Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit

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Black White
Black White - 19 hours ago
What if you could use your created character as the driver to make it a bit more fun?
X3DN - Day ago
This is lowkey just a empty game
Lil rafa Drywaters
Lil rafa Drywaters - 5 days ago
i need this
Jackmks1 - 15 days ago
Look that's great....I Hope try this....but in dream...😂😂😂 Great Job Nintendo
Ricky Tampinongkol
Ricky Tampinongkol - 22 days ago
My first game console is super nintendo from 90's era, im feeling so gratefully to see the future
Dumb man with his baby pics
this sucks :
no life underwater
no circuit mode without weapons
no co-op multiplayer
no more good updates
small map
no map updates
no car battle royale game with fun weapons thing
no new cars
no getting out of our cars and interacting with other objects and players
no eating in-game food
no day/night cycle
players in this game are homeless
Proven you dont need it
Aida Gutierrez
Aida Gutierrez - Month ago
i like Nintendo labo vehicle kit
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin - Month ago
Can the game still be played after the cardboard breaks?
Is it still a viable game?
Building it now with my son and I have no idea what to expect
Plush Gang
Plush Gang - Month ago
Still waiting for toy con car manual edition
Scrubee - Month ago
me:i want a car mom: NO! me: not that car THIS CAR
Sploo Is Terminated! D:
i canceled the preorder cuz my left joy con is broken
АПАСНАСТЬ - Month ago
Эти ебаные картонки стоят 5к
Mobula 282
Mobula 282 - Month ago
Why did I get this in my recommended now of all times
Mew/Mew2is 2good4u2YT
Mew/Mew2is 2good4u2YT - Month ago
Yay I have this, the robot, and variety kit
Axel Pizza
Axel Pizza - Month ago
Can be used in crash team racing nitro fueled?
Plush Stuffer
Plush Stuffer - Month ago
Sonic High School Archive
Sonic High School Archive - 2 months ago
Nintendo is literally the only company that cares about its customers
Diana Cardenas
Diana Cardenas - 2 months ago
Cjufjfijxn oslidkaisi kn djxoeii
NlDavissim - 2 months ago
4:15 It's like ARMS. But, on wheels.
J's Gameplay
J's Gameplay - 2 months ago
Does this come with all the vehicle set?
KatMan Foo
KatMan Foo - 2 months ago
I had a friend buy this a bring it to a party and literally EVERYBODY laughed at him saying he bought cardboard for $$70-80 and he kept going on about how it was SOFTWARE! and everybody just laughed harder. he doesn't play with his labo anymore cuz hes a 27yr old man. lmfao. pretty funny to hear him keep yelling "ITS SOFTWARE! THATS WHY ITS SO EXPENSIVE!" and then people just laugh in response.
David Stievhen
David Stievhen - 2 months ago
Nintendo switch
David Stievhen
David Stievhen - 2 months ago
I want one
Historias y demas...
Historias y demas... - 2 months ago
Me: I don't need it

Big boss: 👍👍👌👌
Lazysuper89 - 2 months ago
Nintendo: Cardboard car.
HELLO NOOBS - 2 months ago
What the f@#$ need a piece a cradboard tho
UnoriginalMetalName - 2 months ago
Can I use two gas pedals and make drums
jiji munechika
jiji munechika - 2 months ago
I even don't have money to buy switch
prolactin76 - 2 months ago
And this is why Nintendo are so successful! 😁
George Washington
George Washington - 2 months ago
THIS. This is EPIC!
Dumb man with his baby pics
This is the shortest map ever
ChristianVS - 2 months ago
did i just consider getting Labo?
Spark Datt
Spark Datt - 2 months ago
No way is this GTA 6
Faisal Adventures مغامرات فيصل
Faisal Adventures مغامرات فيصل
I love making things with cardboards
J O - 3 months ago
This seems for kids but it's actually really complicated
Lukeylol Gaming
Lukeylol Gaming - 3 months ago
Pc is better lol
Genny - 3 months ago
Im wandering if someone burned it because its cardboard
Jacklynn Chen
Jacklynn Chen - 3 months ago

