Cardi B shades and defends Khloe Kardashian | Jordyn Woods is DONE?!

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Sabrina - Day ago
Having been cheated on, I only hated on the woman more because she disrespected me from day one meeting her, I never wanted her around, she'd insist she was happy with her husband while throwing herself on my ex. She told me to quit acting jealous over her friendship and when I told her I knew what she was doing and asked her to respectfully not be physical with him, it wasn't hidden to me and woman to woman it bothered me out of disrespect, she'd act like I was violating their privacy and somehow disrespecting her family by calling her out, even privately to her. She once called me at like 6a to tell me I was a horrible human being that didn't deserve love because maybe I complained to my ex in a private conversation.
She's a crazy bitch who projected her own self hate, whereas I was hoping for better from my ex but also had other personal issues that it was more surprising and insulting he chose to with her rather than the cheating altogether. He flirted with other women, but he stood up for her against me, dropped moments together to take her calls and it was clearly emotional with her. I bet sometimes it's more about comparisons and how the cheating is done, than the betrayal of it alone. I know people hate the woman on woman dragging, but some women could take the first steps to not indulge men and respect other women first.
Lil Rico rico
Lil Rico rico - 5 days ago
How many times has she said situation.
Robyn Hebden
Robyn Hebden - 5 days ago
Toni!!!! Well said chic!!!!
Sham Sehel
Sham Sehel - 6 days ago
Black man only can handle black woman only 😂😂
Aussie Lady
Aussie Lady - 11 days ago
Go Cardi you were always my fav
Jaselle M.
Jaselle M. - 13 days ago
"He don't want you sis, let it go!" 😂😂😂😂
TINA JAMES - 22 days ago
Yeah cardi b is on Khloe side until she steal her man offset.
Rebelecca A
Rebelecca A - Month ago
Cardi has no right to talk. She does nothing but get hype about shit talking bitches herself she fought the bitches that offset cheated on her with. If khloe tried to sleep with offset her energy would’ve switched.
Rebelecca A
Rebelecca A - Month ago
Like Cardi is one of those fake woke women so she really just pointing herself out
Latoya Godfrey
Latoya Godfrey - Month ago
All the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s are hoes so if Jordan’s one then it’s cause she learned it from them . Damn hoes!
Black Ginger
Black Ginger - Month ago
Stupid Jordyn woods...why Jordyn let the son of bitch Tristan KISS her!!!! Jordyn can slap him what!!!!
Everyday Life
Everyday Life - Month ago
I hardly understood what cardi B and black chynas mom said
Miss Mia Crofton
Miss Mia Crofton - Month ago
But your creating drama to get clout 😂 get out of here. I hate this page
Sarita Lackey
Sarita Lackey - Month ago
I love love love your videos but when it got to the #mutecardib part, I needed a translator but you don’t provide those services so I couldn’t go no mo. Catch yo next one mama ok
Abby Lewis
Abby Lewis - Month ago
You tell em cardi!!!!! ;) u go girl!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
I am milan
I am milan - Month ago
Why is Tokyo Toni speaking period as if anybody cares about her 2 cents? 😬
Tyler Parisi
Tyler Parisi - Month ago
Jordan lived in mansions, went on luxury vacations, dined out constantly, drove brand new luxury vehicles, and got a paycheck from the show! She’s a taker! Bye 👋Jordan U lost the best gig you will ever have for a dick? You are a chubby face semi attractive, so so girl. All fizzle no sizzle
Skye Watts
Skye Watts - Month ago
You came here for 7:25
Skye Watts
Skye Watts - Month ago
I don’t think that kris would go that far to be honest
Ladybug - Month ago
Anyone notice Jordyn's been wig-less since all of this? Must have been wearing all of Kylie's wigs. That girl's got a rude awakening having to support herself now! Also, Cardi B., where were you when Khloe was showing off Tristan all over SM while Jordan Craig was pregnant w/' his baby???? I don't even care if they weren't in an active relationship there was a baby on the way, tells us everything we need to know about Khloe, right? Also, she married Lamar after only knowing him for 3 weeks and then we're supposed to join her pity party when she found out he was doing drugs all the time and cheating too? Well, that's what she got for being so stupid and marrying someone she didn't know. Same with Tristan, he is ten years younger than her, why at 35 yrs old is she not on birth control when she's not even engaged to the guy?? Why are you getting knocked up w/ no solid commitment? She's stupid, he tried to get rid of her when it came out abt the 5 other women and she still didn't get the message! No sympathy from me, sorry
Meschell M
Meschell M - 2 months ago
#What real man want a long term relationship with them nasty 🤢 Kardashian’s, Who hump on each other on National TV # Sisters Incesting #Yuck , UnNatural , Thots smelling like their other sister private parts .
