Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit

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Nintendo is literally the only company that cares about its customers
Diana Cardenas
Diana Cardenas - 4 days ago
Cjufjfijxn oslidkaisi kn djxoeii
NlDavissim - 4 days ago
4:15 It's like ARMS. But, on wheels.
Jeoff Mula
Jeoff Mula - 5 days ago
Does this come with all the vehicle set?
KatMan Foo
KatMan Foo - 6 days ago
I had a friend buy this a bring it to a party and literally EVERYBODY laughed at him saying he bought cardboard for $$70-80 and he kept going on about how it was SOFTWARE! and everybody just laughed harder. he doesn't play with his labo anymore cuz hes a 27yr old man. lmfao. pretty funny to hear him keep yelling "ITS SOFTWARE! THATS WHY ITS SO EXPENSIVE!" and then people just laugh in response.
David Stievhen
David Stievhen - 8 days ago
Nintendo switch
David Stievhen
David Stievhen - 8 days ago
I want one
Historias y demas...
Historias y demas... - 9 days ago
Me: I don't need it

Big boss: 👍👍👌👌
Lazysuper89 - 10 days ago
Nintendo: Cardboard car.
someday i will become a meme
What the f@#$ need a piece a cradboard tho
UnoriginalMetalName - 11 days ago
Can I use two gas pedals and make drums
evelyna munechika
evelyna munechika - 11 days ago
I even don't have money to buy switch
prolactin76 - 13 days ago
And this is why Nintendo are so successful! 😁
George Washington
George Washington - 15 days ago
THIS. This is EPIC!
Thrusted Lightning Playz
Thrusted Lightning Playz - 16 days ago
This is the shortest map ever
ChristianVS - 17 days ago
did i just consider getting Labo?
Spark Datt
Spark Datt - 17 days ago
No way is this GTA 6
Faisal Adventures مغامرات فيصل
Faisal Adventures مغامرات فيصل
I love making things with cardboards
J O - 28 days ago
This seems for kids but it's actually really complicated
LukeylolButimnot Gaming
LukeylolButimnot Gaming - 28 days ago
Pc is better lol
Genny - Month ago
Im wandering if someone burned it because its cardboard
Jacklynn Chen
Jacklynn Chen - Month ago

How about the son who was going
Archie Santos
Archie Santos - Month ago
Archie Santos
Archie Santos - Month ago
Hello ? When I'm going to get it?
Lynx’s Channel
Lynx’s Channel - Month ago
I have a Nintendo Labo 03 Vehicle Kit
Max Ispache
Max Ispache - Month ago
So if the cardboard gets wet its useless
flynn - Month ago
this looks sick
Freddie 31
Freddie 31 - Month ago
I’m a toy con master

