Automotive Memory 101

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Moklis Tamimi
Moklis Tamimi - 8 days ago
Moklis Tamimi
Moklis Tamimi - 8 days ago
Ansh Sharma
Ansh Sharma - 2 months ago
Lucid air
Ansh Sharma
Ansh Sharma - 2 months ago
An ad for companies
William Yun
William Yun - 2 months ago
Do not even try to compare Samsung with Apple. It does not make sense. But you can compare Apple with Samsung Mobile Department.
Rashed Mahmud Olive
Rashed Mahmud Olive - 2 months ago
Dad of tech industry
Luke Septer
Luke Septer - 2 months ago
Is the car also going to have a bixby button?
EchoZy - 2 months ago
If apple made a car, then would it have *windows* ?
Dan Bal
Dan Bal - 2 months ago
I want this!
Mic223 - 2 months ago
The Samsung CAR only 999.999.999 Dollar
Jesus Facio
Jesus Facio - 2 months ago
UnboxingTV - 2 months ago
Please partner up with Tesla
Fallen_Destiny - 2 months ago
Sooo Samsung Car?
XEBEZO - 2 months ago
Samsung GALAXY S1 *car* ?
Subhadip Sannigrahi
Subhadip Sannigrahi - 2 months ago
Rayshan Jaumally
Rayshan Jaumally - 2 months ago
I'll take the D


RK Rai
RK Rai - 2 months ago
Residing the future
Gacha OOF
Gacha OOF - 2 months ago
The S10 needs a thicker screen cuz the screen thin and the back
Jente Liefers
Jente Liefers - 2 months ago
80 bmw e30 is better
Mr Movie
Mr Movie - 2 months ago
Apple say hello to the future
Samsung we are the future
elisabeth grill
elisabeth grill - 2 months ago
Nice but you killing me with all these abbreviations
JustDIAMONDS - 2 months ago
Why do i feel like im watching Aperture Science ? LOL
Azib Gamingz
Azib Gamingz - 2 months ago
Apple 2019 *becoming fruits*
Nagata Gamer
Nagata Gamer - Month ago
Ahmad Al Jaf
Ahmad Al Jaf - 2 months ago
Top Trending Everything
Top Trending Everything - 2 months ago
Colazo_official - 2 months ago
smart car dumb driver
Mauzer 8k
Mauzer 8k - 2 months ago
Now i'm waiting for the samsung car
JERRY tm - 2 months ago
Ryon Atkinson
Ryon Atkinson - 2 months ago
TheLord - 2 months ago
Samsung:We created automobile 110

Apple:In 2020 we will release Apple Car
Elon Musk Relipes:Headphone jack and engine sold separately
SomeRandomPerson - 2 months ago
How did you do the animations? Was it drawn mostly by hand, or did you use a bit of 3d rendering? I really like how it looks.
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem - 2 months ago
I love samsung
Andrei Rijnoveanu
Andrei Rijnoveanu - 2 months ago
Explain that jew
Andrei .gamer
Andrei .gamer - 2 months ago
It will be one UI on J4+ 2018. In May 2019 I can not wait! Thank you samsung! 👍❤
Mr. Question mark
Mr. Question mark - 2 months ago
I have on my galaxy s8 android 9.0 P one ui right now and its so good!
Alex Kaczmarczyk
Alex Kaczmarczyk - 2 months ago
2100: Introducing the samsung spaceship and the s91
kane james
kane james - 2 months ago
Hey samsung since Huawei took over you should make a new awesome phone 📱 but it has to be great when you have it you have a transparent wallpaper and in the box it should have 3d hologram products with instructions and the phone 📱 should turn into a tablet by pulling the sides normal size tablet extra big tablet Samsung should defeat Huawei so it can never copy Samsung again Samsung for life :edit Samsung name Samsung fold xs
Mega B3AST
Mega B3AST - 2 months ago
Tam Hat
Tam Hat - 2 months ago
Samsung is cancer
Gacha Layla3481
Gacha Layla3481 - 2 months ago
Samsung builds the future

