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Cornholio777 - 13 hours ago
Great acting for all the characters, great writers, great job Netflix
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo - Day ago
Lol I can’t stop thinking about Chivo he was funny asf😂
Monty isn't a Man
Monty isn't a Man - 2 days ago
That kiss gave me life
Monty isn't a Man
Monty isn't a Man - 2 days ago
In the show jasmine and ruby better date or I'm suing
Sam Kennemer
Sam Kennemer - 4 days ago
Jasmine is an icon. She literally delivered a freakin BABY
Julia Long
Julia Long - 6 days ago
I love this show
Dolly Lovin' Ray
Dolly Lovin' Ray - 6 days ago
Why is his name Ruby, when he is a boy?
The Shade Rooms
The Shade Rooms - 6 days ago
Jasmine has the most pure Heart. I love her.
les ley
les ley - 8 days ago
"When god closes a door, he opens the legs of a white girl"
Why can't I stop laughing
Layla Wilcox
Layla Wilcox - 9 days ago
Isn’t she from Liz and maddie
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez - 9 days ago
The talent bitches haaaay.🤣🤣😂
I am Kxd3n
I am Kxd3n - 10 days ago
It’s funny how she played willow on liv and maddie
Truth-Rationale Scientist
The 5th season Liv and Maddie looks great!
Truth-Rationale Scientist
I'm glad this actress is doing well on another show after Liv and Maddie ended.
Capcel Inc
Capcel Inc - 10 days ago
Shes so sexy too me I dont know why
add me on snapchat
add me on snapchat - 11 days ago
Who remembers her from Austin and ally?
Wendy McCoy
Wendy McCoy - 11 days ago
The best character on this entire show. Her character development is amazing!
Long Live M
Long Live M - 12 days ago
I cannot believe that she is 32! My favorite character
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm - 12 days ago
Jessica Marie Garcia is a STELLAR actress
Sabina Thompson
Sabina Thompson - 14 days ago
Who remembers her from liv and Maddie
wepy natalano
wepy natalano - 14 days ago
Jasmineeeeee..... I Adore u.....
Steven Perez
Steven Perez - 14 days ago
She seems like the Kind of Girl I try to avoid in Life. Somehow I still get in contact with her because someone I know is Friends with her or she’s a Distant Relative
Shrimp Face
Shrimp Face - 16 days ago
And I’m Mexican
Shrimp Face
Shrimp Face - 16 days ago
My name is jamin
melat abiy
melat abiy - 16 days ago
she madeeee the whole series fr fr
Tijean Duncan
Tijean Duncan - 16 days ago
158 dislikes are the phonies
Archie Comics
Archie Comics - 16 days ago
Anybody remember her as Willow from Liv and Maddie
Kelis roberts
Kelis roberts - 16 days ago
I dont think i would watch on my block if jsmine wasn't in it
Dilmary Reyes
Dilmary Reyes - 16 days ago
0:46 me when im trying to look cute for somebody
Michael Rivas
Michael Rivas - 16 days ago
whats the name of the song when jasmine and ruby dance?
Nour El Mahmoud
Nour El Mahmoud - 16 days ago
Amiel Laxamana
Amiel Laxamana - 16 days ago
Isn't this in Liv & Maddie
Falling_ Jams
Falling_ Jams - 12 days ago
Yeah she is
Catelyn Vans
Catelyn Vans - 17 days ago
My favorite characters are Jamal and jasmine, they’re just those bitches 🤣🤪
Ruby makes me sad
Moñse gets too involved
Cesar is the whole cause of the show 💀
LingThing Vlogs
LingThing Vlogs - 17 days ago
Every group of friends has a jasmine
Qianna Ellis
Qianna Ellis - 17 days ago
This is not all of the best of Jasmine
Reid Ott
Reid Ott - 17 days ago
After liv moved away she been doing some crazy shit
blacksh3e3p - 17 days ago
She really looks Zac efron and vanessa hudgen's love child.
Anthony Rendon
Anthony Rendon - 17 days ago
I fucking love this bitch!!❤️💯😩😂😂
Fast doggo
Fast doggo - 18 days ago
When i watch this i listen to her music
The Tears of Jungkook
The Tears of Jungkook - 18 days ago
Liv and maddie what lol
Vicinity - 18 days ago
**inhales manually**
“Why are you walking so fast you know that I have asthma!”
**inhales inhaler**
*I can relate to that.*
Kaitlynn Orr
Kaitlynn Orr - 19 days ago
Does anybody knows she 30 right
ThePokefreak98 - 19 days ago
Tengo asthma 💀💀💀
Katelinlmao 38
Katelinlmao 38 - 20 days ago
Two Disney stars on this show.
Erica Diaz
Erica Diaz - 20 days ago
Shes hilarious
Beverly Perez
Beverly Perez - 20 days ago
Zodiac signs🥴😅😂
The Panda Gamer
The Panda Gamer - 20 days ago
Why did i just find out about this character. I love this character and the asthma I can RELATE.
