Hollywood Stars Caught Bribing College Admissions | The Daily Show

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jne K
jne K - 16 days ago
It’s dumb people fueling dumb peoples incomes. Maybe boycott celebrities who get money from people for doing nothing but being a celebrity. The sad thing is they aren’t even good role model to children, are dishonest, and don’t give a shit about you.
jne K
jne K - 16 days ago
Just because they caught these people doesn’t mean it ends there. It’s probably safe to assume there are plenty more people in top universities that paid their way in through lying and cheating.
Gary McDaniel
Gary McDaniel - 17 days ago
The University shit bags are just as guilty, I don't see any of them going to jail
jason harvote
jason harvote - Month ago
Thats insane if theyre rich why would they pay so much money to lie about their education status? Might as well just give that money to their kids and wills of their assets. I cant believe they care so much of education status that theyd cheat and pay money to achieve that fake education credentials. Goes to show that its not all about the money for some status and ehat people think of you also matters to some theyd even pay for it.
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor - 2 months ago
I don't get is why collage don't take ppl off the streets that who can play ball then take ppl bribe's from actors kids who can't play for shit. Not my fault my school had no team from the start. Closest foot ball I played was flag foot ball it's like the real thang with out the gear and tackle part but running catching the ball same fucking thang.
TheEmmaporium - 2 months ago
I came from a working class family. I worked my ass off every day to get perfect grades in high school. I got onto the board of 3 different clubs. I took the SAT 3 times to get the score I wanted. And here I am, going into my last year as a full Honors student at the University of California, Irvine, with 2 jobs, 2 internships, and conducting my own research, and I hear that these parents are laughing about committing fraud to take opportunities away from students like me, who spent countless hours studying to get the grades they wanted. Y'all gonna have to hold me back, because some rich white people are gonna die.
Karlo Karyl
Karlo Karyl - 2 months ago
It's not greedy. It's foolish ppl
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - 2 months ago
im a doctor! right so this body transplant with the dead guy... you have a %0 chance of survival. but at least my selfies look better.
Mark Alzate
Mark Alzate - 2 months ago
You can’t make america great if the president loves to hate, it’s not yet too late we just gotta wait for trump to take a break and the next president shall make america great.
Mark Alzate
Mark Alzate - 2 months ago
You want America to be partnered with Russia and China then wait for the next election so the new president of the U.S will have a better and much more greater partnerships
Vaibhav Singh
Vaibhav Singh - 2 months ago
Makes me remember Tool's song Aenima
Kitty Troublemaker
Kitty Troublemaker - 2 months ago
I would watch that Disney movie
Jewel Whiting
Jewel Whiting - 3 months ago
So I'll take those test for you for a couple Grand
Britt Waller
Britt Waller - 3 months ago
I'm so confused about this. They are a bunch of white wealthy kids what do they even need to get into college for? Their are people who really need the education to further their career. The fuck y'all can just pay for your kids life style since it's so hilarious to lie and make up shit.
Carla Cristina Silva
Carla Cristina Silva - 3 months ago
God bless America right?
CoGamer Guy
CoGamer Guy - 3 months ago
These parents are huge dumbasses this is why I’m in LA community Colleges
Woodchuck Willy
Woodchuck Willy - 3 months ago
I see the college humor logo changed to say college ruiners.
Mimi Changethings
Mimi Changethings - 3 months ago
Those kids should be kicked out! They don't deserve those spots and , "Yes!" They took them away from someone else! I don't care if they knew what their parents did or not(and I'm not convinced they didn't know!) either way, they should be kicked out! Let their parents deal with their disappointment! Who gives a rats?!
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore - 4 months ago
I'm confused, why is this news. Hasn't the "that building has my last name on it because all of my family has gone to this school." troupe been a thing for decades
joey3rony - 4 months ago
Most rich people are shit! Simple as that.
George Banin
George Banin - 4 months ago
lol,i dont even think the white supremacy schools will take him after this
Damien's Adventure
Damien's Adventure - 4 months ago
Omg Trevor Noah your white rich dude voice is scary accurate xD
Mott Joytoy
Mott Joytoy - 5 months ago
How do you think Rich people become rich? by following the rules ?? It's life
Revina Cheptala
Revina Cheptala - 5 months ago
This just pisses me off. As an international student who has to push for the little scholarships offered to international students it's so annoying hearing about those who think they can live their lives cheating through everything at the disadvantage of others ugh
Vincent m
Vincent m - 5 months ago
How come nobody has a problem with athletes that barely know how to read but they can play ball so they get a free ride?
