I Performed At A NBA Half Time Show!?!?

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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass - Month ago
Can’t believe I did this... Dream come true... Love you all🙏❤️
David Turingan
David Turingan - 10 days ago
Congrats even tho this is the first i see you in action, God bless Brodie! 🙏👌
Tamias Smith
Tamias Smith - 13 days ago
Tristan Jass come back to sky zone
Virginia Angsuban
Virginia Angsuban - 16 days ago
You did it. Congrts
Dominic Navone
Dominic Navone - 20 days ago
Tristan Jass I was at that game and I saw you. I was freaking out, it would have been nice to talk to you and see you🤙🏼
angie shaffer
angie shaffer - 2 hours ago
Your have the best YouTube channel
ALPCuber - 8 hours ago
What I think is so funny is that almost everyone wearing a jersey is either wearing 23 for James or 34 for Antetkounmpo!
Amanda Faircloth
Amanda Faircloth - 11 hours ago
Boy you had alot of fans at that game
YDV 2018
YDV 2018 - Day ago
Better than the 2019 dunk contest for sure
Joe Hapiness
Joe Hapiness - 2 days ago
Performs in front of a thousand people. " most I've ever performed infront of" uploads it to YouTube, 1mil+ watches...
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez - 3 days ago
Why does he look like jake Paul
Oscar Cutajar
Oscar Cutajar - 3 days ago
It would have been so sick if u had of have someone chuck u the ball and u did it between the legs
C& THD - 4 days ago
C& THD - 4 days ago
C& THD - 4 days ago
C& THD - 4 days ago
C& THD - 4 days ago
C& THD - 4 days ago
Bop Pedro
Bop Pedro - 4 days ago
@ 6:55 we gon act like that spin wasn't smooth asf
Bop Pedro
Bop Pedro - 4 days ago
Don't cut your hair don't listen to these mark ass niggas 🤷🏽‍♂️ do you cuddie
Professer T-Sadh
Professer T-Sadh - 5 days ago
Insane I love basketball and I am shy man but now I am expressing myself so yeah ✌ pls wish me luck for my tryouts September
Otavio Augusto Caneschi Fraga Poli
Algum br
ARMAN NURBOLAT - 7 days ago
boi u look like Jake Paul
Jaccob Cortez
Jaccob Cortez - 7 days ago
I danced for the rockets
Landon - 8 days ago
Did you notice he didn't smile in the pics
Javier! - 8 days ago
I've been watching this channel since day 1 were almost at 1mil
Sobol - 8 days ago
That wha-wha-whats up everybody is REALLY ANOYING
Ssw Divryan
Ssw Divryan - 8 days ago
Idol pa auto drap naman dyan hehe
Isaiah Goodridge
Isaiah Goodridge - 9 days ago
No cap bro he missed keep replaying it ima supporter but look
jan mosqueda
jan mosqueda - 9 days ago
Tristan to the nba
Nice Guy
Nice Guy - 10 days ago
Why does T Jass remind me of the blonde version of Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy?
Nice Guy
Nice Guy - 10 days ago
Tristan those jeans just squished 3 times the size of your thighs
Wilmac Raymonvil
Wilmac Raymonvil - 11 days ago
That dude with the dreds with the double 360 dunk was sick I got hype!
ITSQUINCY - 11 days ago
Was that Pat Connaughton
Victor Tapia
Victor Tapia - 11 days ago
Your from Kenosha Wisconsin
C C - 11 days ago
New trim needed 💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈
C C - 11 days ago
Your hair too long
Mohammad Zawateya
Mohammad Zawateya - 11 days ago
Who are u to give him ur shoe
FPV rio
FPV rio - 11 days ago
steve and dave uses etoro
Hbert Sumayang
Hbert Sumayang - 11 days ago
thats it?
Matty Mathix
Matty Mathix - 11 days ago
Dats bad ass nigga
M Drew
M Drew - 12 days ago
M Drew
M Drew - 12 days ago
Emily Cano
Emily Cano - 12 days ago
Alex Truax
Alex Truax - 12 days ago
I was there ggs
DatAss Tho
DatAss Tho - 12 days ago
Is your name Tristan Jackass or Tristan Ass?
delvin yaya
delvin yaya - 12 days ago
If Professor Duo with T Jass In The NBA will be Crazy!
Rigil Kent Gianan
Rigil Kent Gianan - 12 days ago
You are so cool.
