The Dark TRUTH About JENSENSNOW.. (Fortnite)

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Landon - Month ago
GamingWithMaster Catipon
GamingWithMaster Catipon - 15 days ago
This is why i unsub from you you make fake vids
iLike Fish
iLike Fish - 15 days ago
Dude is this real😭😭
Yobro Abdel
Yobro Abdel - 17 days ago
But you stil shouldnt self promote i am not mad at yiu just so you know bether next time cuz you can get your channel deleted from to much selfpromo but i stil checked it out
SVG_SnipesYT - 17 days ago
Yobro Abdel it was my time to shine lol so I took my offer
XXGAMER02XX - 2 days ago
JensonSnow is probably 15 by now
kitty lover 6,969
kitty lover 6,969 - 3 days ago
Dont lose hp !!!

In the storm i mean :3
MARV FAD - 4 days ago
Ppl who have you are FAT UGLY BOTT!!!!!!! And ugly bishhes and ugly and fat and need to die in a hole
Elephant - 6 days ago
Gosciu - 8 days ago
The lama moved 5:03
NRC NitroGaming
NRC NitroGaming - 9 days ago
The haters are retarded u make AWESOME VIDS also can u pls gift me a skin my name is n1tr0_tez123
Efrain Salinas
Efrain Salinas - 9 days ago
He must of already knew about Cameron boyces death because his
Death date is July 6 1999 2019
GamerGirlSelina - 9 days ago
You don't need to be hated ur a huge YouTuber ur awesome you're the best guy in the world I would trust u Whit my heart people don't hate (accept for people who deserves it) but not Landon pls stop....
WeeBlake 26
WeeBlake 26 - 10 days ago
Landon you’re the best youtuber ever
nathan - 10 days ago
I just come here to get a laugh
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter - 10 days ago
Me: looks to the right) sees Landon watched mr.beast) wow
InqSacGaming - 11 days ago
All theese are fake
Aida EL Busaidy
Aida EL Busaidy - 11 days ago
Landon if you watch hunger games 4 on ur channel when you were 15 you called ur fans Jensen’s
Sam C
Sam C - 13 days ago
Wasn't Jensen Snow the villian in Cars 3?

I think Landons a fan 😂
RAGING GAMER 3060 - 14 days ago
Plz give me every item in the game plz I'm a default:(
Rhiiinooo 35
Rhiiinooo 35 - 14 days ago
Fake lie lie lie lie lie
Cruzier507 - 14 days ago
Jensen sounds like this youtuber kraken kid
Something Random
Something Random - 14 days ago
Fucking lair
Sushi Sushi
Sushi Sushi - 15 days ago
Well he did say he wanted to help you being anti snow would make the content better and even if it's fake it's fun to watch
messi zavala
messi zavala - 15 days ago
9:10 lol he acts like he doesnt know but on the last vid he made he says he always knew and never had the intention to scare no one but why couldnt he just said that it was full entertainment purposes and not lie about not knowing jensen and antisnow
Владислав Табояков
Nos autem omnes, qui diligitis MR Landon. Finis tuus.
Robert Balogh
Robert Balogh - 17 days ago
2:20 yeah best clickbait content
semiris sakaiochi
semiris sakaiochi - 17 days ago
At 0:20, you can see Landon's dog walking past in the left opened door
R2D2_oo2 - 17 days ago
I 100% agree with you Landon. There is no reason to hate you. Leave him alone!
Noobmaster64 Blade
Noobmaster64 Blade - 17 days ago
Landon July 6th hack is not going to happen
Travis Chambers
Travis Chambers - 17 days ago
Jension snow and anti snow same last name I think think they are the same people
Deezy Bird
Deezy Bird - 17 days ago
I love watching ur channel and I hate that u get hate but stay happy and keep making good vids!❤️
Starky - 18 days ago
Who better click baits?
Ali A-comment
Merx - 18 days ago
“A Fortnite God Hacker”
*insert pikachu surprise face*
Yobro Abdel
Yobro Abdel - 17 days ago
Omg you understand so true
Merx - 17 days ago
Yobro Abdel dude honestly, idk, and frankly i could give two shits about it all. I just find it cringe hes says fortnite god hacker..
Yobro Abdel
Yobro Abdel - 18 days ago
Merx why does landen Blaim it on jenson snow for faking it it was friking staged
Yobro Abdel
Yobro Abdel - 18 days ago
Merx its wierd cuz he can act so wel like what first he fakes this then he makes a vid saying he is not faking this and the haters are wrong then makes a vid i am sorry bruh btw i am a landen fan
Yowie Wowie
Yowie Wowie - 18 days ago
This guy
NUkLER kings234
NUkLER kings234 - 18 days ago
This is how much people love you Landon
Darlian Rosario
Darlian Rosario - 15 days ago
I like Landon's content tho it's doing great
Darlian Rosario
Darlian Rosario - 15 days ago
Lxcid - 18 days ago
NUkLER kings234 rip
Ryna & Isa
Ryna & Isa - 19 days ago
I think Jensensnow is real
konstak05 - 19 days ago
*thank You for defending me*
LANDON: my account got banned and i have only a default
Gasper Vrtačnik
Gasper Vrtačnik - 19 days ago
Your the best youtuber keep up your vids and ignore hate love you bye ❤
Joshua lopez
Joshua lopez - 18 days ago
Yes ,because scaring little kids is cool and causing panic makes you a good youtuber
Caleb Wilder
Caleb Wilder - 19 days ago
I figured it out

Fairy God Parents 😂😂
Planeta Futbola
Planeta Futbola - 20 days ago
Nos autem omnes, qui diligitis MR Landon. Finis tuus.
Herobrine 1053
Herobrine 1053 - 20 days ago
3:16 u can see lazarbeams vid
Никита Иванущенко
Nos autem omnes, qui diligitis MR Landon. Finis tuus.
Lubby8 - 21 day ago
Trick T.T
Trick T.T - 21 day ago
Yo yo yo yo yo gamers
vionismema mema
vionismema mema - 22 days ago
do not give a shit to haters i love your videos soo much keep the good job
Kat Alas
Kat Alas - 22 days ago
If you want free v-bucks come to me❤️
Kat Alas
Kat Alas - 22 days ago
GoAs Dino
GoAs Dino - 22 days ago
I dont care if it is click bait or not (I dont think it is) I'm enjoying watching it kkeep up the good work
KN - Knowing everything
KN - Knowing everything - 23 days ago
Nos autem omnes, qui diligitis MR Landon. Finis tuus.
i Pear
i Pear - 23 days ago
Lets go for 10 likes - Landon
Jermaine Harkness
Jermaine Harkness - 24 days ago
@Landon I told y’all. But the thing is I wasn’t one of y’all hater’s. But I kind of believe that he is Antisnow because why would AntiSnow have His name in his computer. He would of covered his tracks
πατέρας σας πατέρας σας
He's fake bastard
Finster - 24 days ago
He will mother fudging lightsaber u if u hate on him
Ur the best Landon (:
Irene Lazaro
Irene Lazaro - 25 days ago
Love your videos
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