Balaporte Jean
Balaporte Jean - 20 hours ago
Jesus is the Son of God
Balaporte Jean
Balaporte Jean - 20 hours ago
Ah stop bullying bro
Jesus-Christ loves you all
Sorgu Makinası
Sorgu Makinası - 2 days ago
Türkün gücünü göreceksiniz!!!
ngamminlun john
ngamminlun john - 3 days ago
U mad bro🤔😅
Bent Louis Jensen
Bent Louis Jensen - 3 days ago
hold dog op en narrerøv
bobby Stafford
bobby Stafford - 4 days ago
I feel a bit bad for the kid who he kicked off the front of the line tho haha
MANCHONG MJ - 5 days ago
2:30.. We don't do that. Don't break kids hearts.. Fighting man to man is what I like about Zlatan.. But that was so unmanly
DêvôŇ ČļåšH
DêvôŇ ČļåšH - 5 days ago
Buajajaja este vato si que es un lokillo :v
Queen Control
Queen Control - 5 days ago
zlatan play as cows...
El ZOZ Comedy . Com
El ZOZ Comedy . Com - 5 days ago
يا مجنون يابن المجنون😂
Kuey_ v
Kuey_ v - 6 days ago
3:02 genius
Kris Zhao
Kris Zhao - 6 days ago
The only player that Zlatan is afraid to mess with is jaap stam
Jeewan Lixeren
Jeewan Lixeren - 6 days ago
Whats the music in the background ?
INDIAN - 5 days ago
Darkforce- Ardenese
Rahulmiamee - 7 days ago
He is mentally sick person. And he doesnt deserve to play game like football. Someone should beat him very hard.
Andrea Cavallini
Andrea Cavallini - 8 days ago
very stopped
Umberto Afeltra
Umberto Afeltra - 9 days ago
imbraimoviscc sei solo una merdaccia di giocatore e per di piu sei pure uno zingaro
Junio Gonçalves - junin bsa
Esse aí é maldoso kkkk
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson - 9 days ago
Just made a portrait of Zlatan on a graffiti wall. Less than 24hrs later someone writes "Fuck Zlatan" on it. Allways provocative.
robb stark
robb stark - 9 days ago
Zlatan doesn't need water . Water needs zlatan.
Gwixcomando - 10 days ago
Name of the song?!
Miyu Kano
Miyu Kano - 12 days ago
He's a psycho
Ace Productionz
Ace Productionz - 13 days ago
1:52 looks like he said " OOoh no you didn't " lmaaaoo
daniel jonsson
daniel jonsson - 14 days ago
Zlatan the gypsy
yati soraya
yati soraya - 14 days ago
Nally Carrasco Portorreal
2:06 - 2:36 xD
Muhaq_Hussain - 15 days ago
When he is smile... We never know what is that mean.. It could be everything..

This kind of smile. U have to be careful.. Especially u are the enemy...
eddyvideostar - 8 days ago
Muhaq_Hussain: Thank you very much. Classic comment. A smile of subterfuge and mischievousness. This is what con-people do all the time. Sometimes, a nice face means the opposite. I bet Zatan (like the pun), has a stretchmark smile engrained in his face.
Theofania Antoniou
Theofania Antoniou - 15 days ago
Πουτσαρας ο Zlatan
Jose Franco
Jose Franco - 16 days ago
El puto amo zlatan mi idolo ❤️
Notable Art
Notable Art - 17 days ago
Ibrahimovic is such a fucking jerk. Die you b...
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph - 18 days ago
All that because he is taller than the rest. Let him dare lukaku
SoccerVerse - 16 days ago
He is taller than lukaku.. romelu is 6'3 zlatan is 6'5
wargames71 - 18 days ago
zlata...zingaro e' e zingaro rimane....anche con i sempre zingaro...
Spyros Spyrou
Spyros Spyrou - 18 days ago
The most dirty football player ever, arrogance, gladestein, etc.
