Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is DONE

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The Young Turks
The Young Turks - 2 months ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the Trump Administration. Leave a comment below!
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 2 months ago
@Kevin Peterson quit crying, TrumpKuk. Slanders lies like she breathes, dodged questions and missed press conferences like no other press secretary in history, and doesn't deserve an iota of respect.
Paula Keller
Paula Keller - 2 months ago
just sayin. Well said, correction it happen with the Kennedy administration. The switch came about. Not the Reagan administration.
Paula Keller
Paula Keller - 2 months ago
Kevin Crady. Agreed the Mooch will said. "Hold my 🍻beer", or Condracula Giuliani would said. " Hold my coffin". I agree with Anna her point of view.
Brian Walls
Brian Walls - 5 days ago
The infamous Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the lying wicked-bitch of the East, is no more! Finally!!!
ataboy42 H
ataboy42 H - 6 days ago
Donald’s bullshit life finally caught up to her! Poor thing he was making her seemed older and grumpier looking! Now she’s out of the swamp, her beauty will blossom once again 💖
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Month ago
The young Islamist, always pointing fingers with NO facts, just circlejerk echohall. Nobody wants socialism in America. You have lost your voting demographic, go pander Islam in A land of mud huts. Your female counterpart forgot the burka, she needs it.
Stuart Stone
Stuart Stone - Month ago
Kyle Ward you already have socialism in the country. You might want to check that out
Cakiema - Month ago
If a Republican kissed me I might immediately throw up I'm kind of scared of lizards ...😭
neptune1bond - Month ago
I'm a centrist and it wasn't that long ago I was voting for the left, but a lot of exposure to both sides has led me to stop giving them my support. Maybe if the pendulum swings too far the other way again and the left regains its sanity, but it probably isn't going to happen for a while.
Stuart Stone
Stuart Stone - Month ago
neptune1bond if your voting against the left now you never were voting for the left you were voting for establishment politicians
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff - Month ago
She went out lying her ass off. No shame. None.
EnderZ13 - Month ago
She probably has a minor heart attack, stroke, or seizure due to the stress she had to put her body through every day lying for that man and his administration. Look at her face,: the way she always has that looks like she's tasting something that's "off." That's extreme heartburn. That's stress-induced acid-reflux, and her body could no longer take it.
Joshua Lefever
Joshua Lefever - Month ago
Professional liars make amazing money. They're called actors!!
FranciKatherine Melton-Jones
Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Dreams DO come true!!
BuffaloSpirit - Month ago
This is the moment to throw up.🤮
reality check
reality check - Month ago
Ana the TYT prostitute has really big mouth. Ana will be having a party in her mouth and all the guys are coming in lol
Cakiema - Month ago
Yup Republican detected only they can say something a 4th grader would say in detention 🤣🤣😋
Hilbert's Inn
Hilbert's Inn - Month ago
Paid troll.
JM M - Month ago
Wow Ana, you admit you know what's going to happen. But I doubt you'll realize what to do and instead will do the same shit with the same results.
digital1 ministry9
digital1 ministry9 - Month ago
Anna, YOU WOULD NOT BE SITTING THERE RUNNING YOUR SILLY MOUTH, if "guys didn't touch girls" ... That's how you got here honey!! Unless of course, you're the product of in vitro ... When will you hashtag me too cunts realize that IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMMUNICATE YOUR APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL of any kind of social touching interaction. GUYS ARE NOT JUST GOING TO STOP TOUCHING WOMEN. Say no, put your hand up, step away, push or swat the person's hand away... and VOCALIZE your desire not to be touched!! NOTICE I SAID "PERSON'S HAND" and not "GUY'S" hand.... That's because WOMEN have JUST AS MUCH RIGHT TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE.... AND AGAIN IT IS YOUR JOB TO SAY NO, EVEN IF IT'S A WOMAN THAT YOU DON'T WANT TOUCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!
Stuart Stone
Stuart Stone - Month ago
Yeah because creepy unnecessary and unwarranted touching of women is the same as passion shared between two people who are consenting to the touching
Cakiema - Month ago
Sounds like your neighborhood rapist or pedophile 😎✌
Hilbert's Inn
Hilbert's Inn - Month ago
Paid troll.
Robert Martyr
Robert Martyr - Month ago
*I've Never been on a Date, in My Life, & so Wutcha got to say about dat???*
Jack1138 - 2 months ago
Don jr for new press secretary
mobaby1979 - 2 months ago
I appreciate Ana's level of keeping it real here. 100% right
james bruce walker
james bruce walker - 2 months ago
Yeah bye bye Huckerbee slanders!
