11 Life Hacks And Ideas For The Best Party Of This Summer

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Miss ubyan
Miss ubyan - 13 hours ago
Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson - 2 days ago
I saw someone trip over while running for the candy T-shirt
Krysta Maio
Krysta Maio - 3 days ago
that's a lot of ties
DASMisso - 4 days ago
This is amazing! I’m having a party , I really needed this! Thank you
rajesh jha
rajesh jha - 5 days ago
Please reply me otherwise I will cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
rajesh jha
rajesh jha - 5 days ago
5 minute crafts : BEST
Troom troom : BEST

CrazyGracie - 7 days ago
girl: glues candy is chest area
me:oh no
people:grab chest area
S Chithambarampillai
S Chithambarampillai - 7 days ago
Interesting ideas
Katelyn Luce
Katelyn Luce - 10 days ago
house party I think you mean daycare
Tabatha Mitchell
Tabatha Mitchell - 10 days ago
Troom troom is stupid I tried everything with you did and nothing worked
Lyne Godin
Lyne Godin - 10 days ago
Rude and mean
Dareen Almohsen
Dareen Almohsen - 11 days ago
Jhaira Villegas
Jhaira Villegas - 11 days ago
Marvinique Clayton
Marvinique Clayton - 12 days ago
Faris Albalushi
Faris Albalushi - 13 days ago
Troll Baby
Troll Baby - 13 days ago
With the powder blowing contest it wasn't to nice why did you do that?
Nancy Martin
Nancy Martin - 13 days ago
so were is the music
Jana Shraideh
Jana Shraideh - 14 days ago
Nobody will hotglue perfectly fine sunglasses fir a stupid paper mask
Xxsweetie GachaxX
Xxsweetie GachaxX - 14 days ago
It’s not slime glue it just glue or clear glue of Elmer’s glue
firelog gaming
firelog gaming - 14 days ago
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Hot glue attacked. Only troom troom , master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed them most, They vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Troom Troom, a craft channel named 5 minute craft. And although their sub count is impressive, they have a lot to learn before they're ready to kill youtube. But I believe 5 min crafts take all the ad revenue.
Spy Ninja Gryffindor
Spy Ninja Gryffindor - 14 days ago
noura abdullah
noura abdullah - 15 days ago
Fhfghdxvhfcvhjxdhkvcgvzstikhyoputeqfjvzfjhxfgh I love you Saudi Arabia🇸🇦🇸🇦🇺🇸
noura abdullah
noura abdullah - 15 days ago
Hey I’m gonna boys can you post OK I want to become want to pay out money for episodic OK can’t be fun to paint it boy it is pink blue I need a drink😂🤣😄 his whole face bye
let's experiment with wafa
Troom troom best
Dolly the best and most beautiful
mwahforbuteraa - 15 days ago
i swear if someone laughs about the word “shuttlecock” 🤦‍♀️
Marwa Ahmed
Marwa Ahmed - 14 days ago
mwahforbuteraa nobody Evan noticed dat like gurl
hemchand jagesar
hemchand jagesar - 16 days ago
Wow troom
XxMidnight Wolf
XxMidnight Wolf - 16 days ago
This is how much people enjoy troom troom
Rafeek Mohd
Rafeek Mohd - 16 days ago
I enjoyed si muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
natalie martir
natalie martir - 17 days ago
lag a talaka ni mo law ay
gid ka yo buang gid
NotTheREalNaruto - 17 days ago
The second craft was real stupid she put fabric paint and let it dry for twenty four hours when you can just wait two hours god dang..
NotTheREalNaruto - 17 days ago
At the beginning when she was tryna hit the middle she missed her frickin shots and she still won..tf..
khalil Ibrahim
khalil Ibrahim - 17 days ago
Kenzie Fieweger
Kenzie Fieweger - 18 days ago
How do you make the big hand
jessie izsak
jessie izsak - 18 days ago
How many people watched the videos but never do the crafts
tonya smith
tonya smith - 19 days ago
doris tejada
doris tejada - 19 days ago
dijo's life
dijo's life - 19 days ago
Who is curious to know the one who does the voice over
May Melhem
May Melhem - 15 days ago
I lovesquishies
I lovesquishies - 19 days ago
Slime glue??? Srsly
The RG Crew
The RG Crew - 19 days ago
I love you guys
ชาลิสา แก้วละมุ
GamerZ Log
GamerZ Log - 19 days ago
I think someone died after watching this...
Lilyana Pet
Lilyana Pet - 20 days ago
I'm bored of the hisbyee
Jewellene Shortell
Jewellene Shortell - 20 days ago
Fuch you !
Klassy girl
Klassy girl - 19 days ago
I am 10
Klassy girl
Klassy girl - 19 days ago
@Katie Cahill how old are you?