Eyoabyohannes Amha
Eyoabyohannes Amha - 15 days ago
He is just stubborn
Michel Alhadithi
Michel Alhadithi - 18 days ago
Stupid guy we just want to see football
Zeljko Mikulic
Zeljko Mikulic - 20 days ago
Jebem li mamu u picku sto bi meni ovako prolazio nebi nikad vise potrco
Zeljko Mikulic
Zeljko Mikulic - 19 days ago
+Zef Alienaaaaaahhhhhh
Zef Alien
Zef Alien - 19 days ago
Aaxx kako si opasann oplodi me
che che
che che - 22 days ago
Mavuba ? 😂😂😂
jeff griffin
jeff griffin - 22 days ago
He is like a boss hard bastard
senzo gerald
senzo gerald - 22 days ago
Ronaldo is a best player in the world
DIEN HAZZARD - 22 days ago
Fuck off ibrs
Costa del Artlepool
Costa del Artlepool - 22 days ago
I wanted to see the clip where she cried after getting her ponytail stamped on.
NoPain NoGain
NoPain NoGain - 20 days ago
Stfu bitch
Peter Roeters
Peter Roeters - 23 days ago
Total idiot
Anish Maiti
Anish Maiti - 23 days ago
trx99999 - 23 days ago
ich wollte huhrensohn sagen aber das ist wirklich ein a******** eine riesen a********
Bastiaan Stapelberg
Bastiaan Stapelberg - 23 days ago
Hahaha wat een gedragsgestoorde eikel is het toch.
Manu Popescu
Manu Popescu - 23 days ago
Slatan idiot
Ben Brosch
Ben Brosch - 23 days ago
Eat shit Zlatan...
Rainer Hecht
Rainer Hecht - 24 days ago
Spieleverbot für die Rübennase- pfui Teufel
Ray Reus
Ray Reus - 24 days ago
Thug Life
Michel Ciacharini
Michel Ciacharini - 24 days ago
Man United miss you!!! A true killer, not seen since cantona!! Fucking come back!!
Omid B
Omid B - 25 days ago
Even wildings in GOT were more civilized than Zlatan ibrahimovic.
Игнат Мордяшов
На Горшка (КиШ) похож
FútbolMon - 25 days ago
An Italian female reporter once made fun of Zlatan and called him gay because of photo of him hugging Gerard Pique. Zlatan responds: “Come to my house and bring your sister, then we shall see who the gay one is.”
SoccerVerse - 16 days ago
+jeff griffin 😂😂😂
SoccerVerse - 16 days ago
jeff griffin
jeff griffin - 22 days ago
And they both excepted and he smashed them to pieces.
Joe Rahman
Joe Rahman - 25 days ago
Bad player !!!
Em Dee
Em Dee - 26 days ago
cant find him chocking Kjaer?
Ervin Kovats
Ervin Kovats - 27 days ago
Zlatan is a big manky
Fox8 Sylvanaswow
Fox8 Sylvanaswow - 27 days ago
Best fighter ... i mean hope best fighter FU_CK IBRAH pleaseeeeeee
This is not soccer i want to see
Oh im sorry
I'm sorry to BIT_CH cause BIT_CH more respect THAN YOU IBRAH !!!!
Dog better than you IBRAH
Thalia Gomez quintana
Thalia Gomez quintana - 27 days ago
Jaajaja me dio risa el mepazo
Alim Bmers
Alim Bmers - 28 days ago
Monster lapangan
3 org bek aja ga sanggup lawan ngapit badan dia..hahaha
Ananymous Incrypd
Ananymous Incrypd - 28 days ago
That shoulder hold slap trick was awesome 😂😂😂😂
Daka 1887
Daka 1887 - 29 days ago
Ibra je najjaci
Σπυρος Τινελλης
The most dangerous player
Aiman Afiq
Aiman Afiq - Month ago
Zlatan doesn't drink,
The water itself enters into Zlatan's mouth
Estersarina Silalahi
Estersarina Silalahi - Month ago
Igneel Dragneel
Igneel Dragneel - Month ago
Zlatan taekwondo guy
Kean Pattso
Kean Pattso - Month ago
Menudo hijoputa el yugoslavo ! aunque se haga el ..SUECO !!
