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Lil Potato
Lil Potato - 16 minutes ago
I like it when you talk fast don’t change yourself you perfect the way you are!!
natalia aka me
natalia aka me - 24 minutes ago
Sister James ... Dont lisen too the haters i know that they comment a lot but dont let them tell u what too do and no to be mean but HATERS are you crazy he has better make up then u and he knows what he is doing so yah Love sister Natalia
Zella Boldon
Zella Boldon - 28 minutes ago
I think your beautiful just the way you are make up or not your awesome ❤️❤️
Verssy Flores Ortega
Verssy Flores Ortega - 28 minutes ago
How he yells at caps🤣🤣🤣
Lexis Kaser
Lexis Kaser - 40 minutes ago
And bruh, people, fans or not. Cant tell you how to talk 😒😕😑🙊👐🙇💅🕶💄💋🤔🙄🤦🤳🤣
Lexis Kaser
Lexis Kaser - 43 minutes ago
You got an attitude
You got a subscriber
Ereka Gonzalez
Ereka Gonzalez - 50 minutes ago
All haters need a SISTER SLAP!!!
Yeilin Pink
Yeilin Pink - Hour ago
Dont listen to the haters james btw i dont wear makeup or put makeup but I just like watching you video's
Isabella Aguirre
Isabella Aguirre - Hour ago
Everyone stop hating 😡 James u do u
Shaylynn Smith
Shaylynn Smith - Hour ago
Does anyone think that dumb person who choose the foundation make james look PURPLE
Roblox_Random_Vids - Hour ago
14:04 that burn tho XD
XxGacha GurlxX
XxGacha GurlxX - Hour ago
Sister keep doing your own style of make-up!~
They’re bootiful and you are so talented👏🏻 great job anyway😂 love yaaaa💞
deon rabbass
deon rabbass - Hour ago
I'm on my dads acc but u look horrible I like ur old makeup u haters need to shut up
Claire Rose
Claire Rose - Hour ago
Also this is the best way to burn hate comments
Jess Lynn
Jess Lynn - Hour ago
I literally love this video 😂
Infinite Noob Pro Tv
James Charles looked at ur YouTube channel

Like for him to subscribe
Panda Squad
Panda Squad - Hour ago
I cant tell if he look lile an alien or Ursula
Jolexis Camacho
Jolexis Camacho - Hour ago
Omg so much better sister like I love this look so much better like the drip on the lip makes it look like sooooo good
iiGachaPotatoii - 2 hours ago
omg ppl made sister look SISTER SNATCHED
Rebecca Chavez
Rebecca Chavez - 2 hours ago
Boi your humor is DRIER than his lips, like way drier . Yall haters better stop and James Charles nows soooooooo much more about makeup obviously, and thanks for the humor and jokes sister James!
Natalie Fields
Natalie Fields - 2 hours ago
You are beautiful no matter how you look ♥️
Evelyn Dowell
Evelyn Dowell - 2 hours ago
We all love a sarcastic sister!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lora - 2 hours ago
Amber Javier
Amber Javier - 2 hours ago
mariah carey who? lmao
Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart - 2 hours ago
I love sarcasm xD
Amber Rose
Amber Rose - 2 hours ago
Omg he looks like ursela lol 🤣
Leila Jimenez
Leila Jimenez - 2 hours ago
OML Nooo hunny boo boo! Do not listen to those a holes. Sister, you are PPUUUUUURRRFFFEECT just the way you are. Luv You!
Leila Jimenez
Leila Jimenez - 2 hours ago
Btw just subscribed to you. Your welcome.
Tacayla Windfield
Tacayla Windfield - 2 hours ago
Flex on them haters
Alejandra GASPAR
Alejandra GASPAR - 2 hours ago
Hey James, don't put attention on those haters they are just trying to make you feel that and if they see that they will feel accomplished and I just hate seeing you sad plus all they want is attention because they are so jealous of who you are and how you do your make up so just go on and ignore those messages sister.
oh boy
oh boy - 2 hours ago
Jeffree star who???😂😂
XxRidgedWarsxX - 2 hours ago
“There *AHSY* and *GREY* “

*you need to calm down, youre being too loud...*
Madelynne Grund
Madelynne Grund - 3 hours ago
This is the best video idea ever
Valeria Rodriguez Lopez
Valeria Rodriguez Lopez - 3 hours ago
I love U hahahahaha 💕
Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace - 3 hours ago
I love all your bold makeup looks but for school I need more natural looks so if it does not take to muck of you time can you please do a make up tutorial
Doliva swain
Doliva swain - 3 hours ago
I hate the people who did the hate comets. love you James
Mary kapuwa
Mary kapuwa - 3 hours ago
Well as soon as the haters see this video they're going to check their makup lol🤣🤣
Madison Stephens
Madison Stephens - 3 hours ago
Love the video James just be you ur beautiful and perfect just the way you are
Lily Pittman
Lily Pittman - 3 hours ago
Why would you make this video like it is just going to make you cry
Nicole Delgado
Nicole Delgado - 3 hours ago
James ur a MEAL 😂❤ loveee youuu
Wentchensky Pierre
Wentchensky Pierre - 3 hours ago
Natalie's world
Natalie's world - 3 hours ago
Omg no offense but offense to the hate comment that made you look like a devil lol
Wentchensky Pierre
Wentchensky Pierre - 3 hours ago
Abigail Zamora
Abigail Zamora - 4 hours ago
Yes sis I love you
molo taalo
molo taalo - 4 hours ago
James ...u r perfect just the way you are . U dont need to listen to haters and change ur self just the way haters want u to be . We love u and will always support u 😍🤗
Ariana Fan
Ariana Fan - 4 hours ago
Yas bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amber Sosa
Amber Sosa - 4 hours ago
I heard that if you say your favorite YouTubers name 5x you will get pinned

James Charles
James Charles
James Charles
James Charles
James Charles
Hopefully the rumors are true
McKenley Anderson
McKenley Anderson - 4 hours ago
Oh plz let me tell you sister Ily ok you the best don't worry what they say abt you ok I still love you if you agree like it up
Šunshįnę_ Łûckÿ
Šunshįnę_ Łûckÿ - 4 hours ago
Him talking slow is just no.........TALK AS FAST AS YOU WANT SIS
MissGachaLight Le3
MissGachaLight Le3 - 4 hours ago
You are still look pretty don't listen to those people
Bella4 Dare
Bella4 Dare - 4 hours ago
James can rock everything XD even this look
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