Everything Wrong With Central Intelligence In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Gamer Beasts
Gamer Beasts - 13 hours ago
What wrong with this channel
Jecz Clash
Jecz Clash - 23 hours ago
He said aiming a gun on a motorcycle is easy. That guy was going like 30 mph.
ultimate pro gamer
ultimate pro gamer - 2 days ago
The dislikes of this video show how bad this movie even is and how CONFUSING it gets.
Gaming _XP_
Gaming _XP_ - 2 days ago
shut the fuck up faggot
Jeff Benesch
Jeff Benesch - 2 days ago
No the nfl has games that start at 4:30 that usally end at 8 oclock therfor a game would be on at 6 oclocK SOOOO... (Ding, ding,ding,ding)
John Weber
John Weber - 4 days ago
11:14 anyone wanna tell him that it’s glass?

John Weber
John Weber - 4 days ago
1:35 add 1 sin, you expect us to believe a ginger was accepted as a bully?
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 4 days ago
At 11:31 the car is moving even though the gear selector is obviously in park
Jocelyn Pettersen
Jocelyn Pettersen - 4 days ago
What kind of Assembly is in the morning not at the end of the day
ME: um.... my school
Brian Mucha
Brian Mucha - 4 days ago
i just want to say, nobody kevin hart's size would have played football in highschool
Licensedpuma936 - 4 days ago
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Baron Von Grijffenbourg
The contrast between the Rock being his charming self and Kevin 'violently unfunny' Heart is mesmerizing.
Nate B
Nate B - 5 days ago
This movie was supposed to be unrealistic and a comedy.
SUPER VAX - 5 days ago
Martin G
Martin G - 6 days ago
The entire film is a sin
Slacker YT
Slacker YT - 6 days ago
Do you hate every movie?
TTVSemiprovirus - 6 days ago
Baywatch please
TJ English
TJ English - 6 days ago
I bet 90% of the people just want a summary of the movie and hate this guy what an unfunny fuck
AnonymousNeko 27
AnonymousNeko 27 - 6 days ago
My schools assemblies are in the morning
Also The woman who plays kevins characters wife plays Cecila in The Flash
Stacie Green
Stacie Green - 7 days ago
Why was there not a Spartacus joke there???
I'm giving you three sins for not sinning that.
Edit: Now that I watched the rest. I'll remove one sin.
10,965,245 views - 7 days ago
At the bar it wasn’t even an nfl game. It was college.
Survivalmax2003 - 8 days ago
You don’t know how sprinklers work
DMA - 9 days ago
bruh mind your own business. Talk shit about other movies if yoi made one alreadt. toxic ppl
Ryan Rattray
Ryan Rattray - 9 days ago
Wait I thought he was captain cook not the black badger
FUS3 CASTLE - 9 days ago
Cinema sins says a black person should have daddy issues instead of not being able to make bird noises
Corrupt Cos
Corrupt Cos - 9 days ago
you can judge a movie so then you make a movie and I’ll judge it
Bad Vibes
Bad Vibes - 9 days ago
Do you like any movie
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 6 days ago
Angelica Miller
Angelica Miller - 9 days ago
This guy is an ass
Chad Landry
Chad Landry - 9 days ago
What, no sin for Aaron Paul calling people bitch to remind everyone that his only other big role was breaking bad?
Charlie Rees
Charlie Rees - 10 days ago
Ok this is ridiculous central intelligence was a great movie
Mirza  Fekovic
Mirza Fekovic - 10 days ago
It's a stupid film for watch when u are bored. Just helps to lose hour or so.
The Snack That Smiles Back
I’m -Dirty Dan- the Black Badger
Random Person
Random Person - 10 days ago
Tbh I thought this movie was very funny and enjoyable lol
bee - 10 days ago
how dare you.
Groo t
Groo t - 10 days ago
At 3:00 this sin makes no sense because it's not a nfl games its lsu college football which would make sense
Spencer Peat
Spencer Peat - 11 days ago
Missed a movie sin, the headrest is missing before they leave the CIA building until they steal a plain, the headrest returns.
Storm Break
Storm Break - 11 days ago
I remember that my 7th grade teacher gave us an extra credit assignment where you got extra credit if you went to see San Andreas. I am glad I didn't waste my money on it but I do regret that I didn't just buy the ticket and lie to my teacher.