Meschell M
Meschell M - 2 months ago
Cardi B , Stay out of it !! Them Kardashian’s will suck & Hopscotch on your man too girl . # You are from the East Coast , wake the F...., up and stay off Khloe Bandwagon!! Leave Jordan alone !!
Cheryl Bolden
Cheryl Bolden - 2 months ago
KARMA: Wasn't he with his other baby mother when she got with him?
Caroline shaw
Caroline shaw - 2 months ago
You can't build your fortune on someone else's misery 🤔 Sorry Khloe it's karma
Danielle Vaughn
Danielle Vaughn - 2 months ago
I don't think Card I was "defending" Khloe. She started more than once that karma got her back for her misdeeds. Not only did it get her back, but two days before she gave birth. Her point was Kylie did wrong, she suffered for it, move on. Don't wallow in it. Don't jump up and down, clap, laugh, high five, talk shit, and continue to drag her.
1. No ones perfect and everyone has done something wrong, and then suffered the payback of it. So you know how that feels and you definitely wouldn't want people enjoying watching you suffer, whether you deserve it or not.
2. The only people that have a right to have genuine feelings about the situation is Tristan, Jordyn, Khloe, Jordan, True. Its their lives that are actually affected by this. Some of y'all are acting like your one of the key players.
3. You feel Khloe has done wrong and is now getting her just rewards, and its giving you life and you enjoy watching and knowing she's feeling pain, but you think she deserves it so who cares. Cardi is saying just because you think khloe has acted heartless in the past doesn't mean you have to be heartless now. She doesn't change your character, does she? People are enjoying it too much.
You don't have to feel sorry for Khloe. I don't! I believe she did some Fucked up things and she's now paying for them. But that's it! I wouldn't fix my mouth to defend her but I'm not going to tear her down either.
girl lilio
girl lilio - 2 months ago
Black China mom was right. Even though khloe changes herself to someone she is not « a black woman » which she is not and never will even with the all the silicon. Black men do not like fake stuff while they can get the real deal period.
humpty dumpty
humpty dumpty - 2 months ago
Actually Jordyn comes from money and all she did was just move back into her mother's mansion in Cala bases. So after it came out that Jordyn did not actually sleep with Tristan. 1. There was no betrayal or flirtation that would have led to betrayal as Tristan kissed Jordyn not the other way around. Also Tristan and Khloe have been done for months. 2. Tristan doesn't want Khloe 3. Khloe gets no sympathy as she and her sisters have taken other women's men. And she slept well on Jordin's 9 month pregnant heartbreak. 4. How you get 'em is how you lose 'em. 5. Khloe and Tristan were NOT married. 6. Cardi B is barely invited to the picnic herself. 7. These other races of women want black men but are they strong enough to handle black men problems? 8. Take away the make-up, plastic surgery, fake eyelashes, spray tans and Botox then your left with just ordinary white snowflakes. Can we just leave the Kardanshian/Jenners and their imitation black girl magic antics in 2018?
I'm getting tired of people excusing Tristan's behaviour by saying "oh we already knew he was trash" type of shit. Y'all don't treat him like trash, you'll drag Jordyn or Khloe but not Tristan, he was the bigger adult in the situation. Jordyn is 21! the brain doesn't fully develop until age 25 so she's more probably more naive than Tristan because this isn't his first rodeo.
humpty dumpty
humpty dumpty - 2 months ago
Can we just leave the Kardashian/Jenners in 2018? FrFr. Ya'll know you are tired of their corny asses. There are no more surprises from this bunch just more and more weirdness. They've appropriated enough black girl magic, let's just move on. Who the black community says is cool, becomes cool...can we collectively just move on from the Kardashian clan?
