Landshark III - SNL

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FilimboUK - Day ago
Kind of inspired by the boston strangler and ted bundy? Pretty dark
SealTeam Ryx
SealTeam Ryx - Day ago
Lilly Tomlin is a funny lady
Spencer Branting
Spencer Branting - 3 days ago
Michael O
Michael O - 4 days ago
Sgt AWOL - 4 days ago
That shark is very busy its a fill time job.
Ranger Danger
Ranger Danger - 6 days ago
Its alright.
HeavenlyFrost - 6 days ago
At the end, when they said the skit was running too long, was that the shark? Or did it really run that long?
Rabbit Moon
Rabbit Moon - 6 days ago
It was LandShark, of course; that is one versatile predator! The Tonys awarded LandShark the coveted "Fish for all Seasons" award that year but unfortunately he ate it. . . .
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas - 7 days ago
Funny LOL 😂
Silent Hunter
Silent Hunter - 7 days ago
For those of us not familiar with the SNL cast back then, who is who?
AmericanGiant100 - 3 days ago
In this skit (correct me guys if i am wrong)was John Beulshi, Dan Aykroyd, Loraine Newman, Jane Curtain, Lily Tomlin(Guest Host)and Garret Morris. The voice of the shark was I think Chevy Chase.
Dan M-Brooklyn
Dan M-Brooklyn - 9 days ago
Was this when Jim Henson worked at SNL ?
Crown Commando
Crown Commando - 9 days ago
They had half of Peru up their nose at the time.
tom quigley
tom quigley - 9 days ago
After this came out people put plywood shark fins sticking out of random snow banks in the upper Midwest.
steelerdave2000 - 10 days ago
Back when SNL wasn’t liberal
Cold Sooner
Cold Sooner - 10 days ago
SNL USED to be funny. Now it’s just anti-Trump. Why watch? 🤮
Vejur9000 - 10 days ago
Comedy legends brilliantly lampoon a classic movie. And who better to do a coked up Richard Dreyfuss, than a coked up John Belushi.
Rick Marin
Rick Marin - 11 days ago
WOW , this is better than the real Jaws III
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane - 12 days ago
The nerd voice was the best part.
tyro244 - 12 days ago
Candy Gram for Mongo!
Str8edgejon - 12 days ago
Is it just me or does the Landshark sound like Peter Griffin?
If so could Landshark be Peter's real Father? And not Francis...
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez - 12 days ago
Get a posse
DoitDoug - 13 days ago
Still the best sketch they ever did. Maybe samurai delicatessen
Villain - 13 days ago
I watched this right after generationgapgaming Jaws NES. Randomly not recommended. Wild😋
Celia Lovett
Celia Lovett - 13 days ago
My brother still "candy grams" me on my intercom!
davids11131113 - 13 days ago
Jaws III was actually about this ridiculous.
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Fitzsimmons - 14 days ago
Candygram for Mongo!
Ferdinand Cesarano
Ferdinand Cesarano - 14 days ago
Kenneth Dowd
Kenneth Dowd - 14 days ago
It's weird watching this knowing the amount of people that have passed away.
XeserUpseinOPelttil - 12 days ago
aww geez. why you have to ruin in for the rest that have never seen this :/
Caseygblake - 14 days ago
This is back in the day when SNL was funny.  Today, not so much.
Ramoncito Ross
Ramoncito Ross - 14 days ago
I was only 9 and this was awesome
Vincent Sunny
Vincent Sunny - 14 days ago
Mudshark on the prowl for a thug....
Brian Heath
Brian Heath - 15 days ago
Man that show was so much better when everyone was using all that coke LOL
Nyc Bit
Nyc Bit - 13 days ago
Brian Heath In that case I'll just snort a lil tiny baby one in their memory 👌
RICO GOLDSTAR - 15 days ago
The precursor to Sharknado.
Twilight Gardens presentations
Totally using these to teach my niece not to open the door to strangers
James Rowles
James Rowles - 13 days ago
...and Land Sharks, I hope
Elijah Canning
Elijah Canning - 15 days ago
4640jds - 15 days ago
Man, Lily Tomlin looked more anorexic than Laraine Newman.
Rob Bernath
Rob Bernath - 15 days ago
The funniest part was Lily Tomlin as the grieving widow... for obvious reasons...
The History Critic Guy
The History Critic Guy - 16 days ago
At least the shark looked better then the one used in the actual Jaws 3
Wesly ACNL
Wesly ACNL - 16 days ago
SNL=Saturday Night Leftist
Brandon Toad
Brandon Toad - 13 days ago
@Wesly ACNL get a life
Wesly ACNL
Wesly ACNL - 13 days ago
@Brandon Toad good one, just wait after Trump wins 2020 you're going to be a snowflake
Brandon Toad
Brandon Toad - 13 days ago
Aw poor snowflake can't take a joke or accept reality
Delfino Garza
Delfino Garza - 17 days ago
Is that how he got a cone head?
CountShredder - 17 days ago
Laraine newman was really beautiful.
Mermaid We
Mermaid We - 18 days ago
Lili tomlin
Cameron Heaton
Cameron Heaton - 18 days ago
Would have love if the shark had to deal with a serial killer
SurfK9 - 18 days ago
The girl in the opening of Jaws had dandruff. How do we know? They found her "head and shoulders" on the beach!
Dario Wirtha
Dario Wirtha - 18 days ago
Best part is john belushi doing richard dreyfuss. John hated actor types and liked tormenting Dreyfuss. Kinda sad cuz I like Dreyfuss overall, especially in Moon Over Parador, and Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
Van Gogo
Van Gogo - 18 days ago
I used to love this skit, they were the best group, Chris Farley and his generation were good too but the original cast is still my favorite, I'm one of those "old people" .
guitargodthor2 - 19 days ago
Bring back this SNL!!
Bob Baker
Bob Baker - 19 days ago
Wuggs Banda
Wuggs Banda - 20 days ago
michaeladam caira
michaeladam caira - 20 days ago
The good old days of SNL
Lyanna Millen
Lyanna Millen - 21 day ago
I can only imagine what great things John would have done if he didn't pass. He will never be forgotten.
Tracy Seymour
Tracy Seymour - 17 days ago
I agree. John was too damn young to die. 😔😔😔😔
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