Self Proclaimed Superhero Hammers Acne Covered Lumberjack - RNR 7

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Rough N' Rowdy
Rough N' Rowdy - Month ago
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SailorSam - 16 days ago
Who was the lesbian at 0:03
alex lawson
alex lawson - 19 days ago
This shit is retarded
John Smith
John Smith - 24 days ago
My little daughter could beat these two pumped up balloons .
Nef Rig
Nef Rig - 24 days ago
+Mike Disher hahahaha
Mike Disher
Mike Disher - 25 days ago
+Ruben V yeah more like the einsatzgruppen lol
Brandon Arwood
Brandon Arwood - Hour ago
When callouts go wrong!!!🤣🤣🤣
mejba ahmed
mejba ahmed - 16 hours ago
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 18 hours ago
wish you could smell their farts...
Elkana Capelle
Elkana Capelle - 20 hours ago
Both dnt kno how 2 fight
Bill n Rach care less what you think Hole-in-wall
Lumberjack and his gay hype man just learned a life lesson, you mess with Thor and you get the HAMMER!! LMFAO !!Thor obviously at least some actual boxing experience you can tell, check his head movement and he actually knows how to throw a punch lol
Truth Will Set You Free! 777
Hey lumberjack just because you're all muscle that doesn't make you a fighter, as you displayed clearly. Oh and give up the roids they make you think you are tougher than you really are!
oldermodel74 - 2 days ago
Ring girl with red bikini is the clear winner
Stephanie Hamilton
Stephanie Hamilton - 3 days ago
Dude should change his name to ONE ARMED BANDIT!😂😂😂😂
WHITE BOT - 3 days ago
The real star is the acne
Glasstech7 - 3 days ago
Steroids will only get you so far.... how about some technique????
Lynx Dominance
Lynx Dominance - 3 days ago
4:50: Lol, “We won’t judge you, cuz you’ll kick our ass.”
Only Me
Only Me - 4 days ago
Only good thing about this is the pussy walking around the ring
Colin Jamieson
Colin Jamieson - 4 days ago
“We won’t judge you , cuz you’ll kick our ass” lol
Zaid Al Sekri
Zaid Al Sekri - 4 days ago
How about next time before throwing someone in a ring teach them how to punch maybe? lol
Dr. O
Dr. O - 4 days ago
Lay off the Rage Roids kids, you know you'll lose your sack to the size of a peanut, and your prong will look like a pencil eraser. LMFAO!
Anthony Juarez
Anthony Juarez - 4 days ago
WOW that was very impressive 🤔 OH!!! And the fight was pretty good as well 👀😳🤣😂😅😅😂🤣 the ring girls 👌👍🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
shawn l
shawn l - 4 days ago
they all going to braid each others hair after ? or just put em all in buns ?
shawn l
shawn l - 4 days ago
its better because you swear !
miki zevs
miki zevs - 4 days ago
Two fat girls ,😂😂😂😂
Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz - 5 days ago
Acne guy might benefit from taking 1 single boxing class, & skip a gym session?! Got battered by the basic fundamentals of Thor...
Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes - 5 days ago
This is fucking great! I can enjoy a nice cold brew and watch some badass boxing, with all the cursing and shit! 👍
Reddog - 5 days ago
Roids much?
More4less 24seven
More4less 24seven - 6 days ago
More4less 24seven
More4less 24seven - 6 days ago
Looks like Underarm punch dislocated tbe scapula
Hewho Laughslast
Hewho Laughslast - 6 days ago
Hasan Saunders
Hasan Saunders - 6 days ago
They cat fight they just big
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas - 6 days ago
I saw the ring girl, and lost all interest in the fight. It's still on pause.
Randy Porter
Randy Porter - 6 days ago
Triple H messed that wooly dude up
c jac
c jac - 6 days ago
that is a lot of steroid use to have that much backne
Keith Alcorn
Keith Alcorn - 6 days ago
Pizza Back!
Sabisch TruePain
Sabisch TruePain - 7 days ago
Sucker punch the shoulder. What a sissy way to win..
