Vogue's 73 Questions is Stupid (Ft. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West)

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Slow Mobius
Slow Mobius - 4 hours ago
I would honestly take my house over this one it looks so plain and boring
Lxvi - 4 hours ago
For everyone who was confused about the sinks without a drain, the counters actually absorb the water and leaves whatever came off your hand on the counter and you wipe it away with a towel or wipe etc.
Decent Guy
Decent Guy - 7 hours ago
Who's gonna tell big E tht they counter tops r prolly just a semi-permeable material?
Dan - 14 hours ago
7:41 I love how he added te joke explanation
lauren perkins
lauren perkins - 18 hours ago
When I was younger my friends I used to joke that if Kim sat on a thumbtack her ass would pop like a balloon
Itsyaboy Gamin
Itsyaboy Gamin - 19 hours ago
7:37 I was dying 🤣🤣🤣💀
nasty one
nasty one - Day ago
Only CL did a good vogue questions thing
truffel muncher
truffel muncher - Day ago
that ass is her carrier thats what got her to the top or i should say the bottom.
Matt - 2 days ago
This acting is like a porno
Jayhob Ackluhammad
Jayhob Ackluhammad - 2 days ago
kanye died his hair blonde? wtf wrong wit dat nigguhl
leedle mcgee
leedle mcgee - 2 days ago
"kanye what's your favorite thing about being a dad?"
"the kids"
i know that answer is funny but thats actually really sweet of him to say
Harrison - 2 days ago
She doesnt do anything thats why she doesnt answer that question
Harrison - 2 days ago
There house is ugly and depressing like living in museum
Steven Devault
Steven Devault - 2 days ago
This looks like a intro to a porno
Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs - 2 days ago
Kim and Kanye really lookin like a dollar-store Ethan and Hila tbh
Maxwell Mcgrath
Maxwell Mcgrath - 3 days ago
Sorry but 1:55 is my favourite part of the video 😂
Andrew Botero
Andrew Botero - 3 days ago
Thanks for all the stocks I guess
Andrew Botero
Andrew Botero - 3 days ago
Aint no such a thang as a lazy day up in this witch
Andrew Botero
Andrew Botero - 3 days ago
Kanye was made a fool of in the begining
1RnSghT - 3 days ago
the tap part is hilarious
Baguette - 3 days ago
That is one boring-ass house.
Black Man Tyrone
Black Man Tyrone - 3 days ago
Kanye’s life is so minimalistic even his answers are minimalistic
you should be nicer
you should be nicer - 3 days ago
What do you think you'll be remembered for?

Ray J Sextape
makinmimis77 - 4 days ago
Doesn't want attention on her ass..... brings up her ass.
makinmimis77 - 4 days ago
So they mention ADIDAS, DISNEY APPLE AND SPRITE. This was one big advertisement.
ViaTheMind - 4 days ago
I feel like I've just gone through the Mandela effect with this video. I watched it earlier today where Ethan was making fun of Kim's dead and fake 'thank you'. Also how Kanye was being held there hostage and their voices were robotic. Even the part where Kim was walking backwards was focused on a bit more, plus you guys were dressed normal. Then out of the blue, I get recommended this video again, but it says I haven't watched it. Seriously odd
Atlas - 5 days ago
You dont understand, they purposefully made their house boring so they are the most interesting thing in It
Thomas GG
Thomas GG - 6 days ago
This interview seemed like a beginning of a porno
Mark Sun
Mark Sun - 6 days ago
7:43 edited?
badd dexter
badd dexter - 6 days ago
power level : 0 hahahahahahahaha
yenwildog - 6 days ago
NocturnalMadLad - 6 days ago
10:16 Which ones? Hehe..
NocturnalMadLad - 6 days ago
8:44 dude wtf is that, that's so fake, what is she even laughing at?
Shifttube - 6 days ago
what you favert thing about Armenia the food . What just 1 thing i should eat there . You should eat everything lolol she cant even name 1 thing maybe here brain is in her ass thats how they made it so fake looking
Shifttube - 6 days ago
I knew he was the 1 when i went to his fashon show lololol and he say she was the1 when i seen her fucking rayj in the porno
TheJOBeffect - 6 days ago
"You watch it and you can't stop but you also wanna die." - Hila Klein
Saikou Colley
Saikou Colley - 7 days ago
Worst hair cut ever
Beti A.
Beti A. - 7 days ago
No color whatsoever within the home.
Summer Surock
Summer Surock - 7 days ago
"Kanye what's your favorite part of being a father?"
*the kids*
Me: b..b..but isnt that the only way to be a father...
just melissa
just melissa - 7 days ago
Kanye seemed very uncomfortable
None of your buisiness
None of your buisiness - 8 days ago
u look like "kyle"
Unjinx xxx
Unjinx xxx - 8 days ago
Pleaseee what's the sound effect used when you see the sinks at 4:09 ? Is it from a Nintendo Game? It feels like a distant memory. I need to know.
Unjinx xxx
Unjinx xxx - 7 days ago
@RaNDoMCloNE OMG YES!!! thank you so much, this has been bothering me for weeks! :p
RaNDoMCloNE - 7 days ago
Unjinx xxx isn’t it the “you’ve been found alert” noise from Metal Gear?
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell - 8 days ago
I had a dream and the house looked like hers but it had a death dungeon
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - 8 days ago
Why is Kim so ewwwww
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - 8 days ago
They are a power couple
Egg Boy
Egg Boy - 8 days ago
Ethan the sink think absorbs water
markiemarkVII :]
markiemarkVII :] - 9 days ago
Hila's eyes are so bright and pretty.
Cody Averesch
Cody Averesch - 9 days ago
Who does skillshare not sponsor?
neros1234 - 9 days ago
If you put 1:04 at 0.25 speed, Ethan sounds like a dying goat.
roach - 9 days ago
Interviewer: "What do you think you'll be remembered for, Kim?"

