How Does It Burn? (GAME)

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Sommer Stockton
Sommer Stockton - Day ago
that Elmo is the stuff of my nightmares
Pofu Mofu
Pofu Mofu - 5 days ago
Wait i like to do this :0
OutOfNowhere 82
OutOfNowhere 82 - 6 days ago
Maybe Jessie went into business with Link because of her underwhelming wedding night lol. (Sorry, Rhett. I'm sure your wedding night was wonderful 😂)
Andrew Zachary
Andrew Zachary - 12 days ago
Andrew Zachary
Andrew Zachary - 12 days ago
Lucas Dehart
Lucas Dehart - 14 days ago
Fake ass iPhone X
Lizzie Chang
Lizzie Chang - 15 days ago
Men don’t know how to talk about their feeling so instead they talk about fireworks in their hands. 🤣🤣
Skull 8
Skull 8 - 18 days ago
The Elmo is kind of scary
Eddy Madison
Eddy Madison - 22 days ago
Never like the What's Inside channel
Beth Carver
Beth Carver - 28 days ago
That’s a nice lawn 😂😂
Luke Braun
Luke Braun - 28 days ago
pause it at 0:55. you’re welcome
Matthew Saari
Matthew Saari - Month ago
Ring of fire is one of my favorite songs, but Rhett just made it better. Thanks Rhett :)
Morgan Drake
Morgan Drake - Month ago
When Elmo realized he is slowly burning: *_WAHA HA HOO!!!_*
Example: 11:02
Levi Ortega
Levi Ortega - Month ago
57: I get the song refrence
PecanJar - Month ago
0:57 so creative lol
Nolan Zinman
Nolan Zinman - Month ago
I love the action lab and was very excited when they were the first people on the video
CatGoesWoof69 - Month ago
elmo: (looks at self whilst burning) ".......wahahooo!"
Anouk Games
Anouk Games - Month ago
Which is the video with the chocolate on Link?
MC - Month ago
11:03 My dreams are going to be haunted by this
MC - Month ago
Low-key want a Rhett cover of Ring Of Fire now
wolfqueen137 - Month ago
Elmo was kind of terrifying lol
Jm99 playz
Jm99 playz - Month ago
Elmo's last words: **farts** excuse
elmo **laughter**
CherryBlossom 109
CherryBlossom 109 - Month ago
Beautiful last words
Isaiah Comics
Isaiah Comics - Month ago
I thought that it would be we didn't start the fire
Allan Flash
Allan Flash - Month ago
I will now refer to torches as "concentrated fire".
Roben the Rogue
Roben the Rogue - Month ago
Geez, sorry for interfering with your work.
Carlos Acevedo
Carlos Acevedo - 2 months ago
"And who am I to talk?"

Bella Marie Walker
Bella Marie Walker - 2 months ago
I actually watch the channel from the first one it’s very informative
Frisk the human
Frisk the human - 2 months ago
I'm a pyromaniac and it was fun to get them all right
Victor boi
Victor boi - 2 months ago
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız - 2 months ago
Prompter: "Nicely groomed **pause** lawn"
GroenFan - 2 months ago
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! I love how your not actually setting things on fire.
STSmokeOut Baby
STSmokeOut Baby - 2 months ago
Almost a year ago,Damn Mythicals Dont Crack lol!
Patrick Fairbanks
Patrick Fairbanks - 2 months ago
Elmo was saying some bizarre stuff. I'd swear he said "what the f#$k!?!?" at the end.
leon 05
leon 05 - 2 months ago
5:19 that's not even a real iphone X
RAG -Tube
RAG -Tube - 2 months ago
The action lab people are idiots fire release a gas that could possibly kill you and so does burning plastic!
Michael Kilsdonk
Michael Kilsdonk - 2 months ago
That iPhone was extremely fake
Crazy Man Gaming
Crazy Man Gaming - 2 months ago
Why was a baby crying at 6:53
Dalton Craddock
Dalton Craddock - 2 months ago
Link just has to keep bringing up the urine doesn't he
William Matthews
William Matthews - 3 months ago
O o O
Megara Stormbreaker
Megara Stormbreaker - 3 months ago
And it burned burned burned, the ring of fire, the ring of fire.
Kitty Katze
Kitty Katze - 3 months ago
That Elmo will hunt my dreams for the rest of my life.
Tanya Jay
Tanya Jay - 2 months ago
It made me sad bless him !
xydoit - 2 months ago
Creepy. I agree
ღ Banana chip ღ
ღ Banana chip ღ - 3 months ago
I’m with Rhett that was satisfying watching Elmo BURN to death
T 1
T 1 - 3 months ago
I e always wanted to murder Elmo...
newboy scary boy
newboy scary boy - 3 months ago
Who is aunt debbie? Lol
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis - 3 months ago
It wouldn't be a disposal if it popped once and burned out
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis - 3 months ago
What did I just watch at 9:10. Which one is that
Josh Truman
Josh Truman - 3 months ago
I feel as though Rhett doesn't get the difference between what the Army calls "civil engineers" and what he went to college for 😂😂
Austin Franklin
Austin Franklin - 3 months ago
That was both creepy and satisfying
Hoshimaru57 - 3 months ago
A, ping pong balls are extremely flammable
Quarter sticks. B, you’d be surprised how durable iPhones are. It’s true, if you hold it in your hand open handed you’re gonna burn your hand to a crisp, but clench it shut and you’re losing the hand.
Ah, okay.
A makes sense. Holy shit!😮
That was frightening!
That was exciting! I enjoyed that.
jadon findley
jadon findley - 3 months ago
that burning elmo was so funny
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