Stk Media
Stk Media - 7 days ago
oh my gosh, they're going to be tired in 30 seconds
brinson trahan
brinson trahan - 7 days ago
Ovarian Barbarian
Sergeant Seven
Sergeant Seven - 7 days ago
Thye may be huge but they sure don't know how to fight. lol
Shamar Jackson
Shamar Jackson - 7 days ago
Honestly the dude thor is a fucking ass for keep hitting him knowing this he is injured gucking prick
Will Bradley
Will Bradley - 7 days ago
1:45 he tries to punch with both hands at once!😆
Robbert Meade
Robbert Meade - 7 days ago
Im offering out anyone of these so called toughman guys out there to a fight I want to fight there so called bedt guy so i can beat the shit out of him these guys are bums who cant fight
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 7 days ago
All these bitches in the comments saying they suck n shit when y'all know you would cower before either one if them lol internet tough guys and fight "experts" are almost as bad as fanboys.
Marcus James
Marcus James - 7 days ago
That’s the worst attempt at boxing I’ve ever seen!! Uncoordinated as hell!!
Dillavedder X
Dillavedder X - 7 days ago
GANGLAND : Warllocks M.C. VS Mongols M.C !!!🤘🤠🤘 from Ball-Peins to Boxing Rings ! Ride to Live , Live to Fight...
Nild Malindi
Nild Malindi - 8 days ago
Lol the amount of steroids on those two XD
franco bee
franco bee - 8 days ago
lumberjack either has a fat ass or a full diaper ,,either way its fuckn disgusting lol
blue shade
blue shade - 8 days ago
Thelilantjr - 8 days ago
Don't have a heart attack...
trufiend138 - 9 days ago
That dude in the back lingerie is garbage. He swings like a teenage girl. Wtf Why is fighting???
Tim Tremblay
Tim Tremblay - 9 days ago
Strange is it not that a Jungle Gorilla is able to throw both these guys around like RAG DOLLS~! ? ? !
JustSmokeGreen - 9 days ago
So damn slow lol.
robert traverso
robert traverso - 9 days ago
Are these guys punching in slow motion or what? Zero boxing skills as well.
EvilBunnie - 9 days ago
knockout at 2:39
Ol' Arbogeezy
Ol' Arbogeezy - 9 days ago
This should be called 'Roids N' Rowdy
Gold - 10 days ago
This is painful to watch
GoneFishingStories - 10 days ago
Just LOVE that pimple steriods back...
Kurtis Blow
Kurtis Blow - 10 days ago
acne covered steroids
Inshokuten69 - 10 days ago
The technique is just terrible... still fun though
Frank Frank
Frank Frank - 10 days ago
what a F big bitch
Uncle Mike
Uncle Mike - 10 days ago
These guys are so slow and have no boxing skill.....
The Fireblaster
The Fireblaster - 10 days ago
The guy that has zits all over his back is a steroid baby for sure.
The Dude
The Dude - 10 days ago
Lol the worlds slowest punches
Elgan Bruner
Elgan Bruner - 10 days ago
Slowest punches EVER! These guys aren't at ALL built for boxing though. They've pretty much turned their bodies into sports cars, it's nice and all,but I can still go 140 in my Honda Civic.
The Angry Dudeist
The Angry Dudeist - 10 days ago
Great lesson for the young guys out there-
Roids does NOT equal badass...
skyde32 - 11 days ago
I didn't know Shaggy boxed
fucketh thou
fucketh thou - 12 days ago
What the fuck? Is no one else gonna talk about how he got punched in the right shoulder but they were looking at his left shoulder?
ryan findlay
ryan findlay - 12 days ago
Fuckin thor vs gimmley
John Doe
John Doe - 12 days ago
Lol very few can get big but still have quick muscle twitch. It's hilarious when guys work out so much they think they're a fighter when really their slow and still uncoordinated lol
robert traverso
robert traverso - 9 days ago
They're not slow because they lift weights. They're slow because they're slow. If they didn't lift they'd be slow and weak. It was found that lifting does not make you slow. Even pro boxers lift weights now. Of course you need to be more than just strong to box.