Buts slows down the progress world turning into the future
Fajar Gojar
Fajar Gojar - 2 months ago
WOW amazing
Alpha Male
Alpha Male - 2 months ago
Ok this is cool but feels like it takes away the essence of driving a car. This maybe very useful for those idiots who learned how to drive but did not learn proper road manners.
lafeil - 2 months ago
I know going stop making blue ray players, one because of market and people play blue ray on computers or streaming. However, I suggest looking making six dics blue ray change if decide come back to market. Here people still love physical media and cost streaming going cause much as cable.
Code red technology
Code red technology - 2 months ago
Yeah I bet the new cars will drive by itself and then it will not come back home I can see the future now we're in big trouble
moclipro 101
moclipro 101 - 2 months ago
i love the future and thanks for samsung
Monkeymech 101
Monkeymech 101 - 2 months ago
I thought I saw my name in the title
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - 2 months ago
Emmanuel Castro Hernández
He's suicidal
Aaron Malik
Aaron Malik - 2 months ago
when samsung galaxy s11 out? i want to compare s10 or s11 should i buy
Apubg4ever `
Apubg4ever ` - 2 months ago
Samsung is the best I love Samsung Electronics it is the best electronics company all love and respect for Samsung
Escutcheon Gaming
Escutcheon Gaming - 3 months ago
why don't they just make a holographic windshield
하동환 - 3 months ago
Information) Samsung already have their own car factories.
Hacked Games
Hacked Games - 3 months ago
*2025* *The all new SAMSUNG GALAXY CAR*
ms bish
ms bish - 3 months ago
Hey i am just wondering why is the fricki'n samsung galaxy j2 prime is so weird????? I hate it so much every minute ur phone storage is 0b! Geez Don't buy their samsung j2 prime you'll regret it if u bought it
Gaje- ndra
Gaje- ndra - 3 months ago
Please Samsung Mobile Admin plz Make Mobile At Range of 9,000 and 10,000 with 4500 mah and (No Notch /No Due Drop)and 4 GB Ram / 128 GB and SD636 and All Sensor and LCD Display and Inbox Earphone. And Metal back , Metal Side (Body)
Mike - 3 months ago
SAMSUNG dominates the future. from foldable phone to car and even at my Home (TV/dishwasher/washer and dryer etc).
ibrahim jameel
ibrahim jameel - 3 months ago
I can't see any Apple fan
AB Pilakkal
AB Pilakkal - 3 months ago
Keep the Infinity-U on the upcoming A-Series,.... Don't make it worse
I saw an ad in SamsungIndia and it looks good as if it has a small curving on the top of the notch...
Mashrapa - 3 months ago
Guys! İts time to switch from Tesla to Samsung
Iyan Arisandi
Iyan Arisandi - 3 months ago
This ad is not for us. Its for Automobile Company
Bo B
Bo B - 3 months ago
Check Out:
Para Wo
Para Wo - 3 months ago
Next Samsung Galaxy car😂😂
HelloDarkness 789
HelloDarkness 789 - 3 months ago
Oh God that would be amazing
chips more
chips more - 3 months ago
hy Samsung,about the Samsung Fold. we was hoping Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be folded since it call it "Note" can you guys do that?Samsung Note 10 look like a Folded Notebook. pretty awesome. it will make history with S Pen.
Justin.y Hunter
Justin.y Hunter - 3 months ago
Samsung: Were making history!!!
Apple:Were becoming history 😭
Johannes 203
Johannes 203 - 3 months ago
Galaxy car ohhhhh
Μανωλης Μαρκουλης FISHING HUNTER
Tortuex - 3 months ago
Samsung AI driven airplanes incoming...
While Apple makes their Airpods "2" that are only black lol
XXxFandundanxXX TheRedstoneMinecart
Good day Samsung, I would like to say: *Can you put in update black motion and white motion?* (Because, my eyes hurts while watching at mobile with white motion and I always wanted black motion.)

Thank you for understanding.
Deutschrap Alben
Deutschrap Alben - 3 months ago
Apple is better
Aditya Chikhale
Aditya Chikhale - 3 months ago
Samsung is playing there card where ever they can
Riyas A G
Riyas A G - 3 months ago
Riyas A G
Riyas A G - 3 months ago
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat - 3 months ago
Wow Samsung... you've made fun of apple so much and now you're making self driving cars?!....
charles xavier
charles xavier - 3 months ago
I am afraid of our future
iROMine - 3 months ago
I never thought automotive memory would be so interesting.
JJ J - 3 months ago
삼성 떡상 가즈아
Roasted Content
Roasted Content - 3 months ago
Samsung Galaxy Car
AFRICANQUEEN - 3 months ago
Is you pair up with tesla 🤔
4k tester
4k tester - 3 months ago
Samsung has touching to car !!!!!
Mohamad Anshori
Mohamad Anshori - 3 months ago
Arihant Pal
Arihant Pal - 3 months ago
Amazing😁😁😁. who all love samsung☺
Jyothish Ram
Jyothish Ram - 3 months ago
*Simply say*
All the type of *rams* are used
Azzwang Ko
Azzwang Ko - 3 months ago
Apple left the chat.
DragonWar880 - 3 months ago
Robin Singh
Robin Singh - 3 months ago
Please use telephoto lens for portrait cameras
Aira Kawairashi
Aira Kawairashi - 3 months ago
Tesla secret
KILLXG99 - 3 months ago
When can we have a samsung fridge to use reddit on
Spencer Tamburello
Spencer Tamburello - 3 months ago
Imagine a car with a Tesla Engine and body, Google Software, and Samsung Hardware. Would be the greatest car ever.
Kingsly Sebastin
Kingsly Sebastin - 3 months ago
Make this technology affordable, if it is able to reach India it can reach the world.
赤犬サカズキ - 3 months ago
Amrit Walia
Amrit Walia - 3 months ago
Samsung: the technology you need
Apple: the money you don't need
Xiaomi: great power comes with great money
WOOD BLACK - 3 months ago
SrDoritos29 - 3 months ago
Samsung make a option that when u press it u sub to pewdiepie
TheProjectUnknow - 3 months ago
That's cool, but I'm already sold on Tesla and that's just my opinion.
Stop hatin'
Chicken P
Chicken P - 3 months ago
Plsssss invest in teslaaaa
Ali Khanzada
Ali Khanzada - 3 months ago
What is your game name graphic design so good..😀
KaNTa Parody
KaNTa Parody - 3 months ago
AzeRTy Block
AzeRTy Block - 3 months ago
I didnt understand why did they advertise me this? Do they think i will go make a car with their memory?
Matheus Corrêa 2099
Matheus Corrêa 2099 - 3 months ago
A Samsung irá fazer carros?
Samsung Will make cars?
AFK Milk
AFK Milk - 3 months ago
I love you guys
Pork Doigoi
Pork Doigoi - 3 months ago
Just don’t remove the headphone jack
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