
mohammed El Ahmad - 2 years ago
JACLYN YOU HAVE MADE THIS 36 years old mother of three find a new love its makeup. I'm on love with makeup and we have just a beautiful home finally and we are probably not gong to pay the mortgage this month that's how much I love makeup your palette is gorgeous when I open it I just smile. I have been through A a lot of bullying and I just wanted to say thank you for giving us your time. I don't think people realise you tubers are human beings and also live a Iife outside social media and have everyday struggles in life just like every second person in this world coming from a woman who did not care much for anything or anyone Jaclyn your gorgeous I hope one day I get the courage to do videos and put myself out there". Just realised my sons account oops. Xxx
Jordan Cymrot
Jordan Cymrot - 2 years ago
wish i could do my makeup this well
Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack - 2 years ago
I love how chatty!!
Kristine Platt
Kristine Platt - 2 years ago
hi jaclyn i love your stuff and you as a person but playa dorado means golden beach in spanish and the "-aya" in playa is pronounced like the ending "-aya" in papaya. But i love your videos and learn so much from them! Keep on inspiring!
Tori Johnson
Tori Johnson - 2 years ago
hi just from reading comments i see you dont reply to them, but you do a lot for dry skin/use a lot of products designed for dry skin ((obvi since u mention u have dry skin)) buuuuuut i was wondering if you could do a tutorial/use products for someone w oily skin ((like my poor greasy faced self:/))
krystal co
krystal co - 2 years ago
Hi Jaclyn! Quick question. I wanted to buy the RCMA colorless powder I notice there is talc. I am struggling with that in a lot of products and I loveeeee makeup. Any thoughts?
Sarah Duran
Sarah Duran - 2 years ago
yaasss 💘
amanda davis
amanda davis - 2 years ago
hey Jaclyn,, love your videos,, a HUGE fan,, lol I have a question,, How do you safely remove your eye lashes with out harming them , and with out any dangerous chemicals ??? thank you xoxo
Hope Ray
Hope Ray - 2 years ago
what is your snap name
Brianna Nash
Brianna Nash - 2 years ago
Please let me know where u got this pineapple shirt!!! Ik it's random but i need it!
Dani - 2 years ago
Her eye makeup is always so beautiful but her face makeup looks quite terrible, she always looks too orange or too ashy /:
Autumn Behon
Autumn Behon - 2 years ago
Usually I am not one for bold lips but this is the bomb! I love the hot red and purple combination.
Ashley R
Ashley R - 2 years ago
Where did you get that shirt? Lol
Stella Bruce
Stella Bruce - 2 years ago
Reservation Dept
Reservation Dept - 2 years ago
The KatVonD is just like the shape tape ! except has fuller coverage. shade range is amazing ! I got Neutral 9 shade, as I like a mix of golden and pink for under the eyes. She has a pure white shade so that would be good for mixing concealors and shadow base. It has Hydrating claims as welll, its a Hybrid of UD & Born this way ! Just work quick cus its a cream basicallly so needs to be blended and set . Her powder is amazing too ! not drying, at all ! Perfect !
Déborah OW
Déborah OW - 2 years ago
Love your hair ♥
Christine Marie
Christine Marie - 2 years ago
Love love love you! But I've checked out Velour lashes and they use real mink fur?! 😱 I just can't bring myself to order them, can you (or anyone else) recommend a cruelty-free alternative? Thank you!😘
Michelle Bravo
Michelle Bravo - 2 years ago
You are gorgeous!!! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.. Love you sweetie
katherine nora
katherine nora - 2 years ago
i love you so much
Ashley - 2 years ago
"That's what she said." 😂 I LOVE watching your videos! You have such a fun personality, and I always learn something. Keep up the awesome work! 😊
Laura Aruta
Laura Aruta - 2 years ago
a baby pukey undertone ahahhaahhahaaha i'm dying
Eveline Karlsen
Eveline Karlsen - 2 years ago
I LOVE THIS LOOK ON YOU! Beautiful Jaclyn
Evie Phelps
Evie Phelps - 2 years ago
You are hilarious 😂 I love watching you!!
vanessaXoXo vides
vanessaXoXo vides - 2 years ago
she's so fucking gorgeous and talented ✨
MJ A - 2 years ago
Mariana Grama
Mariana Grama - 2 years ago
What mascara do you use? Very good one , impressed . Thank you!🌹
Mariana Grama
Mariana Grama - 2 years ago
Hey Jaclyn! You my the best makeup artist in the wold!!😘😘😘💄💅🏻💞💋🍀 love love love
Jacqueline Meza
Jacqueline Meza - 2 years ago
Anjell Sandoval
Anjell Sandoval - 2 years ago
How do you keep your face so clear and pimple black head free!!??????