Sid Shreenath
Sid Shreenath - 11 days ago
When holly flax flew to Denver
Uncle Squishy
Uncle Squishy - 12 days ago
So the footage used for this was bad enough (the movie itself, not your editing or anything) that I wasn't even able to finish this video. Still gave a thumbs up though.
2kforlife 10
2kforlife 10 - 12 days ago
Free move sins for themckiss
2kforlife 10
2kforlife 10 - 12 days ago
Can there be a sin for Wayne Johnson wearing a unicorn shirt and a Fanny Pack
Jacob Potischman
Jacob Potischman - 9 days ago
2kforlife 10 Wayne Johnson isn’t in this.
MUI Goku123
MUI Goku123 - 13 days ago
Its a freaking comedy action movie not real life......and your saying this movie is a piece of shit they worked hard for this accept it even though you think it sucks..... 😡😡😡
Potent - 13 days ago
3:50 there's actually a helmet hanging off the side of the back seat. Usually bikes have this on both sides so it could've been a safe assumption that there was another helmet on the other side
Alexandar Johnson
Alexandar Johnson - 13 days ago
2:49 the gag is it’s not a stereotype. Some of the best life lessons I’ve ever learned have come from sitting in the chair getting a fade. The barbershop is a sacred space where you talk about life, women, grades, and just about anything
Stexx - 13 days ago
The more I watch these the more I realize these sins are some lame shit
Jarte Aviles
Jarte Aviles - 13 days ago
Why you gotta be heater
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 6 days ago
Because he likes being warm
Dontaye James Hamilton
Dontaye James Hamilton - 13 days ago
Roadhouse sucks comment was uncalled for... 👎
A B - 14 days ago
This is honestly the worst rock movie in history
Jay Lay
Jay Lay - 14 days ago
@3:10.....that football one was real petty 😂😂😂
AndyM9372 - 15 days ago
Kind of like this is trying too hard to be Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour or Beverley Hills cop - all of which are superior buddy-cop movies.
No help Arrow
No help Arrow - 15 days ago
That song the rocks jam was made 1991
Pop Corn
Pop Corn - 15 days ago
God you're videos sucks
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 6 days ago
Then don't watch them
Lightning4563 - 15 days ago
I’m surprised that so many people from Calvin’s high school class still live in Baltimore 20 year later. Had I gone to that high school, I would have moved as far away from Baltimore as possible.
Abusing Skids
Abusing Skids - 15 days ago
18 minutes * or less
All Sans Inktale
All Sans Inktale - 16 days ago
Sin counter in 2019 for cinema sins not for movies for him 1992836262892019 sins for being a dick prick
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson - 17 days ago
When he dropped the mic at the end i thought it was his cock...
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson - 17 days ago
12:50 a short joke followed by 2 black jokes... 50 sins unofficially removed
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson - 17 days ago
3:06 shouldnt be a sin bc games start between 4 and 430 and run 3+ hours
Kinjiro Tsuchiya
Kinjiro Tsuchiya - 17 days ago
Actually ALL of my school pep rallies were during 1st or 2nd period so it does check out (maybe its a southern thing?? IDK.)
Dee Brown
Dee Brown - 17 days ago
I think more people would be weirded out by the bullies tracking a fat guy's showering schedule and getting hands on with a fat naked guy, rather than find it funny.
Like dude, why were u guys spying on a fat guy taking a shower? 😕
And I think Kevin's meathead co worker can sue the CIA chick for excessive force with the taser. 🤣
Echø¿ - 18 days ago
You forgot the pornhub scene in the black van..
Colt97 - 18 days ago
3:00 I'm pretty sure that's a college game so.....
John Ford
John Ford - 19 days ago
I like the positivity here!
