Overcooked! 2 - Chinese New Year Update Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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王政达Heng Chen Tak
王政达Heng Chen Tak - 7 months ago
Please Add language setting
Trent Carmon
Trent Carmon - 7 months ago
a cooking game see so fun play
楊業 - 7 months ago
I hope that switch can play game boy’s games. So hope
Crushi! .Music, Art & Love.
Adrián Duarte Romero
Adrián Duarte Romero - 7 months ago
Alguien me puede decir cuánto cuesta el Overcooked 2 en Nintendo Eshop? Porfa
Gamer JJ
Gamer JJ - 7 months ago
Happy Chinese New Year and enjoy seven levels full of chaotic fun.
Luli Ortiz
Luli Ortiz - 7 months ago
YAS! This is amazing! Nintendo your doing it right! My family loves this game! There are so little games like this so go buy it and support the studio because they deserve it!
BlueSky - 7 months ago
Edgar Salgado
Edgar Salgado - 7 months ago
Might check this game out just for this! =D
Mario Roy
Mario Roy - 7 months ago
Overcooked did it before Fortnite
Dgrayman2013 - 7 months ago
More free DLC! thanks guys looking real forward to try out the new levels with the family
AngelFire550 - 7 months ago
I can’t do survival mode can someone help
Jonathan Tash
Jonathan Tash - 7 months ago
They added SURVIVAL mode to Overcooked 2!
Alvin TOS
Alvin TOS - 7 months ago
Grapes aren't really Chinese New Year food. Melon seeds, anyone?
melloe - 7 months ago
How do I get the update? I don't think I ever managed to get the Christmas one....
Lukecreate - 7 months ago
Knight of Night
Knight of Night - 7 months ago
First they nail the Halloween, Summer, and Christmas aesthetics perfectly and now this? The developers know what they're doing.
thefuzzter - 7 months ago
This is game is so fun and I am always excited to play more!
Heavenira - 7 months ago
I'm really glad they're pushing out these updates.
*Tucanal* VIDEOGAMES - 7 months ago
No quiero que 3ds se acabe y no reproduzcan juegos bueno apenas acaba de recibir mi 3ds y me enteré por mucho que en el mercado será fin porfavor permanezca en el mercado unos años más 3ds y reproduzca más videojuego
BaddieUniverse - 7 months ago
Pero el 3DS tiene muchisimos juegos disponibles. Tantos que te duraran por años.
Aj_Plays1229 - 7 months ago
Every 8 year old ever: "that's lucky landing"
MG Dorayaki
MG Dorayaki - 7 months ago
Happy Lunar New Year!
Jonathan Tash
Jonathan Tash - 7 months ago
I physically jumped in my chair when the words "OUT NOW!" flashed on the screen.
Nour Gilinsky
Nour Gilinsky - 7 months ago
Nintendo team up with Hasbro so the fans can play My Little Pony games on the Switch.
dw21 90000000
dw21 90000000 - 7 months ago
wow this game looks fun for a cooking game
Qhew - 7 months ago
Rated E for Easy
Jonathan Tash
Jonathan Tash - 7 months ago
I don't get it. Is that sarcasm, or have you really never played Overcooked 2?
kack king
kack king - 7 months ago
Ja ich freue mich schon es zu spielen das Update
DangerCrow - 7 months ago
Yes! My boyfriend and I were so sad when we beat all of the levels, so glad they’re making more!
BJGvideos - 7 months ago
I'm certain that a dragon in the kitchen would be frowned upon by the board of health.
Steven R Barnes
Steven R Barnes - 7 months ago
I have the flu...
IceDragon - 7 months ago
Get well soon buddy, the flu really sucks.
Big Oof
Big Oof - 7 months ago
Will you die?
ControlLingOo - 7 months ago
That's all nice and good, but .... where are other new non indie games for my Nintendo Switch in 2019 ???
Shirlene Pereira Silva Vieira
I'm not American I'm from Brazil but I love nintendo switch even though I do not have a console you can bring the nintendo switch to Brazil please (yes I know how to speak English and watch your videos)

Nintendo thanks for your games that conquered the world
Nicholas Schoepfer
Nicholas Schoepfer - 7 months ago
Amped, can't wait to play!
el necanista
el necanista - 7 months ago
You know this is only a Chinese-pleasement game, in the way that many other companies just make games for the Chinese market and then try to sell it to the west like : hey this is totally not a cash grab
Mario U Comics and Cartoons
I love it when games have Holiday themed events
Joline - 7 months ago
Should i buy this game? Or just the first one
Jonathan Tash
Jonathan Tash - 7 months ago
Overcooked 2! is the gift that keeps on giving! You should absolutely buy it. I would play it with you... if you don't have friends... and if I knew you. Look, just buy it already!
Papír - 7 months ago
Wii is still best console of history SWITCH SUCKS
cracklepopflash - 7 months ago
Thank you so much for creating this new content. And Happy New Year!
fean - 7 months ago
The year of the pig chungus
Naabz - 7 months ago
Please continue updating this game.
Char11 - 7 months ago
Literally just downloaded this yesterday to play with my cousins on CNY. Awesome.
matheus dolci
matheus dolci - 7 months ago
i remember of hear of in a near future you gonna get away from consoles to compense that can you release those games for steam when this happen
tmnt 3
mario 3
tmnt iv turtles in time
tmnt tornament fighters
sonic rush
dbz extreme butouden
tmnt mutant nightmare
project x zone 2
mario odyssey
the rest you decide
GcorpCoPrez - 7 months ago
This is making want merch based on the chefs and kitchens. A little diaroma of a kitchen the chefs making food~
DFS Shusa
DFS Shusa - 7 months ago
Haabemaaster - 7 months ago
This looks great but where's the Bob's Burgers update? I can't be the only one who thinks about this on a daily basis.
NoBePlays Gaming
NoBePlays Gaming - 7 months ago
There is a direct this thursday
NoBePlays Gaming
NoBePlays Gaming - 7 months ago
Or next thursday
ϬΤΤΕΤ - 7 months ago
you just gotta love team 17 and their effort
kyon - 7 months ago
Add more octo hairstyles NOW
Green Machine
Green Machine - 7 months ago
I saw a dog but I didn't see any cats.
Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard - 7 months ago
happy new year to discount japan
Pedro Machado
Pedro Machado - 7 months ago
Luis gamer yt
Luis gamer yt - 7 months ago
I wish that Nintendo put Xenoblade Chronicles X on the switch
Ryan is gay fat ass
Ryan is gay fat ass - 7 months ago
Nintendo direct this month
Ryan is gay fat ass
Ryan is gay fat ass - 7 months ago
@W. Rodríguez oof
W. Rodríguez
W. Rodríguez - 7 months ago
In the E3 :v
Smol boi
Smol boi - 7 months ago
So uh mother 3 Reggie
Night Zoo Gaming
Night Zoo Gaming - 7 months ago
Happy lunar to all game looks good btw
ajihaew - 7 months ago
china isn't the only country that celebrates lunar new year...
Max Müller
Max Müller - 7 months ago
Aw yissss
David Sneakers
David Sneakers - 7 months ago
It isn't free if we have to pay to play online!
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones - 7 months ago
This looks dope, I'll buy it today. I played the first one with my gf and really like it
VulcanFaux - 7 months ago
Oh snap, that looks challenging. But where is the etrian odyssey nexus launch trailer?
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