Fox News Live: Trump impeachment hearing Day 2 - Ambassador Yovanovitch

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Svetlana Van Wyk
Svetlana Van Wyk - 10 days ago
Schiff's behavior toward Republicans on the commitee is simply appauling. He treated them very poorly, very disrespectfully, especially at the end. He basically not only mistreated his collegues, but the people who voted for them.
Svetlana Van Wyk
Svetlana Van Wyk - 10 days ago
Let's get this straight: Yovanovich was an ambassador while Bidens got rich off Ukraine. She didn't seem to cry over Ukraine having no weapons under Obama. And now she has a problem with Trump continuing the investigation of Barisma and Bidens? Hmmm.
Àlan 237
Àlan 237 - 13 days ago
michael perry
michael perry - 14 days ago
our congressmen are gonna swear on the bible , before they testify, thats a joke too
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla - 15 days ago
At some point Sonland asked DT abruptly what he wanted and Trump felt he might have a voice recorder, so he said, interestingly "no quid-pro-quo". He must have planned it for a long time because he always said "talk to Rudy, talk to Rudy" and everyone agrees that what Rudy said was that there WAS a quid-pro-quo. But in spite of all that planning, Trump is not disciplined; when the Zelensky telephone call came, he put it all out there: "there is a little favor I have to ask of you". Nobody in history has said the words "I would like to bribe you". The usual way is play the victim (our country has been through a lot, my son is sick and I am worried officer, I got distracted, I am sorry) and then ask for a small favor.
iamplay - 15 days ago
the first 35minute of the stream are the best 👌
Lineage2Ertheia - 16 days ago
Wray Rae
Wray Rae - 16 days ago
What’s going on missed the first hour
jay30jr1 - 16 days ago
Impeach trump
Marty - 16 days ago
So glad I changed my Democrat party affiliation 2 weeks ago, NEVER AGAIN! I’m so disgusted 🤮
Abdul H
Abdul H - 16 days ago
tesla1077 - 16 days ago
Hey republicans you forgot to use glitter on your posters, a terrible mistake, that's why nobody believes you.
Donna Chump - DRAFT DODGER
maynunal - 16 days ago
it's been four days without Trump!!:-) hehehehehe
Neang Nep
Neang Nep - 17 days ago
Lock him up!
Vanessa Swanson
Vanessa Swanson - 17 days ago
This a total circus if they don't have some hard evidence soon, this is just a total waste of our taxes!!!
Lenin Lives
Lenin Lives - 17 days ago
President Trump just suffered a heart attack and should not be required to testify at his impeachment hearings on humanitarian grounds.
icemule - 17 days ago
One Drone Pilot
One Drone Pilot - 17 days ago
Ok boomer...!
Music IS Lyfe
Music IS Lyfe - 17 days ago
Who is that extremely tall guy @2:10:45 walking around during the first recess? When I first saw him I was like he has to be a 7 footer but after seeing him walk by a couple women, he looks more like 6’5 or 6’6
Paul Pashley
Paul Pashley - 17 days ago
Unprecedented misconduct by the President. Using 400 million dollars in aid in exchange for political gain. I am non partisan, from the UK, have no affiliation to any party whatsoever and am just looking at the facts presented. Please can the Fox viewers present facts for innocence? I'd appreciate if comments are not ad hominem or personal and just focus on changing my opinion which is very open to be modified. I will take personal attacks as a negative, meaning it is not possible to provide fact.
Corinne Backman
Corinne Backman - 17 days ago
OMG shitty Schiff is absolutely panicking! Who’s corrupt? You and you’re party are Mr Schiff. What a load of controlled BS, I look forward to watching you fall.
Darran Black
Darran Black - 17 days ago
When I had the time, I watched and listened to the whole first day of the impeachment inquiry, which I finished yesterday. I can say the Democrats are making it easy for Trump to get reelected next year.
goog le
goog le - 17 days ago
we need to have hearings regarding theft of taxpayer money by government officials. They are robbing us blind and have the gall to call for tax increases.
Sarita DeJesus
Sarita DeJesus - 17 days ago
Yovanovich works at the pleasure of the President Trump. Yovanovich is still employed for the State. President Obama replaced his ambassador so whats
the big deal. Please she has been preped by the Demonrats 👹 to cry on demand. Yovanovich sounds like Ford Blasely from the Kavangh hearing. Yovanovich you are a no Trump Supporter.
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell - 17 days ago
Bible tells us there was a narcissistic, psychopathic, pathological liar walking around Heaven convincing 1/3 of the Angels God had given them a raw deal. His name is Lucifer aka Satan aka the Devil. There’s another demigod who occupies the Whitehouse someone 1/3 of the United States population see him as their Messiah, Savior and Redeemer sent from the Heavens to rescue America from the Dems, Deep State and liberals. Anything is possible. Most Humans feel there is no better place than to be in the universe than with God in Heaven. In other words it’s a waste of time trying to change the minds of Cancervative Evilgelicals, Republicunts, Trumpanzees, Cuntservatives, etc. They will follow Trump to Hell.
Dismayed - 17 days ago
Here is a little reality check for all you cult members. Trump's national security adviser: pleads guilty
campaign chairman: guilty
deputy campaign chairman: pleads guilty
personal attorney (Cohen): pleads guilty
camp foreign policy adviser: pleads guilty
long-time friend and associate (Stone): guilty
Andreas Beetge
Andreas Beetge - 17 days ago
Whats wrong with Shifties Eyes ??
Stefanie Wegener
Stefanie Wegener - 18 days ago
Bombe 🤓
Sherre Thetonia
Sherre Thetonia - 18 days ago
Tired of the whole thing gov the country do your JOB TRUMP 2020 from Massachusetts
Frank Pantangeli
Frank Pantangeli - 18 days ago
I elected these officials to pass legislation to better my country and me. Since they do nothing but go after Trump, Iwant a tax refund
sandra burke
sandra burke - 18 days ago
Yovanovitch Refuses to Teach Classroom Education on Ukraine at Georgetown. WHY? If she was the US Ambassador there doing her job correctly one would think she would Want To Teach her Knowledge of Ukraine, unless your Part of the Corruption Problem. Then you might bow out in Teaching Corruption to the Classroom.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S - 18 days ago
This is a disgrace!!!!!
Tara Greene
Tara Greene - 18 days ago
I hope Trump is thrown out of office ASAP...stop the insanity!
Emery Coppola Jr.
Emery Coppola Jr. - 18 days ago
TRump committed TReason in plain view. Anyone who denies it is delusional.
Q - 18 days ago
Many YEARS of Monster Trump
Colin Tamou
Colin Tamou - 18 days ago
if trump has nothing to hide then why doesnt he front up instead of hiding behind his merry little men
Mabes - 14 days ago
Hey bud, if you were President, heaven forbid, would you be busy doing important work? This sham is buffoonery, why waste our country's time and millions of $$$ on it? If you haven't kept up with facts, which are not on MSM, you don't know anything. You are spoon fed garbage. I can't lie. I only tell the truth. God knows this.
Smarter Black Bear
Smarter Black Bear - 18 days ago
Trump 2020
Little Bit
Little Bit - 18 days ago
For all the bigots who keep saying "trump 2020!!" I hope he DOES get reelected, and he gets 4 more years of this aggravation and all his worshippers get to watch it :)
Little Bit
Little Bit - 18 days ago
I wanted him impeached before he even ran
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