Sapphire Patient
Sapphire Patient - 19 days ago
SwitchToKill YT
SwitchToKill YT - 19 days ago
You spelt ‘Heart’ wrong at 10:05 you spelt ‘Hart’ not ‘Heart’ (sin bell rings)
Kinjiro Tsuchiya
Kinjiro Tsuchiya - 17 days ago
No he didn't. it was a play on words, as Kevin harts name is pronounced that way. (Removal of sin ding)
Will Bui
Will Bui - 19 days ago
Well football games do start at 4:30 est and usually those games end at 7:30 so there would be games going on at 6pm est
Toby Bon
Toby Bon - 19 days ago
At 12:07 the rock shakes the rope like he did with the gummy worm on the Jimmy Kennel show that year (2016)
Mr Badass
Mr Badass - 19 days ago
“Honey , black people don’t go to therapy... we got to barbershops”
Couldn’t be more true
Evan Kim
Evan Kim - 20 days ago
Lol this is my favorite movies
Iisystematic Iisystematic
Imagine spending all day trying to take the piss out of good movies😂😂
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 6 days ago
Meh. At least he gets paid well for it
Unique Azrael' Gaming
Unique Azrael' Gaming - 21 day ago
Dude the rock is overweight boxer yah
But me a 70 kg 185cm tall guy is pretty much you can judge as exaggeration
So don't go saying
Wow he looks heavy
Why won't he's bed broke
Yah I'm slim but
Dude fat people don't shake ground if they jump or run
The only thing is shaking is your tiny brain
sideboi - 21 day ago
This movie is fucking awesome
Young Colgate
Young Colgate - 21 day ago
More sins than pixels. Wow.
Young Colgate
Young Colgate - 21 day ago
Lmao I'm glad I didn't see this because the ending is the exact same as that shitty movie night school
O N - 22 days ago
While there are a lot of cliches and movie sins, a football game being on at 6 pm is easily the most nitpicked lol. Games start at 4 eastern all the time and are at least 2 hours w commercial time
Flame - 22 days ago
And im kanye west
Chris Young
Chris Young - 22 days ago
Rock cock best ever
Dr Sparrow
Dr Sparrow - 22 days ago
1:15 mine do...
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones - 23 days ago
The Rick is roughly 265-286 lbs.. so a couch like that could support him
TheGamingWalrus - 24 days ago
I called that sin with the guy getting tazed, dead ass knew what he'd say as wel
Zoey Inkling
Zoey Inkling - 25 days ago
0:12 oh look a meme I COMPLETELY do not understand
Ruth Deckman
Ruth Deckman - 25 days ago
Roadhouse is awesome!
Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno - 25 days ago
Wasnt the rock a bad guy in get smart? hmmmm
Tafta - 26 days ago
Actually Calvin did see a photo of Phil. It was seen when Harris showed what was left of Phil after the elevator. His profile was on that screen.
Very late I know lol.
Kevin Lowe
Kevin Lowe - 26 days ago
Cinema sins: Roadhouse sucks.
Peter Griffin: I am going to kick your ass.
Grady #18
Grady #18 - 27 days ago
you make this movie seem bad by putting parts in the movie and sinning them them leaving out parts that would make them make sense
Grady #18
Grady #18 - 27 days ago
this was my favorite movie ever
Aidan Micallef
Aidan Micallef - 27 days ago
The helmets are on the side idiot
Frank Pitts
Frank Pitts - Month ago
Also fire sprinkler systems don’t work like that. Each head has to have its fuseable link activated unless it’s a deluge system. They are only used in flammable liquid storage areas ect. Sin. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Road House sucks.
Diffractee Diffractee
Diffractee Diffractee - Month ago
Mo Does Stuff
Mo Does Stuff - Month ago
My assembly is first lesson
That crazi kido
That crazi kido - Month ago
15:03 its a watermelon
Un Men
Un Men - Month ago
8:44 canadian much?
Christopher G.
Christopher G. - Month ago
3:04 NFL Playoff games often have a 6 PM (EDT) start time.
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira - Month ago
13:19 yes, the CIA agent showed a picture of Phil to Calvin on the Ipad, just after that porn site joke
Jellex 10
Jellex 10 - Month ago
You left out the part where when they are in the garage and bob and the other dude drop the flash drives and bobs drive was the same color as the one in the intro scene
Jp Presents
Jp Presents - Month ago
The nfl game was a LSU game
Malama Chitalu
Malama Chitalu - Month ago
You feel about Kevin Hart how I feel about Kevin Hart, Thank you.
the Craziest
the Craziest - Month ago
is that jeese pinkman from breakingbad
Stoned Song
Stoned Song - Month ago
dude, i basically grew up as the rocks character, and have met with old bullies since. i have the physique of shaggy now, not the scorpion king, and i still didnt freeze up. hell, i got way more beat up than his character, and tortured. i cant even watch the goonies because of it, but seeing the assholes from highschool does not make one freeze in fright.
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