PeaceLemony - 29 minutes ago
Strange that popular music of the 'me too' era still focuses on bringing other girls down...
#stealyourboyfriend #empoweredonlywhenyoulookhot
Amanda Bowen
Amanda Bowen - Hour ago
Y’all song is so amazing that I would love to be in y’all group
Maksym Pushkaruk
Maksym Pushkaruk - Hour ago
Мне нравится девушки з распущенными волосами только мне не нравится девушка танцует с белыми волосами и девушка с черными волосами косичками мне понравилась магия девушки которые стали фиолетовые волосы Атак видео классные
FreddyK31 - 2 hours ago
The guys face when she farts 😂
Luiza Koziol
Luiza Koziol - 2 hours ago
im talent show so im dancing to Black Magic and the auditions are tomorrow im exited
Eliete Joaquim Silva
Eliete Joaquim Silva - 2 hours ago
Amor. As. Músicas. De. Vocês. O. Meu nome. É. Giovanna. Eu. Tenho. 8anos
sophie offie
sophie offie - 3 hours ago
B Love
B Love - 3 hours ago
Y'all so dang cutie
Niki K
Niki K - 3 hours ago
Leigh-Anne is too hot to be a human being
blackpink ikon Bts Red velvet
Favorite song 😍😍
Vittoria 08
Vittoria 08 - 4 hours ago
we can make a film
schwarzjade - 4 hours ago
nightcore Sliff
nightcore Sliff - 4 hours ago
Girls pls Help meh fall in love
*Princessa Lele Games*
*Princessa Lele Games* - 4 hours ago
Alena Brusselles
Alena Brusselles - 5 hours ago
Ma in tutto ciò qualche italiano?
Chris vs Risse
Chris vs Risse - 5 hours ago
rinyapat taweesuk
rinyapat taweesuk - 6 hours ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
Where's the lead single?
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
We want LM6
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
Keep going
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
Happy 4 years anniversary
Daynea Morle
Daynea Morle - 6 hours ago
I love this song so much and they sound AMAZING
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
Daynea Morle
Daynea Morle - 6 hours ago
Fish & Noodles
Fish & Noodles - 6 hours ago
Happy Birthday Black Magic
Kayla Oschmanns
Kayla Oschmanns - 7 hours ago
the ultimate level of catfishing
Beverly Gatus
Beverly Gatus - 8 hours ago
schwarzjade - 8 hours ago
Road to 600M!! C’mon mixers!
adelia Taher
adelia Taher - 10 hours ago
Look at the teacher face its so funny
Raechel Verghese
Raechel Verghese - 11 hours ago
Why are they so pretty even when they are 'ugly'?
Yani Cardova
Yani Cardova - 12 hours ago
i want the book😅
Diosep - 13 hours ago
Underrated song
Fani Flores
Fani Flores - 15 hours ago
What is beautiful
Sabrina Dossantos
Sabrina Dossantos - 15 hours ago
2019 ❤❤❤😊😍
Fish and Noodles
Fish and Noodles - 15 hours ago
Happy 4 Years of Black Magic! His songw as released 05/21/15!
nola hubbs
nola hubbs - 15 hours ago
Somebody got to be listening to this song in May of 2019😍😘🤗
Gfresh844 - 16 hours ago
If Jade didn't exist then Perrie would be my ideal woman. Jade though is unreal. Have never seen a women who is so attractive, in terms of her personalty.
Ethnic - 16 hours ago
I first heard this song at my first one direction concert, good times man 😩
Ethnic - 16 hours ago
I thought this was a show 😂😭
*Princessa Lele Games*
*Princessa Lele Games* - 16 hours ago
Keshia Tina
Keshia Tina - 16 hours ago
I really miss my childhood where you always listening music like this, its really make me sad
Carlo Salangsang
Carlo Salangsang - 16 hours ago
MAY 2019?
Paulina David
Paulina David - 16 hours ago
Me encanta esa canción y yo siempre la
*_Gacha Zayn_*
*_Gacha Zayn_* - 17 hours ago
2019 still a bop!
Anyone here in 2019 watching?
meu mundinho
meu mundinho - 17 hours ago
Alguem em 2019♡♥
Vanda - 17 hours ago
#4YearsOfBlackMagic ❤️❤️
a strange called I
a strange called I - 17 hours ago
I need a Black Magic 😓
Pezza Jauregui
Pezza Jauregui - 18 hours ago
Nugget Life
Nugget Life - 18 hours ago
Black magic? Nope this is vudu magic
MIN_TALA BTS - 18 hours ago
0_0 •_• —>2019??