Katie Cahill
Katie Cahill - 19 days ago
@Klassy girl me too
Klassy girl
Klassy girl - 19 days ago
Mind your language and I am a kid
Marlon Goodman
Marlon Goodman - 20 days ago
I like the cake better that make me hungry
Ruchi Sharma
Ruchi Sharma - 20 days ago
I love the merch it's so cool
Mashal Khan
Mashal Khan - 20 days ago
Why is everything is blue
Hey it's Laura Rivera
Hey it's Laura Rivera - 18 days ago
I know right
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins - 21 day ago
Why do you guy have to tells us what drawing we hace to do
aisyah comel
aisyah comel - 21 day ago
Freya Neale
Freya Neale - 21 day ago
You have the best hacks ever
matvey toderyan
matvey toderyan - 21 day ago
Hey guys
Miya Quimby
Miya Quimby - 21 day ago
Why do troom troom people wear gloves?????
Alan Pennington
Alan Pennington - 21 day ago
Can people please give me a thumbs up
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez - 21 day ago
I want 20 fan
Pinky Gutierrez
Pinky Gutierrez - 21 day ago
i think that the t-shirt with candy
Lauren Boothe
Lauren Boothe - 21 day ago
If you were bored that day and ya made a shirt why WOULD SOMEONE WAIT 24 HOURS FOR THE PAINT TO DRY plz just anwser the qeistion
Travin Small
Travin Small - 18 days ago
You don't no how to spell boy or girl my little brother can spell that world bro
Bree Hamilton
Bree Hamilton - 21 day ago
You are the best you tubers ever I would love a shout-out I subscribe
Sara Alnumairy
Sara Alnumairy - 21 day ago
Bree Hamilton how did subscribe to the there the worst RUvideosrs alive
Vanessa Fuentes
Vanessa Fuentes - 22 days ago
Yang Aida
Yang Aida - 22 days ago
Update a many video again
Yang Aida
Yang Aida - 22 days ago
I love troom troom so much😄😄
Andrew Karabinos
Andrew Karabinos - 22 days ago
im lost
im lost - 22 days ago
cindy?? what no. i rename you brown eyed girl.
Lojy Ahmed
Lojy Ahmed - 22 days ago
جميلة كل أفكاركم
Mayanka Pant
Mayanka Pant - 22 days ago
Its was amazing
Chudi Pascal Obi
Chudi Pascal Obi - 22 days ago
By pranking
Becki Bennett
Becki Bennett - 22 days ago
Jessica is in 5-minute crafts
Niki VP
Niki VP - 22 days ago
0:42 the worst slime I’ve ever seen in my life
May Melhem
May Melhem - 15 days ago
Daniela Summer Lucasan
Daniela Summer Lucasan - 22 days ago
Oof this is cool
Daniela Summer Lucasan
Daniela Summer Lucasan - 22 days ago
Daniela Summer Lucasan
Daniela Summer Lucasan - 22 days ago
Im weird
pragnya s.k
pragnya s.k - 22 days ago
I also love to try your hack.
Sumera Umar
Sumera Umar - 22 days ago
You guys are amazing
Can I have a shout out
Keep up the good work
Jose Sustaita
Jose Sustaita - 23 days ago
Hau to make slame
Sam Apud
Sam Apud - 23 days ago
I only have one question who is the narrator???
ismandiz - 21 day ago
Sam Apud dunno
Ramiza baig
Ramiza baig - 23 days ago
i love it
mandip kaur
mandip kaur - 23 days ago
This how many people want real voice
Wilma Beldera
Wilma Beldera - 23 days ago
Thug life pineapple
NatalieOof - 23 days ago
*TroomTroom: and paint it blue!*
*Me: um why not yellow?*
NatalieOof - 5 days ago
Nightwolf_75 Wolfie *Omg wow! Thank you so so much!*
Nightwolf_75 Wolfie
Nightwolf_75 Wolfie - 21 day ago
NatalieOof post more vidsssss I watched ur welcome vid and everyone wants moreee
rachel g
rachel g - 21 day ago
True dat
rachel g
rachel g - 21 day ago
NatalieOof true dat
ismandiz - 21 day ago
Or green, purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, or turquoise
Nicole Hollier
Nicole Hollier - 23 days ago
My favorite was the tent
julia lia
julia lia - 23 days ago
Hello troom
Charlotte Kuyer
Charlotte Kuyer - 23 days ago
It’s not badmitten it’s badminton
Murali Reddy
Murali Reddy - 23 days ago
Ok it's pronounced bad-mint-on and that is not how you serve the shattle
hanija Moradi
hanija Moradi - 23 days ago
My name is Mobina hi
Julia Gabrielle Dela Cruz
"Aim it at the pink cup not me!"
*points at yellow cup*
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