Fishing Star World Tour - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Yikes - 2 months ago
tanner Cooldud
tanner Cooldud - 2 months ago
It鈥檚 fracking fishing
ryan max
ryan max - 2 months ago
Nintendo please bring fishing resort to switch
Jamie Cutts
Jamie Cutts - 3 months ago
Never played a fishing game before this one but I can't recommend it enough. It's so much fun trying to catch the larger fish with the twin controllers that it even had my family jumping around with excitement when they got a bite. If anything the TV family on this advert are under reacting.
Jacob Olli
Jacob Olli - 3 months ago
Is this a Switch exclusive?
marcos montoya aguilar
marcos montoya aguilar - 3 months ago
Usa usa usa usa usa one NATION
King Eugene Gamer
King Eugene Gamer - 3 months ago
7 Seconds, 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Lantistic Loud
Lantistic Loud - 3 months ago
Pokemon: Let's Go Fishing!
droolerdork - 3 months ago
Let's GET!
cynda wu
cynda wu - 3 months ago
I absolutly love Ultimate Angler from Steetpass. I am so looking forward to get this game!!
FrostyNinja Here
FrostyNinja Here - 3 months ago
No I'm good, I'll just play final fantasy xv fishing
NintendoFanBoy07 - 3 months ago
Man those people are excited huh? Lol 馃槀馃ぃ馃槄
Karma Sen
Karma Sen - 3 months ago
First we have Sushi Strike.
now we're gonna catch fishes with Fishing Star World Tour.
TwoDoubleVision '
TwoDoubleVision ' - 3 months ago
The Ultimate Mario Fan
The Ultimate Mario Fan - 3 months ago
Sounds like the voice actress for Cooking Mama
TheActs2021 - 3 months ago
Is this game better than all the other fishing games in the eshop currently ??
Erizo Conciso
Erizo Conciso - 3 months ago
Nintendoes what SEGA stops... SEGA should make the peace with Nintendo to bring a Dreamcast Virtual Console on the hybrid.
1 Joelyna
1 Joelyna - 3 months ago
Welp this is where is gonna be for the rest of time
Jo Reven
Jo Reven - 3 months ago
Cool Pokemon spinoff. Weird decision not to put "Pokemon" in the game name though.
Emmett Homuth
Emmett Homuth - 3 months ago
she does look like she should be in pokemon
Shado - 3 months ago
Best game 2k19 I can smell it
TidyWire - 3 months ago
I've been playing this game actually. Surprisingly fun. Recommend.
Bluejack 22
Bluejack 22 - 3 months ago
Doesn't in game character remind you of the protagonist of let's go?
Princess Peach Is Awesome Blossom
I can only find reactions to the direct
Andrea Dolcini
Andrea Dolcini - 3 months ago
If they made the wole game working with the labo fishing Rod i'll buy it
Dexray - 3 months ago
ro22222228 - 3 months ago
Dexray gaming 1 more hour till it comes
MARCHELO - 3 months ago
Nani? looks fun i want more than 180 fishes tho!
PG Now
PG Now - 3 months ago
Nintendo, *where is Roblox?*
Darien Goheen
Darien Goheen - 3 months ago
The cute girl in the game's thumbnail has me wanting it.
Retro Leonardo 7
Retro Leonardo 7 - 3 months ago
Guys, this is the game of the year. I feel it
Rolando Rodriguez 5
Rolando Rodriguez 5 - 3 months ago
this game looks dumb and badly translated lol
Sim贸n Ponce
Sim贸n Ponce - 3 months ago
waluigi also has feelings plz
Killian plays games
Killian plays games - 3 months ago
When is the joker gameplay trailer
Sim贸n Ponce
Sim贸n Ponce - 3 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Sim贸n Ponce
Sim贸n Ponce - 3 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Sim贸n Ponce
Sim贸n Ponce - 3 months ago
nintendo please put gualuigi in super smash ultimate
Mathew C.
Mathew C. - 3 months ago
My Brian says pass. But my endless supply of real fishing stuff says I need it.
pancakepuffball - 3 months ago
finally! this is the epicest game!
Dunk61 - 3 months ago
i actually like this
Hydrathermal - 3 months ago
0:43 that's a frog
JonnyS - 3 months ago
So this is where the fishing mechanic from Pokemon Let's Go went
Ramona Lynn
Ramona Lynn - 3 months ago
The narrator is very clearly a Japanese woman speaking English
Toby Tribbitt
Toby Tribbitt - 3 months ago
no games a good game without a fishing minigame
Iqra Ibrahim
Iqra Ibrahim - 3 months ago
Please ad a super mario maker for the nintendo switch
Ibro Athie
Ibro Athie - 3 months ago
Pokemon Let's go Style
S氓nyk - 3 months ago
you guys notice that the caracter look like a female?
Luigi Gundam
Luigi Gundam - 3 months ago
Froggy where are you?

Big the Cat for DLC pls
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 3 months ago
Sammy Dee
Sammy Dee - 3 months ago
Let me play as Big the Cat, and I MIGHT just pick this game up.
Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy Bailey - 3 months ago
I love how the commercial has Japanese but the person is speaking English
Alex The Great
Alex The Great - 3 months ago
Looks fun
Willy Rosario
Willy Rosario - 3 months ago
Desde cuando pescar causa tanta risa y alegr铆a. Pescar es super aburrido..... a menos que est茅s con un amigo tomando unas cervezas y disfrutando de la tranquilidad.... por Dios
AmnesiaGm1 - 3 months ago
Ha ha ha :)
They try to place again the Labo. Nice shoot.
