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The COOL Bro Conor
The COOL Bro Conor - 14 hours ago
Hey slow down I can’t run fast “my “Asma”
KAT Tom - 2 days ago
Anyone remember Liv & Maddie
Miriam Carrasco
Miriam Carrasco - 2 days ago
She's a girl or a boy?
rola mustafa
rola mustafa - 3 days ago
Sky from the stuy Sky
Sky from the stuy Sky - 3 days ago
Jasmine literally everyone’s spirit animal
Miraydis Bamaca
Miraydis Bamaca - 5 days ago
are some of these clips from season 3 bc on NETFLIX season 3 isnt on there😭💔
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 5 days ago
Her and Abuelita are two people who make this show so much better
I Love My Skin
I Love My Skin - 6 days ago
Always loved 😍 ♥ the name Jasmine!!!😎🙌
Teegan Reed
Teegan Reed - 6 days ago
Jasmine Butler
Jasmine Butler - 6 days ago
My name is Jasmine and how much do you recommend this show.
Theresa Grace
Theresa Grace - 6 days ago
No one is gonna talk about that ruby kissed jasmine 😱it still gets me shook
Ali Gacha
Ali Gacha - 6 days ago
Omg she curses now!
Shxdøw ReaperRX
Shxdøw ReaperRX - 7 days ago
She look familiar mmh liv and Maddie
carmen capa
carmen capa - 7 days ago
I knew a girl who was exactly like her😬... only fun to watch in a movie definitely annoying to talk to
Mackenzie Hamlin
Mackenzie Hamlin - 8 days ago
I ship Ruby and Jasmine
theredmorning - 8 days ago
A reason to now watch the show haha
I Came To Say hi only
I Came To Say hi only - 8 days ago
She did not ask to be born Latina 😫✌🏾

This is a joke idk if she is lol
FPT_Mystic - 8 days ago
polaroid girl
polaroid girl - 8 days ago
Is that...willow from liv and Maddie
Cameron Boyle
Cameron Boyle - 8 days ago
When is season 3 coming out??!!
Ceci HCR
Ceci HCR - 8 days ago
When is the next session coming out😭😭 thus movie is like the best💕💕💕🤞🏾
Adrienne Kue
Adrienne Kue - 8 days ago
ok but the dance was a hype
Nishiki K
Nishiki K - 9 days ago
I like her better pg
Linda YeeYee
Linda YeeYee - 10 days ago
I didnt get to finish all if on my block it stoped when ruby got shot but now i know the he us still alive YAAYAYAYAYAYAYAY
Paiton Jenkins
Paiton Jenkins - 10 days ago
You should’ve put in the scene where she said no it’s me I got the egg booty coughs
Abby Cecilia
Abby Cecilia - 10 days ago
I remember HATING her the first season bc she annoyed the shit outta me but now she’s quite literally my fav character
Haley Luv’s Dances
Haley Luv’s Dances - 10 days ago
For real, I wish I had a friend like Jasmine🤷🏾‍♀️
AME C - 10 days ago
She does give really good faces...
Quinn Johnson
Quinn Johnson - 10 days ago
Who remembers the innocent, no cursing Willow from Liv and Maddie.
Willow compared to Jasmine😂
Zia Park
Zia Park - 10 days ago
Shes the inner me
Kleo Katrah
Kleo Katrah - 10 days ago
YT recommended this, and I need it in my life now.
The dominquez Family
The dominquez Family - 10 days ago
❤️ I love her!!
Show some love to knew you tubers here❤️❤️
Dionysius Hadipurnawan
Dionysius Hadipurnawan - 10 days ago
Jasmine is my inner soul...
Dakota Hampton
Dakota Hampton - 10 days ago
I still call her Willow🤷🏽‍♀️😂 .
