The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Is a Crazy Fast Luxury Sedan

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TCO - 3 hours ago
Does it come manual ?????????????
Lambochaser - 5 hours ago
It's going away? Damn.
sub cool
sub cool - 5 hours ago
Doug blue book
Paul Klein
Paul Klein - 10 hours ago
My girlfriend has a "V' as well. I ride it harder than a 600hp car though ;) .
Matt Lubas
Matt Lubas - 13 hours ago
Jay Lenos long lost son
Daniel Hearn
Daniel Hearn - 16 hours ago
This guy is a hater he didn’t even open her up & the score is Bs I’ve drove many German cars and the Cadillac CTS V is a step above definitely!
Dino Verica
Dino Verica - 18 hours ago
this car is a 10 on all levels at least a 9. what does it take to get near perfect scores? certainly dougy wougy has no clue. power is a 7? really? 640 stock hp? would a 1000hp earn an 8 doug? haha what a dweeb
Bme Productions
Bme Productions - Day ago
I'm convinced
Henry Moreira
Henry Moreira - Day ago
Fun Factor 7... #dougscoressuck
Anthony E
Anthony E - Day ago
That color is sick
Boxer Dog
Boxer Dog - Day ago
This will be an awesome used car in 3 years.
Jeremy Tod
Jeremy Tod - Day ago
I get that you're not supposed to own these past the warranty but I'd be very excited to not be able to access my cup holders. how about just no cover?
Michael B
Michael B - Day ago
Crazy depreciation. Wait three years and buy it half price.
mark Vantrease
mark Vantrease - Day ago
How much?
S Furm
S Furm - Day ago
The best sedan out there, can’t name any other🤷🏽‍♂️
Resonance - Day ago
Doug type of guy to rotate emblems on tires so that 4 emblems have the synchronized angle.
Mark Dangerfield
Mark Dangerfield - 2 days ago
Chef CJ Nobles
Chef CJ Nobles - 2 days ago
Oh and the CTS-V successor (CT5-V) is being shown to the world in about a week. #YouAreWelcome #ThankMeLater >>>
Chef CJ Nobles
Chef CJ Nobles - 2 days ago
Oh and the CTS-V successor (CT5-V) is being shown to the world in about a week. #YouAreWelcome #ThankMeLater >>>
Tom Skonieczka
Tom Skonieczka - 2 days ago
the smudges on the control panel drive me crazy, anyone have any ideas how to minimize them? I wipe and clean every week btw
3kidsnwifey - Day ago
Anti smudge spray for glasses, should help. You can also try to go to car toys and see if they have any suggestions.
Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon - 2 days ago
Lincoln dosent have anything that can touch this, but their fanboys think they're winning.
Bryan Rose
Bryan Rose - 2 days ago
Who else noticed the cutty in the back 6:18
Ramy RDJ
Ramy RDJ - 2 days ago
Boomerisadog - 3 days ago
This car sounds amazing for stock exhaust on a luxury performance car. I wish they could make them a little lighter but you can't have it all and this is a lot of car for the $.
MrOnyxRaven - 3 days ago
They should add an "unfriendly" setting for the voice prompts. For example an open door could be "CLOSE THE F***ING DOOR!"
dane kelly
dane kelly - 3 days ago
but a used one
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell - 3 days ago
This guy is so punchable.
Yousif Al-Mandil
Yousif Al-Mandil - 3 days ago
Do tshirts and reviews have anything in common or am i too strung out on decoding!
Ike Malik
Ike Malik - 3 days ago
Beautiful color
Melvin Sewell
Melvin Sewell - 3 days ago
Car looks sick AF. Why would they stop making this??
Boomerisadog - 3 days ago
Lots of people think they're cool but don't by them.
Lorenzo Velasquez
Lorenzo Velasquez - 3 days ago
You forget to mention the rear blinder, my MG ZT has the same :D
skipp crider
skipp crider - 3 days ago
I love the looks of this car. That is the best color I've seen on a sports sedan. Wish I was rich
Dakota Valdes
Dakota Valdes - 3 days ago
So if battery is dead no glovebox
Dakota Valdes
Dakota Valdes - 3 days ago
No one will ever even know unless they see your review
Roly Fisher
Roly Fisher - 3 days ago
Doug is the kind of guy who deflates his tires every May to put in the summer air.
skipp crider
skipp crider - 3 days ago
Brian MacLeod
Brian MacLeod - 4 days ago
James Quinn
James Quinn - 4 days ago
It's a nice looking car but it's still a fucking Cadillac. The interior still just screams GM too.
