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Robert Carty
Robert Carty - Day ago
I love the way amika products smell! I highly recommend their room spray!
Madison Maynard
Madison Maynard - Day ago
please review glossier stuff!!!!!!
Melissa Moonchild
Melissa Moonchild - 2 days ago
lol way too tan
willaorwon't I
willaorwon't I - 2 days ago
That highlighter stick kinda reminds me of a glow stick I have of Britney Spears curious perfume.... but much bigger.
Tasmiya Goder
Tasmiya Goder - 2 days ago
Tati:omg it tastes so bad
Also tati:keeps sucking it
Me:you are an idiot tati
Marta - 2 days ago
the lip tint...i love it so much and love the taste. i dont think you are supposed to apply so much tho just a little bit 😂
Faith Fautt
Faith Fautt - 2 days ago
Tati just seems so annoyed during this whole video lolol
Olga Rykov
Olga Rykov - 4 days ago
I feel like if Amy Adams and Kate Beckinsale had a daughter, she would look like you
Izzie G.
Izzie G. - 5 days ago
2:28: me leaving my therapist
JanaKatherine - 5 days ago
hope you are taking care of yourself your energy seems a bit low ❤️
Caitlin Klose
Caitlin Klose - 6 days ago
Your eye makeup looked sooooo pretty and seemed super easy!!!
Jennifer Beier
Jennifer Beier - 6 days ago
That body stick wasn’t right 😬😂
Juliana Fajardo
Juliana Fajardo - 6 days ago
Looooove when you wear white!!! It makes you glow even more 😍😍
Sara DeGraff
Sara DeGraff - 7 days ago
I wana know how long before that white shirt got something on it. There’s no way she made it without a smudge!
Courtney Denney
Courtney Denney - 7 days ago
when shes doing her brows and the stand up mirror reflects what's on the counter and you see a roll of Toilet paper lol, I thought I was the only one who had an extra roll of toilet paper when they applied makeup YASSSS
Courtney Denney
Courtney Denney - 7 days ago
Tati sprays the anti-stress
spray, inhales deeply looks at the camera " nope, I'm still stressed out"
me: welcome to my world honey
Nomi Samuel
Nomi Samuel - 7 days ago
Please don’t buy products with squalane!! They come from the lovers of harvested sharks!
Amy Jo Michael
Amy Jo Michael - 7 days ago
Can You please Tati Do a video on how to cover up dark circles under eyes ??? I need someone to help me figure out how to cover up my dark circles
Amy Jo Michael
Amy Jo Michael - 7 days ago
I wish I could get Something from one of your give a ways LOL I bet It would be something that cost more then any of my make up LOL probably all of my make up put together costs nothing compared to one of your pallets I just want to try some high end make up LOL I got eyeliner that a friend gave me And It was the best eyeliner I have EVER HAD in my life Went on so easy I was AMAZED and the name of it was rubbed off so I could tell you what kind it was But OH MY GOODNESS I WISH I was lucky Ha Ha Ha How do I cover up dark circles under my eyes So I can feel pretty again Can You do a video about that?
michyeosseo - 8 days ago
the Clarins lip tint isn't unique at all when there are so many lip tints from western brands like Benefit.. to many korean brands like Peripera D:
Nofretari - 8 days ago
Did you shake the dry shampoo?
Malin Sjåstad
Malin Sjåstad - 8 days ago
I have the other shade of the Clarins stain and I actually love the taste 😅
Daniel A.
Daniel A. - 8 days ago
Why does the thumbnail look like you’re crying?
Brandon Gaumond
Brandon Gaumond - 8 days ago
I just about DIED when she tasted the lip stain 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ramona - 9 days ago
I break out from coconut in skin products too. So over the coconut thing........next please lol.
Farrah Garcia
Farrah Garcia - 10 days ago
Clarins is SUPERB. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Isioma Nwanolue
Isioma Nwanolue - 10 days ago
what laptop/tab does tati use?