Londezy University
Londezy University - 10 days ago
When is season 3 coming out😔
bitchyougotdragged - 10 days ago
"Bitch i got a brick in this bag" iconic 🤚🏽
Mischievous Muffins
Mischievous Muffins - 11 days ago
We all know that one latina
nahja thomas
nahja thomas - 11 days ago
Omg I love her 😂😂😭😂
Spiritkiller911 - 11 days ago
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi - 12 days ago
Best of a dumb obligatory sassy black girl stereotype character
Subscribe to MEE
Subscribe to MEE - 12 days ago
I remember her from Liv and Maddie 😂
Thanos the savior Thanos
Thanos the savior Thanos - 12 days ago
Isn’t that willow from liv and Maddie-
Everything Zaid
Everything Zaid - 12 days ago
Anita Asante
Anita Asante - 12 days ago
I've got Asma but you shouldn't use ur inhaler all the time and all day
Madison feliciano ASMR
Madison feliciano ASMR - 12 days ago
Lol that's willow from liv and maddie 😂😁😅😄😆
tiffany babes
tiffany babes - 12 days ago
is she from ally and austin?
sophia logan
sophia logan - 12 days ago
Isn't she from Liv and maddie
Raymundo Olivares
Raymundo Olivares - 12 days ago
Is there going to be a new Season?
ilove cupcakes
ilove cupcakes - 12 days ago
I was waiting for this lmfaoo
Allison Sifontes
Allison Sifontes - 12 days ago
What is this movie about
Ella Beans
Ella Beans - 12 days ago
Anna - 12 days ago
Her saying she was gonna live with Olivia and Monse in their 20s 😢😢
Black Beauty
Black Beauty - 12 days ago
I used to watch her on liv and Maddie on Disney channel
Kelly Hady
Kelly Hady - 12 days ago
i'm assuming jasmine is the main character? I'd watch this show just because of her
Yond3r ツ
Yond3r ツ - 12 days ago
Where the hell is season 3
doin art
doin art - 12 days ago
Women who act like this get exactly nowhere.
Elizabeth Munoz
Elizabeth Munoz - 12 days ago
Hearing her swear is sad bc I know her so much from liv and maddie
Hannah L
Hannah L - 12 days ago
Willow you’ve changed 🥺
Its Fossa
Its Fossa - 12 days ago
I dont know what on my block is, I just like her from liv and maddie XD
Tarajee Saleem-Little
Tarajee Saleem-Little - 12 days ago
Ok but i have some serious discussing to do why did oliva die like monse could've died because SHE'S ANNOYING AND THE SHE CAN'T ACT TO SAVE HER LIFE
Mabel De La Cruz
Mabel De La Cruz - 12 days ago
Jasmine, Jamal, and Abuelita were the reason I watched this show
Lightskin Shorty
Lightskin Shorty - 12 days ago
Jasmine saved Ruby season 2 fr I feel like she developed way more too
Mihret Werlwas
Mihret Werlwas - 12 days ago
Am I the only one that is think about Willow from Liv and Maddie?
Kerone Harrison
Kerone Harrison - 12 days ago
Mihret Werlwas no
Trui Haggerty
Trui Haggerty - 12 days ago
shhy girl
shhy girl - 13 days ago
Legit, Jasmine is my spirit animal
Zamira Kamenica
Zamira Kamenica - 13 days ago
It’s weird to see a person who performed on Disney’s luv and Maddie cuss😤😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kerone Harrison
Kerone Harrison - 12 days ago
Zamira Kamenica ikr
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez - 13 days ago
Kinda weird thinking of her as Jasmine and not willow :")
*screams* CHOGIWA
*screams* CHOGIWA - 13 days ago
this episode of liv and maddie is odd....
Darren DC
Darren DC - 13 days ago
Y’all forgot “bitch I got a brick in this bag” 💀💀
Harper Szpur
Harper Szpur - 13 days ago
I just remember her from liv and maddie..
CourtneyOnCamera - 13 days ago
This made me laugh too hard 🤣🤣
Rosemary Benitez
Rosemary Benitez - 13 days ago
She made the showwwww amazing!!!!!!
A Girl
A Girl - 13 days ago
That dance thooo!!
They killed that frfr!!!
Subscribe Me
Subscribe Me - 13 days ago
Braaaaa braaaaa braaaa
Angie S
Angie S - 13 days ago
Broo i love Jasmine 😂❤
Isabella McCall
Isabella McCall - 14 days ago
Everyday of the summer ive been watching on my block like no joke🤣
Mary Flaherty
Mary Flaherty - 14 days ago
wow willow has changed a lot
May Le
May Le - 14 days ago
Does anyone remember her from Liv and Maddie? Willow!
Sophia Poindextet
Sophia Poindextet - 12 days ago
May Le omg yeah!
Sylvester Foley
Sylvester Foley - 14 days ago
I really hope all of them got their salary increase
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos - 14 days ago
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