Desertdiva - 2 months ago
Jordyn needs to buy her own house with the money she makes from Kylie's cosmetics..she created a whole line based on Jordyn. She should not allow the KarJenners use her any longer..Tristan is also to blame
Armileo Isaac De Mecano
Armileo Isaac De Mecano - 2 months ago
Cardi B need to shut the Fu*k up!
Mykle Dove
Mykle Dove - 2 months ago
Tyga and Chyna were no longer together when he got with Kylie. You are talking shit about about the Kardashians but you think Dream is better off with Rob than your own daughter. This was not a set up! She was close to the family they treated her like family. Tristan is a POS cheater whether it be on Khole or anybody. Khole didn't cheat with Tristan while his ex was pregnant he left her.The Kardashians didn't have anything to do with this! People need to get off Khole's back.Cardi is right alot of you making these nasty comments have put up with a cheater. Just because they have a show doesn't mean everything in their lives is for publicity they still are human beings with feelings and problems. Jordyn is no victim in this situation and is just expected from Tristan.
Shonda P
Shonda P - 2 months ago
These fake ass wanna be black women. Jordyn is good. Live your life and enjoy. You have been blessed with natural beauty that these sluts want.
Lisa - 2 months ago
She is right those kash$$$trashians do shit like that so dumbs like us pay attention to this gangs of hoes that make money from bullshit dramas they create to make the $$$$. We need to stop paying attention to those dumb bitches. They can have money to become Mattel dolls they are fakes from inside out we don't need to follow those fakes shit let's do some more important things. Fuck them all.
Lisa - 2 months ago
Karma for those Kash$$$trashians🚮
Klaiel Lordez
Klaiel Lordez - 2 months ago
You’re right! If you go on Jordyn woods Instagram and on one of her recent pictures that she took on February 17 with hair braided going back and her head turned to the side with her wearing a black shirt, there is a recent comment from Khloe Kardashian saying baby girl to jordyn, it was definitely a set up and I don’t think jordyn is moving out.
Juanita Pretorius
Juanita Pretorius - 2 months ago
How khloe got him she lost him and Kim and khloe set this up.
Juanita Pretorius
Juanita Pretorius - 2 months ago
No you wrong Psycho Khloe was not with cheatrian for months get your facts right and Jordan has a family she doesn't need to be forced to leave anywhere.
Bratty Baby
Bratty Baby - 2 months ago
😑These Sisters known for stealing someone man but when its they man IT'S AN ISSUE #hypocritsisters
manicaluv - 2 months ago
Oh my gosh can’t believe I’m watching this show.
V D.O.
V D.O. - 2 months ago
Is it just me or is jordyn getting hotter?
Majesty Dani
Majesty Dani - 2 months ago
Cardi just as insecure as khloe
Rebecca Douglass
Rebecca Douglass - 2 months ago
You don’t know this as a fact so if I was you I would say maybe this maybe that’s not just straight up saying that’s what happen this is why I hate tea pages
M C.
M C. - 2 months ago
Tristan cheated not once, not twice, but 3+ times!!! And right in front of her??? Oh sis you just STUPID at that point.
Vicft khiara
Vicft khiara - 2 months ago
Dey didn't fuck thou right just kissed?????? Dah faarrk!!!!
Perla Guevara
Perla Guevara - 2 months ago
Me:sips tea☕️ oh the tea is hot
vbutters79 - 2 months ago
Shutup Cardi!!!
J.D. B.
J.D. B. - 2 months ago
Cardi speaking truth!
Gwen Young
Gwen Young - 2 months ago
Oh well
Delana Prithilall
Delana Prithilall - 2 months ago
Tokyo Toni is ghetto, fuck her...
Kapisi Kukama
Kapisi Kukama - 2 months ago
In the club, that was not a woman. That was a dude....I watched it over n over again to make sure it was a man lol. Maybe I am wrong but I think it was man he was just talking to him on his ear cos it was too loud in the club. Cardi B ehhhh go b lol.
