Fishing Star World Tour - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Yikes - 4 months ago
Shy Boi
Shy Boi - 4 months ago
It’s fracking fishing
ryan max
ryan max - 4 months ago
Nintendo please bring fishing resort to switch
Jamie Cutts
Jamie Cutts - 4 months ago
Never played a fishing game before this one but I can't recommend it enough. It's so much fun trying to catch the larger fish with the twin controllers that it even had my family jumping around with excitement when they got a bite. If anything the TV family on this advert are under reacting.
JacobOlli - 5 months ago
Is this a Switch exclusive?
marcos montoya aguilar
marcos montoya aguilar - 5 months ago
Usa usa usa usa usa one NATION
King Eugene Gamer
King Eugene Gamer - 5 months ago
7 Seconds, 🤣🤣
Lantistic Loud
Lantistic Loud - 5 months ago
Pokemon: Let's Go Fishing!
droolerdork - 5 months ago
Let's GET!
cynda wu
cynda wu - 5 months ago
I absolutly love Ultimate Angler from Steetpass. I am so looking forward to get this game!!
FrostyNinja Here
FrostyNinja Here - 5 months ago
No I'm good, I'll just play final fantasy xv fishing
NintendoFanBoy07 - 5 months ago
Man those people are excited huh? Lol 😂🤣😅
Karmasen - 5 months ago
First we have Sushi Strike.
now we're gonna catch fishes with Fishing Star World Tour.
TwoDoubleVision •
TwoDoubleVision • - 5 months ago
The Ultimate Mario Fan
The Ultimate Mario Fan - 5 months ago
Sounds like the voice actress for Cooking Mama
TheActs2021 - 5 months ago
Is this game better than all the other fishing games in the eshop currently ??
Erizo Conciso
Erizo Conciso - 5 months ago
Nintendoes what SEGA stops... SEGA should make the peace with Nintendo to bring a Dreamcast Virtual Console on the hybrid.
1 Joelyna
1 Joelyna - 5 months ago
Welp this is where is gonna be for the rest of time
Jo Reven
Jo Reven - 5 months ago
Cool Pokemon spinoff. Weird decision not to put "Pokemon" in the game name though.
Emmett Homuth
Emmett Homuth - 5 months ago
she does look like she should be in pokemon
ShacCO - 5 months ago
Best game 2k19 I can smell it
TidyWire - 5 months ago
I've been playing this game actually. Surprisingly fun. Recommend.
Bluejack 22
Bluejack 22 - 5 months ago
Doesn't in game character remind you of the protagonist of let's go?
Princess Peach is Awsome Blossom
I can only find reactions to the direct
Andrea Dolcini
Andrea Dolcini - 5 months ago
If they made the wole game working with the labo fishing Rod i'll buy it
Dexray - 5 months ago
ro22222228 - 5 months ago
Dexray gaming 1 more hour till it comes
MARCHELO - 5 months ago
Nani? looks fun i want more than 180 fishes tho!
PG Now
PG Now - 5 months ago
Nintendo, *where is Roblox?*
Darien Goheen
Darien Goheen - 5 months ago
The cute girl in the game's thumbnail has me wanting it.
Retro Leonardo 7
Retro Leonardo 7 - 5 months ago
Guys, this is the game of the year. I feel it
Rolando Rodriguez 5
Rolando Rodriguez 5 - 5 months ago
this game looks dumb and badly translated lol
Simón Ponce
Simón Ponce - 5 months ago
waluigi also has feelings plz
Killian plays games
Killian plays games - 5 months ago
When is the joker gameplay trailer
Simón Ponce
Simón Ponce - 5 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Simón Ponce
Simón Ponce - 5 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Simón Ponce
Simón Ponce - 5 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Mathew C.
Mathew C. - 5 months ago
My Brian says pass. But my endless supply of real fishing stuff says I need it.
pancakepuffball - 5 months ago
finally! this is the epicest game!
Dunk61 - 5 months ago
i actually like this
Hydrathermal - 5 months ago
0:43 that's a frog
JonnyS - 5 months ago
So this is where the fishing mechanic from Pokemon Let's Go went
Ramona Lynn
Ramona Lynn - 5 months ago
The narrator is very clearly a Japanese woman speaking English
Toby Tribbitt
Toby Tribbitt - 5 months ago
no games a good game without a fishing minigame
Iqra Ibrahim
Iqra Ibrahim - 5 months ago
Please ad a super mario maker for the nintendo switch
Ibro Athie
Ibro Athie - 5 months ago
Pokemon Let's go Style
Sånyk - 5 months ago
you guys notice that the caracter look like a female?
Luigi Gundam
Luigi Gundam - 5 months ago
Froggy where are you?

Big the Cat for DLC pls
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 5 months ago
Sammy Dee
Sammy Dee - 5 months ago
Let me play as Big the Cat, and I MIGHT just pick this game up.
Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy Bailey - 5 months ago
I love how the commercial has Japanese but the person is speaking English
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