Vitória Camila
Vitória Camila - 19 hours ago
Bday 4 years
Miral Abdelmagid
Miral Abdelmagid - 19 hours ago
Anyone MAY 21 2019 or is it only me 😅🧡
Hanee Joy Solitario
Hanee Joy Solitario - 19 hours ago
from Philippines here.. who wants black magic? PM me :D :D
moogie hujie!
moogie hujie! - 19 hours ago
happy b'day black magic! 💖 #4yearsblackmagic
Jouseph Prince
Jouseph Prince - 20 hours ago
I love this song i saw this about 19999 times
Abby Compere
Abby Compere - 20 hours ago
543millon views and I’m 100 of them
Flora Mi
Flora Mi - 20 hours ago
A magia esta no ar💖
Sumer Aguirre
Sumer Aguirre - 21 hour ago
xxxl xx
xxxl xx - 21 hour ago
AfroFan - 23 hours ago
When I saw the title I was like
Kat Pezer
Kat Pezer - 23 hours ago
2019 ?
schwarzjade - 23 hours ago
🚨🚨 Mixers!! 🚨🚨
Let's focus on str3am1ng these MV:
Black Magic -> 600M
Hair -> 400M
Shout Out To My Ex -> 400M
Touch -> 300M
Woman Like Me -> 200M
Reggaton Lento -> 300M
Power -> 300M
please spread the voice!! 😊
libertad624 - Day ago
This boop is 4 years old today! 🎉
Maleigha Martin
Maleigha Martin - Day ago
Lea Dela Vega
Lea Dela Vega - Day ago
May 2019 yuhoooo
L.O.L. tv
L.O.L. tv - Day ago
Mayte Alvarado
Mayte Alvarado - Day ago
4 years of this masterpiece ❤️
Luiz Carneiro gamer22
💜💚 love
KPOPlover 12
KPOPlover 12 - Day ago
Black pink who?
I only know black magic
Gacha Forever
Gacha Forever - Day ago
If we had magic in school:
Amanda Wazlawich
Amanda Wazlawich - Day ago
500 millions >>>>>>>>> 600 millions
C´mon Mixers
Julia Victoria Buzin
dinda fadhilah
dinda fadhilah - Day ago
Tay Azais
Tay Azais - Day ago
the black one is my mood hahahaha
Disha Arpitha
Disha Arpitha - Day ago
Damn ! It's been 4 years since this video came out 😍
VHM 2K - Day ago
This song is really beautyfull
Shuvani Sth
Shuvani Sth - Day ago
Happy 4 years of Black Magic mixers !
Bored Flame
Bored Flame - Day ago
It's Nearly Been 4 Years Since This Music Video Was Released
Maria Elizel Calma
Maria Elizel Calma - Day ago
I like the chubby girl and the girl with braids
schwarzjade - Day ago
schwarzjade - Day ago
4 years ago...
tvd legacies
tvd legacies - Day ago
4 years ago 🙈🖤
Andrea Agassie
Andrea Agassie - Day ago
4 years ago today, Little Mix released “Black Magic” as the lead single off their third studio album ‘Get Weird.’

The single was #1 in the UK for three weeks, certified 2x Platinum in the U.K. and sold over 3 MILLION copies worldwide.
John Alvin Belarmino and Super Tekla
542Million views but their subscribers is only 11 M hmm maybe they use a black magic
I have an old comment here I said aldub brought me here now this song brought me here 👇
Andreia Campos
Andreia Campos - Day ago
Brasil......... Qual e a voz mais linda
T T - Day ago
Nikko Cambel
Nikko Cambel - Day ago
Ang ganda
GlitterMasterGirl YT
I danced to this when I was Grade 2. With 3 other girls. And now I graduated elem 😭 Brings so many memories! And I was Jese too... 😉
Aya Gim
Aya Gim - Day ago
2019 everyone?
👇 make this blue❤💜💚
Iskra Pavlica
Iskra Pavlica - Day ago
I love little mix
Angela Horvath
Angela Horvath - Day ago
best girl band ever
Maka Ma Chee
Maka Ma Chee - Day ago
3:25 3:29the best voice of the little mix....perrie...
But love ya all.....
Essie Fei Lao
Essie Fei Lao - Day ago
I love little mix❤❤❤💞👍👍
ajon cosic
ajon cosic - Day ago
najah bahir mawzir jayid jiddaan
ajon cosic
ajon cosic - Day ago
who's still watching in 2019?
Aurora Halsan
Aurora Halsan - Day ago
they're so cute
Miranda nahomi Ledezma del rasario
Ay cantan hermoso sigan así si maravillosas soy su gran fan y admiradora de ustedes
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez - 15 hours ago
Sabes donde también cantan hermoso en Secret love song Y Love me or leve me 😍😍😍😍
*Princessa Lele Games*
alissandra Smyth
alissandra Smyth - Day ago
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