Tamara ,Purplesweetgrass MacGuigan
Karma`s a bitch and the man my so called stripper,drugdealler,10 plus older non capable boyfriend let alone father!She got herself pregnant but I raised that child while 0 years sobermy so called friend prostitutied as well as got alot of people drung out and was also a stripper,The guy got sobber in a different country alone and broke while I raised there child and her second one as well as she kept her horrable ways,when he came back and me he wouldn`t like sober she sent him to my home while telling me he thought I wasn`t pretty Like I didn`t want him around my house anyways as I was recovering from a brain annuruisum that almost killed me! I wasn`t wanting to have sex with my girlfriend at 13 when she said I could live with her then,and her boyfriend wasn`t allowed in my home because of my husband,But at 18 both junkier I raised the chid and him clean we`ve been married over 10 years know while she sexed alot of men and woman but not me and all the games cost a sober love,he helped me recover as well as knowing I protected his daughter when noone else knew what was going on,She made her daughter and boyfriend the head DRUG DEALERS all through high school!KARMA IS REAL!!
keonni robinson
keonni robinson - 2 months ago
Kimaya Adipersadh
Kimaya Adipersadh - 2 months ago
Cardi knows wat she saying..
24hoursonline1 - 2 months ago
Free Tristan... He want out... Get out.... The Kardashian evil magic voodoo shit not working anymore.... Black people should stay out from this cursed family..
Tuff Make up
Tuff Make up - 2 months ago
How are you literally hating on Chloe so much give her a break she’s literally been cheated on not once but twice and one of those times was when she was giving birth
M.E F.V - 2 months ago
Also that std filled TRISTAN IS DUMB AS FUCK. Apart from being butt ugly hes also stupid!! Fucking basketball players and guys that play sports get payed way to much for just playing a game. Its ridiculous. Hes ugly and fucking dumb and nasty std filled ugly fool.
M.E F.V - 2 months ago
Tristan and all the guys with the kardashians are ugly as fuck. I dont see why they insist on getting with these ugly fucking ghetto looking guys. they are ugly man!!! I guess no respectable guy who is actually good looking like for example Kianu Reeves or idk chaning tatum looking guys dont want these fake ass KARTRASHIAN bitches.
Kimora Daddon
Kimora Daddon - 2 months ago
Jordyn been has money 😒🖕🏿 she is jada god child lls
rihanna lewin
rihanna lewin - 2 months ago
Tristan just not into Chloe that's all and it's done there
Autumn Marie
Autumn Marie - 2 months ago
Yes you on to something
Ashleigh Curtis
Ashleigh Curtis - 2 months ago
Tristan ignoring khloe dancing got me dead 💀
Jess No HairSpray
Jess No HairSpray - 2 months ago
set up or not, Tris wouldnt have been caught if he didnt attempt at all. this vid make it look like hes saint its fckd up.
Stacie Lockett
Stacie Lockett - 2 months ago
Remember when Khloe bought the sex swing for her & Lamar... She seemed desperate then. Stop reachin about a set up. Jordan wasn't ready for the life of the Snakedashians. Idk why ppl fuck w/them. & Ima need Cardi B to Stfu. Nobody gives af abt a bitch who chooses to get with & stay with a dude who's obviously a piece of shit. Sorry it's not the 40's anymore. We got the power. Not these niggas.
merveilles100 - 2 months ago
Fuck the Kardashian's. .Kardi wait to know the story before talk.
Ashley Watson
Ashley Watson - 2 months ago
The Cheetah Girl Adrian need to shut up for Rob come back and slap her in the face again
Clorissia Wyatt
Clorissia Wyatt - 2 months ago
Cardi find you a better man better yet respect yourself.
Kayla Goodlett
Kayla Goodlett - 2 months ago
lmao. i gotta go. a set up? u calling people a fool but gotta be a fool to believe this.. Im dead rn. tf? is this a real video? what am I watching rn???
Kayla Goodlett
Kayla Goodlett - 2 months ago
tokyo toni is either HIGH AF or just ratchet af.. or both. reminds me of my son's father's mother.... just always in eberybodys business & says the most.... is there a word for TOO OPINIONATED?
Jenn Jenn
Jenn Jenn - 2 months ago
She was not messing with that man.
