When you Buy an iPhone from the streets 不 (xploit comedy)

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xploit comedy
xploit comedy - 13 days ago
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okumo tero
okumo tero - 7 days ago
xploit comedy Hi
DENIS GITONGA - 21 hour ago
I love you guys
Hassan Rhoda
Hassan Rhoda - Day ago
Brizy u nr go kill me
Lisa mecury
Lisa mecury - 7 days ago
How is life
nkwasibwe. elis
nkwasibwe. elis - 7 days ago
Osnaldo Nocent
Osnaldo Nocent - 8 days ago
Spunky Chi
Spunky Chi - 8 days ago
michael okwudirimi
michael okwudirimi - 8 days ago
Baby elephant n udara phone. 不不不 U guys killed it
Gertrude Truyd
Gertrude Truyd - 9 days ago
kkkkk u make us Zambians to b proud of naija
Focus d Comedian
Focus d Comedian - 11 days ago
emmanuel ebuka
emmanuel ebuka - 13 days ago
This guy they crazy....lolllzzzz
Sharon Jackie
Sharon Jackie - 14 days ago
lol I love xploit comedy
Aissatu Jalo
Aissatu Jalo - 15 days ago
Fombe Mercy Meyanui
Fombe Mercy Meyanui - 16 days ago
Receive my 1million subscription. One love
Fombe Mercy Meyanui
Fombe Mercy Meyanui - 16 days ago
I love these guys
Ifeanyi Donatus
Ifeanyi Donatus - 18 days ago
iyke nwosu
iyke nwosu - 19 days ago
Adekuoroye Oluwafemi
Adekuoroye Oluwafemi - 20 days ago
Shakiilah Zubair
Shakiilah Zubair - 20 days ago
Oya guys... Am your ugandan number one fun
big fish
big fish - 20 days ago
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Lion Sam A.
Lion Sam A. - 22 days ago
"I bought a laptop from this baby elephant...." 不不不不
Franck Gabi
Franck Gabi - 22 days ago
EGERUE KENNETH - 22 days ago
You people are doing fine
EGERUE KENNETH - 22 days ago
You people are doing fine
Abdullahi Aden
Abdullahi Aden - 22 days ago
Guys these time u have delayed to post
Chinedu Nwanegbo
Chinedu Nwanegbo - 23 days ago
We're lacking apple in China.... Udara is now the alternative... lol
Joshua Olamide
Joshua Olamide - 24 days ago
soo funny
Thomas Prince
Thomas Prince - 25 days ago
Mine is udara phone
Chinyere Anumaka
Chinyere Anumaka - 25 days ago
I can't stop laughing.不不不
Ogodo One
Ogodo One - 25 days ago
I hail u my guys. U are too much.Ur show is great.Keep moving forward.
Janat Janat
Janat Janat - 26 days ago
Who else like the dance move pls thugs up
Mikatas Mike
Mikatas Mike - 26 days ago
So funny
Ezekperechi Luke
Ezekperechi Luke - 26 days ago
Xpliot comedy are very funny pls check mine.
Babalola Godwin
Babalola Godwin - 27 days ago
Xpoit is best
Hodan Cali
Hodan Cali - 27 days ago
Kkkkkkkkkkkk so funny
vicy wolopetrich
vicy wolopetrich - 27 days ago
Agnes Mwangi
Agnes Mwangi - 27 days ago
Always putting a smile on my face, thenx alot guys. Much love from 埠 埠 埠 埠 埠 埠 埠 埠 埠
katende willy
katende willy - 27 days ago
Have given my life to christ
MentarHomeofComedy - 27 days ago
https://youtu.be/O5NPuIW6ORk why you should avoid road side food
MentarHomeofComedy - 27 days ago
https://youtu.be/6Y-Byd5VVIU baddest comedy ever!!
Just 98
Just 98 - 27 days ago
He turned his back being broken into a dance
Agustine mary
Agustine mary - 27 days ago
So funny
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sam - 28 days ago
What is Upod? Udapod不不不
Faith Awele
Faith Awele - 28 days ago
Ibe Noble
Ibe Noble - 28 days ago
Check it out
DJAN CLUB TV - 28 days ago
This video do really make sense alot nanadjan Italy
James Kulu
James Kulu - 28 days ago
Sakina Love
Sakina Love - 28 days ago
Casandra Nnamuka
Casandra Nnamuka - 28 days ago
Lol chai I don die
Encho Junior
Encho Junior - 28 days ago
xploit uhna di kill me , ma brother cuttam 0:25
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