IN ME I TRUST - 2 months ago
he said shes very popular....yeah, for being a liar!!
Cover Up
Cover Up - 2 months ago
Smell your hair Ana se if you washed it you dirty smear merchant
Stuart Stone
Stuart Stone - Month ago
Paid gnome
mobaby1979 - 2 months ago
PFSSSHHH these comments are LAZY lolololol
George Rigberg
George Rigberg - 2 months ago
Go back to Russia
haters hater
haters hater - 2 months ago
My name is Sarah and I love to lie for my master 🤤
Austin Zappas
Austin Zappas - 2 months ago
So what is her new job?
Stinky Monkey
Stinky Monkey - 2 months ago
Damn these liberals are just miserable, so consumed with hate and anger. I feel pity for them.
Hilbert's Inn
Hilbert's Inn - Month ago
@lololee24 They're not nuts; they're paid trolls. I'm not a big fan of TYT, but it's perfectly clear that they've been targeted by bots and trolls for years. Whenever you see such a massive volume of such obviously low-effort posts, it's a coordinated troll attack. Always. The only question is who decided this was worth the time and/or money to carry out.
lololee24 - 2 months ago
Damn, you right-wing nuts are lying, bigoted, angry, paranoid, ass-licking delusional Trump supporters who will believe anything that dribbles out of the monsters mouth. You're quick to regurgitate right-wing propaganda which, at this point is nothing more than code for "white nationalism" while in the same breath complain that "liberals" (never mind the fact, not everyone who disagrees with Trump are not liberals) are trying to take away your "rights" by turning America into a socialist country. You, idiot's have failed to realize that Trump is espousing socialist views by giving you what you damn asses want while pandering to White Nationalist. Your president and his cohorts main plan is to dismantle democracy and replace it with a dictatorship. What do you think will happen to America when the Republican party succeeds in dismantling Democracy, stripping away equal right's for women, minorities, children, and the LGBTQ community? What, are you going to say when the reality of climate change hits the republican party and deniers in the face? Trump has succeeded in fulfilling his campaign promises to his billionaire buddies and at some point, because of this, the stock market will crash and that will be on him and his ass-lickers so, when that day comes remember Trumps presidency and the dirty games Mitch McConnell played by blocking every single bill brought before him in the senate. The day America eventually dissolves into the-ass you would say... Republican Country that you, Trumps Swamp buddies, and supporters have been rallying for don't say shit, remain silent and whine amongst yourselves in some dark corner over a bottle booze and remember: Trump, Billionaire Swamp Monsters, Right-Wing nuts, the Alt-right, Mitch McConnell- aka the grim reaper, The Republican leading supreme court, and his supporters created the disaster that's coming and you'll have no one but yourselves to blame and that's not fear-mongering; as your kind would say, that's a fact.
Cleapatr - 2 months ago
Trump just lost another puppet
Aaron Wantuck
Aaron Wantuck - 2 months ago
Oh its the human excuse lie generator.
Nolan Nortje
Nolan Nortje - 2 months ago
Ana why are you shouting the whole time? Stop it, Jesus, no need for that, it's not helping your arguments.
Josh K
Josh K - 2 months ago
What face?
Charlotte Roberts
Charlotte Roberts - 2 months ago
I hope her voice goes silent forever; I hope she gains another ton of weight; and that everyone (and that's EVERYONE) that talk to her tell her lies and more lies.
EnderZ13 - Month ago
They already are ^_^ Trump said she was "very popular." Even she knows that's a lie ^_^
Marcus Sellers
Marcus Sellers - 2 months ago
You want to keep it real Ana? Fine. You're now speculating and calling it journalism. Might want to have a think about your supposed degree and what you teach.
Rusty Eichblatt
Rusty Eichblatt - 2 months ago
she probably got a new gig as a foxnews contributor
BIGBADWOOD - 2 months ago
So long Miss Piggy !
Jeremy Dirr
Jeremy Dirr - 2 months ago
Ana and I are both losing our minds over this government corruption.
Harmon Swartz
Harmon Swartz - 2 months ago
I bet she had a nervous breakdown...
EnderZ13 - Month ago
That or she probably had a minor heart attack, stroke, or seizure due to the stress she had to put her body through every day lying for that man and his administration. Look at her face: the way she always has that looks like she's tasting something that's "off." That's extreme heartburn. That's stress-induced acid-reflux, and her body could no longer take it.
catsintexas - 2 months ago
yeah, and that is the MISSED JOURNALISM topic or question on this show and others.....WHY? why. Whyyyy is she leaving because THAT is the real question. Like in old original Star Trek series where "Lerch" or that alien asks "...that was the question! [algorithm? formula? ] " referring to why his ancestors killed their former mastors.
tfcooks - 2 months ago
You know, she might be lying about leaving.😉
Bree Harrison
Bree Harrison - 2 months ago
You win!!
tfcooks - 2 months ago
Bye, Felicia.