Kimi ann K
Kimi ann K - 2 months ago
Cardi we are dragging her because they deliberately tried to drag an even more victimised woman. She fucking deserves it.
christy chen
christy chen - 2 months ago
Cardi really told the truth. HOW MUCH HURTS! thank you.
The Stylist
The Stylist - 2 months ago
He looks very old
Dorotea Krnjic
Dorotea Krnjic - 2 months ago
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That 1 RedHead Girl
That 1 RedHead Girl - 2 months ago
Nice to see Jordyn got her big ol tooth gap filled in
pearlgenuine - 2 months ago
Exactly, you said it, and you are absolutely correct.
Paula White
Paula White - 2 months ago
Don't be so stupid if Jordan was asked so set the dog up then why wouldn't the kardashians be like thanks girl for ratting him out instead off letting the world &them blame her!!! And wouldn't she then say No this was a set up!!! So stuid & black china moms is as crazy as crazy can be!!! So you all stupid !
Flora ester Sachilombo
Flora ester Sachilombo - 2 months ago
Which mother will do that to her own daughter thats so stupid the nigga is a bich he likes women
Pollyanna Principle
Pollyanna Principle - 2 months ago
I hope Khloe has revenge triplets by Lamar just to make Tristan jealous.
Tanya Evette
Tanya Evette - 2 months ago
That's typical of cardi to take up for the kardashians with her anti black woman hating ass, jordyn is a roach to her.
Lamar Ross
Lamar Ross - 2 months ago
To throw the shame from the blame! That's why other folks attack each other . The ones that you would think that would stick together are the main ones who hurt each other.
Lamar Ross
Lamar Ross - 2 months ago
Hurt people hurt people!
Lamar Ross
Lamar Ross - 2 months ago
Show business is business and businesses need money to stay in operation. I see the entire story. I'm about to figure it all out!
Helen Pierce-Lamoureux
Helen Pierce-Lamoureux - 2 months ago
OK. I'm STILL NOT CLEAR on how Tristan KEEPS gtg the BAD BOY/MAN wrap? Did HE PLAN to have a baby w/Khloe? I mean, was he committed to Khloe and they then decided to build a family together? You KNEW he was a cheater/player! YOU broke up another relationship! WHERE do YOU get off as innocent?! YOU tried to TRICK him into committing by tricking a pregnancy; YOU victimized True! She is your trap bait! Just SHUT UP Khloe, quit the rich, good looking athletes, GIVING it UP then DEMANDING loyalty! AIN'T gonna work and Tristan NEVER prob had told you nor showed you ANYTHING than what you already know! That's HIM, so don't FAULT him for YOUR BAD, irresponsible, selfish, manipulative choices! Let's talk or bring in the OTHER Jordan who has his SON! Bitch!
Nana Ayisat
Nana Ayisat - 2 months ago
Why is she always speaking on black ppl first jussie now Jordyn you said you ain't black so stop speaking on us period
Jett McKenzie
Jett McKenzie - 2 months ago
Kardashians have little emotional intelligence. Manipulating people for money brings bad karma.....🙄
LaLA La La
LaLA La La - 2 months ago
If that guy and Chloe were not together at the time Jordyn and him hooked up then wtf is the issue?
If your not with that person it don’t matter who they date ! They need to grow up.
keisha williams
keisha williams - 2 months ago
Card b bitch them bitches didn't GAF what the other women went threw when they fucked their wtf you think we gone have a soft spot for them hoes...bitch we sparing you hoe...All you hoes need to date your own race for a change
Ella A
Ella A - 2 months ago
If I'm jordyn, I'll pull my shit together, count my blessings and move tha fuck on...the kardashians are a disease, the farther away she is from them the better for her.
Shameka Moon Jr
Shameka Moon Jr - 2 months ago
Yep I believe her
ilov3nitaboo - 2 months ago
I’m sorry Cardi but they laugh because they stay doing fucked up stuff to people...She bragged about how she took Tristan the trash ass basketball player and he was with a woman who was pregnant...Among other stuff she has done...She needs to feel the pain she caused others and I’m pretty sure she is not done being on her bullshit
Reese Malott
Reese Malott - 2 months ago
Your an idiot!
