Post Malone - Saint-Tropez (Official Video)

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Daxvry - 11 minutes ago
Me when my mom says I can get vBucks:
LixeiraDe Crítica
LixeiraDe Crítica - 18 minutes ago
0,75X. 👉🤑👈
Lil Peemy
Lil Peemy - 33 minutes ago
Versace boxers on my dick (on my dick, damn)
Karen VJ
Karen VJ - 40 minutes ago
Post having to take his shirt off to try and be sexy 0%
Posty looking sexy AF in a suit 100%
Robert Mygrant
Robert Mygrant - Hour ago
Garbage. The fak kinda idiot wears a flak vest as fashion....?
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - Hour ago
Whitney Wright
Whitney Wright - Hour ago
Fuckin goofball 😂 he looks like he had so much fun with this song
Jayden Solnao
Jayden Solnao - 2 hours ago
Damn I know I'm broke but dont rub it in
Angel odneal
Angel odneal - 2 hours ago
He looks so fucking good in a suit. 🖤
Feliciano Perez
Feliciano Perez - 2 hours ago
Yo creo que ama la naturaleza como yo uno se siente libre pero ya saben
Deathstalker Deathstalker
When I pick up that twenty on the floor in the parking lot
Channygang - 2 hours ago
Should have name the song “ Long Time “
Wang Yue
Wang Yue - 2 hours ago
Hahaha, I somehow think Posty is super hot😅
lucy ossi
lucy ossi - 2 hours ago
Producers: so we need something extra for this video, we could put girls, drugs, a party-
post: *cars*
producers: im sorry
post: i said, *cars*
producers: we need more than that...
post: then ill make the * hand movements *
israel ITM
israel ITM - 2 hours ago
Sou o único Brasileiro aqui??
lucy ossi
lucy ossi - 2 hours ago
this whole song is me when i lie to my parents that i spent all the money they gave me...
free Costa
free Costa - 2 hours ago
Post malone the Lil punp
Cole Terry
Cole Terry - 2 hours ago
The nature scenes are shot in Utah💀
Guilherme Santos
Guilherme Santos - 3 hours ago
Bigode gostoso...
TILES - 3 hours ago
Don't open this
Lucas Mello
Lucas Mello - 4 hours ago
Cadê os BR 💥🔥
Niel Rogen Beronio Baliguat
Awesome posty💟
DID YOU KNOW ? - 4 hours ago
"What you call holiday, I call another day" Though this track is soo short
DID YOU KNOW ? - 4 hours ago
"What you call holiday, I call another day" Though this track is soo short
Paola Souza
Paola Souza - 5 hours ago
Alguém do brasil 😂👌
Mohammed Naser
Mohammed Naser - 5 hours ago
Does he have a 12 car garage tho?
Mona Kurd
Mona Kurd - 5 hours ago
Michael Wu
Michael Wu - 6 hours ago
This song sucks and Pink Floyd should sue.
mona Romero
mona Romero - 6 hours ago
yaya that's my man oh Babby your song or on pont boy
Phil_A - 6 hours ago
I'm still just baffled that these are the faces of our beloved Hip Hop. How the fuck are these dudes on top of the charts I just don't get it and I don't care who disagrees this shit is just fucking horrible it's like I'm listening to the same song 50 million times they really got y'all they dumbed our music down to fucking 3rd grade level
V. Bishop
V. Bishop - 7 hours ago
That's me for like full 20 min after I gots my paycheck.
Alja Jesih
Alja Jesih - 7 hours ago
I LOVE your smile!😍😊🙈
Wainer Rinkler
Wainer Rinkler - 7 hours ago
LoneWolf - 8 hours ago
No whores! 5/5
Victor Kun
Victor Kun - 9 hours ago
Te amo
Nina Moretto
Nina Moretto - 9 hours ago
Post malone talking about how much he loves fish and carrots
Niki Nek
Niki Nek - 11 hours ago
mayank jain
mayank jain - 11 hours ago
Posty : we dont pray for love we just pray for cars
william grette
william grette - 12 hours ago
G Dragons Fules
G Dragons Fules - 14 hours ago
I just got flexed on for 2 minutes and 37 seconds , nice 👌🏻
ShogunZ RBLX
ShogunZ RBLX - 14 hours ago
Mstv - 15 hours ago
When season 11 finally comes out 0:20
Luke Grey
Luke Grey - 15 hours ago
What the fuck is the vest for haha
Aaron Byrum
Aaron Byrum - 17 hours ago
Post malone you need to sing right here waiting by Richard Marx
cosme fulanito
cosme fulanito - 20 hours ago
He looks so good on this video 💁
Angelique quinn
Angelique quinn - 20 hours ago
So damn perft posty and sexy asf tbh all respect though xoxo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤
Lalo Uchiha
Lalo Uchiha - 20 hours ago
How much for the vest? Any one know?
JWAL Beats
JWAL Beats - 20 hours ago
The Versace boxers on my dick song.
Sigma Gaming
Sigma Gaming - 22 hours ago
Look I love posty more than the next guy but those who's better like for so and so and comment for so and so are pointless. The person with the like is always going to win because a like is more convenient. Also the person who's is the like is always the artist so of course the artist will win because it's his song and his fans are listening.
iQ_V1BZ - Day ago
Im I the only one who thinks this dude looks poor and rich at the same time?
Like and comment if u think that too :p
BANG BALL - Day ago
Bank wuttichai
Bank wuttichai - Day ago
tyler hart
tyler hart - Day ago
In the bat mobile going batshit is my favorite line
Hanan Adel
Hanan Adel - Day ago
this isssoooo gooooodddd
Hanan Adel
Hanan Adel - Day ago
Adot L
Adot L - Day ago
The song has a powerful meaning showing that post came from nothing to something the video just making it clear for you slow ones :)
Sahara Desert
Sahara Desert - Day ago
Dear Post Malone,
If you're reading this, just know you Lookin' like a Delicious Snicker Doodle Cookie straight out the oven in that 3 piece suit!! LOL....Keep banging out those tunes full of rhythm and keep flowing....
I See You Boy!!
OneTap - Day ago
Like for penis
Peggy Lepard
Peggy Lepard - Day ago
Such a long time ⏰
Christian - Day ago
So a fetus is a person? What a bigot!
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