Omc 559
Omc 559 - 4 days ago
It's badass but I'm sure that thing is a gas hogger but if ur rich you don't care about that
Aj Morris
Aj Morris - 4 days ago
All I'm seeing is a cost to fix these problems after they're broken.
Jim Jardine
Jim Jardine - 4 days ago
Too much road noise!
fizz - 5 days ago
Score for Doug DeMuro

styling: 2/10 His sense of style with clothing isn't great
Acceleration: 5/10 He gets a 5 because of his long legs, but doesn't workout
Handling: 7/10
Fun Factor: 8/10 He seems like he's a fun guy to hang out with
Cool Factor: 1/10 He's not the coolest guy in the room
Total Weekend Score: 23

Features: 4/10 He gets a 4/10 because he has a couple of quirks
Comfort: 4/10
Quality: 10/10 For his videos
Practical: 10/10 He seems very practical and doesn't seem to buy unnecessary things
Value : 8/10
Total Daily Score: 36

Total DougScore: 59/100 which puts him right in the middle.
ok W
ok W - 5 days ago
I leased this horrid piece of shit!!! I'm turning in my 2016 CTS V this Saturday. I've spent approx 26k on tires and rims. They don't tell you about the car not having a spare or run flats, so anytime you have a flat, IT'S ONSTAR TIME!!! In three years my CTS V was towed 17 times!!! I've had multiple system and electronic failures as well. My favorite experience was when the vehicle was trying to shift and was clicking back and forth so loud, you could hear it from more than a mile away!!! It's so awesome when you're driving down the road in a supposed nice vehicle and your car is making such a loud noise everyone on the freeway is staring and laughing!!! I never drove it hard or abused it and I'm turning it in 11k miles under my lease terms!!! How shitty is this car you may ask? Let's just say I've had everything from a Lamborghini Huracan, 3 Nissan GTR's, Mercedes AMG and many more, but after this experience with the CTS V, I QUIT!!! I just purchased a new Prius. Yes, that's how shitty this vehicle is, it sucked the love for any vehicle and speed out of me. It's not about the money, it's the time and grief this ultimate piece of trash caused me. I would have bought a Tesla, but there are not enough charging stations yet. I have other vehicles of course, but I'm done with anything that runs on gas and I'm done with American cars!!! This experience has turned me into a vehicle LIBTARD!!! When anyone gave me a thumbs up on the road, I made sure to roll my window down to tell them what a piece of trash it was and would jokingly yell "Please steal it and drive it off a Cliff!"
John Doeit
John Doeit - 5 days ago
+ok W I heard that from the MY 2017 the CTS-V has improved significantly...the CUE system is definitely so much better than before...
ok W
ok W - 5 days ago
Give it time, you’ll get a flat and find out how bad it sucks.
ok W
ok W - 5 days ago
John Doeit That’s great, it’s the same exact body and engine I had. I’m wondering if there was a design flaw with my frame? I can tell you, you wouldn’t be thrilled if by the fifth month you’re in, you’d been towed 6 times, blown through the $5,000 tire and wheel warranty, spent $2,700 of your own money on tires and most importantly, missed important events and wasted time while waiting for mechanical & electrical fixes three times on top of the tire replacement.
John Doeit
John Doeit - 5 days ago
Could not be more happy with my 2019 CTS-V., 5 months so far...a fantastic super sport sedan and the other 2 contenders were the M5 and the RS7....
Randy Carlisle
Randy Carlisle - 5 days ago
I’m surprised that car wasn’t discontinued years ago. That Que system had a lot more problems than just lag time and it still does.
People buying that car are buying it for HP and for whatever reason Cadillac detunes the LT4 as well as it’s old LSA when it’s in the Caddy vs the ZL1 and Z06, not by a lot but still when you’re paying $90-100k you should get it all and then some.
John Doeit
John Doeit - 5 days ago
I cross shopped my 2019 CTS-V with the best from Germany (other than the new Panamera) and it came out on top...fantastic car from speed, comfort and look only complaint is the lack of AWD....
