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Anand Gamer unicorn 1234
One episode gumball “I know u are notathletic as me
Now (Darwin running fast ) 😑
Jackson Darden
Jackson Darden - Day ago
And now Rob is being experiments on by doctors flug
BTDBuster - 2 days ago
Izzy Michaud
Izzy Michaud - 2 days ago
Was it just me... Or did anyone else think this would be a MLP crosssover... Just me? Oki i'll leave now ;w;
Kaleo Sylva
Kaleo Sylva - 2 days ago
Me trying too clean my room
Joyee Luk
Joyee Luk - 3 days ago
A Pony's Tail
Reya Madden
Reya Madden - 3 days ago
What is Rob supposed to be? A Hawaiian with a blue tan, or a Californian with a Hollywood makeover?
John Nicolas
John Nicolas - 3 days ago
Scorpionstrike7 - 4 days ago
1:51 I love the horizontally tall term 😆
Jack0Lantern - 4 days ago
What I'm surprised about the most is my home country being mentioned... (Luxembourg, just to clarify.)
meer Kurd
meer Kurd - 4 days ago
Wiggley Jons
Wiggley Jons - 5 days ago
4:17 THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!
Gabe Long
Gabe Long - 2 days ago
Too late it made it sound like IGHT THING
Chelsea Sparks
Chelsea Sparks - 5 days ago
I said Robert
Hayat Hadane
Hayat Hadane - 5 days ago
Lol 😂
josue diaz
josue diaz - 6 days ago
Since when do ghosts sweat? 😂
KITTY CAT REAPER - 6 days ago
4:48. Roasted
Mellyn - 6 days ago
I can’t believe how different rob is from now.
He was actually the person with the last line of the entire show :0
only dolls
only dolls - 6 days ago
ThanksFNAF1324 - 6 days ago
4:14 a face of pure thinking
湛藍天 - 6 days ago
The first voice actor of Gumball and Darwin make me nostomania
Restless but still cute tho
omg it's robbbb
Mr.LukaG - 8 days ago
Is gumball boy or girl?
sithlord50 - 8 days ago
Insited - 9 days ago
4:13, that face lol
James Bone
James Bone - 9 days ago
Judith Silva
Judith Silva - 11 days ago
Kirsten Gomez
Kirsten Gomez - 11 days ago
3:41 :)
EloStick Herrera
EloStick Herrera - 11 days ago
NOnonononono NOnonononono
Jade Crane
Jade Crane - 11 days ago
nasrudin udin
nasrudin udin - 11 days ago
Gumball lucu juga ya
Challifer Doggo
Challifer Doggo - 12 days ago
2:11 gumballs tying him up in the background
Tiffany Byrd
Tiffany Byrd - 12 days ago
2:19 what that face for 2:06 what kind of person get stuck in a manhole
Gamefan412 - 11 days ago
I feel like I don’t need to answer any of these because they were already shown or explained 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
vachik khodabakhshi
vachik khodabakhshi - 13 days ago
That is so weird
Jimmy Thurman
Jimmy Thurman - 13 days ago
David J.G Sim or 심재겸
4:45 Darwin is so cute ^-^
Perfect Meow
Perfect Meow - 14 days ago
I wonder why Gumball said "Shhh" in the end.
dragon slayer
dragon slayer - 14 days ago
Gumball: Rich..ard...Ronald...oh ya Rob, if we only knew...

Darwin: knew about what?

Gumball: I dunno...I forgot
Kitten451 - 14 days ago
1:56 fat guys eyes are red
Alexander Usman
Alexander Usman - 15 days ago
94% comments on rob 6% of comments are normal
Blue Masters!
Blue Masters! - 15 days ago
3:54 then when the pizza is almost out, press 3:54 again.
Cj Captain
Cj Captain - 15 days ago
2:29 This made me laugh too hard
Caleb James T
Caleb James T - 16 days ago
3:00 omg the *_development man!_* he looks and sounds so different!
Gulden Eren
Gulden Eren - 16 days ago
Rob is bad
sithlord50 - 17 days ago
cooking time
cooking time - 17 days ago
2:18 When teacher gets mad when you are late ate school
Foluke Akinbule
Foluke Akinbule - 17 days ago
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy rich which is rob
GG - 17 days ago
But Rob is such an easy name to remember.
Janina Maan Alvarez
Janina Maan Alvarez - 17 days ago
Woooooooooahhhhhhhh rob looks too cartoonic
Malachite Lion
Malachite Lion - 17 days ago
3:39 Darwin just deadass killed that dude
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