MizzErika - 5 months ago
They just all of a sudden bringing out all these names and schools all at once. This has been going on since the going been on. That's how it works when you get rich. When you get wealth I should say but still, you get connections. And then its not about money, its about power. When you have power you dont need money, that's for the poor.
Moonmaiden - 6 months ago
JustWannaFreeFx - 6 months ago
Falicity Huffman was my fav hoisewife :(
I guess she was Desperate
Neil Madhood
Neil Madhood - 6 months ago
fuck the rich brats who got into college bribing
sarah deason
sarah deason - 6 months ago
Love Trevor Noah !!!
Roger Clemons
Roger Clemons - 6 months ago
Once you turn down a plea, it is not offered second time. These pampered princesses will put the Assistant US Attys through lots of work and they will all lose at trial. Jurors have no sympathy for tax cheats and the rich.
And the FEDS will not give them a sentence in some comfy prison. Those comfy slots are reserved for those who cooperate.
If you fight the FEDS, expect a lousy prison placement.
This is lousy food, bed bugs, non-stop noise, lights on 24-7, crazy prisoners who talk and yell 24-7, bad odors, poor ventilation in summer, and poor heating in winter, little activities inside the walls, boredom, limited visitor hours, people who try to get you in trouble, guards who are clearly off and have no empathy for others, cell mate you would not sit next to on a bus or train.
This is not like anything these millionaires can imagine. A tough grind for even 1 month, much less 4 years.
Welcome to the world of fighting the FEDS in court.
Itz SunflowerBacon
Itz SunflowerBacon - 6 months ago
"....Scamming these schools..." Trevor? Really?. As if something like this can go through without the administrative dept's knowledge or approval. Do NOT try to speak in favor of the colleges.
Cyte Lizardo
Cyte Lizardo - 6 months ago
One day, once all of these cheaters inherit their parents money and jobs, some intelligent people will steal it to them and because of stupidity they wouldn't know what to do and will starve to death.
Heard some stories around our town. Known some people who had it easy in university days then when they inherited their parents' companies, some stock holders start to take advantage and eventually all that is left to their family is nothing and was even burried with debt.
I wish a good luck with these kids. There is always that time where life turns and you will experience a big impact in your life and if that happens, for sure, your 'friends' who are only there to take advantage of you when you were rich wouldn't be as friendly as they are right now. No one will help you and you will regret taking everything so simple.
edgar siordia
edgar siordia - 6 months ago
I feel no sympathy at all for the parents or their dumb ass children 👶
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams - 6 months ago
Bro, and in economics class today, I just watched a video about how difficult it is for Asian and Black students to get into the higher colleges. For Asians, even though their students tend to excel for the most part, their efforts are never seen as good enough to “stand out”. Then there’s Black students who work hard, even with their disadvantaged situations. When they get to college, their classmates say they’re only there because of their skin.
That’s why we must push our way into college and shed light on all those fake students who don’t deserve to be there. Let’s become better and make college for the true hard workers of America.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams - 6 months ago
This isn’t a surprise. Meanwhile there’s still white kids in college telling their classmates of color that they only got in because they’re “Black/Brown.” We work hard, they don’t give us credit. They pay their way in, and it’s swept under the carpet 99% of the time.
Gaylord Cockburn
Gaylord Cockburn - 6 months ago
whose team are you really on Trevor?
Michael JoToya Jackson
Michael JoToya Jackson - 6 months ago
Noah my Brother he keeps it 100 by making these descendants of the European Caucasian Colonizers laugh at their own stupidity and how their fake High IQ's are really "FAKE" as they really are. They are the opposite of highly intelligent. What a "HOT FLAMMING MESS " these idiots are.
acajudi100 - 6 months ago
iI feel the children knew.
natkatmac - 6 months ago
Rich people paying bribes to get ahead? Absolutely inconceivable, I tells ya.
why not American deport these rich hollywood stars to north korea or at least to my country himalayas Nepal?