Gary Larcher
Gary Larcher - 2 months ago
Is she starting a cult
Bravo Luca
Bravo Luca - 2 months ago
She will be missed. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,ha,ha,ha, not.
EnderZ13 - Month ago
She will be missed only by the people who also think she's popular ^_^
Girlgams - 2 months ago
I hope u 🤢 U 🐽💩👜
Michael Sudhoff
Michael Sudhoff - 2 months ago
Start warming up that black goo and gather them feathers.
Michael Sudhoff
Michael Sudhoff - 2 months ago
It is quite obvious both sides are paid off and ball-less. We were stupid in believing the new house of dems would do anything other than cash their bribes coming in.
Ernie Tetrault
Ernie Tetrault - 2 months ago
she's gone.... but who will notice?
Tdorr Engineer
Tdorr Engineer - 2 months ago
Thanks for all your lies and all conspiracy,,,
kaylw80 k
kaylw80 k - 2 months ago
Hurray, the fat ass liar is finally gone. Sarah Fuckme Sanders quit to run for Arkansas governor. I swear Trumpy Dumpy snorts coke... diet coke.
Girlgams - 2 months ago
She's a person, friend, woman. Wow! Trump really nailed that description.
Name Deplume
Name Deplume - 2 months ago
It should be illegal for the white house press secretary to lie to the press. This is our government - not theirs.
Nancy Matthews
Nancy Matthews - 2 months ago
Zieg Hiel ! ...B.F.
Tara Esielionis
Tara Esielionis - 2 months ago
She is tough admittedly, but a tough and very horrible person.
EnderZ13 - Month ago
She's tough the same way fruit leather is tough.
B tnerual
B tnerual - 2 months ago
BYE Biiiaacchh!
Michael Sudhoff
Michael Sudhoff - 2 months ago
I’m neither Republican or Democrat, I’m an American! This isn’t the stone ages anymore, to only have two choices? Only people with no balls stands behind either party.
Name Deplume
Name Deplume - 2 months ago
We have two "choices" because they are both owned by the wealthy elite oligarchs and their corporations. The rest are marginalized.
Kay Bergstrom
Kay Bergstrom - 2 months ago
Is the Arkansas Governor leaving office and they want Sarah for that post? Or maybe she wants to leave because she's tired of people calling her names and ruining her dinners? Maybe she can't go to any nearby restaurants without causing near riots?
alexhortdog95 - 2 months ago
Ana, LOLOLOL....
Jortiz - 2 months ago
She is done an amazing job of lying her ugly ass off.
Stephen Paul
Stephen Paul - 2 months ago
. Who's the liar.
T. Skullsplitter
T. Skullsplitter - 2 months ago
We live in a world of shit....that happens to be swirling downward and around the toilet we speak.
Rychard Shelton
Rychard Shelton - 2 months ago
Sarah Sanders fell out of the clown car! Still, way to many clowns still riding though! Who's next to fall out? 🤔🤔🤔
Elliot - 2 months ago
1:02 😂
Noel Martin
Noel Martin - 2 months ago
This is pathetic
Yajaira Ramos
Yajaira Ramos - 2 months ago
Demrie Alonzo
Demrie Alonzo - 2 months ago
Can't wait to see who replaces her. You can't get any worse than Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Warrendoe - 2 months ago
Oh Trump will manage to find someone in his swamp.
Sporting Arager
Sporting Arager - 2 months ago
Her legacy will be one of lies, spin and dishonesty. History will not look kindly upon her.
Changes are Coming
Changes are Coming - 2 months ago
cringe worthy fake news as usual
misterpsk - 2 months ago
Stupid and slow learner Sanders finally concluded that it is time to leave!
Andy Clockwise
Andy Clockwise - 2 months ago
She is very popular? ?? With who?
Ginger Moore
Ginger Moore - 2 months ago
goy4ever - 2 months ago
Ana i was 100% with you until i stepped back and looked at watergate. in the end remember Mr. Ford pardoned Mr. Nixon. As crazy as it sounds if impeachment ended and one he is voted impeached in house but stays his term or double worst senate has no choice but to impeach and President Pence pardons him. As soft as Dems are and what i think lay the evidence in impeachment inquiry. I rather see him indicted!
wipeoutxl - 2 months ago
lipstick on a pig. She sounds delusional like she is in a cult. Wierd that he kissed her and she said she loves him on camera...