You keep contradicting yourself girrrl 😲 saying that Jordyn was used and put up to this scandal to temp Travis! That is the dumbest comment I think you have ever said! You think Kylie, her bestest friend would put her up to something like that ..then totally end their friendship?! They are not in high school..they are adults now and its not only messing with Khloe and her baby girls life but Jordan and Kylie are family as well. They are like sisters and that makes her close to everyone in the FAM. I think the K's are quite comfortable and successful! Lol They don't need to play some sketchy childish game to help their social media popularity or boost their show's ratings! Jordan is to blame! What part did you not understand...she had her legs wrapped around his lap and she didn't stop his kiss goodnight either. With!? I mean how is she not at fault and WHY are you feeling sorry for her?? And you keep saying Khloe needs to get over it...she cant help who she fell in love with especially having a child with him. .Even though he can't just stop loving him. She is hurting so bad not being loved back, & not being a "family" together. being betrayed by two people she loves is another knife in her gutt. The pain has got to be unbearable. I am ashamed and disspointed in you and how insincere you are being! You just lost a fan!
Dada E
Dada E - 2 months ago
Cardi needs too stfu. She don't know what tf to say. Khloe ain't learn shit, she'll be fuckin the next dude her friend been with in no time
Tupac Shakitty
Tupac Shakitty - 2 months ago
Ugh!!! Cardi stop! The Kardashians live for the drama. They reach inside of other people's lives to create drama. They will never learn to be honorable, trustworthy good people because that's not how they get paid! It's interesting that she named her baby True, when the relationship was built on deception!
Alba Gutierrez
Alba Gutierrez - 2 months ago
I think black China’s mom is right
misswhodatnation00 - 2 months ago
soooo Cardi B is the moral police 🤣 HA! laughable af
gaming with foxy
gaming with foxy - Month ago
+Liz Blue OK thanks for your opinion I appreciate it thanks 😇
Liz Blue
Liz Blue - Month ago
+gaming with foxy I don't hate her hun I just hate how people don't care about it because she is a woman, if you saw this headline "WE WERE DRUGGED AND ROBBED" being said by a lot of women against a man his career would be over and everybody would hate him and he would go to jail, Cardi said she did it to survive when hardworking people are out here working minimum wage jobs to get themselves and their family by, if a man said he drugged and robbed women to survive, people would call him a lazy piece of shit and tell to be a man and get a real job. EQUALITY.
gaming with foxy
gaming with foxy - Month ago
+Liz Blue but That was in the past and she got a lot off trust in is she said it to us. If you hate cardi b keep hating her you just getting her views up so thank you 😇
Liz Blue
Liz Blue - Month ago
Ikr this bitch drugged guys and robbed them.
Ponga Katashi
Ponga Katashi - 2 months ago
Yo this girl hates the Kardashian’s
Soraya Nunes
Soraya Nunes - 2 months ago
Omg that clubbing video... that’s a shock. Feel bad for Jordyn. She might’ve been told to do that with Tristan but they kept it for more than a month 🐸☕️ AND khloe always kneeeeeewwww he was a piece of trash, she just didn’t wanna let him go without trashing a little of his image and ofc sacrificing jordyn...
Isabelle Bergman
Isabelle Bergman - 2 months ago
does cardi realize that feminism isn't blinding supporting ALL women as individuals. it's supporting women as a movement and giving women more opportunities and unpacking how we feel about/treat women. just because im a feminist doesn't mean im supporting tomi lasagna bc she a woman! the fact that khloe taking her shit out on jordyn n not tristan proves she aint thinking about feminism w this shit so nice try cardi but no
Lydia Abiy
Lydia Abiy - 2 months ago
Stinky ass bitches, shut the hell up kkk's uggggghhhhhh I'm tired of this fake ass britches
Patricia Tisdale
Patricia Tisdale - 2 months ago
Remember Tokyo Toni could never keep a man. Her attitude and disrespect for herself is part of the reason... There was no set up. Jordyn wants to live the Kardashian lifestyle. She absolutely knew what she was doing drunk or not. You don't drape your legs over your girlfriends man. After he kissed her she should have asked him what the f are you doing. She didn't. Letting him know his kissing her was what she wanted. She needs to be out for good.
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