John Franklin
John Franklin - 6 months ago
Hey, Trev, is there a reason the font used at 0:25 for College Ruiners seems to be the same font College Humor uses for their channel name's font?
justin smith
justin smith - 6 months ago
Why don't they just give the kids the 6.5m in the first place. They probably wouldn't make that much there whole life if their parents weren't famous.
A 680
A 680 - 6 months ago
i cracked up at buy a smarter kid; anyone who is feeling pity are pathetic. i feel no pity at all
Mexiball Nation
Mexiball Nation - 6 months ago
So that's how Trump made it.
Priscilla Burnett
Priscilla Burnett - 6 months ago
They've been doing this since forever! They show it in the movies like Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds.
Isabel Romero
Isabel Romero - 6 months ago
You know...I feel bad for these "moms," if that's what you'd call them because where I come from.....WE TEACH OUR KIDS TO WORK HARD & NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE NOTHING IS EVER JUST HANDED TO YOU.........but then you have these LOW LIFES 😒
*Who teach their kids the opposite......that even if your dumb & lazy*
You'll still get what you want?? 😕
*Congress.......TAX these rich B!%$@ES already*
2 D
2 D - 6 months ago
I have a better chance of going to jail than these rich parents and I haven't done anything.
j a
j a - 6 months ago
The game of chess. This is all about winning at the end of the day. There is no honor or dishonor and the ultimate end is the following:
1. Win
2. To draw
3. To resign
But never to admit defeat!
I can see this chess game being drawn out by the power that runs it all.
1. Find Smollet guilty but give him a simple slap on the wrist. Uproar on the part of the public and the legal system simply ignores and dances to the tune of those powerful forces that in the end decides, like Caesar, who lives or dies. Most importantly, using the pawn, Smollet, to set the next most important save: the security of the higher ranking pieces.
Who are these high ranking pieces? Well that is move two.
2. Use Smollet as a reason not to come hard on all the powerful wealthy that pay incredible amounts of money to ensure admissions for their precious entitled sons and daughters. Paying low ranking pawns to make the right moves for them and taking all of the risk, most of them to spend lengthy sentences.
3. The wealthy with the Smollet case can know set the biggest sacrifice move of all, that sacrifice is our judicial system, and expect their children and themselves to have a similar punishment, a simple slap on their wrist.
Check mate.
S P - 6 months ago
Trevor how irresponsible to say these kids had no idea. 🙄🙄🙄
Komal Khan
Komal Khan - 6 months ago
Vinnie J
Vinnie J - 6 months ago
These people defrauded semi government institutions. They are soooooooo fucked.
Karlshorst - 6 months ago
The big thing is they cheated the IRS. That's what got them nicked.
chris k
chris k - 6 months ago
all of them should go to jail...
Front Runner
Front Runner - 6 months ago
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 6 months ago
Those are movie production Acts
NEWScience - 7 months ago
the sad thing is that they keep their cheat codes turned on even after they've taken admission. Because they're incompetent, they hire tutors to write essays for them, do their homework, help them pass exams which they party for most of the college years.
Funny Funker
Funny Funker - 7 months ago
Can’t wait for the video “Hollyweird idiots caught propagating lies about the president of the free world for two years”. Oh, you won’t be making that one? Didn’t think so.
AlexByxor - 7 months ago
Also, Trevor Noah has a penthouse worth 10 million and he's gonna act like Beverly Hills is shameless?
AlexByxor - 7 months ago
How is this surprising unless you're an ostrich?
Potato PewPew
Potato PewPew - 7 months ago
I think this entire story is disingenuous. They paid a company to help their kids get into college. If the company was doing shady shit behind the scenes and the parents didn’t know about it how is it that you hold the parents accountable for the actions of the company? It’s like Amazon getting max tax breaks and blaming the customers for it. What’s worse is when the parents found out and were interviewed you IMPLY HEAVILY that they knew about it and call them names. Like the dad who laughed because his kid’s school doesn’t have a football team. If I were in his shoes I would laugh too, to find out they lied and said something completely false and outrageous is funny because of how untrue it is. Then again I can’t expect much from Noah, this is the same guy who not thatvlong ago was making fun of gay people and women in his comedy sketches and then talks shit about other people who do it or did it in their past who are also comedians. When the levy breaks and people on the left are done with the deceit these Far Left hypocrite comedians and media are going to be without a job, without money, and in a really bad position. Good Luck
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