Chef CJ Nobles
Chef CJ Nobles - 5 days ago
I wish automotive idiots would stop saying the CT5 is replacing both the CTS and ATS. Dimensions aren't that far off from the competition in the midsize luxury segment. ATS's successor is the CT4.
The Shaver Ranch + Wolves
I'm surprised I didn't find any "V" jokes in the comments... Maybe I didn't travel far enough... Haha
Annabi Wahdani
Annabi Wahdani - 6 days ago
The only brand car Who i haven't understand its philosophy is Cadillac
Annabi Wahdani
Annabi Wahdani - 2 days ago
+RIPPERTON i think Citroën don't have philosophy
RIPPERTON - 5 days ago
You forgot Citroen.
bill malt
bill malt - 6 days ago
I'm not a cadillac guy at all but jesus christ that color is gorgeous.
skipp crider
skipp crider - 3 days ago
Agree...I absolutely love that color
mm 2018
mm 2018 - 6 days ago
U..nderwear to
G..ood will
John Elegant
John Elegant - 6 days ago
Doug, another great video from you! Same paint code as to what was leaked as “Zeus Bronze” for the 2020 C8. Anyone want to learn more about the C8, over 800 threads, +600 pic/renderings and more at :
Tom Billard
Tom Billard - 7 days ago
ive heard 3.4 seconds big diff
CJ R. - 7 days ago
i caught him, he was reading his script off his phone... what a massive secret exposed
Giveaway G0D
Giveaway G0D - 7 days ago
thats not a stock color
Raw and Uncensored
Raw and Uncensored - 7 days ago
Doug is the type of guy that has my favorite childhood toy on his shirt while reviewing an expesnive car.
rachman1noff - 7 days ago
Doug's the kind of guy who will Cadillac his C-class in the rumble seat.
Canal West
Canal West - 7 days ago
Man..... Can somebody bring back the Cadillac Seville STS from the 1990s and the Fleetwood Brougham from 1980s and 1990s. Those were the real Cadillacs. Now its all trash. Cadillac has lost it's prestige.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 5 days ago
Still holding on to my b-body brougham. Its becoming a nightmare to keep though, money pit after i went off the road. Even the police & tow truck guys said that the car should not have survived that accident. They definitely do not make them like this any longer. 800$ got it all put back together. A possum was in the road & i had no choice but to hit it or hit another car in my cts & it cost 4 grand to replace the front bumper & its only a small crack & plus foglight brackets broke smdh needless to say i optioned not to fix the cts because only i know that its damaged. Thats how minor the damage was. Love the way the cts drives but its nothing like the feeling i get flooring the LT1 in my Fleetwood.
begone - 7 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to eat hamburger with a fork.
tronicdeath1 - 7 days ago
Such a kool ass car....and the color is awesome....
Jesus Schizus
Jesus Schizus - 7 days ago
I never wanted to have a sedan, but this one changed my mind!
Jesus - 8 days ago
Phuc Yu
Phuc Yu - 8 days ago
looks like a fucking commodore
IHostPaidBinds1 - 8 days ago
Can someone buy me this
denvera1g1 - 8 days ago
I had an aftermarket mirror like this mirror on my 96 fleetwood limo, because the facory mirrro literally served no function other than blocking my view to my front right, stock mirror could literally block out an entire tractor trailer (with trailer when i'm trying to corss a 4 lane highway, i eventually completely removed all parts of the center mirror because this because a serious safety concern when i couldnt see a ford ranger when stopping for a 4 way stop
Max CX
Max CX - 8 days ago
I have a 2014 cts v and i can assure you 90% of the interior is the exact same only the center audio console is upgraded .
John T.
John T. - 8 days ago
Since they Guy who wanted to change the naming convention at Cadillac is no longer there, couldn’t they just let the name live on? It has recognition and a following so it would make sense.