Tamias Smith
Tamias Smith - 13 days ago
I'm a big fan of you love your channel and your intro
No Frankiboi
No Frankiboi - 14 days ago
Tha Manx at 5:02😂
Daniel Maharjan
Daniel Maharjan - 14 days ago
Half this video was a waste of time
Amanda Akers
Amanda Akers - 16 days ago
Perm head ass boi
Zachary Plier
Zachary Plier - 16 days ago
Go bucks
Javier Arevalo
Javier Arevalo - 16 days ago
Oo see The dog of profesor live: v
Nathan24-_- - 16 days ago
1.1 Followers on Instagram
Icon Cesar
Icon Cesar - 17 days ago
Yo Tristan how do u make your hair like that any tips
Pretzel Boy
Pretzel Boy - 18 days ago
Hie can I bee yor frend yor la ups ar so cool
Grayson Davis
Grayson Davis - 18 days ago
In Feb I went there for the escanaba 11 u team
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall - 18 days ago
Video starts at 6:02
Willy Bischel
Willy Bischel - 18 days ago
Like if favorite team bucks
Kiesel Wilson
Kiesel Wilson - 18 days ago
Did he give the shoes
Tyguy Gaming
Tyguy Gaming - 18 days ago
Nice man
Kill YaBape
Kill YaBape - 18 days ago
Who lives in Wisconsin
I live in Wisconsin by the way
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - 18 days ago
This is how many people like me

ItzYourBoiChase - 18 days ago
Oh Yeah yeah 😒😅😂
Marley Mead
Marley Mead - 19 days ago
You should play the professor live
Sonny B
Sonny B - 19 days ago
white boy culture vulture lol
Lizeika Lindo
Lizeika Lindo - 20 days ago
At least u dont clickbait
Lynette Malabed
Lynette Malabed - 20 days ago
Tristan jass you make me wanna play basketball so thank you for that
Jerome Maquito
Jerome Maquito - 20 days ago
Woah! Love that you inspire kids to chase their dreams! Big fan from the Philippines here! God bless!
Alpha GaNg
Alpha GaNg - 20 days ago
At 2:22 he was scared
ITZYABOIWILL Will - 20 days ago
I was at this game
Crasher PlayzYT
Crasher PlayzYT - 20 days ago
LeBron was watching you:)
Peyton Snell
Peyton Snell - 20 days ago
zezuriken - 20 days ago
who's that girl on 9:28?
Kain Maes
Kain Maes - 20 days ago
Epic dunk
Play Hard
Play Hard - 20 days ago
7:00 here it is folks
karuk warrior101
karuk warrior101 - 20 days ago
Everyone has a giannis jursy
Liza Soberano my Love
Liza Soberano my Love - 20 days ago
*real talk the frst persons who dunked are cool and awesome stunt, but tjass. Naah boring*
HaxsDayz_yt 1
HaxsDayz_yt 1 - 21 day ago
714 subs, “most people I’ve ever performed in front of
Kevin Vicente
Kevin Vicente - 21 day ago
Nice intro
Lilpump - 21 day ago
Tristan jass is the goat 🐐
Jack Wadwell
Jack Wadwell - 21 day ago
This how many dunks Tristan did on you
Yandel Garcia
Yandel Garcia - 21 day ago
4:25 there is always that stupid ass little kid that flosses 🙄🙄😑
Abdias Soto
Abdias Soto - 21 day ago
IceGamerr - 21 day ago
If you like Tristan Jass like this comment..
IceGamerr - 21 day ago
Idk why, but I was nervous as a mug while Watching this...
Aunonto - 21 day ago
that evana girl seemed crazy lol
jack downing13
jack downing13 - 21 day ago
Broward Josh
Broward Josh - 21 day ago
Blessings on top of Blessings☝🏽🙏🏽
On the Way to The Top 🙌🏽💯
We herrr & The Grind Won’t Stop 💸
#1MilByNextMonth ⬆️
Mike Clark
Mike Clark - 21 day ago
Bro I would hate having everyone stopping and saying hi or something
devorah agana
devorah agana - 21 day ago
hey how do you curl you hair?
Star Wreak
Star Wreak - 21 day ago
i didnt see it coming😲😲😲bravo yooooo
KingJr07 /CliuChang
KingJr07 /CliuChang - 21 day ago
Bro no way tho but I know I’m late but u was at Milwaukee WTF I live there
Emily Cano
Emily Cano - 12 days ago
KingJr07 /CliuChang same
Justin Jielmar De Castro
my idol in lay up boy jelly
Kris Paige
Kris Paige - 22 days ago
Owen Wise
Owen Wise - 22 days ago
You Must Be Nervous
Owen Wise
Owen Wise - 22 days ago
This Is Sick You’re Insane At Basketball
clips - 22 days ago
Can't believe I just saw Donald Trump son lol
Gpav - 22 days ago
Yo Tristan I’m from Kenosha WI as well and I had no idea you were from here
Thanks for supporting our state!
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia - 22 days ago
Damn lol lit
Max Pritchard
Max Pritchard - 22 days ago
@brodenfrost you're right
BriAndroid - 22 days ago
fck ur vids xd
Toth Gaming 102881771
Toth Gaming 102881771 - 22 days ago
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