Kim: "My many talents"

Interviewer (Very next question): "What's a question you generally detest being asked?"

Kim: "I really hate when people ask me... what I do..."
FuzeQ 32
FuzeQ 32 - 10 days ago
What kinda fucking house is that it's a damn insane asylum
Anonymous Secret
Anonymous Secret - 10 days ago
what 3 words do you hear most often when people describe you

sweet and smart



Cønt3nt_Cøp - 10 days ago
Its a bowless sink but no hate idc
Callinater - 10 days ago
I thought that was fake frank in the thumbnail ngl.
KikkerGames - 10 days ago
‘Im very smart’ *proceeds to say 2 words instead of 3*
Jakob Strand
Jakob Strand - 10 days ago
I have no name
I have no name - 11 days ago
What I find funny is when she explained her bathroom sinks and she explained it in a way that Kanye was the one who came up with the idea. I'm sorry to say this but... the sink idea has been in homes and buildings waaaay before Kanye thought of it.
Jack Osborne
Jack Osborne - 11 days ago
This is like when Cody Ko and Noel visited GT Dave’s house, but theirs was actually funny and unscripted, unlike this video :(
Seb Taylor
Seb Taylor - 11 days ago
not seeing enough comments about the stink hole song, idk why but it had me dying😂
AWW_ YEA81 - 11 days ago
Ik it's a big mansion they live in but it honestly looks like the inside of a looney house
Filip - 11 days ago
when u turn on the water it sort of bends in and there goes the water
MrGladBEASTftw - 12 days ago
Kim’s ass has gotten more disproportionate each and every year
Jam C
Jam C - 13 days ago
I'M DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patricia Camp
Patricia Camp - 13 days ago
Hila it must be so fun to have Ethan as a husband!! He is crazy!!!
Skeletor Myah
Skeletor Myah - 13 days ago
You can see her nips through the shirt in this video. Gross
Bladimir Cruz
Bladimir Cruz - 13 days ago
Just cause you are a celebrity doesnt make you better than other people . There are so many other people who have done more than her dumbass and aren't recognized because they aren't celebrities. It's awful to think people actually love celebrities like damn get a life and love yourself not these plastic fake smiling cock suckers .
Dennis Ellerkamp
Dennis Ellerkamp - 13 days ago
People saying they'd never fuck Kim bc she's fake, but still sitting with their hand around their dick at 3am watching a midget orgie. At least I am man enough to admit that I'd do both.
Autistic Aviator
Autistic Aviator - 14 days ago
her entire house looks like a bad movie set.
Bluzora - 14 days ago
Lovin that Filthy Frank street cook cosplay
Ur Mom Fat dab
Ur Mom Fat dab - 14 days ago
They’re invisible sink holes VERY EXPENSIVE
justtssomeyyoutube channel
And their house is so uncomfortable
justtssomeyyoutube channel
K but for real were does the water go
D M - 15 days ago
I love their relationship, truly a power couple
taught by ao
taught by ao - 15 days ago
shes a thot
TwiTch - 15 days ago
Ugh! He is manspreading!
Cameron K
Cameron K - 15 days ago
She just looks so ridicules at this point, like i dont know how people find her attractive.
Elizia Mimõza K
Elizia Mimõza K - 15 days ago
Mary Valentyne
Mary Valentyne - 15 days ago
She cannot handle all 3 kids without the nannies lmao omg
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo - 15 days ago
"WHERE'S THE WATER GO?!" is the appropriate amount of outrage lmao
Ana Araujo
Ana Araujo - 15 days ago
I have such a major crush on hila
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