The Cast of Henry Danger Graduates! 🎓 | #TBT

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Nickelodeon - Month ago
What is YOUR best subject in school? 📝
BrIana Dube
BrIana Dube - Day ago
Nia Harry
Nia Harry - 3 days ago
Dej loaf
Dej loaf - 4 days ago
Luczz - 4 days ago
math and reading
DoiFishProductions Tv
DoiFishProductions Tv - 4 days ago
Math what’s yours?
T'Pre Griffin
T'Pre Griffin - 17 hours ago
Love you guys so much.
You have grown to be big cute and handsome kids.
Continue with the great works.
Gift Mwamba
Gift Mwamba - 23 hours ago
Cami Aldu
Cami Aldu - Day ago
Wait... why are there Christmas decorations
yolanda leonard
yolanda leonard - Day ago
I remember when Ella was on ANT Farm 😂
Mermaid Brynlee
Mermaid Brynlee - 4 days ago
Congrats graduates you all have grown so fast imma cry probably
Levis Opata
Levis Opata - 5 days ago
Keamo Maroane
Keamo Maroane - 5 days ago
Abdul Billy Sangaré
Abdul Billy Sangaré - 5 days ago
And congratulations
Abdul Billy Sangaré
Abdul Billy Sangaré - 5 days ago
how i like you so muchAnd what you doing for us
Princess Abosede
Princess Abosede - 6 days ago
Congratulations to you all
Arvance M
Arvance M - 6 days ago
As it ended ?
HILDA GERALD - 6 days ago
Wait is this real
Kendra Yunker
Kendra Yunker - 6 days ago
I love Henry danger and jace is my fav person happy graduation
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams - 9 days ago
congrats to all of you students you all are asweome
Israël Achibong
Israël Achibong - 11 days ago
I love You
aysha ml
aysha ml - 11 days ago
Goosebumps 🥰
Kryzlyn Sweeting
Kryzlyn Sweeting - 12 days ago
i love you carlit
Emily Emidio
Emily Emidio - 12 days ago
padrous priscaliney
padrous priscaliney - 13 days ago
Congrats 2 them nd me too
anel cavius
anel cavius - 13 days ago
Aluteni Jacobina
Aluteni Jacobina - 13 days ago
I loved every episode of Henry danger and I'm looking forward to watching more. Please let it not end there 😍❤
Carrie Anna Mason
Carrie Anna Mason - 14 days ago
Congratulations on a successful show of Henry danger hilarious show on Nickelodeon year 2018-2019 they all grow up so fast love the cast of Henry danger 🎊🎉🙏😁😀❤👏👋👍💪🙆‍♀️🙇‍♀️🎶😂😊🤪😍😘😉🤯😱💚💜🖤💕💗💝
Mister Hotpot
Mister Hotpot - 15 days ago
this made me cry so much :(
draw_it_ big
draw_it_ big - 16 days ago
Fabiha Amin
Fabiha Amin - 16 days ago
2018 and 2019 ?
Fabiha Amin
Fabiha Amin - 16 days ago
A lot actually
Izabelle Gettling
Izabelle Gettling - 16 days ago
I love Henry Danger congrats 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 I love Piper!😍😍😍
I’m the Man 💪💪
I’m the Man 💪💪 - 17 days ago
Bro how did Ella graduate she's 13 or 14 like me 😂😂
Freddie Krugah
Freddie Krugah - 12 days ago
Middle school not high school.🙂
Christina Cawker
Christina Cawker - 17 days ago
I,m a fan of Hendry danger 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗
PixarMan2001 - 18 days ago
Does this mean "Henry Danger" is ending soon?
EmanXD - 18 days ago
I remember being 8 years old when the show started now I'm 13 it's mad
anna mwanga
anna mwanga - 19 days ago
Cooper Barnes is magnificent
Joanne Engelhardt
Joanne Engelhardt - 19 days ago
hey jace norman if riele, ella, and sean each indivdually just reply hi to me it would make me so happy and it will be the best moment in my life thank you guys for being a the best actors ever i love you guys you are awesome jace
mj lover
mj lover - 19 days ago
Thank you for bringing this show it will always be in my lifetime.henry danger was amazing I can't believe they grew so fast I am barely in middle school 😂😫.but I love this cast so muchhhh
Jacquie Shalom
Jacquie Shalom - 19 days ago
Love y'all guys
Jasmine Shaver
Jasmine Shaver - 20 days ago
Was the only one that thought this was a little weird
Ryan Mabone
Ryan Mabone - 21 day ago
Oh my God,I can't believe that Henry danger will be ended in 2020. I'm going to be sad😢 They all growning up as possible.
emuobo olori
emuobo olori - 21 day ago
Awww this is so lovely miss Henry's sarcasm of Charlotte
Tara Vidmar
Tara Vidmar - 21 day ago
Is this finish
Goodnews - 22 days ago
I love Riele so much!!
Mark Limo
Mark Limo - 22 days ago
Is this real
Ada Awurum
Ada Awurum - 22 days ago
People say you guys are illuminaty
Ada Awurum
Ada Awurum - 22 days ago
Your man cave screen has the sign
heleby •ᴗ•
heleby •ᴗ• - 22 days ago
My favorite moment was when Henry tell Piper that he is Kid Danger... Wait, that dosent happend
JonPaul Musial
JonPaul Musial - 22 days ago
Go Jace
Jonathan Lazcano
Jonathan Lazcano - 22 days ago
my favorite subject is math
Jacquelin Avilma
Jacquelin Avilma - 22 days ago
Sola Soneye
Sola Soneye - 22 days ago
I am so happy for you guys
Mj Chinnis
Mj Chinnis - 23 days ago
Mia cortes
Mia cortes - 24 days ago
9:50, The person on the left looks very, very familiar..
Lubanga Haddie
Lubanga Haddie - 24 days ago
Did I just cry☹️😭😭😭😭😭they are soo cute
mwatitah chewe
mwatitah chewe - 25 days ago
Ok my mum has data and shes says no to watch Hercy
finasoft2012 - 25 days ago
finasoft2012 - 25 days ago
cris rivera
cris rivera - 25 days ago
Remofilwe Chiloane
Remofilwe Chiloane - 25 days ago
Jace looks like he wants to get to the point
Nolan Lake
Nolan Lake - 26 days ago
Are you going to continue the show
vicky playz
vicky playz - 26 days ago
Is the show ending?
Phoebe Hayes
Phoebe Hayes - 26 days ago
aww so cute
TaterTot Salad
TaterTot Salad - 26 days ago
Oh so now we’re livening like animals 😂
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