cimo cimak
cimo cimak - Month ago
Balkan junk
Manuel Mester
Manuel Mester - Month ago
he is a great footballer but overacting about his reactions
Anon Frank
Anon Frank - Month ago
Ibrahimovic was a dirty player and bully . But I was glad to read someone stood up to the bully and broke zi's rib in a practice at AC Milan . First of all the guy who broke zi's rib was an american international . I also hate the bully " US empire " even though i am born and raised in the usa and I am of european descent . His name is Oguchi Onyewu . click on link , or copy and paste it into your browser's url address bar . " When Oguchi Onyewu broke Zlatan Ibrahimovic's rib in a fight " also
Денис Волошин
Да жосткий.но это спорт!
tygrys2903 - Month ago
Was für ne tunte.
hshdahj jshdga
hshdahj jshdga - Month ago
Ducati Marc
Ducati Marc - Month ago
Wenn es einen Spieler gibt dem ich mal in die fresse hauen will dann ist es Zlatan. Arrogantes selbstverliebtes und aggressives Arschloch.
Video FR
Video FR - Month ago
best fights? he just looks like a retarded dirty player.
FunTube - Month ago
Wow! What a behaviour!!!
HZD sam Na Sam
HZD sam Na Sam - Month ago
Zlatan is rude
Geezus Yalao
Geezus Yalao - Month ago
Music please
Nagesh Jain
Nagesh Jain - Month ago
Anyone know the soundtrack in background
Nagesh Jain
Nagesh Jain - Month ago
+دانكيولا // I know that I never found that track
دانكيولا //
دانكيولا // - Month ago
+Nagesh Jain it's easy just press my blue profile that will take you to my created playlist 😁👍
Nagesh Jain
Nagesh Jain - Month ago
+دانكيولا // share me the link
دانكيولا //
دانكيولا // - Month ago
Go to my site playlist
Богдан Богданов
Namex - Month ago
Vidi se da je rodom Bosanac ;D
sotiri koteci
sotiri koteci - Month ago
who is 2019
save cueandlog
save cueandlog - Month ago
what a lousy piece of shit..
Enver Tankovic
Enver Tankovic - Month ago
Seljacina Balkanska👹
Cod Name
Cod Name - Month ago
Was für ein HURENSOHN! Gehörte vor Jahren schon für immer gesperrt
Fury - Month ago
Vidi se da je Bosanac💪🇧🇦
Cedanus I.
Cedanus I. - Month ago
Was für ein Wichser.
Jemand sollte IHN mal richtig wegtreten.
Liebe Grüße.
Solunac2019 Kosovojesrpsko
Cedanus I. Ganz genauer das ist nicht cool 👎🏻
Usn guns
Usn guns - Month ago
Karate king
Mofadin Live
Mofadin Live - Month ago
He need a psychiatrist...
KOJO ROLEX - Month ago
This dude just loves fucking with people 😂😂😂
ViAaRo - Month ago
A clown, an idiot and a bigger scumbag, One of the most overrated players out there.
Shahidul islam shahid Student
That's not matter
Juan Pedro Masala
Juan Pedro Masala - Month ago
Che musica orribile
Edi Glendhoh
Edi Glendhoh - Month ago
Pmain sombong yg tak bisa juara.
marvin lopetegui
marvin lopetegui - Month ago
zlatan is a troll
Pankaj Gorey
Pankaj Gorey - 2 months ago
Zlatan is a cocky little piece of shit
Jumi M.T.
Jumi M.T. - 2 months ago
I like Zlatan
Vũ Thành Lợi
Vũ Thành Lợi - 2 months ago
OneOfYou - 2 months ago
Zlatan iz Bosnian blood... thats the answer
Carlos Novaes
Carlos Novaes - 2 months ago
Esse é pancada das ideias 😂😂😂
Y FS - 2 months ago
3:13 best move
Vaishali Kaushik
Vaishali Kaushik - 2 months ago
Zlatan is the rage monster of football.
Karthik Prem
Karthik Prem - 2 months ago
great celebration , ZlaaTAn
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