I completed the vehicle kit
Vortmite1 - Month ago
I completed the variety kit and Vr kit It gave me an egg. :/ Although it still gave me more space for toy con garage creations :)
Yung Deekay
Yung Deekay - Month ago
Imagine If this had multiplayer
Venus Bardakci
Venus Bardakci - Month ago
I thınk nıntendo lıkes abs
Shahmeer Salahuddin
Shahmeer Salahuddin - Month ago
My friend got this but I'm getting VR Labo!
General Admiral Ackbadeen
5:02 Ya know what to do bois....Who wanna “Ride” On My Dicc
Devan Wolf
Devan Wolf - 2 months ago
I believe the Wind Pedal from the VR kit should be compatible with the Vehicle Kit since it is an accelerator pedal for the 2nd player/right Joy-Con.
Devan Wolf
Devan Wolf - 14 days ago
No, for Slot Cars (and using as a brake pedal for Adventure, Circuit, and Battle via Custom Controls)
Juho naakka
Juho naakka - 14 days ago
Wind pedal And Plane together?
Just An Artist
Just An Artist - 2 months ago
Just by looking at it i got poor
Hunterowl17 5
Hunterowl17 5 - 2 months ago
How do they come up with so many ideas? It's just cardboard
البرت إنيشتاين
It's not cartoon it's belastc strong
train fan 4014
train fan 4014 - 2 months ago
This feels like Sonic racing transformed
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim - 2 months ago
so how much is it?
M.I. C
M.I. C - 2 months ago
What if a hurricane come and wet all this stuff
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos - 27 days ago
Simple, buy more
Dominik - 2 months ago
This new The Crew 2 looks like a cartoon!
ShodaiGoji1954 - 2 months ago
But can the steering wheel function on mario kart 8 deluxe
a person
a person - Month ago
Iason yolo
Iason yolo - 2 months ago
4:36 how do you transfer the data?
Angel Alfaro
Angel Alfaro - 2 months ago
Would loved these as a kid
Makoyi Eagle Child
Makoyi Eagle Child - 2 months ago
RoyalMarineCorps - 2 months ago
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Muqsith Ramadhan
Muqsith Ramadhan - 2 months ago
I just realize labo is from japanese pronounciation of lab
Special Agent
Special Agent - 2 months ago
Low Budget Productions
Low Budget Productions - 2 months ago
No one:
Nintendo: Nintendo Labo Spray Paint Can
Diego Gómez
Diego Gómez - 2 months ago
I dont want cardboard
Yoshi Leader
Yoshi Leader - 2 months ago
Will reflective tape work with the vehicles
Mt Shotey
Mt Shotey - 2 months ago
They are teaching us how to drive
Fury 2k
Fury 2k - 2 months ago
How mutch weight can those things carry ? do they break fast ?
Diogo King
Diogo King - 2 months ago
My Favorite Kit!
jomppi 123
jomppi 123 - 2 months ago
Am i the only one who wants this in 2019?
NicoGaming Videos
NicoGaming Videos - 2 months ago
I can learn how to drive with this
Joshua W Gamer47
Joshua W Gamer47 - 2 months ago
If your buying this, then your wasting money. Just take the car parts in your car and use that. There you go. You have your steering wheel.
test2baby 5
test2baby 5 - 2 months ago
All the Labos are on clearance at Target for $20
test2baby 5
test2baby 5 - 2 months ago
@The meme Masters the robot one is $18
The meme Masters
The meme Masters - 2 months ago
test2baby 5 wat!
Dash25c-Animations and Games
6:07 can we agree that this needs to be in every (or at least most) Nintendo switch games?
themariofan 22
themariofan 22 - 2 months ago
I agree that would be cool
Yellojello 107
Yellojello 107 - 2 months ago
Here’s an idea Nintendo: mix the vr kit with this kit.
gamingism wellness
gamingism wellness - 2 months ago
Teacher: Okay kids, you have cardboard, stickers and rubber bands. The best one gets a prize
Little Nintendo: Umm miss? Im done.
Teacher: What have you made little nintendo?
Little Nintendo: Oh I made a RC Car, fishing rod, house, motorbike, piano, attachable body robot, a car steering wheel, a submarine, a plane, a pedal, a VR headset, a VR Blaster, a VR Bird, a VR camera, a VR Elephant and a wind pedal. And all of those things can be controlled by the nintendo switch!
Teacher: ...
Juho naakka
Juho naakka - 14 days ago
Crazy Robotics
Crazy Robotics - 2 months ago
