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H E - Hour ago
I hate snakes lol
Abby Stark
Abby Stark - 4 hours ago
Love your vids sm !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so supportive of you
Taylor Green
Taylor Green - 8 hours ago
*Has a snake as a pet but yet screams like a maniac over a wasp * 😭 are you allergic
Raissa Kayani
Raissa Kayani - 10 hours ago
3:11 Aliens!!!!!!
Amiera Shahrel
Amiera Shahrel - 14 hours ago
3:11 anyone see that at the sky is that a ballon.sorry if i ask like this i dont know what is that.
Hedy Moore
Hedy Moore - 17 hours ago
Lmaooooo to Alfredo in the shower 😂😂😂
CellerC562 - 19 hours ago
Alfredo's National Anthem or ANA was beautiful!!!!
Joy Francis
Joy Francis - 22 hours ago
Can I love can get some sleep with him? 1:43
Elise Lejuene
Elise Lejuene - Day ago
We need to be friends ASAP.
Celeste Anderson
Celeste Anderson - Day ago
Hair routine please
Beto Aruta
Beto Aruta - Day ago
My idol. I'm dreaming to live with you .
Milou Koole
Milou Koole - 2 days ago
I still cant imagine after months how someone shower at the gym with a snake on his head like wtf😂
MADELINEP Flannery - 2 days ago
How did you smuggle Alfredo into a gym locker room?
CAR&GAMECHANNEL - 2 days ago
Are you and daniella perkins best friend? She be stealing your style
Terrian Bolden
Terrian Bolden - 2 days ago
Don't do your hair and curly hair could you look nice like that a makeup tutorial you should go to
Aaron Olafson
Aaron Olafson - 2 days ago
fun to be young. enjoy your explores.
Darnell - 2 days ago
the 25k people that disliked thought they were gonna see something 👀😂
Majka C
Majka C - 3 days ago
JournalJourney Studios
JournalJourney Studios - 3 days ago
My question is where did she get the things she was wearing during the shower demo. They weren't in her van tour so now I'm skeptical. Also where is that giant teddy bear?
N Williams
N Williams - 3 days ago
N Williams
N Williams - 3 days ago
That bee wasn’t even that big
Renee Batsis
Renee Batsis - 3 days ago
If you scream it will fly into your 👄 mouth
Sheena S
Sheena S - 3 days ago
why do u live in a van lol plz respond lol
ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ ɢɪʀʟ
Will you’r snake leave you forever?
But I think that you’r snake loves you so so so much🥺
Halamang Gamot
Halamang Gamot - 4 days ago
Love my channel please
Randy Gomer
Randy Gomer - 4 days ago
Iam interested an iam single
Elon Musk
Elon Musk - 5 days ago
Something about this is disconcerting
Aaron Fu
Aaron Fu - 5 days ago
holy crap you're a good singer :O
Canela y Jacqueline Castillo
Can’t relate i have short hair😂sorry😔
Ondrea Torrence
Ondrea Torrence - 5 days ago
I love snakes.. And and I would have freaked out over that wasp too !
Cristalina - 5 days ago
Alfredo is such a cutie!
Cameron Robinson
Cameron Robinson - 6 days ago
The wasp in the car, RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!
FOOLAY NEWS - 6 days ago
Elizabeth Productions
Elizabeth Productions - 6 days ago
Omg your almost at 2 million!!!
Jacob Barlow
Jacob Barlow - 6 days ago
Loving these. Thanks
Paulettt Jones
Paulettt Jones - 6 days ago
Love your spirit!
Hayley Rose
Hayley Rose - 6 days ago
Girl I was right there on the other side of the screen screaming for you to get that wasp out for me it would've been well good knowing you van 😂
Amaryanna Wilson
Amaryanna Wilson - 6 days ago
If that's how you actually sing then you have a beautiful voice 😍🤩
onsbey presley
onsbey presley - 6 days ago
Very entertaining.... "NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE!!!!"
Steven Henson
Steven Henson - 6 days ago
I can understand I love an SUV and I'm a member of a gym not that one but one that has more and they have showers and that's where I shower everyday they're all over the place so I can travel and still get my shower my workout so I definitely understand and I have long hair so I got to wash it to so I understand
Steven Henson
Steven Henson - 6 days ago
She said why is it so big then she said that's what she said did anybody catch that
Kayla_ Gachastudios
Kayla_ Gachastudios - 7 days ago
At 3:10 who else thought there was a UFO but it was just a lamp post. 😂
Edem Bugatti Vlogs
Edem Bugatti Vlogs - 7 days ago
Sweerzz u crazy girl. Lol
blunt rollerxx
blunt rollerxx - 7 days ago
let me just travel with u girl 😫😫
rose loved
rose loved - 7 days ago
I'm gonna kill you in your sleep😹😹😹im done I'm ROFL deceased just skeletal remains.
rose loved
rose loved - 7 days ago
That's what she said
rose loved
rose loved - 7 days ago
To avoid a copyright strike Alfredo will be performing a cover of the national anthem on the kazoo.😹😹😹😹
rose loved
rose loved - 7 days ago
I live funny AF come scoop me we can live on the road together I sleep on floor why treck journey alone😹😹😹😹
True Aussie
True Aussie - 7 days ago

Haha haha ur welcome
Michael Shane
Michael Shane - 7 days ago
You should do a shower video and posted it on pornhub.
Akayla B
Akayla B - 8 days ago
Hey Loves. New to YouTube. Definitely check out my channel
Kawiicaticorn Love
Kawiicaticorn Love - 8 days ago
Top to bottom
My oil is dirty
Tomorrow will solve
TSM_Jacques - 8 days ago
I wish you had a house
YouTube N’ Things
YouTube N’ Things - 8 days ago
6:33 is no one else going to notice how fricking amazing she is at singing?!
Dean Billy
Dean Billy - Day ago
Same I was like, someone point it out!
Victor TJ
Victor TJ - 8 days ago
She gets dislikes??
Seth Hazen
Seth Hazen - 9 days ago
You are so nice how old are you I am 11 I am 11 bye
Seth Hazen
Seth Hazen - 9 days ago
You are so nice
em j.
em j. - 9 days ago
me at 11:52pm: last video for the night
me at 12:14am: lmao this bitch showerin in a van ausydufjhhbb
Tameka Gillett
Tameka Gillett - 9 days ago
that girl is WOW!😂
withoutscars - 9 days ago
when i saw alfredo in the shower i choked on my drink😂😂😂
BuhayOFW Channel
BuhayOFW Channel - 9 days ago
Wow I wish I could experience travelling in a very homey van😊😊
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