11 Life Hacks And Ideas For The Best Party Of This Summer

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Mommy’s Special Helper
Mommy’s Special Helper - 3 hours ago
Love the slime
NITYANANDA SAHA - 3 days ago
Lovely i can use it also
Kryztel De Torres
Kryztel De Torres - 5 days ago
Tanya Titus
Tanya Titus - 6 days ago
I watch this everyday I Love your vidos
CatLady Meow
CatLady Meow - 8 days ago
“What a spectacular victory!”
-misses on almost every one-

me: wow. just wow -.-
I am the Best turret
I am the Best turret - 9 days ago
Troom troom has no free will in decor and color
Normita Ong
Normita Ong - 16 days ago
Inca Erom
Inca Erom - 20 days ago
Lulu Lopez
Lulu Lopez - 21 day ago
We all know how to make slime dumies
Gab Tessa!
Gab Tessa! - 22 days ago
I really like all of them
Nem No
Nem No - 24 days ago
That moment dolly was laughing when she was against the target
Glitchy Tube
Glitchy Tube - 25 days ago
i remember when i was 7 i had a red fabric marker and i drew on my already red pjs and my mom got mad
CharlieCHHS. 2015
CharlieCHHS. 2015 - 27 days ago
Wait did u hear that?
Talker:blah blah blah blah *whispers* sksksksks
Itz Rianne
Itz Rianne - 22 days ago
CharlieCHHS. 2015 what part?
Chris Clark
Chris Clark - 27 days ago
You call that slime :/ 😒😒😒
Mohammed Sabatin
Mohammed Sabatin - 28 days ago
What is slime Glue🤨
Azaria Blake
Azaria Blake - Month ago
Ok nobody that age would find a party like that fun a fun party for people that age would be drinking and loud music 🎶🥳
mangal mangal
mangal mangal - Month ago
My blood is red troom troom merchandise comes with blue I'm proud to be my self and you to
ahmed maisha
ahmed maisha - Month ago
What if we don't have fabric paint
Rosie Robinson
Rosie Robinson - Month ago
I totally have 24 hour to make a shirt even t hough that party is today
Mo Abdi
Mo Abdi - Month ago
Maasma was
Erik Navarro
Erik Navarro - Month ago
What have you done with Sara beauty corner ???
Matilda Olivia Jurek
Matilda Olivia Jurek - Month ago
My friends never go crazy for candy
Matilda Olivia Jurek
Matilda Olivia Jurek - Month ago
Let's play a gameeee
Whatever number the like is on you are that

(1)blurred photo model
(2)kawaii rose-ringed
(3)cute monkey
(4)fearless wolf
(5)ferocious black panther
(6)fierce fox
(7)fearsome coyote
(8)noisy lorikeet
(9)adorable puppy
(0)cute kitten
I'm a blurred photo model XD that's my profile picture
Molly Such
Molly Such - Month ago
I LOVE UR VIDS SOOO MUCH (don't worry if my tipeing is bad i am only seven years old)
JadeLikesBread -Art
JadeLikesBread -Art - Month ago
Molly Such it’s typing I’m not trying to be one of those annoying people I’m just helping out your spelling
Thys De Beer
Thys De Beer - Month ago
I made the fan.
It is fantastic 😇💞
Miss ubyan
Miss ubyan - 2 months ago
Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson - 2 months ago
I saw someone trip over while running for the candy T-shirt
DASMisso - 2 months ago
This is amazing! I’m having a party , I really needed this! Thank you
rajesh jha
rajesh jha - 2 months ago
Please reply me otherwise I will cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Annie Demirchyan
Annie Demirchyan - Month ago
rajesh jha ok wot shud I say
rajesh jha
rajesh jha - 2 months ago
5 minute crafts : BEST
Troom troom : BEST

CrazyGracie - 2 months ago
girl: glues candy is chest area
me:oh no
people:grab chest area
S Chithambarampillai
S Chithambarampillai - 2 months ago
Interesting ideas
Katelyn Luce
Katelyn Luce - 2 months ago
house party I think you mean daycare
Tabatha Mitchell
Tabatha Mitchell - 2 months ago
Troom troom is stupid I tried everything with you did and nothing worked
Lyne Godin
Lyne Godin - 2 months ago
Rude and mean
Dareen Almohsen
Dareen Almohsen - 2 months ago
Marvinique Clayton
Marvinique Clayton - 2 months ago
Faris Albalushi
Faris Albalushi - 2 months ago
Troll Baby
Troll Baby - 2 months ago
With the powder blowing contest it wasn't to nice why did you do that?
Nancy Martin
Nancy Martin - 2 months ago
so were is the music
Jana Shraideh
Jana Shraideh - 2 months ago
Nobody will hotglue perfectly fine sunglasses fir a stupid paper mask
Xxsweetie GachaxX
Xxsweetie GachaxX - 2 months ago
It’s not slime glue it just glue or clear glue of Elmer’s glue
spy ninja Gryffindor
spy ninja Gryffindor - 2 months ago
noura abdullah
noura abdullah - 2 months ago
Fhfghdxvhfcvhjxdhkvcgvzstikhyoputeqfjvzfjhxfgh I love you Saudi Arabia🇸🇦🇸🇦🇺🇸
noura abdullah
noura abdullah - 2 months ago
Hey I’m gonna boys can you post OK I want to become want to pay out money for episodic OK can’t be fun to paint it boy it is pink blue I need a drink😂🤣😄 his whole face bye
let's experiment with wafa
Troom troom best
Dolly the best and most beautiful
mwahforbuteraa - 2 months ago
i swear if someone laughs about the word “shuttlecock” 🤦‍♀️
Marwa Ahmed
Marwa Ahmed - 2 months ago
mwahforbuteraa nobody Evan noticed dat like gurl
hemchand jagesar
hemchand jagesar - 2 months ago
Wow troom
XxMidnight Wolf
XxMidnight Wolf - 2 months ago
This is how much people enjoy troom troom
Rafeek Mohd
Rafeek Mohd - 2 months ago
I enjoyed si muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
natalie martir
natalie martir - 2 months ago
lag a talaka ni mo law ay
gid ka yo buang gid
uwu.shadowz - 2 months ago
The second craft was real stupid she put fabric paint and let it dry for twenty four hours when you can just wait two hours god dang..
uwu.shadowz - 2 months ago
At the beginning when she was tryna hit the middle she missed her frickin shots and she still won..tf..
khalil Ibrahim
khalil Ibrahim - 2 months ago
Kenzie Fieweger
Kenzie Fieweger - 2 months ago
How do you make the big hand
Jessie Izsak
Jessie Izsak - 2 months ago
How many people watched the videos but never do the crafts
tonya smith
tonya smith - 2 months ago
doris tejada
doris tejada - 2 months ago
its dijo
its dijo - 2 months ago
Who is curious to know the one who does the voice over
May Melhem
May Melhem - 2 months ago
I lovesquishies
I lovesquishies - 2 months ago
Slime glue??? Srsly
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