Sofia Boncardo
Sofia Boncardo - 2 years ago
Love your lips girl my are tiny af lol
Savannah Bruggeman
Savannah Bruggeman - 2 years ago
It's been a minute since I watched you ! I missed you so much girl I love you! ❤😍
Amy Harvey
Amy Harvey - 2 years ago
This is my first time watching you and you are absolutely great! Your personality is just as good as your makeup!!!! Can't wait to watch alll your others!!
Aimeees Xo
Aimeees Xo - 2 years ago
Stressing on my chem hw... Had to come and look at a jaclynhill video lololol #ohwell #chemcanwait #amiright? Hehe 😊😊😊😊😊✨🙊
Christine Angermeier
Christine Angermeier - 2 years ago
Jaclyn is there anyway you can film a video while you apply eyeshadow to a hooded and mature eye? I am 62 years young and my eyes are hooded. I dont have the young eyes that these techniques are made for but would like to learn what i can do with my hooded eyes. Love your videos and I really hope you can help :)
Brianna Graves
Brianna Graves - 2 years ago
I saw your snapchat story #Snapfam I'm so sorry people are being so mean to you for doing a genuine nice thing!! If you've taught me anything, besides makeup, it was to keep my head up and be strong so I just wanted to thank you for that and tell you I appreciate you and your videos and everything you do ignore these people bc you are SLAYING at everything!! Love you Jaclyn 💚
Allison Cervantes
Allison Cervantes - 2 years ago
Back at it again slaying with sunset eyes
Belle Cogar
Belle Cogar - 2 years ago
where did you get this shirt ????? I LOVE IT !
kimkreations P
kimkreations P - 2 years ago
What color would you use in the elcie foundation when you're this skin tone? Please answer I want to order but idk what color?! I do use the pro glow in 204, I'm Mac nc30 :) ty
Linda Guerrero
Linda Guerrero - 2 years ago
Gaaaaah and I thought being home on a Saturday night was lame this gave me life ty! 💜
Carly Taylor Fitness
Carly Taylor Fitness - 2 years ago
💜🍀 PICK ME FOR THE GIVEAWAY PLEEEEEEASE!!! 😍😍😍 I love you soooo much Jaclyn! I'm an OG subscriber! Literally been watching you since your first video! I hope you notice me trying sooo damn hard to win this giveaway! Hahaha XOXOXO STAY AMAZING!!! IG: carlyj_taylor 🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀💜🍀
Chloe Lawton
Chloe Lawton - 2 years ago
Omg Love the look
GlambyBélle - 2 years ago
I wish I could pull off a look like this ... you look Amazing as always 😌
Alex Humphrey
Alex Humphrey - 2 years ago
Amanda Leigh
Amanda Leigh - 2 years ago
Can i just be you please?!
Zahrah Aliyah
Zahrah Aliyah - 2 years ago
Josephina Whatley
Josephina Whatley - 2 years ago
hi youtube I luv this video
asmith - 2 years ago
love your vibes in this video
Cysiv - 2 years ago
Emily Irvine
Emily Irvine - 2 years ago
Yassssss hot Emily
Mouna 4r
Mouna 4r - 2 years ago
ام وصال
mariah tice
mariah tice - 2 years ago
I swear ppl need to lighten the f up half of u bitching more than a kid or moody teen
Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs - 2 years ago
I've never seen a more beautiful person inside and out in my entire life. You helped me with so much!! You're my one true inspiration
JCharina - 2 years ago
candace152001 - 2 years ago
Those lips really make that look come together. yeeeeessss give it to me!!!!.... #snapchatfam
Christina West
Christina West - 2 years ago
I LOVE how you do makeup!!!! I hope that one day I can do it as amazing as you do!!! keep the videos coming. It helps people like me who want to do makeup a reality. There is no schools for just makeup around here. THANK YOU!!!!!
Paola Serci
Paola Serci - 2 years ago
img, is that you, Alaska Thunderfuck? at 18:00 HAHAHAHAH
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