Gamer's Survival Guide
Gamer's Survival Guide - 3 months ago
40 unique fishing locations :0. We got a labo competitor here.
Kaito - 3 months ago
I too enjoy pray fishing wit my japanese famiry, sankyu nintendo
Paukku G
Paukku G - 3 months ago
Nintendo can you add smash ultimate geno?
DARL LABS - 3 months ago
SO I BOUGHT THIS CARDBOARD FOR NOTHING *throws labo fishing pole across room*
Joshua Santoso
Joshua Santoso - 3 months ago
if you squint really hard the dad kinda looks like a middle aged joji
Wasd - 3 months ago
I thought this was wind waker for a second and got excited
The Comfy Geek
The Comfy Geek - 3 months ago
Time for some HONKERS boys!
DaRetard - 3 months ago
This trailer is a weird one...just saying
Joey van Herwaarde
Joey van Herwaarde - 3 months ago
The girl on the thumbnail made me think it was Pok茅mon of some sorts! She kinda looks like the girl from Pok茅mon Let's Go!
Roger Palomino
Roger Palomino - 3 months ago
Here's a bad joke, "Go Fish."
I will show myself out now.
PIRHANA PLANT MAIN - 3 months ago
The characters look like there from Pok茅mon lets go
PIRHANA PLANT MAIN - 3 months ago
Can鈥檛 wait for the direct
robert Yan
robert Yan - 3 months ago
Sounding like a mobile ad
emir - 3 months ago
Yousef Qambar
Yousef Qambar - 3 months ago
Jump force on switch plz
iBloxonic - 3 months ago
Wow it looks a lot like Fishing Master Wii
oreo_player - 3 months ago
(to sakurai ) i like new smash im even gonna buy Nintendo switch later but i rlly thinked of something.
If u guys added somany dark version of charachters then why didint u guys added dark meta knight
Dhin Cardoso
Dhin Cardoso - 3 months ago
Legend of the River King for NINTENDO SWITCH you suckers!!!! RPG + Fishing + Motion Controls! 鈾
銈嗐亜714 - 3 months ago
Loved Big Bass Fishing on PS1 but it (and other similar fishing games) always suffered from poor visuals and polish. 20 years later Nintendo decides the world has waited long enough for this game done right. For some reason, Japanese developers always seem to make console games best.
Space Fox
Space Fox - 3 months ago
Can you portet Mario 3D world please I Love dis game
EENIX - 3 months ago
Pok茅mon but it鈥檚 fishy
Luca Pirilli
Luca Pirilli - 3 months ago
0:14 "TV not actually on"
So it means fishes can't actually come out of it? No buy.
Nate S
Nate S - 3 months ago
Finally a game compatible with the labo fishing rod
the basement Band
the basement Band - 3 months ago
How can I pay you to play all the Zelda games on switch. I鈥檇 also like to pay you to play 3ds titles. I don鈥檛 want you to waste your time. Please. Please. Make an army of developers to port all the great games you kept hidden in your mobile device.
First being. Kid Icarus. Man. So good. On switch system seller.
He鈥檚 done with smash mostly. Please.
Teh GoldenGamer29
Teh GoldenGamer29 - 3 months ago
I want a Mii tomo 2 for iPad
Ean Sudholtz
Ean Sudholtz - 3 months ago
The style of the game avatar look like Pok茅mon Lets Go. Anyone else think that or is it just me.
Frezzy Santos
Frezzy Santos - 3 months ago
Wow I love this Nintendo direct... My time waiting for this moment was surely rewarded by this masterpiece.
Batman3217 - 3 months ago
Nintendo already had that game. It's "Ultimate Angler" on Nintendo 3DS.
RavenZeal - Smash & More
RavenZeal - Smash & More - 3 months ago
Gandalf the Tsaagan
Gandalf the Tsaagan - 3 months ago
Look, if later on I can fish big animals and/or weird creatuires, I'm in
Math 22
Math 22 - 3 months ago
馃悷, it is very good game !!!
BuffPixels - 3 months ago
Damn I didnt know fishing was this exciting I really been missin out huh
Robert Podruzny
Robert Podruzny - 3 months ago
Is this where I find honkers, egg daddy?
saksa臒an - 3 months ago
go buy nintendo labo variety kit it has a fishing minigame that is more realistic lol
saksa臒an - 3 months ago
i love how yesterday vergeben 2.0 said that 13 is our lucky number and he/she was right all along
JayCee Creates
JayCee Creates - 3 months ago
+RelaxAlax this might be what you're looking for
Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli Knowledge - 3 months ago
Also known as Isabelle Simulator.
The Couch Podcast
The Couch Podcast - 3 months ago
Honestly I'm big bout
BJGvideos - 3 months ago
Pretty sure I played this on the 3DS when it was a Mii game.
NANGSTAGRAM TV - 3 months ago
Can鈥檛 wait for Fire Emblem
Jordan Raugutt
Jordan Raugutt - 3 months ago
Featuring youtube compression
Shant Gamer
Shant Gamer - 3 months ago
No thanks i'll just stick to Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast (;
The carolina panther boys
The carolina panther boys - 3 months ago
Pikmin??? Nintendo make it faster
RandomHumanBeing - 3 months ago
Adolfo Alfaro
Adolfo Alfaro - 3 months ago
Sorpresa del direct: Eshop disponible para Sudamerica
Soul Fox
Soul Fox - 3 months ago
These people are way too excited 馃槀
Mighty Jigglypuff
Mighty Jigglypuff - 3 months ago
Was that speeding anime effect a JoJo reference?!
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