Everything Wrong With Central Intelligence In 17 Minutes Or Less

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Josh Hopkins
Josh Hopkins - 17 hours ago
Lets just hope he doesn’t do one on a cartoon cuz all he would say it isn’t real
Cammie Westbrook
Cammie Westbrook - 18 hours ago
What’s his deal with Kevin Hart
lebron is king
lebron is king - 18 hours ago
I give this video a sin for lasting 18 minutes
Brii-Cee Entertainment
im sorry but the "black people dont do that" jokes were actually funny bc its stuff we actually dont do "openly" anywho...
SouthPWF - 2 days ago
why does he always sin Comcast?
Colton Rinka
Colton Rinka - 3 days ago
FUCKING CHRIST Can you fucking stop complaining you fucking baby bitch FUCK! You fucking bitch if your going to fucking complaint stop making videos !! PLZ MAKE ONE FUCKING VID where this is a video where you actually stop complaining FUCK YOU!!
Zedixo 755
Zedixo 755 - 3 days ago
Idk why but I laughed very hard at 2:54 😂😂
*edit* : and at 4:23😂
Return3 - 3 days ago
Do "Bad Teacher" *lmfao*.
Sun :3
Sun :3 - 3 days ago
I always get and in movies when they don’t shoot the tires
JOKERLLL - 4 days ago
No sin removed or added for the scene in the van with ****hub
Extreme Gamer
Extreme Gamer - 4 days ago
This dumbass thinks he’s smart but doesn’t fucking understand things r supposed to be dumb in comedy or else it ain’t fucking comedy
Charlie Ung
Charlie Ung - 4 days ago
5:37 that’s holly from the office!
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - 4 days ago
This sin needs to be removed because it has to be difficult to aim while driving a motorcycle
Mitch - Datway
Mitch - Datway - 5 days ago
Assembly’s at my school we’re before first period
Caveman Spongebub
Caveman Spongebub - 5 days ago
Characters slipping on a banana peel in cartoons: 4:24
Camper Kid
Camper Kid - 6 days ago
Peter griffin when he hears road house sucks: 🦵road house
Michael Ferdinand
Michael Ferdinand - 6 days ago
Just realized that that’s Cecile from flash is her name Cecile
shalom shalom
shalom shalom - 7 days ago
This is a movie to watch when you're tired
L O - 7 days ago
No its everything right
Alix Hentry
Alix Hentry - 7 days ago
2:53 is the funniest shit ever. Take a chill pill cinema sins
Scott Davis
Scott Davis - 7 days ago
Thekrnel Z
Thekrnel Z - 7 days ago
0:02 the sync!!!
Carlos Hackett
Carlos Hackett - 9 days ago
if you actually grew up in the 90's you'd know this is the kind of music you'd hear on the radio. not 24/7 but there was a ton of variety.
Maito Gai
Maito Gai - 9 days ago
The black badger or Phil looks like Jessie pinkman

That's weird
mokeish - 10 days ago
Kevin Hart Stopped being funny a long long time ago.
Borden Jamsey
Borden Jamsey - 10 days ago
I laughed way to much at "Rock Cock"
Zedeye - 12 days ago
Jump around is fire
Li CHOPPA - 12 days ago
What movie do u actually like
Upside down
Upside down - 13 days ago
I like your vids buddy, as you rip them to pieces lol
GoatedZzYT - 13 days ago
This is the last video before I watched every single one of them and yes I binge watch this channel because it’s FUNNY AS HELL and it speaks everybody’s mind (nerd or not).
Chris Snow
Chris Snow - 13 days ago
You sped yourself up to get more counts
KJ T - 13 days ago
You are right, football games don't start at 6pm Eastern, they start at 4pm BUT the NFL has 1:00 games and 4:05 and even 4:25 games so remove a sin because the game at the bar is probably just starting the second half.
Football Talk
Football Talk - 14 days ago
The football game was an LSU game a college team that does play at 6
BayGull - 15 days ago
Something that I just thought of while watching this, when the clocks in the interrogation room and the break room are different, it might be a tactic to disorient the rock (I forgot the characters name) for the interrogation. maybe that was on purpose
The Challengers Plays
The Challengers Plays - 15 days ago
Wow this comentary sucks.
Landon Shields
Landon Shields - 16 days ago
It was an LSU game
Bilal Majid
Bilal Majid - 16 days ago
How this fucker didn't get copyright claims
WalkerBrosFilms - 17 days ago
6:32 those fire systems have basically thermometers 🌡 (you know that red glass in the sprinkler head?) it’s filled with glycerin which expands around 130 to 160 degrees and busts the glass allowing to water to pass through and put out the fire. So in reality that would’ve busted (in my guess, certified firefighter) it would bust in less than 30 seconds but it depends how long the tie is from the head and it would only activate that sprinkler, not the entire buildings system . But that’s just my SWAG.
Scientific Wild Ass Guess 😂
zerocool gonna hack u
zerocool gonna hack u - 17 days ago
YaBoi YaBoi
YaBoi YaBoi - 17 days ago
I love you dude but you better step off my man Kevin and saying his racist jokes aren’t funny. I’m almost not playing and you might catch a flying elbow.
devin Harripersad
devin Harripersad - 18 days ago
Nigga we don’t like what the fuck is 16 candles and we go to the barber shop we don’t watch the movie
Tiffany Doss
Tiffany Doss - 18 days ago
Does this dude ever enjoy a movie? I like the videos, but I'd hate to be him.
