EXPIRED MILK #9 (Leftover Funny Moments)

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R - 3 days ago
Nogla's scream reminds me of Tom's
abhishek salunkhe
abhishek salunkhe - 4 days ago
Intro song?
Hayden Holland
Hayden Holland - 6 days ago
6:11 what game is that? 😂😂😂😂
Admiral Zackbar
Admiral Zackbar - 8 days ago
5:51 literally had me in fucking tears
Leonepticeye - 10 days ago
I would like so much to see smith7y play intruder
Noah Westerberg
Noah Westerberg - 11 days ago
What video was the intruder gameplay from?
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - 12 days ago
3:45 y are u playing apex
Thegirl Canadian
Thegirl Canadian - 13 days ago
i ended up in the hospital today and while waiting, i watched your videos. thank you for making my smile.
AJ TheGingerKing
AJ TheGingerKing - 14 days ago
What's the game at 4:55
The Cakekappen Show
The Cakekappen Show - 15 days ago
WAIT YOU GUYS PLAYED INTRUDER? okay I'm definitely watching this series more if there's more of this.
KEVIN R. PAULINO - 18 days ago
I feel bad for Matt lmfaooo he was so determined to win lmfaooo😭😭 8:33
Viprax -_-
Viprax -_- - 18 days ago
What is that first game?
Joshua Cordero
Joshua Cordero - 19 days ago
Post more intruder 😠
Krab with a cowboy hat
Krab with a cowboy hat - 19 days ago
What is that first game?
Sad Person ツ
Sad Person ツ - 21 day ago
_2:47__ I just remembered that the same shit happened to me, my friends were trying to help me get back up lol_
(Somehow I did)
VANQUISHED MEPHIT677 - 22 days ago
What was the first game called
Maddie Kelley
Maddie Kelley - 23 days ago
i love you
cezar sova
cezar sova - 23 days ago
What is the beat at the start, please I wanna konw, and the intermission song that smii7y uses when someone rages (0:28)
faze diamond
faze diamond - 24 days ago
this was released on my birthday
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner - 24 days ago
5:46 was legit the firs time in years I've spat out my drink because I couldn't contain my laughter :D
JONBO11 - 25 days ago
The_5_o's_Vengeance - 26 days ago
I really love these videos. They are like a funtage of everything. The best videos.
Nuno Afonso
Nuno Afonso - 27 days ago
Song? 3:00
Hefvulon Iilah
Hefvulon Iilah - 27 days ago
i love smii7y so much
GAMELIFE378 - 27 days ago
Me and the bous playing minecraft 1:28
GAMELIFE378 - 28 days ago
Girlfirend: parents aren't home. You: 0:01
Bones Jr
Bones Jr - 28 days ago
What game is that at the beginning
VoltageTripwire - 28 days ago
0:33 Smii7y thinking he's in a wrestling organisation, fucking piledriving his own ass.
Ethan Black
Ethan Black - 28 days ago
What’s the actual video for intruder
NC Motto
NC Motto - 28 days ago
Just want to say thanks because due to this video I got a girlfriend lol true story
Jason Papai
Jason Papai - 29 days ago
3:39 there in the trees nam flashbacks
BubbaBoy 01234
BubbaBoy 01234 - 29 days ago
Bro I've legit been in the same spot in apex on that exact ledge
Dominick Smothers
Dominick Smothers - 29 days ago
What was the first game
PorseHorn - 29 days ago
whats the first game?
Vivek Patel
Vivek Patel - 29 days ago
4:10 apex part
**Smii7Y hits crazy shot**
Pops off like he won a major against his most toxic opponent
Alpha Ridley
Alpha Ridley - 29 days ago
Before this video started, I had an ad starring Mini Ladd.
Jerome Waldron
Jerome Waldron - 29 days ago
Are we getting a full Intruder video sometime? Game looks goofy af lol
Micah Streetman
Micah Streetman - 29 days ago
I feel like expired milk always has his best content
Kain Huber
Kain Huber - Month ago
He made this video on my b day yo
Odd_Slug - Month ago
I can’t grow a beard damn it! I’m 24! WTF