Rara Revs
Rara Revs - 8 days ago
My man you really don’t know how to fken rate ..... I get fken tight watching the end... handles is amazing on turns and it’s a Rwd car it’s more like 9/10 it handles better than the E63s by far.... that CTS-V should be above the RS7 and the E below the M5 smfh
phant0m rock3r
phant0m rock3r - 8 days ago
The front of the ctsv kind of looks like a GTR
The350ThatCould 94
The350ThatCould 94 - 8 days ago
Wow just got called a peon by Doug DeMuro
Donjon Armory
Donjon Armory - 8 days ago
Seems like it would have scored higher based on your reaction in the video.
shepherdsknoll8 - 9 days ago
Just when they get it right against the BM trouble-u, the market is going electric.
MrRea112 - 9 days ago
Good try by well meaning engineers and designers but knowing their frivolous on again off again corporate behaviour nobody can take any GM offering seriously
zack Barrera
zack Barrera - 9 days ago
I freaken want this car
l00natic385 - 9 days ago
That Gbody tho 🔥🔥🔥
shmbbrkr - 9 days ago
These money pits and lemons will file for bankruptcy soon. Sad to see Cadillac's quality dropping straight to the bottom
Front Swine
Front Swine - 9 days ago
The ctsveeeee
Hugo S
Hugo S - 9 days ago
I think it has great styling, especially the outside.
Thrust Johnson
Thrust Johnson - 10 days ago
Doug the type of guy to get in a fancy car with a Lego T-shirt.
Thrust Johnson
Thrust Johnson - 10 days ago
I like the color.
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Stuart - 10 days ago
$105,000 for a Chevy? Where's Mahk?
Omar Cruz
Omar Cruz - 10 days ago
Beautiful car
Explore17 - 10 days ago
Corvette engine in a 4 door family car... what a sleeper!!
zain zwerschke
zain zwerschke - 8 days ago
Not really a sleeper at all but ok
drphibesrises - 10 days ago
The locking of the battery box is because many people keep tools and if they were to hit the terminals it could spark and cause a fire. Good idea. Plus, don't just want anybody touchin' my batt'ry.
S M - 11 days ago
Cadi knows their customers well. Secret drug/weapon stash is AWESOME!
Pontiac Bandit
Pontiac Bandit - 11 days ago
I think the Holden HSV GTS-R W1 is the only sedan to rival this. They shared similar engines.
Ereder - 11 days ago
6:20 i damn freaking hope not !
some people do nto already know how to drive in reverse without using the parking camera. Now they will only use this ?
eurosonly - 11 days ago
Sometimes I like to lay on my back in bed and pretend I am a rich lawyer or a doctor who lives on a mountain side somewhere in a really upscale house overlooking all the poor people in the city far away from me and that I have this exact car in the garage while I sip on some expensive wine in the shade. Then my alarm rings and I have to put on my mcdonalds hat and head off to work in a geo metro with a broken side window and a missing back bumper and expired tags.
Zakary Moninger
Zakary Moninger - 12 days ago
"Like some peon, in a _normal_ car"
Camron Cherry
Camron Cherry - 12 days ago
Doug the type of guy who doesn’t know what “no input lag” means..
52BIGGEE - 13 days ago
Great Job Big Buddy....Keep it Up...
ernesto rios
ernesto rios - 13 days ago
I might be showing my age, but does this review sound like a emo phillips is giving it?
$HtownRocketman - 13 days ago
Looks like machine guns should pop out the hood
MonsterSIP - 13 days ago
He's like the Tarantino of cars
David Garfinkel
David Garfinkel - 13 days ago
Tien Truong
Tien Truong - 13 days ago
The front end looks like a Skyline R35 GTR
Eclipse Guy
Eclipse Guy - 11 days ago
Tien Truong no it doesn’t
The Dark Skull
The Dark Skull - 13 days ago
Doug the type of guy to rob a bank and then apologize before leaving
The Dark Skull
The Dark Skull - 13 days ago
This joke sucks just like your mom
José Puig Guijarro
José Puig Guijarro - 13 days ago
I appreciate the school zone alert cause that will remind me to put the car in track mode and pull my dick out
100 subscribers with videos Challenge
THIS is a...
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford - 14 days ago
Those black pannels for the buttons show fingerprints and smudges like crazy
okane Nikes
okane Nikes - 14 days ago
What a beautiful boat 😍 lol jk this car is amazing though hopefully they depreciate
Nissan 200SX
Nissan 200SX - 14 days ago
still benz is better
Nissan 200SX
Nissan 200SX - 14 days ago
still benz is better
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