Olive Wagyu in Japan - The rarest Steak in the World

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VFL - 31 minute ago
This is literally a cube of fat with small pickets of mean sprinkled in. What was expensive?
DongWoo Ko
DongWoo Ko - 59 minutes ago
useless way to cooking garlic
4chian - 2 hours ago
Mario party in real life
Daddy&Alsace vlogs
Daddy&Alsace vlogs - 3 hours ago
Rarest Garlic In the whole World .
Slowest Chef in the entire universe
Rage Quit
Rage Quit - 3 hours ago
thank you sir by not talking people ruin their food vids by fucking talking waaaaay too much
Snens - 4 hours ago
Its also the smallest Steak in the world
nick mutina
nick mutina - 4 hours ago
Who got upset as soon as he cut in to the steak
val attard
val attard - 4 hours ago
4:20 he finally gets to cooking the meat after 4 minutes and 19 seconds of intricately molesting thin garlic slices. Your welcome
Patrick Cawley
Patrick Cawley - 5 hours ago
did he just scoop up oil
Mana - 6 hours ago
i only came for the garlic
Kamlesh Patel
Kamlesh Patel - 6 hours ago
I watched I vid about parents who cannot afford to but their kids school meals, and now I have this in my recommended 😂 , stupid poor people make me lol 😂
B O - 6 hours ago
Look at the marbling on that meat😍😍😍
Kamlesh Patel
Kamlesh Patel - 6 hours ago
Devin Green
Devin Green - 8 hours ago
Bro just go subway and get 4 footlongs
Spong - 8 hours ago
Human meat is the rarest and hardest to get right?
greg Czarlinski
greg Czarlinski - 8 hours ago
10 min to cook the garlic lol
Matt C
Matt C - 10 hours ago
This is NOT how you cook and eat a perfectly looking steak..
Hamdan Akhtar
Hamdan Akhtar - 11 hours ago
Best taste comes from beef fat that's a secret that's all
Hamdan Akhtar
Hamdan Akhtar - 11 hours ago
To much drama going here .I do respect Japanese people but 100 dollar stake or 10dollar cook it fast and eat it and then thanks to Lord for good food I wasted just few minutes of my life watching this
luke webb
luke webb - 11 hours ago
Okay so that was your starters whens the mains
Supergaming101 - 11 hours ago
*_I can't even afford to look at it_*
Random Animations
Random Animations - 11 hours ago
Y’all saying that is garlic but ever stop to think that it’s not? It could be onions, or other veggies
James fairbank
James fairbank - 12 hours ago
Now, now one knows why this has so many likes🙃
RecoGnizeCast - 12 hours ago
The most intense zooms i have ever seen
T M - 16 hours ago
It looks like a slab of fat with a bit of meat. Not sure cows should solely be fed olives.
Dave Allen
Dave Allen - 18 hours ago
Why do Japanese cooks like to cut the steak up into 10 sometimes 20 pieces?? Why not just cook the entire steak then serve it?
Dave Allen
Dave Allen - 18 hours ago
That grittle is soo clean and has no flavor the best tasting food comes from a nice seasoned grill and here we go again with the garlic chips is their any places that cook anything diffrent in Japan? very very boring watching the same meal prepared over and over by diffrent so called gourmet chefs at diffrent restaurants. Why do they all cook exactly alike?
T-55 AM2B
T-55 AM2B - 20 hours ago
This probably costs more than my monthly food budget
Heartworn Fox
Heartworn Fox - 20 hours ago
Holy fuck that’s not a lot of food he just legit took half of it away! Ripoff!!
Ninja Plays Games
Ninja Plays Games - 22 hours ago
Not a great video to watch high.
Alonso Scavino
Alonso Scavino - 23 hours ago
El chef se esmeró más en sofreír las láminas de ajo para que al final el tipo solo se coma una :'v
ファンDe - 23 hours ago
Martabak Mini S2
Martabak Mini S2 - Day ago
Wagyu lg ngetrend di indonesia juga bang
Joshunyek - Day ago
wheres the lamb s a u c e
joao vitor
joao vitor - Day ago
Isso só funciona no Japão mesmo demora da porra pra 15 pedacinhos de carne, se é loko
Yxng Scholar
Yxng Scholar - Day ago
And yet another thrilling episode of, "Why is this in my recommended?"
Matt L
Matt L - Day ago
I’ll stick to my New York strip thanks
Luis Ventura
Luis Ventura - Day ago
Thanks but no thanks . I rather have a good old Texas steak
blmonkey - Day ago
$180USD for 10oz entree. a 4 star restaurant in US is about $100-180 for a meal with 16-24oz faux-wagyu. I know this steak isn't real. The Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. Ignorance is bliss.
That One Bagel
That One Bagel - Day ago
Ah yes, Garl
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