The beard club was the Ad, depresses me.
Julie’s Adventures
Julie’s Adventures - Month ago
I’m not the only one who saw this dick right at 3:01 plz tell me if you see it
J A - Month ago
Mini ladd ad on a smitty video... META
kai - Month ago
hey smii7y, have you ever considered playing splatoon 2? i think you'd enjoy it, but maybe it's cause i'm biased.
Kray Tuh
Kray Tuh - Month ago
We need more of the first game
P.V WOLF - Month ago
When my girlfriend’s Dad nearly opens the door.
Nakfyre - Month ago
"A collection of unused clips!" *proceeds to have more fun with it than the actual videos*
I love you Milk
Yanskyy - Month ago
what is that first game?
Rayle Entair
Rayle Entair - Month ago
Is it actually unused footage if you use it in an Expired Milk video?
JohnUlrich Hilario
JohnUlrich Hilario - Month ago
Do an uno game but you need to have only plus 2s and the person who runs out of plus 2s gets fucked
Alyssa Webb
Alyssa Webb - Month ago
A true god.
Rage Coool
Rage Coool - Month ago
2:00 what game is that?
Coffee Lord
Coffee Lord - Month ago
ngl i miss tf2
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - Month ago
Yo smit7y it’s me Julian from the tramp park an I just wanted to know if this was u cause u told me to hit u up or I can just ask Anthony
BiasedGrunt1998 - Month ago
Man why aren't my friends this fun lol Smi77y will you get me gud friends 😂
JD Smith
JD Smith - Month ago
4:27 ... Anyone else hear the person dying while Smii7y screams "BITCH" at the top of his lungs? 😂😂😂
ExtraEazyE - Month ago
Whats the first game
ChronoChrome - Month ago
Chicken Nogla ain't take shit.
Landon Johnson
Landon Johnson - Month ago
Can u plz add a black pullover hoodie with ur milk carton plz
Hyper Outcast
Hyper Outcast - Month ago
7:09 Dat gasp tho
MaxTheGamer 911
MaxTheGamer 911 - Month ago
what's the name of the game in the first clip
Caitlynn Aguilar
Caitlynn Aguilar - Month ago
Smii7y and the boys at 2 am looking for memes
Kooper Larson
Kooper Larson - Month ago
That guys probably screaming thru the mic like in Vietnam THERE IN THE TREES
WayWard Wander
WayWard Wander - Month ago
Game? 6:48
Traptify - Month ago
wot the intro song? im so lost
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee - Month ago
3:33 Smii7y has become Vietnamese
Obl1v1on390 1v1
Obl1v1on390 1v1 - Month ago
They are in the trees
Pfle - Month ago
5:59 is the true definition of karma
Jared Searl
Jared Searl - Month ago
That shoe squeak effect on the banana is probably the best audio gag ever used
DeadAss? Mr.DeadAss
DeadAss? Mr.DeadAss - Month ago
5:19 Woods on 420...
MerciusCallum - Month ago
Tyler: “Permission to use deadly force.”
Nogla: “Fuck that” *whips out hunting rifle*
Suffocating Cloud 32
Suffocating Cloud 32 - Month ago

American soldiers ambushed in Vietnam war 1995 colorized
Dr Kali
Dr Kali - Month ago
CyberKnight_Miky - Month ago
0:01 When you see content.
destiny creates
destiny creates - Month ago
0:01 when your wrongfully suspended from school in 10th grade over a girl and it goes on your record and now no place will hire you and no school will let you transfer. :-)
Reverse - Month ago
0:01 he believed he could fly

Braden Rheinor
Braden Rheinor - Month ago
What’s the first games?
Michael Standish
Michael Standish - Month ago
I just wanted to thank you. I’m leaving for the marines tomorrow morning. And I can honestly tell you that your videos and the videos of others helped me get through a dark time in my life and pushed me to become what I am today. You helped me realize that you can get through everything with a bit of laughter no matter how stupid the joke is. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to come back from basic and catch up on all the vids!!!
Miles Foster
Miles Foster - Month ago
One of the best ones yet
Reveem - Month ago
What game is he playing in the beginning of the video?
Shadow Darkness
Shadow Darkness - Month ago
I fix leg XD
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