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mon ika
mon ika - 10 minutes ago
You look like thanos with that foundation XD
მაკა ბასხაჯაური
Love you James 😍😘❤ sister Maka❤❤
Ivana Popovska
Ivana Popovska - 30 minutes ago
When James listens to his haters and still looks better than them:
Ruby McPherson
Ruby McPherson - 44 minutes ago
James talking slow tears apart the fabric of the universe 💀😬😬😬😬
Brooke Thomas
Brooke Thomas - Hour ago
James, you go girl!! Don't listen to the haters 😜 😍
Manraj Bansal
Manraj Bansal - Hour ago
Sister James,don't worry about the haters because I will always be here for you.
Love You,From Mani
Leanne Dominique Prins
But I like his nose without contour already!! Why people be mean geez :(
Caitlin Conner
Caitlin Conner - Hour ago
James,you don't need to change you are a GORGEOUS sister!!!!!!
Elly Trw
Elly Trw - Hour ago
Sisterrrrrr ya flawlesss
❤️ 💙 ❤️ 💙
Ramona Maglone
Ramona Maglone - 2 hours ago
What about larri
Abi Pierce
Abi Pierce - 2 hours ago
DONT TALK SLOW TALK AT UR NORMAL SPEED PLZ and u r beatiful the way u r
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez - 2 hours ago
U so relatable
Ava Gray
Ava Gray - 2 hours ago
i feel bad for the one girl who was just giving him positive feedback like wow
Perfect AGSMs
Perfect AGSMs - 3 hours ago
This was soooo funny
Enchanted Rosé
Enchanted Rosé - 4 hours ago
The part where u talked slow cracked me up😂😂😂
Enchanted Rosé
Enchanted Rosé - 4 hours ago
We still love u 😘❤️❤️❤️
Addie Burnett
Addie Burnett - 5 hours ago
I love it when you talk fast
Addie Burnett
Addie Burnett - 5 hours ago
I love you so much I finally got your pallet
• moonxchild •
• moonxchild • - 5 hours ago
The hate comments made him look like ursula bUT as a drag queen
Rehana_ 006
Rehana_ 006 - 6 hours ago
You should not think about your heaters because their are also people who love you
Me do stuff
Me do stuff - 6 hours ago
Your sarcasm is flawless, had me laughing so hard!
IV STORY - 6 hours ago
James we love u ur amazing n these peeps are dumb
Bella Raynez
Bella Raynez - 6 hours ago
Lol aww sister you are perfect!!
Noor Abu Shamat
Noor Abu Shamat - 8 hours ago
why is your soo flopy
Kohinoor Samatova
Kohinoor Samatova - 9 hours ago
It's like THEY'RE better than you
Kohinoor Samatova
Kohinoor Samatova - 9 hours ago
Hi I love you so much and I know why people hate so they would end up in your videos . If I knew them I would kill them and be like how the hell do you not like JAMES CHARLES
Riah Deita
Riah Deita - 10 hours ago
James Charles just beat the system!!
stinky people
stinky people - 11 hours ago
I was scared when he turned pink and slow please stop
Brooke Acker
Brooke Acker - 12 hours ago
When he slowed down I was tempted to fall asleep
ness11000 - 12 hours ago
James...... GOD BLESS YOUR SNATCHED SISTER SOUL!!!! Even tho you may be a boy who is (honestly my opinion the best makeup artist in the world) really good at makeup does not mean that jealous double chined haters can put you down by sharing their opinions so you GO GET THEM SISTER! and to all you step-sister haters, my advise is to slowly walk back to Area 51 bc James Charles is already 1000000000 steps ahead of you! yes I’m 11 year old girl but I still think that people should respect him at all costs! Love you James with all my little heart xoxo you inspired me to be a makeup artist when I’m older, your sooo! Talented and beautiful, 😚❤️💓💕💖 KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST
Esmeralda Cuenca
Esmeralda Cuenca - 12 hours ago
Your foundation is getting Pinker at least not orange🤷
kk21kk34 kk56kk78kk9
kk21kk34 kk56kk78kk9 - 12 hours ago
Liana Owusu
Liana Owusu - 13 hours ago
Lol am I the only one who found this hilarious 😂 I love 💓 it ❤️😂😂😂❤️
Qveen Tee
Qveen Tee - 13 hours ago
Oh meh gawd the cringe slow talk and sarcasm sent me😭🤣🤣The blow dryer💀💀💀💀
Dulce Ochoa
Dulce Ochoa - 14 hours ago
I didn’t even now what you said you like talk so fast your also a idiot
LeeAnn Leslie
LeeAnn Leslie - 14 hours ago
I love how he takes this negativity and turns it into a positive and funny thing 😂😂😂❤️❤️
Lily - 15 hours ago
I love this king of videos hahah♥️
Ceci Pirwitz
Ceci Pirwitz - 15 hours ago
Dear James I’m very sorry if this affects you or your viewers
But if anyone thinks that James isn’t a makeup artist then why seriously tell me why he was the FIRST cover boy. Now all you cruel, rude and mean people please be quiet. Let James be who he is. You are the best James and don’t let anyone and I mean anyone tell you any different.