Jim Burig
Jim Burig - 2 months ago
She could be a scarecrow if we're lucky.
Ms. M
Ms. M - 2 months ago
Mike Huckabee and his daughter are at a minimum Christian hypocrites. They came across as strong Christian conservatives and end up as a big disappointment, as someone like myself who is a Christian. At this time I hope neither her nor her dad are ever going to be RESPECTED. Sad.
hugh oliveiro
hugh oliveiro - 2 months ago
Lady Bridget
Lady Bridget - 2 months ago
I just got indigestion. My only saving grace is that I'm from a 3rd world country observing the politics of a shit-hole country.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 2 months ago
SoulEnthusiast - 2 months ago
Mike Mpo
Mike Mpo - 2 months ago
I heard he has accomplished so much. What?
memory lane
memory lane - 2 months ago
You take 20 some totally rediculous so-called presidential candidates lol. You throw in a bunch of Socialist nonsense spouted by puffy girls with pink hair and twiggy men and you have the Democratic Party.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 2 months ago
@memory lane 😘
memory lane
memory lane - 2 months ago
@Joe Wilson as usual talking and saying nothing. Typical liberal.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 2 months ago
@memory lane for starters we can spell 'ridiculous'...he did say he loves the uneducated...that affection is mutual, huh?
memory lane
memory lane - 2 months ago
@Teagan Justice how do you fit into their freak show?
Teagan Justice
Teagan Justice - 2 months ago
memory lane go away you sound like you missed a dose of something
Merle Yazzilla
Merle Yazzilla - 2 months ago
BYE Felicia!!!!
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
Finally got tired of the whole planet saying she makes the elephant man look like Christie Brinkley.
Sam Shipley
Sam Shipley - 2 months ago
She literally looks like the Mucinex guy
Chris Buttonshaw
Chris Buttonshaw - 2 months ago
ah Twitter, the White House official documents space..... isn't that sick
mook5tar - 2 months ago
It's shameful and not what the USA stands for. GET THIS MONSTER OUT !
mister Verde
mister Verde - 2 months ago
What difference does it make? Trump is still there. I hope he doesn't replace her with amarossa. The thought of it gives me diarrhea. 💩
Pat P. Reyes
Pat P. Reyes - 2 months ago
Trump sounds retarded when he speaks
Mina Jones
Mina Jones - 2 months ago
ikr lmao he always has been like all those white people are suffering from retardation it runs in they euro bloodlines
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
You're sentence is misleading. You mean Trump is retarded, and speaks.
Oopstoobad6275 - 2 months ago
Sounds? Or is
The Hypnotoad
The Hypnotoad - 2 months ago
the Big Ugh has lied enough? she can't keep up with Donnie Dum-Dum?
she's ruined her name and I hope will pay for her complicity all her remaining days.
mcmxli1941 - 2 months ago
The paranoid president: even his most abject sycophants are eventually dismissed. Stalin would have liquidated her.
bronco devil
bronco devil - 2 months ago
Don't know how she put up with the terrible treatment she got from the press for this long.
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
@Nasho Nabo Ana, just another better person than Sanders.
Nasho Nabo
Nasho Nabo - 2 months ago
@PurpleStikyPunch Ana is that you!?
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
@Nasho Nabo I'm definitely better than her!
Nasho Nabo
Nasho Nabo - 2 months ago
@PurpleStikyPunch Wtf even if she is a liar it's no reason to be a bully... People like you are not better than her
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
I know man. Poor lying sycophant bitch. She's probably partly human with things that resemble feelings too.
Pat Branigan
Pat Branigan - 2 months ago
I knew it. I knew it. You guys are supporting Biden. The dems stacked the field so no choice would be made in the first round and then the super delegates will choose the anointed one, Biden. And you will support him.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 2 months ago
@PurpleStikyPunch the illiterate lying adultering pre-teen tweeter better hope he gets another term cuz SDNY, NYS, MD, and DC are all coming after his dumb azz as soon as he steps foot out of the oval lol
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
@Jo 変態 - senpai Well you're right about one thing, a second Trump term would give every reason to fear what's to come; because assholes like you suckin on the tit of fascism are destroying this country for decades to come.
Jo 変態 - senpai
Jo 変態 - senpai - 2 months ago
PurpleStikyPunch and Trump will win again. I can’t wait. Maybe you’ll finally kill yourself like you’ve always wanted deep down. Afraid of reality and what’s to come. Trump will win in 2020. Aren’t you excited?
PurpleStikyPunch - 2 months ago
I don't support him, but I will vote for a moldy mayo sandwich before Trump.
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