Sharrrod Reeed
Sharrrod Reeed - 12 days ago
I want to see the Michigan fight
mbb6180 - 12 days ago
Ovarian barbarian. Dude wants to convince everyone his penis is big. Never happened on a white bodybuilder. Just sayin. Rhymes good tho
Salt Of The Earth 3.70
Salt Of The Earth 3.70 - 12 days ago
The lumberjackass has more pimples on hes back than stars in the night sky. Watch out for the sky hammer lumberback..Ps dont forget your metals hahahaha oops meddles .
daveamtwo - 12 days ago
Thank GOD Thor did not hit DICKJACK in the BACK, It would have made one hell of a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PUSS >>>>>>>> EXPLOSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
baby gzuz
baby gzuz - 12 days ago
Fricken Vikings!
Einar Odinsson
Einar Odinsson - 12 days ago
I was going to say that’s what he gets for running his mouth. Then the winner starts running his mouth after the fight. That’s why I liked Fedor. He kept his mouth shut and did what he needed to do. He was a humble fighter. Respectful. Honorable. Very few men hold these virtues in high regard these days. Sad.
Bohol Snowman
Bohol Snowman - 12 days ago
Lumberjack has end stage syphilis
R.P. McMurphy
R.P. McMurphy - 12 days ago all around.
tatcrazzy cline
tatcrazzy cline - 13 days ago
Wow rnr.u could play connect the dots on his back .stop using steroids bro
Tim Collier
Tim Collier - 13 days ago
They are clumsy punchers, s skilled small guy would destroy them.
Nashville Dude
Nashville Dude - 13 days ago
3:28 he grabs his right shoulder.
4:15 he grabs his left shoulder.
sirvando vargas
sirvando vargas - 13 days ago
Need more training, out of shape , it shows. The hair do ??????????
paul - 13 days ago
these guys are big but looks like they can't box
Gamecock 38
Gamecock 38 - 13 days ago
That sholder popped. Go slow motion and you'll see it.
Baphomet - 14 days ago
Did they get in an argument at Comic con and decide to settle it here?
Maximus Decimus Meridius
Maximus Decimus Meridius - 14 days ago
Rotator cuff injury from lifting weights most likely
Keith Wiley
Keith Wiley - 14 days ago
Lmao best video I've seen all day
BeatriceLmfaoI11qq Loyola
They suck as fighters but monsters
paolo de pablo
paolo de pablo - 14 days ago
supper thor is 5% shaggy!
D frost
D frost - 14 days ago
every amateur fighter = Head Hunter. hoping to land that 1 hitter quitter.
Long Jawn
Long Jawn - 14 days ago
Popped his pimple out of place
mskiUSMC - 14 days ago
Benjamin Cantin
Benjamin Cantin - 14 days ago
Fuck this. Big ass gloves
MacNifty - 14 days ago
Are you guys ever going to look at my submission? No word yet. Not a NO or a YES. What are you waiting on?
Troy Byers
Troy Byers - 14 days ago
Neither one can fight worth a damn but why all the comments about steroids? it's more likely that these two just like to lift weights, yes they are big but they are not that big steroids would make them a hell of a lot bigger and a lot meaner so all you people talking about steroids shut the hell up just because you're a pencil neck little geek and you got the arms the size of a pixie stick doesn't mean everybody else who has a little bit of size to him is on steroids sissy ass bitches
Troy Byers
Troy Byers - 14 days ago
Just goes to show a little bit of size does not mean you know how to fight
Dave E.
Dave E. - 15 days ago
"he bounced off the ropes right into a punch" - announcer.... this made my day complete. haha
MisfitPunish3r - 15 days ago
Did he say "Ovarian Barbarian"? I'm perplexed...
Ti pol
Ti pol - 15 days ago
Beard guy has no idea what he was doing haha
leongt1954 - 15 days ago
My god wouldn't you like to go a few rounds with the ring girl in red
K V - 15 days ago
Looks like two fat white gyals fighting over the last box of donuts at the grocery store
myst93 - 15 days ago
Oh my God is that so funny. "Jesus! Look at this guy in the green Hooooolllllyyyyy fuck".
Political Addict
Political Addict - 15 days ago
Damn these commentators said it enough times, yes we know their big. These guys had a hard on over these fighters
Gary Christensen
Gary Christensen - 15 days ago
My 4 year old daughter punches with better form than both of these juice monkeys.
skepticmk - 13 days ago
maybe she can teach her dad
Stank - 15 days ago
wtf is this shit ? Breaktime anytime you feeling a lil pain?
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