Bowling Night - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Nate TMT
Nate TMT - 2 days ago
the SquidSisters SFM
the SquidSisters SFM - 4 days ago
0:20 GTA 4 Roman reference? 😂
Ant Bailey
Ant Bailey - 4 days ago
theflowerhead - 5 days ago
You knew something crazy had to happen, his head being crushed was too obvious.
Zach Hamilton
Zach Hamilton - 9 days ago
I always have to stay and watch the entire thing (even credits) just to be sure I don’t miss anything
Antrei Riukula
Antrei Riukula - 11 days ago
I first read his name as Pallo, which is funny as that is ball in Finnish. Coincidence?
Stephanie Mina
Stephanie Mina - 11 days ago
OrangeBoy Productions
OrangeBoy Productions - 11 days ago
Jasper Cremers
Jasper Cremers - 22 days ago
Fun fact: the human head weighs about as much as a bowling ball so if your head was a sphere...u know...
Sprincess13 - 26 days ago
0:34 he pooped a bowling ball out 💟💟💟💟💟
Kittenclysm - 27 days ago
He...uh...farted out his own head. That's _some_ talent!
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome - 29 days ago
*N I K O L E T S G O B O W L I N G*
Scrumpadooshus - 29 days ago
Shubham kumar mehoriya
Paulo in paulo coelho😂😂
TheInvader01 - Month ago
I just knew that somehow they were going to incorporate their bowling week gag into this one
NieMonD - Month ago
Top that pin heads!
*gouges eyes out*
Vik Ing
Vik Ing - Month ago
Wait, that’s illegal...
Kuba Drzewiecki
Kuba Drzewiecki - Month ago
Did Paul meet Jesus?
Atomic Rose
Atomic Rose - Month ago
Fuck Paulo, that creep can roll.
Steam Pw
Steam Pw - Month ago
George Rabus
George Rabus - Month ago
Hey Niko, lets go bowling
5YNAP5E - Month ago
Talk about way in over his head
KilomeetR - Month ago
Preston Clickbait Much?
@KilomeetR Well you did.
KilomeetR - Month ago
Crudestjuggler honestly I don’t remember writing this
Botyal Totertutal
Botyal Totertutal - Month ago
No blood ok
Ashli Reneé
Ashli Reneé - Month ago
What the hell am I doing here at 3 am?

Procrastinating, that's what.
REEL Shnub
REEL Shnub - Month ago
“So you call the a StRiKe?”
Me: Well it is a strike
Snacc Animates
Snacc Animates - Month ago
⚫️ ⚫️

BOBBY TAGS - Month ago
I just skipped a ad into another ad, luckily it was 5 seconds long.
BananaSpy 20
BananaSpy 20 - 2 months ago
Anyone else remember when those cartoons were acctually funny.....?
GreenFox X3
GreenFox X3 - 2 months ago
So the bowling balls are recycled? This is a scam
Lothmar22 - 2 months ago
Honestly I thought he was gonna have a bowling ball on each arm and place them in the gutter opposite gutters as he tucked his body in and rolled down the lane...
WillowdaWolf - 2 months ago
And that is how the Bowling Ball Impression was born.
Matthew Tong
Matthew Tong - 2 months ago
Andy Richter's Sports Blast
Jared Coble
Jared Coble - 2 months ago
What's the physics of this world.
Zanemob - 2 months ago
Nani??! - 2 months ago
Roman: *Yes*
Marie anne Reyes
Marie anne Reyes - 2 months ago
THIS WILL EDUCATE KIDS *calls orphans*
Rukey Burg
Rukey Burg - 2 months ago
0:17, I knew it was supposed to be a face :o
Res Art
Res Art - 2 months ago
Can someone pinpoint the exact video cianite and happiness started liking money more than making funny videos?
Mr Treppu
Mr Treppu - 2 months ago
EchoingArrow 88
EchoingArrow 88 - 2 months ago
That probably smushed his bowls.
Henry Ng
Henry Ng - 2 months ago
So what's the men's room called?
DESTROID V MGTOW - 2 months ago
O maluco é bom mesmo
Colin Chan ET
Colin Chan ET - 2 months ago
😂 🤣 😂🤣
Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead Queen
He must’ve been given a head start against everyone else if he’s that good.
Jay - 2 months ago
666 dislikes...they're all going to hell now
Apy St. Gomes
Apy St. Gomes - 2 months ago
🤔😐😑😶😮 my feelings after watching
Warfare Evan
Warfare Evan - 2 months ago
I was waiting for him to kill himself
ethan Lee
ethan Lee - 2 months ago
0:55 Paul bowlo: top not PINHEADS! (Gets hit by a hand
Warrior's Vids
Warrior's Vids - 2 months ago
So we're not gonna talk about the fact that this dude just destroyed his asshole to get a strike?
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