The Cast of Henry Danger Graduates! 🎓 | #TBT

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Nickelodeon - 3 months ago
What is YOUR best subject in school? 📝
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi - 2 days ago
Tu hi
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi - 2 days ago
Mine is computer and art
Da savage King
Da savage King - 3 days ago
I love maths and when I come home I watch Henry danger than I do my homework
Salaman Hasan
Salaman Hasan - 3 days ago
My favorite subject is math and science
obinwanne Hope Chukwu
obinwanne Hope Chukwu - 5 days ago
Nickelodeon kids
Kristian Playz
Kristian Playz - 14 hours ago
Bledi Mamaj
Bledi Mamaj - 20 hours ago
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi - 2 days ago
Graduation piper is to young to graduate 🎓
Michael Musaazi
Michael Musaazi - 2 days ago
Graduation piper is to young to graduate 🎓
Maria Gael
Maria Gael - 3 days ago
Congratulations all ...
Pia Dolman
Pia Dolman - 3 days ago
Ready for you to come to the house to the tub and shower and shower and shower and
Muhammed Yassir
Muhammed Yassir - 6 days ago
I love you nickelodeon !
De la salada
De la salada - 6 days ago
7:00 😂
Sabine Adou
Sabine Adou - 8 days ago
I love hennry danger
Nbalu Tarawallie
Nbalu Tarawallie - 10 days ago
Reading and math
Shaq Is A Weird Guy
Shaq Is A Weird Guy - 11 days ago
Did the show end?
Berna Bingul
Berna Bingul - 12 days ago
I'love henry danger
Hurley - 13 days ago
Ella probably feels left out because hers say middle school and everybody’s say high school
Annie Ndiaye
Annie Ndiaye - 15 days ago
Zeinab Zeineddine
Zeinab Zeineddine - 15 days ago
Brianha Laurent
Brianha Laurent - 17 days ago
Congratulations!! :) 🏫🎊🎉
Richy N
Richy N - 17 days ago
Has the show ended??
Firka Vlog
Firka Vlog - 18 days ago
and has the series already made the final, or will it continue?🥺🥺
Sarah Amor
Sarah Amor - 18 days ago
I rember when the 1st episode came out and here now I cant believe it dont ever cancel this show never
Cutelittlepuppy_ 101
Cutelittlepuppy_ 101 - 19 days ago
Wait wait wait is Henry danger over!?!? I SWEAR IF IT IS!!
I have bee; watching this show since the first episode and I can not believe how much they grew up! Congratulations!, 😪🥳😊
Noor Haroun Chairi
Noor Haroun Chairi - 20 days ago
Nikilodio Lake i lo ve you
Johann Gonzalez
Johann Gonzalez - 21 day ago
Ayodele Joseph
Ayodele Joseph - 21 day ago
I love you so much jace Norman
RedRobloxBloxian - 23 days ago
Where is gooch?
Vio 2020
Vio 2020 - 24 days ago
Their graduation clothes are kinda big... so yea
Vio 2020
Vio 2020 - 24 days ago
JOKAN - 26 days ago
XxMin.SugaxX - 26 days ago
Why do I get emotional?
Elias Bomfim
Elias Bomfim - 28 days ago
A Love u
nina jovanovic
nina jovanovic - 29 days ago
Faith Atieno
Faith Atieno - 29 days ago
I love Henry Danger
Westin Newell
Westin Newell - 29 days ago
Hold on piper a freshmen how does she graduate
Luz Benitez
Luz Benitez - Month ago
No entendí casi nada🤔 se un poco de ingles pero no tanto😅
ƖıƖყ - Month ago
“You gave us the best years of our lives” dude, leave my feelings alone
Robert Wokorach
Robert Wokorach - Month ago
is henry danger done
Frazer Harness The Idiot
Is this the end?
Os Estranhos do FF
Os Estranhos do FF - Month ago
Qual temporada?
Joshua Mae Kahindi
Joshua Mae Kahindi - Month ago
Please tell who you love Henry
Hi I wanna say hi
Hi I wanna say hi - Month ago
Man cave minions lol
josimar roberto
josimar roberto - Month ago
josimar roberto
josimar roberto - Month ago
Juan Isaquefernanda
Juan Isaquefernanda - Month ago
Love Love
Jimmy Gasper
Jimmy Gasper - Month ago
Piper: i'm a victim, i wan't my lawyer
Moyosore Ojo
Moyosore Ojo - Month ago
X GAME PLAY - Month ago
Season 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13
Samuel Mateos
Samuel Mateos - Month ago
Lo idio
Samuel Mateos
Samuel Mateos - Month ago
Porque lo sabe muchos el secreto
Samuel Mateos
Samuel Mateos - Month ago
Ya no me gusta genrri denger
Uta Mafile'o
Uta Mafile'o - Month ago
i would like to be your side kick
Jace Norman Miranda Cosgrove forever
This is beautiful i love you all#!
briseyda nunez
briseyda nunez - Month ago
Do you guys fight real or fake

Caleb Nuamah
Caleb Nuamah - Month ago
Wow nice
Fantom tv
Fantom tv - Month ago
Напишите самый тупой коментарию
Tae Tae
Tae Tae - Month ago
What are they graduating from???
Amani Kouamé
Amani Kouamé - Month ago
💝💝ella Anderson,riels daws,sean Ryan Fox ,jace Norman
Jeffesom geme
Jeffesom geme - Month ago
Jesron. Gene
Dejan Malbasic
Dejan Malbasic - Month ago
Piper is here?
uche john Chukwu
uche john Chukwu - Month ago
If you could see you Jace,Field,Sean and Ella I would thank u so much ,because you inspired me
Diamond faks
Diamond faks - Month ago
I love the part when chorlatte slapped him
Etsile Kutuso
Etsile Kutuso - Month ago
Me too l wish my gratitude was at the man cave
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