How Does It Burn? (GAME)

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LameStudiosInc - 6 days ago
That Elmo video is the scariest thing I've ever seen.
Guy That
Guy That - 10 days ago
What kind of ammunition is that? Not bullets I'll tell you that much
GiGi W.
GiGi W. - 10 days ago
What did Elmo ever do to you? 🤔
Possum Boy
Possum Boy - 12 days ago
The Mythical Crew: poke fun at their bosses’ marriages
Luke Robertson
Luke Robertson - 13 days ago
CallmeKevin would be proud of that intro
Gizmo Dawn
Gizmo Dawn - 15 days ago
I knew it was B because HELLOOO, Child's Play!?
Chelsea - 17 days ago
11:02 - I bruised my lung and gut right there 😂
cnramsey - 18 days ago
Elmo: *looks down and discovers that he is burning alive.
" Wha Ha Hoo!!"
gretchen morris
gretchen morris - 12 days ago
come up w your own comment
AnEv - 14 days ago
cnramsey don’t copy other people
Chris Carson
Chris Carson - 22 days ago
I'm with Rhett - I can't stand Elmo.
Mitch Graham
Mitch Graham - 23 days ago
We need a full Rhett version of Ring of Fire PLEASE
brittany leigh
brittany leigh - 26 days ago
im not sure why, but i felt so sad seeing elmo on fire lol
Chloe Randolph
Chloe Randolph - 28 days ago
I'm calling the police after that Elmo segment.
Movo Lazzzer
Movo Lazzzer - Month ago
11:14 the way Rhet looked at Link, scary
Movo Lazzzer
Movo Lazzzer - Month ago
Put it in slo mo... even more scary
Ricardo Carneiro de Aguiar
13:49 I've played a lot of Arma 3 to know what happens!
Katherine Halling
Katherine Halling - Month ago
"Elmo does not have a friend in me."
um isn't that Toy Story?
Victoriya Linnik
Victoriya Linnik - Month ago
The Elmo one is what nightmares are made of.
cnramsey - Month ago
Where's the fox that was on the wall that link got to rename?
Project Fakémon
Project Fakémon - Month ago
Cali from the king of random is a pyromaniac
Hazem Zozo
Hazem Zozo - Month ago
I don't think people give them enough credit for these titles and song they come up with!
K Y S - Month ago
That’s a fake iPhone
deloreanfan81 - 2 months ago
"Great work dad!" Lol
Dad's Infinite
Dad's Infinite - 2 months ago
burn me, lol
loilpopyeee igot
loilpopyeee igot - 2 months ago
No one:
OakAnteater 9707
OakAnteater 9707 - 2 months ago
If Elmo must burn, then all will burn!
Boi Man
Boi Man - 2 months ago
Elmo: The Terminator
John Sibthorpe
John Sibthorpe - 2 months ago
Arielle R
Arielle R - 2 months ago
10:40 Well there goes my childhood
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown - 2 months ago
Link is such a dad. He watches a video about burning things and mentions their lawn.
Xiomara Montero
Xiomara Montero - 3 months ago
Guys please make a calendar I will be the first to buy one
Liamwbball 1
Liamwbball 1 - 3 months ago
That’s one heck of a fake iphone
Sommer Stockton
Sommer Stockton - 3 months ago
that Elmo is the stuff of my nightmares
DeltaTheBean :3
DeltaTheBean :3 - 3 months ago
Wait i like to do this :0
OutOfNowhere 82
OutOfNowhere 82 - 3 months ago
Maybe Jessie went into business with Link because of her underwhelming wedding night lol. (Sorry, Rhett. I'm sure your wedding night was wonderful 😂)
Andrew Zachary
Andrew Zachary - 3 months ago
Andrew Zachary
Andrew Zachary - 3 months ago
Lucas Dehart
Lucas Dehart - 3 months ago
Fake ass iPhone X
Lizzie Chang
Lizzie Chang - 3 months ago
Men don’t know how to talk about their feeling so instead they talk about fireworks in their hands. 🤣🤣
Skull 8
Skull 8 - 3 months ago
The Elmo is kind of scary
Eddy Madison
Eddy Madison - 3 months ago
Never like the What's Inside channel
Beth Carver
Beth Carver - 4 months ago
That’s a nice lawn 😂😂
Luke Braun
Luke Braun - 4 months ago
pause it at 0:55. you’re welcome
Matthew Saari
Matthew Saari - 4 months ago
Ring of fire is one of my favorite songs, but Rhett just made it better. Thanks Rhett :)
Alex Jericho
Alex Jericho - Month ago
Matthew Saari no he didn’t
Skywaar - 4 months ago
57: I get the song refrence
PecanJar - 4 months ago
0:57 so creative lol
Nolan Zinman
Nolan Zinman - 4 months ago
I love the action lab and was very excited when they were the first people on the video
elmo: (looks at self whilst burning) ".......wahahooo!"
That person
That person - 4 months ago
Which is the video with the chocolate on Link?
MC - 4 months ago
11:03 My dreams are going to be haunted by this
MC - 4 months ago
Low-key want a Rhett cover of Ring Of Fire now
wolfqueen137 - 4 months ago
Elmo was kind of terrifying lol
Blackout_Cat - 4 months ago
Elmo's last words: **farts** excuse
elmo **laughter**
CherryBlossom 109
CherryBlossom 109 - 4 months ago
Beautiful last words
Isaiah Comics
Isaiah Comics - 4 months ago
I thought that it would be we didn't start the fire
Allan Flash
Allan Flash - 4 months ago
I will now refer to torches as "concentrated fire".
Jesse the Cleric
Jesse the Cleric - 5 months ago
Geez, sorry for interfering with your work.
Carlos Acevedo
Carlos Acevedo - 5 months ago
"And who am I to talk?"

Bella Marie Walker
Bella Marie Walker - 5 months ago
I actually watch the channel from the first one it’s very informative
Frisk the human
Frisk the human - 5 months ago
I'm a pyromaniac and it was fun to get them all right
Victor boi
Victor boi - 5 months ago
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız - 5 months ago
Prompter: "Nicely groomed **pause** lawn"
GroenFan - 5 months ago
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! I love how your not actually setting things on fire.
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