Just Sherena for Short
Just Sherena for Short - 20 days ago
I wasnt really into her charachter in the first season but started to really like her in the second
Cleveland Ciego
Cleveland Ciego - 21 day ago
She's more better as jasmine than willow
Kevin 2qt4u
Kevin 2qt4u - 21 day ago
Jasmine is hella funny I ❤️ jasmine
feed mannyy
feed mannyy - 21 day ago
Lol she funny af
moneybagg kween
moneybagg kween - 22 days ago
jasmine will always be my favorite character 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Unicorn Fairy1265
Unicorn Fairy1265 - 22 days ago
That dance at the end KILLED ME😂😂😂
Diana DianaD
Diana DianaD - 22 days ago
Isn't she from Liv and Maddie Maddie's best friend right
Kellyjean - 23 days ago
I really liked Jasmine this season. Especially, her backstory
janice singh
janice singh - 23 days ago
I had no freaking idea she is 32 😳
mya j
mya j - 23 days ago
jamal, jasmine, abuelita (and chivo) carried this whole season.
Ellicia Paye
Ellicia Paye - 23 days ago
Willow? (From Liv and Maddie)
Eden Meijler
Eden Meijler - 23 days ago
Willow from liv and Maddie is shakinggg
Vicky Rodriguez
Vicky Rodriguez - 23 days ago
She’s my fav I swear !!! Then it’s Jamal! .
Gilad Kind
Gilad Kind - 23 days ago
Where’s season 3!!
Isabela Herrera
Isabela Herrera - 23 days ago
1:05 is my favorite part of Jasmine
Randell Parham
Randell Parham - 23 days ago
She’s the only one that can really “act”
Rocky Spates
Rocky Spates - 23 days ago
We all need jasmine in our life lol
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen - 23 days ago
Netflix, please please please renew this show for season 3
shifa b
shifa b - 23 days ago
I love jasmine way too much
جعفر مباشر
جعفر مباشر - 24 days ago
On my block is the best show I seen yet please realise season three
TMC 2K - 24 days ago
Ooh my god that Latina girl is Gorgeous😱🤗😁😆😁😆😂🤣😍😍
gemini. - 24 days ago
When she was comforting ruby about the shooting i was crying like i ship ittt
• Jan Stormborn
• Jan Stormborn - 24 days ago
Aye yow netflix, i need the 3rd season now. With a lot of jasmine bars to monse
Isaid Quinones
Isaid Quinones - 24 days ago
Why do you guys force her to be a main part of the show
Lulu L
Lulu L - 24 days ago
Does anyone else remember when she was in Liv and Maddie being so wholesome and now she’s all
“What’s up bitches!”😜
Die Lit
Die Lit - 24 days ago
Lmao I laughed when I saw the cover 😂 Some good face 😳
sh4k1la - 24 days ago
Mini Sun
Mini Sun - 24 days ago
And I won’t bone Cesar...
well maybe I will...TBD.
Daizy Baltazar
Daizy Baltazar - 24 days ago
Omg I love her so much she my favorite character
Destani Salazar
Destani Salazar - 24 days ago
"Tequila and Shakira on the stereo!!!" 😂
Deziree Pagan
Deziree Pagan - 24 days ago
I have those same exact overalls and now I know my Halloween costume SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK
Tea spilled
Tea spilled - 24 days ago
Okay but Jasmine has the best outfits 🥵
XxTan_PlaysXx Tan
XxTan_PlaysXx Tan - 24 days ago
Her and Ruby dance had me weak!!🤣🤣😚
Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez - 24 days ago
Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez - 24 days ago
Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez - 24 days ago
Season 3
Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez - 24 days ago
Season 3 please
byebye - 24 days ago
Jasmine, Ruby and Abuelita are the funniest
Luna Morningstar
Luna Morningstar - 24 days ago
SuperChiko4000 - 24 days ago
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟
Akilah Lashley
Akilah Lashley - 24 days ago
This character reminds me of Sinclair from living single
Anthony Felter
Anthony Felter - 24 days ago
If Angelina Castro were younger and never did porn
wannabe Steve & HappySnow
Like same?
Shawna Oliver
Shawna Oliver - 24 days ago
Love her!!
Jennifer Spitzner
Jennifer Spitzner - 25 days ago
1:07 was my favorite part
SCHmeeLALA TERIYAKI - 25 days ago
what about oh ok ruby i see you and i like it I’m down with the freaky
Juan Aguirre
Juan Aguirre - 25 days ago
TASTE MY JUICY NALGA, *dos quesadillas porfavor* 🥴
Juan Aguirre
Juan Aguirre - 25 days ago
4:32 LMFAO😭
Desiree Mercado
Desiree Mercado - 25 days ago
Lol love her engery, I cant even 💗💗💗
Ashley Okafor
Ashley Okafor - 25 days ago
isn't she the girl from Liv and Maddie??
HiroHamada14 - 25 days ago
I liked Jasmine in season 1 and i loved her in season 2 so much. We need more of her in season 3
Vanessa Berrios
Vanessa Berrios - 25 days ago
Who else remembers her from lib and Maddie haha
roisin culler
roisin culler - 25 days ago
Y’all know she’s 30?
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