VALAKALAV - 18 days ago
Stop being the token white guy pointing out racism isn't funny trying to gain SJW points 🤮
Jamie Southeard
Jamie Southeard - 19 days ago
Why are u always ruining films I like
STW_ Master_mega
STW_ Master_mega - 19 days ago
Do you like any movie ?
led rose
led rose - 20 days ago
It a good concept but execute poorly
Wes 4511
Wes 4511 - 20 days ago
You're trying too hard to hate the movie
chillin with J
chillin with J - 20 days ago
3:05. Its 6 p.m. and there a football game and the nfl don't play a game at that time my man that is the LSU's football logo that ain't a nfl team it's a college game
That Gaming Channel
That Gaming Channel - 20 days ago
The subtitles say some weird stuff
Lenny Costello
Lenny Costello - 20 days ago
Okay I have to say something every time I go to the movies and I see you're corny part I hear your voice in the back of my brain PS I absolutely love your page I've watched literally every single CinemaSins already
TB12GOAT - 21 day ago
Also also also also thats not how the sprinkler system works
R Feyman
R Feyman - 21 day ago
The guy who catches the Rock's pants near the end of the movie is the director of the film, Rawson Marshall Thurber. I had to look up how to spell that dude's name and while I did I noticed the film has made over $200 million? Why write something good when good enough gets you this kind of $$$
marcus24000 - 22 days ago
lol "how can something be real and made up at the same time" wel if you make something up and make it real then something real can be made up,allot of shit thats a real thing atm is made up,hell money is made up its pretty much cloth and paper and metal round thingy´s.
FATHER - 22 days ago
2:49 is not a stereotype. Only 1/10 black people actually go to therapy 😂
Mushroomstamp - 22 days ago
Jesus 188
vraj Patel
vraj Patel - 22 days ago
Michael bluth
DogoArgentino - 22 days ago
There are more sins on this than fast and furious 8
Nathan - 23 days ago
All that u guys do is find wrong in movies, i bet u guys cant make a movie urself
Livestream Clips
Livestream Clips - 23 days ago
Worst movie ever its insane how they make shit movies like this and put a big wee star with no acting lessons as the main character they should have made a better CIA movie and put Aaron Paul as the main character because Aaron Paul is a million times better actor the the Rock. The Rock just makes it look like there doing it for the money not for the movie fans you can tell they did not give a fuck about this movie all they cared about is trying to make the Rock funny
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - 23 days ago
Bro Kevin Hart was funny af in this movie u being a hater. Also it was a stupid type of funny it made no sence but that was the point stupid funny
Johnathan Hunt
Johnathan Hunt - 23 days ago
Did anyone try to powerslide on the gym floor just to be stopped by cheap floor wax? Everyone? Cool just checking xD
Tamika Tibbs
Tamika Tibbs - 25 days ago
“This movie is still going although it ended 10 minutes ago” lol
Average Gamer
Average Gamer - 25 days ago
wait how would he know this , unless... hes seen a lot of csi movies.........what , you thought I would say he has killed some one before and made it look like an accident 8:48
NoName DrumGuy
NoName DrumGuy - 25 days ago
I'm gonna call shenanigans as a whole on the motorcycle-assassin cliche having a Trials bike just to have a reason to beat somebody up with it.
Grated the stunt/Trials guy gets to beat up The Rock instead of just climb over ladders and shipping containers, but still. A regular dirtbike assassin who gets stopped by the drivers-door opening is just as effective in an Action-Comedy.
lebron jame
lebron jame - 25 days ago
0:38 my highschool used the same butter joke in the yearbook.
Dawud red
Dawud red - 26 days ago
"time out" is the button you press. When you are over acting and you need some cheap laugh XD XD GOD
Leeroy Dagnasty
Leeroy Dagnasty - 26 days ago
No sin for how bad the cgi was for the fatified ‘the rock’?
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - 26 days ago
Shitty movie
dwarfsview - 27 days ago
My local pub plays re runs all the time
David Wills
David Wills - 27 days ago
When he said how does he know who Phil is. In the van they showed him a picture of him
TsrD-day :
TsrD-day : - 27 days ago
Holly became a cia agent!?!
Susan Mcginley
Susan Mcginley - 27 days ago
Calvin saw the piece of Phils ear with a picture of Phil above it
TiggerLiveToo - 29 days ago
don't you give this movie shit when you let that piss poor excuse for a script in Pulp Fiction sail by while jerking off to headshots of Tarantino, fuck you and your mom!
TheCaptain - 29 days ago
@5:25 The CIA is not chartered for domestic law enforcement operations. That falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI. I'm sinning CinemaSins +20 for not knowing that commonly available information and not sinning it. I'm also sinning the movie +1 for the same thing. One could argue that I'm being harsh to you and light on the movie, but this is Hollywood whom commonly gets points like this wrong, sometimes deliberately. You're CinemaSins. You're well-traveled and intelligent enough to have researched that kind of thing better.
Made Ari
Made Ari - 29 days ago
Kevin Hart is not funny whatsoever. The Rush Hour guy is much much better
Joel Hammond
Joel Hammond - 29 days ago
Am I tripping or was the overused pornhub joke not covered?!? That joke deserves a plethora of sins 🤧
Hyper_Titan42 - 29 days ago
Because of 14:12, I now want a movie with the rock as the bad guy
Falcon XD
Falcon XD - Month ago
Cecile from the flash
Nikolai Orr
Nikolai Orr - Month ago
This movie is worse than the CGI in the scorpion king.
Lopololo77 _
Lopololo77 _ - Month ago
Real fake doors
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