How about the son who was going
Archie Santos
Archie Santos - 3 months ago
Archie Santos
Archie Santos - 3 months ago
Hello ? When I'm going to get it?
Lynx’s Channel
Lynx’s Channel - 3 months ago
I have a Nintendo Labo 03 Vehicle Kit
Max Ispache
Max Ispache - 4 months ago
So if the cardboard gets wet its useless
flynn hemsley
flynn hemsley - 4 months ago
this looks sick
Mr. Grabade
Mr. Grabade - 4 months ago
Imagine If this had multiplayer
Venus Bardakci
Venus Bardakci - 4 months ago
I thınk nıntendo lıkes abs
Shahmeer Salahuddin
Shahmeer Salahuddin - 4 months ago
My friend got this but I'm getting VR Labo!
General Admiral Ackbadeen
General Admiral Ackbadeen - 4 months ago
5:02 Ya know what to do bois....Who wanna “Ride” On My Dicc
Devan Wolf
Devan Wolf - 4 months ago
I believe the Wind Pedal from the VR kit should be compatible with the Vehicle Kit since it is an accelerator pedal for the 2nd player/right Joy-Con.
Devan Wolf
Devan Wolf - 2 months ago
No, for Slot Cars (and using as a brake pedal for Adventure, Circuit, and Battle via Custom Controls)
Juho naakka
Juho naakka - 2 months ago
Wind pedal And Plane together?
Just An Artist
Just An Artist - 4 months ago
Just by looking at it i got poor
Hunterowl17 5
Hunterowl17 5 - 4 months ago
How do they come up with so many ideas? It's just cardboard
البرت إنيشتاين
It's not cartoon it's belastc strong
train fan 4014
train fan 4014 - 4 months ago
This feels like Sonic racing transformed
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim - 4 months ago
so how much is it?
M.I. C
M.I. C - 4 months ago
What if a hurricane come and wet all this stuff
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos - 3 months ago
Simple, buy more
Dominik - 4 months ago
This new The Crew 2 looks like a cartoon!
ShodaiGoji1954 - 4 months ago
But can the steering wheel function on mario kart 8 deluxe
lick my ass mate
lick my ass mate - 4 months ago
Iason yolo
Iason yolo - 4 months ago
4:36 how do you transfer the data?
Mackboy38 - 4 months ago
RoyalMarineCorps - 4 months ago
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Muqsith Ramadhan
Muqsith Ramadhan - 4 months ago
I just realize labo is from japanese pronounciation of lab
Special Agent
Special Agent - 4 months ago
Low Budget Productions
Low Budget Productions - 4 months ago
No one:
Nintendo: Nintendo Labo Spray Paint Can
CoCo71ytgytt - 4 months ago
I dont want cardboard
Yoshi Leader
Yoshi Leader - 4 months ago
Will reflective tape work with the vehicles
Mt Shotey
Mt Shotey - 4 months ago
They are teaching us how to drive
Fury 2k
Fury 2k - 4 months ago
How mutch weight can those things carry ? do they break fast ?
Diogo King
Diogo King - 4 months ago
My Favorite Kit!
jomppi 123
jomppi 123 - 4 months ago
Am i the only one who wants this in 2019?
NicoGaming Videos
NicoGaming Videos - 4 months ago
I can learn how to drive with this
Joshua W Gamer47
Joshua W Gamer47 - 4 months ago
If your buying this, then your wasting money. Just take the car parts in your car and use that. There you go. You have your steering wheel.
test2baby 5
test2baby 5 - 4 months ago
All the Labos are on clearance at Target for $20
test2baby 5
test2baby 5 - 4 months ago
@The meme Masters the robot one is $18
The meme Masters
The meme Masters - 4 months ago
test2baby 5 wat!
Dash25c-Animations and Games
6:07 can we agree that this needs to be in every (or at least most) Nintendo switch games?
themariofan 22
themariofan 22 - 4 months ago
I agree that would be cool
gamingism wellness
gamingism wellness - 5 months ago
Teacher: Okay kids, you have cardboard, stickers and rubber bands. The best one gets a prize
Little Nintendo: Umm miss? Im done.
Teacher: What have you made little nintendo?
Little Nintendo: Oh I made a RC Car, fishing rod, house, motorbike, piano, attachable body robot, a car steering wheel, a submarine, a plane, a pedal, a VR headset, a VR Blaster, a VR Bird, a VR camera, a VR Elephant and a wind pedal. And all of those things can be controlled by the nintendo switch!
Teacher: ...
Juho naakka
Juho naakka - 2 months ago
power serge
power serge - 5 months ago
All these kits are so so amazing congratulations Nintendo you made a toy every one of them wants🏆
Filip Fuksa
Filip Fuksa - 5 months ago
Mario 64
snivyteam 123
snivyteam 123 - 5 months ago
I hope the vr worked on thie
Turbo Cavalli
Turbo Cavalli - 5 months ago
1:00 gran turismo 7 test footage, colorized 2018
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