XxLittleKayxX - 15 hours ago
I honestly prefer when he’s himself like how fast he talks is him and I don’t like when people hate on him 😕🥰🙃
Allison Ramos
Allison Ramos - 15 hours ago
Heyyyy don't listen to them a go girl❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Savannah Lawrence
Savannah Lawrence - 15 hours ago
I LOVEEE sister James💕
Veodrica Chee
Veodrica Chee - 15 hours ago
I love how he is being so sarcastic 🤣 Screw them haters hard James 💘
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez - 16 hours ago
He look like a drag queen😂😂😂
Alexi Locastro
Alexi Locastro - 16 hours ago
Sister James I love you so much and idk if I am doing it right but are you supposed to hi light your Cupid’s bow?
Tenaya Mo'olelo
Tenaya Mo'olelo - 16 hours ago
Omg hate comment s are so cruel
Rebekah Holling
Rebekah Holling - 16 hours ago
Anyone else commenting in November 2019? Also James, sweetie, I am no makeup artist but I think you look a-ma-ZING just the way you are so keep doing you and ignore all those haters out there 💋😘 you are an artist! 👨🏼‍🎨
no name
no name - 16 hours ago
I actually rlly like this vid
Jillian Kwiecinski
Jillian Kwiecinski - 16 hours ago
Omgggggggggggggggggggggggggg. This is sooooo funny and hilarious
Swivels :O
Swivels :O - 16 hours ago
I’m just excited that I can understand when he talks really fast cuz I talk like as fast😂
Julyan Chicon
Julyan Chicon - 16 hours ago
Your good 😀
Evyn Watkins
Evyn Watkins - 17 hours ago
does at least anyone thing that people should stop being rood to James Charles cause I do.
Lyndsay Love
Lyndsay Love - 17 hours ago
U guys need to stop with hate comments because he does him makeup better then all of u and u know it. I love u so much James thank u for showing people that even when people are being mean be yourself. I am 12 and I know better then to be mean to someone just because the way they look or do something all of u need to grow up and maybe if ur nice to James he will give u tips on how beautiful and to be kind. I love u so much James u are the greatest person out there and my hero not all hero’s need capes some just need makeup brushes. U are beautiful amazing and my hero
nasir edwards
nasir edwards - 17 hours ago
Im not going lie that makeup look like Ursula the haters make you look like Ursula im dead sis i love sis stay happy sis dont listen to the haters sis
Ñįghtwöłf - 17 hours ago
Sister James - DONT listen to the haters
Shanice Brown
Shanice Brown - 17 hours ago
The step sisters comments made a mini circus 😐
I rather your way James
I knw nothing about make up but I know these comments u were following were apprentices with illegal certification 🤧😐
Shanice Brown
Shanice Brown - 17 hours ago
The step sisters comments made a mini circus 😐
I rather your way James
•• KrystalKrabby ••
14:11 I can’t even see the tag in the corner but I’m already such a good sister that I know it’s jamescharless
Angeryca Concepcion
Angeryca Concepcion - 17 hours ago
James still looks sister beautiful not gonna lie❤, the makeup wasn't that bad😂
Billy Getti
Billy Getti - 18 hours ago
I hate how people think that it is okay to say these things, you are not going to be rewarded for saying rude things.

Your welcome everybody
Lizzy Helsel
Lizzy Helsel - 18 hours ago
They turned you into Ursula XD
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