Chewy Praline
Chewy Praline - 10 days ago
Unless that spray bottle of hair sprwy has liquid ativan in it then its not an actual relaxing product lol
makeupyourmind2019 - 10 days ago
You have way more brows than I do!
April E
April E - 11 days ago
Tati! Have you ever tried any Merle Norman products? Thoughts? Opinions?
ruuu - 11 days ago
Does anyone know what Tati said about the glossier bubble wrap?? I missed the ig story or snap 😭😭
lex the t-rex
lex the t-rex - 5 days ago
Same here
JL Film
JL Film - 11 days ago
Thank you for the great advice on pros and cons in make up products and what to buy and to avoid 😊 love you tati
Melinda Vang
Melinda Vang - 11 days ago
Your hair looks good to me 👌
Abigail Porter
Abigail Porter - 12 days ago
Great video Tati lovely, thank you!! That Buxom lippy, yes please! That colour is stunning isn't it!! Fabby stuff! Still catching up and pretty sure I have missed the giveaway but thoroughly enjoyed the video regardless!! xXx
Tamara Figge
Tamara Figge - 12 days ago
I love your videos Tati!
Happy 566
Happy 566 - 12 days ago
Hi Tati if u see this do u have any tips for ppl with hooded kids bc mine r and I struggle with my eyeshadow 😬
Tricia Edwards
Tricia Edwards - 12 days ago
This video had me dying. You’re the best!
Rik - 12 days ago
I always wonder how Tati wears so much white and her whole house is white with all the body makeup she puts on... how is makeup not everywhere
Grace Arreola
Grace Arreola - 12 days ago
Oops got lost in a spiral of Tati reviews today and i don’t regret a second of it ❤️
Christen Donlon
Christen Donlon - 12 days ago
Idk about that This Works hair stress spray but honestly I highly recommend the pillow mist! Really helps with falling asleep and staying asleep 🙌
Ella Claire
Ella Claire - 13 days ago
I literally broke out with you just TALKING about putting Vaseline all over your face ... AHHH!
Venus - 8 days ago
Cosmetic grade petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic. I'm really sensitive to oils (anything with coconut oil gives me cystic acne) but I have no problem using Vaseline in the winter
Lhamo Fitzsimons
Lhamo Fitzsimons - 13 days ago
Hair video!!!
Danielle Bradford
Danielle Bradford - 13 days ago
I use clarins under my lipsticks yeah taste sucks
brennon mitchell
brennon mitchell - 13 days ago
It wasn’t the Vaseline tati😂😂
Jeannie dockins
Jeannie dockins - 13 days ago
Is this a weird al yankovic beauty review? If so love it!
Melissa Olenik
Melissa Olenik - 14 days ago
love the brow toothbrush lol
Shelby Bolten
Shelby Bolten - 15 days ago
Please try thrive cosmetics mascara. Even taking it off is crazy. I love it so much
Alicia Howells
Alicia Howells - 15 days ago
Beautiful necklaces where are they from x
Odelia Ray
Odelia Ray - 15 days ago
This was an amazing video
Natasha Picklesimer
Natasha Picklesimer - 15 days ago
Love the lip color definitely going to get it
Melissa Vickery
Melissa Vickery - 15 days ago
MegaHotdiggity - 15 days ago
Have you sampled W’s pore concealer primer? It’s been popping up on my feeds and am curious. If so, Send me link to previous video!!
Sarah Ex
Sarah Ex - 15 days ago
Okay, has no one else heard of using a satin pillowcase to get rid of the white cast/excess dry shampoo?? What?
L Vlogs
L Vlogs - 16 days ago
Beyourbest88 - 16 days ago
Music for applying the purple liquid eyeshadow?
Allyson De Muri
Allyson De Muri - 16 days ago
Ashley Tenney
Ashley Tenney - 16 days ago
I tried the 24 hr Smashbox foundation, but ended up exchanging it, really like the 15hr one better for the more hydrating amd easier to work with.
Lynn NOUR - 16 days ago
CarrieDaugherty - 17 days ago
I love the amekia products. They smell so good compared to other products.
Aburkey - 17 days ago
Tati is so cute omg
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