All these kits are so so amazing congratulations Nintendo you made a toy every one of them wants🏆
E Z - 2 months ago
Why nintendo always hire twink boys?
Filip Fuksa
Filip Fuksa - 2 months ago
Mario 64
snivyteam 123
snivyteam 123 - 2 months ago
I hope the vr worked on thie
Turbo Cavalli
Turbo Cavalli - 2 months ago
1:00 gran turismo 7 test footage, colorized 2018
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer - 2 months ago
I have no word...
Martin Craw
Martin Craw - 2 months ago
Eric Is Cool
Eric Is Cool - 2 months ago
Can you guys send me a Nintendo Switch please. I really want one it will be good if u do it. And I can't afford it.
Kerwin Su
Kerwin Su - 2 months ago
Eric Is Cool I don’t even think they read the comments or doing anything with the comments to be honest
Kerwin Su
Kerwin Su - 2 months ago
Eric Is Cool I don’t know. All I know is that they are probably not going to give you one
Eric Is Cool
Eric Is Cool - 2 months ago
Kerwin Su
Kerwin Su - 2 months ago
Eric Is Cool I don’t think they will. They need to first know you in person and then you need to gain their trust.
DanA998 Yt
DanA998 Yt - 3 months ago
I got this expecting to find a new GTA game but I just got a GTC game
TheGamingFreak - 3 months ago
How do they make CARDBOARD interesting?
CORE zone5
CORE zone5 - 3 months ago
Nintendo really are doing some amazing stuff With their technology and I absolutely love it!
AunovaDlux - 3 months ago
Reminder: *They made an open world card game...*
SeanSS YT - 3 months ago
HoW MuCh
Peyton Arndorfer
Peyton Arndorfer - 3 months ago
HallowLitten101 - 3 months ago
beat my meat
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson - 3 months ago
Virtual Boy classic portable with head strap and full library of games would be better. You’re welcome Nintendo and thanks. Completely serious.
Jake_Wacth - 3 months ago
I need this to practice for my drivers license
Tome - 3 months ago
I personally want to thank you guys for giving me an alternative for practicing driving without going in public
Jai Mc
Jai Mc - 3 months ago
Why didn’t this appeal to me at first
Enoch Posada
Enoch Posada - 3 months ago
Eh it's not bad
sultan bader
sultan bader - 3 months ago
Mystic Midnight Team
Mystic Midnight Team - 3 months ago
ok ok ok me agin i'll draw me pooping on labo in paint studio and I pooped on my wabo motorbike toy con 4 in varity kit
Slicker Gaming
Slicker Gaming - 3 months ago
Ok now I want this
itzpat - 3 months ago
I kermited Bean
I kermited Bean - 3 months ago
4:22 hmm... game so familiar.... definitely not a 3DS game on mii plaza. Nope not that at all....
หนึ่ง สอง
หนึ่ง สอง - 3 months ago
ไปขอดู gender switch
Pheroche :3
Pheroche :3 - 3 months ago
1:02 and people though GTA taught yo how to drive.
Blobfish Lover
Blobfish Lover - 3 months ago
This legit looks so fun
Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis - 3 months ago
Wait I can use a broomstick for Mario kart 8 deluxe?
NintendoSkylar - 3 months ago
I don’t even have a switch.

Yet.Well as long I have a Wii U
F.G.Candy The Animatronic Cat
Remember when this wasn't dead?
Modern Wolf
Modern Wolf - 3 months ago
I heard they're making a VR kit so I think they were busy trying to make a new kit
Arafat Abadin
Arafat Abadin - 4 months ago
I Like To Think Of It As Cardboard Lego
Fifa Kingz
Fifa Kingz - 4 months ago
Am i suposed to bee exited?
Fifa Kingz
Fifa Kingz - 4 months ago

a piece of cardboard??
Bootleg Mr Saturn
Bootleg Mr Saturn - 4 months ago
ArhoSunny FANS
ArhoSunny FANS - 4 months ago
Nintendo is the best
Ahir Bhattacharjee
Ahir Bhattacharjee - 4 months ago
Man speaking about labo and stuff
Me - pfft who needs carboard cars?!
Man speaking about designingvown games
Me - meh
Man talking about using all kind of objects as controls
Me- thats pretty cool
Man- oh and u can also use this as an controller in mariocart
Me - omg....... Shut up and take my money
Seb Delon
Seb Delon - 4 months ago
As a parent I can say this is genius on so many levels...
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